Practice English Speaking&Listening with: IPHONE IN POND PRANK (I PUSHED CARTER IN)

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what is up shares welcome to the funnest channel on YouTube if you're new here I

am Lizzy Sharer and I'm part of the sharer fam so make sure to smash that subscribe

button if you guys wanna join the most epic thief bonus the coolest family on

YouTube okay so I am back at the sheriff em house hey you guys couldn't tell I'm

in the backyard Stephen just posted his silly string pool video yesterday I'm

actually gonna go see what Stephens doing cuz I got something really good

planned for today I don't know if you guys know this but

while I was away a lot happened what happened at the share house and I wasn't

here for it but you guys commented on one of my

videos that Carter left my dirt bike out in the rain so it was further the back I

didn't see here and I was so tired I just fell asleep on the flight I feel

like I need to do a prank on him you know I feel like I have to get him back

he can't just leave my dirt bike out in the rain for it to rot that's so mean

like how a Carter feels I left him out in the rain anyways I'm gonna go find

Steven see what he's doing maybe he'll have some ideas on how I could get

Carter back I have a few ideas up my sleeve if you guys have any ideas on

what I should do to prank Carter comment them down below away ooh yeah selling

the shares about that vlog that's a silly string to clean up okay so why is

gone Carter love my dirt bike out in the rain so I feel like I have to prank him

good prank ideas Oh what is it we could push him into the pond oh that's such a

good one except what about the pond master what have you guys been doing

about the paw monster well you better get out quickly

okay wait that's such a good idea okay Carter will not see this coming because

I've been really really nice to him so I'm gonna ask him to go down and feed

the coy with me and I'm gonna push him oh wait no Steven you should push it and

push sure he's gonna be better than me okay fine you can hold the camera and

I'll push it okay deal okay okay see what he's doing I'm gonna go look

for Carter guys all right Stephen I'll call you when I'm ready Carter Carter

huh I hope he's not missing guys if you have any idea where Carter might be

comment down below cuz usually he's either snacking vlogging those are

probably the only two things he ever does so I don't know maybe he's in the

pantry I'll go check in the pantry let's go see where he is wow I missed the

sheriff in house so much this gonna be so fun we have so many epic walks for

you guys and now that I'm back home oh I'm

reunited with my babies I get to hang out them every day all the time

say hi otter family oh yeah I love you too I love you too Millie gets so much

attention I gotta give otter the same amount say hi otter is just like such a

baby he's so cute you guys go play finally play the daughter okay oh he's

not in here harder nope nope

okay that just means he's probably out vlogging so let's go back outside see

where he is okay guys I actually found Carter he is over there and he is

blogging he's doing something with the safe okay let's go see hey what's up Liz

what are you doing I'm vlogging why are you vlogging I'm trying to get

that abandoned safe open your that abandoned safe that I have oh yeah yeah

I'm trying to get it open I'm trying to just like drive it over with the Hummer

tank that I have and see if it just looked like squish wait what yeah it's

gonna work I don't know comment right now if you

guys think it's gonna work I feel like it's not I think it's gonna work it's so

big and heavy I guess you guys will have to watch Carter's video to find out what

your video going live click that I card okay guys I'm gonna let Carter film his

vlog I'm actually gonna help him with his vlog and then I'm going to do

Greg don't tell him okay I'll check back in with you guys in a little bit once we

finish filming for Carter's we are filming Carter's vlog right now and I'm

on the passenger seat of this huge army tank or whatever it's called and look at

the safe

there's Steven is so far away I know it's crazy

oh it's further the bat is here oh so tired I fell asleep on the place and

then we got off

ready going backwards really small

okay so Carter's video actually took a lot longer than I thought to film so now

it is the day after we filmed that video and I still have to pull my prank so

let's go find Carter see what he is up to

hey Carter Carter Carter hi I have a surprise for you you do a surprise yeah

for me yeah okay all right come with me where we going to the pond where's my

surprise it's at the pond it's down by the ponds at the pod yeah why would it

be at wait what party had to split the pause because the pond is so epic why

would it not be up a pond is what you should be asking yeah that's true the

pond is pretty epic yeah where is it where my surprise right there yeah just

wait just just like come on what is a surprise this is really cool okay okay

close your eyes close my eyes close your eyes I'll lead you down just close them

so far away just close them okay come on we're actually almost down there you

know oh whoa be careful

oh man I see a koi fish wait don't look there's it don't ever

surprise me stop don't stay just a few more steps cuz I

need to prepare it for you okay so just stand right here don't move

don't move okay don't open your eyes where I'll be

right back I'll be right back I gotta prepare it

all right so I'm going to put this one of these huge bad words in the water and

that can lead him on someone of bad words he's gonna like block thinkI he's

just like on land but he's really gonna be on a paddleboard and that he's gonna

lose balance cuz he's gonna be like and then fall into the water okay okay

the surprise is almost ready don't look don't peek if you peek you're gonna ruin

it for yourself you ready wait give me your hand

I gotta just lead you to this okay take one big leap one big leap forward we're

right there yeah okay big fat like a really big step what is this is your

surprise what kind of step is this know what and

then step one more okay and one more step yeah are you sure yeah it was kind

of like squishy no you're okay why is it feel so squishy it's fine just do it

just go okay where's my surprise now what okay open your eyes Oh No I guess

you got a balance don't move don't fall

oh wait a minute I think you're good Oh where's my surprise that was your

surprise look I got you that thing what the thing yeah that thing is awesome but

I'm all wet now I know that monster almost bit me I know I thought you would

have a lot better balance I thought it would be a better surprise but did you

lose it oh so my pocket anymore with his iPhone in the bottom of the pond now oh

no I think we've any lost corners phone what that now the pond monster has my

phone shares what do we do how do we get them how are we gonna get I want to go

scuba diving again oh I'm really good at that remember I found a phone in the

water but it looks like something yeah you did now you owe me the prank is back

Fargo do you get to go find my phone no uh-uh

Carter you're already why just jump in and try grabbing no way I'm not jumping

back in there listen there's a pond Martina that's why every haven't been

swimming in the pond because there's a monster living in the pond aw everybody

knows that oh no Carter we're gonna have to get you

a new iPhone ya know you six go in there find it right now go get a scuba gear

I'll go okay okay okay there and try to find it until

cuz we do because he went back flips like Roman Atwood

sitting at the top afraid I'm I miss you gotta be brave to take that risk

crying I got the weightless land and the water feels so unreal

swimming up now just to take a breath all these starts here you know the rest

every cover boy the massive is always snack and I don't

eat meals with amenities - hydro tip jumping off the jet skis with the back

flip now you know where the sheriff grows lime green lever with the

underglow hit a mill again that's what we do