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The Wife's Secret

Episode 24

Lily, come

Lily, send it to Mrs Liu


Mom, Aunt Hong simmered some soup for you. Have a try. It's still hot

You didn't make it yourself. Why should you take the credit and please me for no good reason?

Mom, take your time. I'll go up

Madam, what a good luck for you

Aunt Hong, it seems you're the only one in this family who cares about me

No, I'm old

By opening and closing my eyes, I'll call it a day

Should I close my eyes and never to wake up, I won't even have a child to attend my funeral

Aunt Hong, don't worry. You have me




I have a jade pendant. Here. It's a gift for you

No, how can I take things from you?

Please take it if you have any respect for me

You know, it's handed down from my ancestors

It can dispel diseases and evil spirits. It's good for your health

And it can help you protect this big house

- Really? - Yeah. Keep it

Oh, it's really ancient jade

Well, I can't take it for free. I shall pay for it

- No, I can't take your money. It's a gift - No way. I must pay you

Hold on. I'll go fetch the money

Aunt Hong, what's wrong with you?

I'm all right

You don't look any bit all right

Dahua, could I ask a favor of you?

Don't be so courteous. I'll do my best as long as I can help

Last night, my nephew sent a message that the family house was drowned

For people of my age, I'm no better than wild grass without the family house

He said it'd cost 10 thousand to fix the house

Aunt Hong, would you like me to lend you some money?

No, Dahua. I'm not borrowing money from you


This jade pendant is worth dozens of thousand. I'll pawn it to you for just 10 thousand, what do you say?

It's an heirloom. It's good

It looks very precious

But I can't take advantage of you. Well, I'll lend you the money but you may keep the jade

No, if you won't take it, you're belittling me


Look, it's awesome. It can bless girls with safety, good health and beauty

You like Yunduo so much. You might have a daughter in the future

Take it. It'll be useful

- Aunt Hong, I'll give the money to you tomorrow - Take it

It matches Yunduo

Zhaodi, I sold the pendants as you said

So quick?

What a pity!

I don't know if we can take them back

I intended to give that pair of pendants to you and your sister

Now that they are gone, I feel down


Don't mention my sister. God knows if she's still alive

Rot. Zhaodi, why should you speak ill of your sister?

- Please don't - Fine, settle down

I knew you're prejudiced towards her since young

You were just a babbling little kid back then. How would you know I'm biased?

Fine. Enough

- I'm going out - Where?

Nothing will ever be achieved if I just count on your small-ball plots

I have to do it myself

I'm really a useless mom

Ning Xia, do you miss me?

I've decided I'll not only work with you but also cooperate closely

Can I be your secretary?

Secretary. You're such a bitch

I look forward to our cooperation

Miss Ning, Vice President of Tianyi

Wish us success

Well done, resolute and efficient. You didn't fail me

Tian shall never realize it even in his dreams that you're a spy

Ning Xia, now you have two salaries. Work hard and I'll award you double times

- Aren't you afraid that I'd sell you out? - How is it possible?

You are only eager to put the Lis on your platter, right?

We're on the boat. How would you sell me out?

And it's a tough job to be a spy for both sides

I'm not the kind of person who'd swallow any shame without seeking the revenge

Dahua, are you in?

Aunt Hong

Aunt Hong

Here's the money for the jade

Mom asked, where's my child? I'd better sit on the sand hill and have a rest

On this, Taotao got anxious and cried...

- Don't sit - Lily, see what I've brought for you

- Where is it? - What?

I lost the jade I intended to give to Yunduo

Are you going to play a magic trick for Yunduo?

Yunduo, look. Nothing here

Nothing in this hand either. Well, I do have nothing now Hold on. I'll go find it

Weird. I remember putting it in my pocket

My darling. Finally, I found you

Dahua, don't blame me. I can't stay here if you're here

It's stunning

It must cost a lot

No. I'm glad you like it

Actually, I'm not an expert of jade. I bought it because it's said that it can bring good luck to kids

Then I'd like to thank you for Yunduo

Not at all

But don't tell others I gave it to you


Aunt is petty. I'm afraid she'd gossip if she'd know

OK. I won't say

- Then I'm going - Thank you

Yunduo, I'm going

Listen carefully

Search the house. Leave no stones unturned

You won't be given any food if you don't find it today

I bought the jade yesterday and I lost it today

So quick

Madam, I've searched everywhere in vain

In the past few months, quite a few things were stolen in this family

If I can't get to the bottom of it today, I won't be Liu Fenfang

Go and assemble everyone at home

I'll see who's the thief in my home

OK. I'll go

- Look, there's even a dragon on it. You like it? - Yeah

Lily, Mrs Liu wanted you to go down now for something important

What is the matter?

