Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Quickie workbench (made with mortise and tenons)

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I found a bunch of 2 x 6's by a dumpster

and I'm gonna use those to build a quickie workbench.

That's what kickback looks like if you're using a table saw sled.

With a few passes over the joiner this lumber doesn't look so bad anymore.

So I'll make two side frames, like this. And

I'll join with mortise and tenon joints.

So, this 2 x 4 and this 2 x 4 are there to

hold some drawer units that I've already got and I'll put into this workbench.

So I haven't actually intended this workbench to look kinda Japanese or Modern.

But given the width of these drawers

and the top being wider than I remember it. It just kinda worked out that way.

I kinda like how it looks now.

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