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I went to high school in a small town in Oregon. On Friday and Saturday nights everyone would cruise up

and down Main street or hang out at the park

girlfriend Katie and I were sick of doing the same thing every weekend so we

were trying to think of something else to do I said we should go to the schoolhouse

because I knew she would get really scared and grab on to me she kept saying

no but I finally convinced her. The schoolhouse was a fenced-off building

outside town that was supposedly haunted.

The story is that a bunch of kids were murdered there but a crazy teacher with

a machine gun so if you go inside in the middle of the night and sit there for long

enough you'll see the scene repeat itself. I knew this was bullshit because I tried it with my buddies. I think it was a schoolhouse

though there was a chalkboard on the wall there was basically a big room with a

small room at the back and an entryway at the front

we pulled up next to the fence and got out I really wasn't worried about my car

being seen because there was never any driving on the street so the chances of

a cop driving by was almost zero. I helped her jump the fence and then I did.

we walked around the building. The entryway was boarded up but the back way didn't even have

a door. we went inside

I had a flashlight but was keeping it off to make it scarier. there was broken

glass and trash crunching under our feet and as we stopped in the middle of the

classroom I grabbed Katie's arm I realized I heard breathing. I immediately turned

the flashlight on and pointed it to the entryway, my heart stopped as I saw what was

in there with us, a dirty man with long greasy here was on his hands and knees.

He was low to the ground and staring up at us his clothes were torn and


his eyes were wide open

as big as quarters I could see them through the strands of hair that were hanging in

front of them. and he was panting, like a dog that

just finish running on a hot day. We just stared at each other

for probably 10 SEC I was too terrified to move

Katie pulled me towards the door and I snapped out of it we ran out and jumped

the fence, I looked back as we got in the car I didn't see him and we got down there

I didn't call the cops and I never went back there again

when I was around 10

my grandparents got a full-size dummy. It had a solid torso and head but the arms and legs

were movable like if you stuff sweatpants with newspaper he had real hair and a

realistic face

I bet you could use him to drive in the carpool lane and nobody would know

They used to sit him in a chair and leave the TV on, to make it seem like someone was home

while they were away. the first time I saw it creeped the fuck out of me I

don't like things that aren't alive but look like they are, or look like they could

come to life. I guess I've watched too many horror movies. anyways my

grandparents always kept it in the basement

even though they really didn't use it any more. recently they were out of town

for a while and I was stopping by to make sure everything was ok

watering the plants, mowing the lawn, I usually hang out for a while

make some food, drink beers, and watch TV they have a huge deep freezer in the

basement with all kinds of good stuff so I went down to get something awesome to eat

the basement isn't that big but it's really full, shelves with canned goods,

boxes of shoes, tools, and racks of clothes there are lanes that you have to

walk because there's so much shit down there. so I went to the freezer I looked

behind me. The dummy is on a chair in the corner its legs are folded up underneath it and

the arms are hanging down both sides of the chair. getting the willies, I

shuddered, and grabbed a blanket from a shelf. I threw it over him and got a

frozen pizza

a couple of days went by and I went back over to check on everything. after

watering the plants I went to grab something from the freezer again. I went

down and was looking through it when I thought about the dummy. I look back and

it wasn't there. the blanket was on the floor

every hair on my body stood up. I was just standing there waiting

trying to listen for any movement I knew that there was a logical reason for it

but the thought of seeing the dummy peek out around the clothes racks or

standing somewhere watching me was horrifying. I closed the freezer and ran

out I kept looking over my shoulder until I got in my car and left. it turned

out that my step mom wanted to use it for something and had picked it up

everyone thought it was so funny when I told them about it. I think watching

horror movies all the time is messing with my head

my name is mia and when I was young

I used to go hiking and camping with my dad a lot

he was off work on the weekends, so we would spend time together

my mom was a drug addict and had split on us when I was just a baby but I had a

really good childhood and was fine being a daddy's girl

I always liked being out in the wilderness and I still do. we would talk

about school and tell jokes you know father-daughter bonding

one hike will always stand out in my mind though

for a hike we would usually leave before the sun came up and get home before it

went down. he wanted to go to a place we hadn't gone before so we headed out. we

drove out of town and pick the place to park we headed into the woods with some

water and snacks for later

we had hiked for a couple hours and we came across an open tent we looked around

but didn't see anyone my dad walked up to the tent and was looking inside

when a man said "anything good in there?"

I jumped and look for where the voice came from

a man was in a tree a few feet next to us

as he climbed down my dad pulled me behind him

the man got to the ground and started walking towards us

he said "why the fuck are you snooping around in my shit?"

my dad said he wasn't, he was just looking to see if someone was in there

he looked crazy and I started to panic because I could tell them my dad

was getting nervous

the man bent down into the tent and as he did I thought I heard something I

spot him, another man in a different tree I said "dad, another one"

the second man started to climb down and the guy reaching in the tent stood back up

he had a huge knife

my dad is an average sized guy and mild mannered but people do crazy shit if

they're scared enough

the man started to say something and my dad clocked him before he finished the

first word, knocked him on his ass. we turned and ran the way we came dodging

trees and bushes we could hear them following behind us

hollering and threatening but we kept at it and eventually we were starting to lose


at some point they gave up but we hurried all the way back to the truck just to be

sure. luckily my dad is a badass and acted when he did because if the second

guy got into the ground I have no idea what would have happened

or if we would have been able to get away at all

In 1999 I had a Chevy s10 that was leaking oil like crazy, my uncle was trying to

help me figure out if we could fix it. we couldn't see anything because oil was

splattered all over

plus the whole engine was pretty dirty so he told me to go to the car wash and

spray it all. the carwash wasn't too far from his house, probably two miles. it

wasn't a drive thru it was only the stalls

I was getting quarters from the machine and I heard someone I turned around in

this middle aged guy was walking towards me he looked mad about something and was

muttering to himself

as he got closer he spoke louder he wasn't saying words though it was

gibberish with curse words mixed in. he was yelling at me. I could tell that he

was a crazy person at this point and that really scared me because a crazy

person is completely unpredictable thinking back on it it must have been

that I was wearing a Slipknot shirt that had a scary bloody face on the back

because that's what he would have seen as I was getting quarters maybe he

thought I was a demon or something

so while he's yelling at me I'm just standing against the quarter machine

trying not to look directly at him, I don't want to piss him off and he gets

done with his rant and just turns and walks away

I'm kind of in shock for a second and watch him walk I get my quarters and

walking back to my truck asking myself what the fuck was that all about

I get to my truck and look to see where the man is, he's running full speed

towards he was about twenty feet from me I jumped into my truck and locked the


the man gets to my window and he's trying to open my door. his eyes are

filled with rage he starts hitting my window hard I start my truck and put it

in drive as I'm about to punch it, a car driving past the carwash hits the brakes

and older man and woman jumped out and rush towards the maniac and escort him

back to the car parked in the street

when they got him in the car the old woman waved at me as if to say I'm sorry

I didn't wave back my only guess is that the psychopath escaped from the old

people's house and they were searching for him

I'm glad they found him when they did. hey guys and ladies thanks for checking out

my first video I'm gonna keep them coming if you want me to tell your story

email me at the address in the description and I really don't have like

a slogan or anything what do you think Ripley?

be good to animals even other people

see ya

I went to high school in a small town in Oregon I'm real glad that you decided to

eat that fucking bone right now

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