It seems she lost something. Go down now


Yunduo, read the book yourself

Have any of you seen it?


- Xia - I didn't

- And you, Wang? - I didn't

Aunt Hong, did you see my jade?

Madam, this is what I gave it. How would I...

Oh, right. You gave it to me. I'm out of my senses

Dahua, have you seen it?

Aunt, which one? I'll help you find it if you'd show me

Shit. Are you numb? If I can show it to you, do I need you?

Lily, did you see it?

Don't tell others I gave it to you


Aunt is petty. I'm afraid she'd gossip if she'd know

I didn't see it

OK. None of you are talking voluntarily

Now you lost the chance

I'll check on each and every one of you now. I won't spare him if I caught the thief

Mom, there seems to be a piece of jade on Yunduo's bed

What do you mean, Lily? You stole the jade

No, I didn't

Lily, I didn't expect it

Have I ever failed to provide you with adequate food or clothing? Why should you do so?

- I picked it up - Where did you pick it up?

I found it in the corridor

Liar. What a good habitual liar

My jade was kept in a box. Who would it have been in the corridor?

Do the jade have legs?

Lily, before you came here, nothing had been lost in my family

Since you came, there have been many cases of missing stuff. You stole them all, right?

I didn't, Mom

Don't deny it. Tell the truth

No, Aunt. The jade you're talking about isn't the same as the one Lily's talking about

How do you know they're not the same?

It seems the two of you ganged up

Why don't you go up to see if they're the same?

Needless to say, I'll go up to see

Go. Follow me

- Are you coming? - Why not?

Here you are

You see, Aunt, this piece of jade is unrelated to you


Aunt Hong, see if it's the jade you gave me

Madam, yes, it is


Lily, what else do you have to say?

- Mom, I... - No, it doesn't involve Lily

The jade is my gift to Yunduo. I bought it yesterday from Aunt Hong

Ah? You bought it from Aunt Hong?


Aunt Hong, what's the matter?

Didn't you give the jade to me? How come you also sold it to Dahua?

Madam, how would I do such a thing?

Dahua, Lily, don't wrong me

What is the scheme of you two?

One said it was found on the floor, the other said it was bought. What on earth happened?

Mom, I really don't know what happened. I lied because I was afraid you'd misunderstand

Aunt Hong, I bought the jade from you yesterday. You can't deny it

Yeah, you did bought a piece of jade from me, but it was with phoenix decoration

And the one I gave to Mrs Liu is with dragon. Those two pieces are different

We must be honest. The liar will be damned

It's the jade with phoenix, isn't it?

How come it turned to dragon?

Liu Dahua, now the matter is crystal clear

You bought the phoenix jade from Aunt Hong

Then, you stole my dragon jade and gave it to Lily

Confess it

Are you having a fling with Lily while Minglang is away?

I smelled something weird between you two

Now, it turns out to be true

Mom, no way. Dahua, explain it to Mom

Aunt Hong, don't you have anything to say? I can't possibly clear my name now

Come, Aunt Hong. Say

Dahua, I can't help you now. I did sell the phoenix jade to you

It was phoenix, but why it turned into dragon?

How would I know? It couldn't have changed itself

Aunt Hong

I helped you yesterday

You're not plotting against me

Dahua, don't stare at me like that. I'm scared

You have a secret agenda

Dahua, how could you wrong me?

- I have no secret agenda - You have

I did sell the phoenix jade to you, and it couldn't have turned into dragon

- You must have an ulterior motive - Rubbish

- I won't spare you - Rot


What's the hell with the commotion?

You introduced Aunt Hong. How could you say that?

Mom, Dahua has been in our family for so long

You shouldn't have suspected and wronged him

I didn't wrong him

Didn't you see the evidence?

