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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Pronounce the word Middle in American English

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hi guys honey hello

so before we get reading and things do

you have any specific questions that

have come up this last week probably

with the word with the word middle I

give the impression that sometimes for

some reason it's not coming out as

clearly as it should be you know middle

II okay so one one thing that might be

happening instead of if then you might

be doing that needle needle I know I

think the problem is with the D and L

with a deal that's the problem because

I'm saying middle but the D you know

it's not really clear I'm saying you

know probably sometimes probably it is

but not always

okay so in the middle of the meeting say

that for me I'm in the middle of the

meeting and in the middle of the meeting


and in the middle of the meeting yeah so

that the DL I mean obviously in

conversation and contacts and stuff like

that it might be different than what

you're saying right now but what I'm

hearing is very very much like what a

native speaker would say when you first

said the word and it was the bowel sound

that it was sounding a little different

than me to me but the D and the L sound

sounded really nice so if you're if

you're pronouncing it like needle then

that's going to cause confusion but the

DL sounded really good to me so we want

it to be mid middle yeah yeah yeah

yeah cuz once we get that battle in

there then it's a very you know

it could be more like this we're gonna

do yeah so we just the weight resonates

it should like it should resonate

clearly okay yeah but ideal middle

middle middle middle middle yeah that

sounds really good to me

yep okay good


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