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>> Hi, YouTube. We rolled out some features on Wednesday night, so we wanted to make a

quick video. let you know what's going on and let you try out the features and tell

us what you think of what is available, you know? So the home page has some new modules

on it. One is feature groups and feature channels on the right hand side, just to make that

page a little more interesting and change the content a little more often. we also on

your channels now, we just do a really small customization, but you can go in and make

your module transparent. So you can make it up to 50 percent transparent and let your

background come through. So if you have really fancy channel, and you want to make it even

fancier, you can put the transparency level down a little bit, so try that out. we also

did a subscription to favorites. So on your favorites, you'll notice there's a link in

the top right that says "subscribe to favorites." so people, if you are collecting great videos,

your fans can come and subscribe to your favorites as well as your videos. It's a great thing

for people who just collect videos and get really good at it. So start to use that feature

and see how it works in your subscription area. The other thing we did is we updated

the Channels browse so if you go to the channels browse tab, you'll notice that channels are

displayed differently. We're showing you the little icon for the channel but we're also

showing you the most recent video that that channel creator put up. So that makes the

channel pages even more lively. You'll see like all the latest video from LonelyGirl

or latest video from Annetto, and it should help you kind of explore more channels. So

the other thing we did is we also updated the categories pages. And so I think somebody

here wants to talk about that. Hi Leanne.

>> Hello.

>> [chuckle]

>> On category so what we did was we -- categories are continuing to evolve to feature more of

your great content. So we are now featuring channels on categories. So if you are making

great DIY content, if you are a musician, if you are a comedian, let us know about your

channel. Write to editor at, and you can get more time in the sun on these

pages. Thank you.

>> [laughter]

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