Dahua, I let you stay here for so many years

You haven't learned anything

In such a refined family, you picked up all your bad habits

Why are you doing those dirty things?

Aunt, you really think I stole it

I've come here for so many years Have I ever done it before?

No, you didn't do it in the past

But it doesn't follow that you're not doing it now or in the future

People will change

Since someone came, you changed all over

You're not yourself

You like the jade. OK, I'll give it to you

That's my last act of benevolence. Pack up and get lost

I can go, but I'm going with a false charge

Mom, Dahua wouldn't have done this sort of thing

He's been in this family for so many years. You know him

If not him, then is it you?

Fine. Don't slander Lily

Fine. I admit it. I took it, if that's what you think

I don't want it

Dahua, Dahua


They must've ganged up

Dahua, stop

Could you not be so impetuous?

Lily, don't say another word. I wanted to leave the Lis long ago

I'm playing the fool just to avoid the chastisement

I'm no better than Maoqiu

It's good. This matter helped me make up my mind

I'd better leave my dear Aunt earlier


If you'd left, what about Yunduo and I?

Well, if anyone dares to bully you, I'd avenge you

- I'm going - Dahua

Pretty Spy, Tian didn't find you suspicious, did he?

No. He wouldn't have imagined I'm your pawn

It's absurd

I thought he was too sly to trust you

I would say the same thing about you

He doesn't trust us

He deems himself wiser than us and think he can make us his pawns

Well, I did help him a lot

If you helped him, why would you make me your spy?

You should feed the chicken before eating it, right?

I don't understand the plots of men. I only know I want to destroy the Lis

Are you as adamant as your words?

Have you let go of Li Minglang entirely?

Only when the Lis are over and done with can I be on the same level with Minglang

By then, he'll know I'm the one he needs most

Only I can give him all that he wants

You're really the most infatuated woman in the world

OK. I'll stand beside you

You only need to make sure that Tian trusts you, relies on you and won't guard against you

I'd take care of the rest. You'll be the final winner

Thanks. Sometimes, I prefer to get things done by myself

That's more thrilling, right?

Good. I admire your character. It's cool

Tell me what's the next mission?

It's simple. Become the lady of Tianyi's president

The distance between a woman and a man can sometime be shortened on the bed

I know it might be a bit hard for you

But think about it. If you want to achieve the end, why should you care about the means?

To separate spiritual and bodily needs is the best thing human beings have ever achieved

I'll annul Li Jiang Group through Tianyi

Ning Xia, this is what we call retribution

Look, suppose the endless embankment is to be destroyed overnight

Wouldn't it look fantastic?

Come in

Ning Xia, your office is just next to mine. I hope you'll like it

Mr Li, I have to work hard to repay your kindness

What is she doing here?

Mr Li, isn't she a friend of Lily?

Is she also working in Tianyi?

OK, I won't work in the same company with you


We've achieved a lot this time. I must award you

Dad, I'm only making up for my faults

We lost so many local clients, so I must develop elsewhere for new clients

- Keep at it - Oh, how's your brother?

Anything happened?


Dad, Minglang


Tian, what are you here instead of Dahua?

He was driven away by Mom. So I came to pick you up

What? What's wrong with your mom this time?

Get into the car first


Let's me drive

I think it's weird

Mom didn't really care much about losing the jade

She knows Dahua too well to suspect him of stealing


But Dahua got along quite well with Lily recently, that's why she sent him away


She's out of her senses. Her suspicion will harm others

Minglang, I hope you don't mind

Brother, I wouldn't

You don't have to explain it. I trust Lily and I trust Dahua

Dahua is a decent man

I remember he told me before

He hoped to have a family of himself by 30

Now he got his freedom. He'd be happy

God bless him

Minglang, you must be tired. You need to rest

I'll talk with Tian

- Go back - OK

Dad, what do you wanna say?

Tian, I heard of a new company which has been competing for clients with Li Jiang Group

The name of the company is Zhuang Group

I wonder if you've ever heard of it

Yes. The boss of this company is Zhuang Qi

I hope you have nothing to do with this company

How would I be related to this company?

