Practice English Speaking&Listening with: De bevalling van Willemijn

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Willemijn is giving birth. Her constant rapid panting shows the contractions that push the foetus

from the uterine horns in the actual uterus, en hence forth

to the exit. When the pup is descended far enough

the final contractions take care of the expulsion of the pup.

At the vulva you can feel is the pup is in front of the exit, when the part between anus

and vulva gets hard, the pup will be born at the next contraction

Bitches choose different postures to expel the pups. With Willemijn her belly

is in the way, so she chooses a half-sitting position

Expulsion takes up a lot of concentration, so the dog locks herself away from the outside world

Her expresion is turned inwards, and is very reconizable.

As her belly is big Willemijn is not very able to reach her newborn, and some help is

welcome when she breaks the amnion around the pup

The umbilical cord is bitten. Due to the bites the blood vessels in the umbilical cord are crushed

and the bleeding that occurs will stop quickly.

The bitch eats as it were from the placenta to the abdominal wall and it bites the umbilical cord

Eating the placenta is totally natural. The nutrients that are in it shall ensure

that the bitch has enough energy to accomplish the birth and has enough

food to feed their young directly without having to leave the nest.

The bruising of the umbilical cord is done by there several times to scrape along with the incisors

so that the blood vessels quickly close after going through biting.

The puppy is thoroughly licked dry and especially the abdomen is massaged; Here are

the centers that stimulate respiration of the puppy. The bitch will lick here

until the pup shows that he is present.

When touching the jaw the puppy gives a biting reflex, a sign that

the lungs are in good order

Sometimes the placenta does not come immediately.

The breeder helps by pulling it out with the last contractions

A cloth is used to have more grip.

With so many pups it is hard for the mother,

so any help is welcome. Putting the pups somewhere else would indicate unrest, for that reason it is not done.

Pups are wiped dry, and especially

the lower body is massaged. There are the reflexes that stimulate

the breathing. When there are a lot of pups any help is welcome

As soon as the pup cries out, it can go back to the mother

Sometimes suctioning is necessary. The mouth looks unpalatable but is the fastest and most effective.

Willemijn trusts her boss fully herein

One of the puppies umbilical cord is very short bitten. It bleeds for a long time,

so there is a thread is used to tie it off.

All puppies are weighted so that it can be checked whether the growth is going well.

In between, Willemijn goes outside for a pee, because with a full bladder the contractions are harder.

The puppys are drinking in between, and that is beneficial,

because oxytocine is released because of this, and the uterus keeps contracting

untill all pups are born and all remains from the amnion are also removed.

The contractions are very clear to see. But after the birth of puppy number 10

Willemijn her face changes immediately. It is done.

She herself feels it, and also it is clear for anyone around. A job well done!

The Description of De bevalling van Willemijn