Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Poker Vlog #6 : Playing with an American Idol

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Friday Wynn $200 10k guaranteed smaller than the Saturday event but we're

running hot so we're gonna give it a shot

we will be playing the Saturday 200 rebuy tomorrow

going for the three-peat Trader Joe's drink of the day 50,000 chips 1200 big

blind we're gonna win this win daily $200 buying

protip park at the wynn walk over the bridge level two takes you right to the

encore poker room 18 remain we have 45,000 chips

about to be 2400 big blinds seven pay let's do this 12 remain I have 37,000

big blind about to be 5k I will not

they offered a chip shop fore-handed old man had most of the chips and didn't

want to do an even shop so I had to deny that we got forth 17 Christmas Eve

Las Vegas win $200 rebuy

35000 on first break we're in for five hundred and twenty-five dollars Auto

add-on up to fifteen thousand lost every pot had to rebuy forty five thousand

second break a lot of people trying to needle me whenever I get beat in a pot

trying to take me down mentally I'm staying strong I will persevere we

running at this three-peat

27k and inner coming back to 2k big blind about 20 people left we're

short-handed so we're gonna be shoving a lot we're not giving up lost a lot of

big pots to go from 110 down to 27 well that's okay we're still gonna take this

down oh one two on dinner break with my buddy Jay hey hey guys we lost 100k flip

ace Jack two sixes that was big been a rollercoaster got up to 90 down

to 18k one small ends now we're over a hundred thousand thirteen remain ten pay

we didn't give up got it in with king queen burst king nine and held then we

got it in with King Jack verse 9s and hit a jack goes up to ninety K now we

just four betcha updates King and got the fold over a hundred K big blinds

about to be four thousand we're short-handed

shit's getting intense shout out to the wind lowest rake in town on the bubble

we agree to take $300 off of first to pay 11th

six remaining 210,000 about average this guy claims to be william radium William

Hung she bangs yeah can I get a sound but now leged lee she bangs he bangs he

bangs bangs I Ricky Martin yeah that did cover and I thought it was pretty fun

she moves I crazy cuz she looks like it love but she stays like it be but every

girl in history

we chop it up three handed baby first place check that handed mouth three

weeks in a row only way they can stop us is by canceling the tournament next week

because of New Year's so they did cancel the tournament because it's gonna be New


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