I know you still haven't forgiven me about what happened in the show

But be assured, I shall never aid others in acting against the interest of our family


I shouldn't have slapped you because of the show

After that, I reflected on it

I made self-criticism

There's a reason for everything. You're the elder son

I shouldn't have handed over the Group entirely to Minglang

You must find it unfair, so you always want to prove yourself

You said it right

If I made any mistake, I hope you'll forgive me

Fine. It's in the past tense

Seeing that your mom suspected Dahua, I reflected on myself

I'm making the same mistake as her

The trust between brothers is precise and vital

I believe and I hope you'll support and cooperate with each other

What is it?

Vitamin. Change the medicine for Old Vixen in the Lis

It doesn't work. Mrs Liu doesn't take any medicine now

She is not taking medicine?

She is in a bad mood and the whole family is unsettled

Even Yunduo wouldn't talk much now

Poor girl

Why are you always speaking in favor of that family now?

Zhaodi, I think we'd better stop it

Come on, Mom. What are you talking about?

I've worked so hard to achieve what I have achieved

We've been working together and now Lily is about to fall for it and the Lis will be split

How can you ask me to stop it now?

The Lis are in such a condition that you've already vented your anger

We can't continue to harm others

I've vented my anger?

I want to kick Lily out of the Li family and destroy the Lis

Have you helped me accomplish any of the two goals?

But even if the Lis should be doomed, your baby shall never come back

We're all humans

We can't be too cruel. I really don't wanna do it anymore

- Where are you going? - I'd apologize to the Lis

How dare you?

OK. If you wanna be a moral man, I'd go to hell

If you'd make your apology, I'll drown myself in the lake in front of you


- Zhaodi - Let me die

OK, I'll do it for you

I'll get it done

Don't leave me

I can't live without you

I can't afford to lose you again

- Dad, I'd go ask Mom down - No need

Minglang, don't wait for her. We can eat first

Who dare to eat first?!

Haven't you got any respect for me?

What's the goodness of living?

Yunduo, don't do that

Behave yourself

Mom, you still couldn't sleep well these days, could you?

I couldn't. I feel so bad

Mom, are you feeling hot all over again?

- The doctor said... - What did the doctor say?!

I'm well. Don't threaten me with the doctor

Lily is caring about your health

She's cursing me

Shut up. Don't shadow me

Even the little girl is bullying me

How can I live on?

- I won't live anymore - Mom

What the good of living?

Yunduo. Sh

Dare you imitate me again

See what I'm gonna do about you

Mom, settle down. Yunduo is just a kid

Don't be mad about her

Yeah. Settle down. Have some food

Fenfang, I'll let Aunt Hong heat the decoction again

I'm no having any medicine. The master said the more medicine I have, the worse the disease

Mom, forget what the master said. You have to take medicine when you're sick

I'm not sick

How dare you imitate me!


See what I'll do about you!


- Come with me - Stop shadowing

You wanna challenge me

Minglang, come off work earlier today and take your mom to hospital

I'm telling you again I'm not sick

Who's going to hospital?! I'm not eating

It's so noisy

Why is it so noisy! Shut up Maoqiu, you're too noisy

Dahua, shut up. I don't wanna hear it

Aunt Hong, drive them away

Don't make noise here

Mom, Aunt is not here. I've prepared the medicine

Drink it. You'd feel better if you have it

I'm not sick, I won't have medicine

The doctor said you shouldn't stop having the medicine

Stop talking about the doctor

Fuck the doctor. The medicine he prescribed mounted up to a skyscraper

But what now? I'm still having a headache and feeling unsettled

So I've reached a conclusion

- That is all doctors are liars - OK, Mom

- Liars - Minglang

- They are all liars - Mom

- Liars - Mom, what's wrong with you?

What's wrong?


Why are you at home?

Mom, time to go

Where are we going?

You're feeling unwell. I've made an appointment with the doctor

Oh, no, I'm not sick. You may go if you like

I still have to go to play mahjong with your aunt

I'm busy. You should go

Minglang, what can we do about Mom?

OK. If you wanna be a moral man, I'd go to hell

If you'd make your apology, I'll drown myself in the lake in front of you

- Zhaodi - Let me die

Zhao, I'm sorry

I'll throw away all the medicine you gave me

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