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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Spiciest Street Food in India - Hot Heads

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[ Chatter ]

-Oh, my God. It's spicy.


I'm a little bit embarrassed.

Everyone's looking at me.

[ Laughs ]

I'm Karina Utomo, and I'm here on a mission in India

to try the hottest and spiciest food available.

This is "Hot Heads."


Today, I'm in Hyderabad.

It's a city that's rich in history, and incredibly modern.

It's renowned for diamonds and chilies --

all my favorite things.

Today, my new mate, Pallab, is gonna take me

to one of his favorite authentic Telugu restaurants,

and I'm going to find out about the complexities

of how the Hyderabadi cuisine uses spices and chilies

to make their dishes super, super tasty.


-So, whenever you want to have, like, local cuisine,

this is the place to come to.


-Should we -- What should we start with?

-So, over there is the vegetarian palle.

We have some boondi vankaya curry.

Chicken dum biryani.

Paired with it is raita and mirchi ka salan,

egg, mutton and then couple of chicken dishes, here.


-That's so good.

Why are you so passionate about Indian cuisine?

-You find that there's just so much to discover.

In India, they say that the language

and the water changes every few steps everywhere you go, right?

Even the food changes.

And you will see a drastic variation

from villages to villages, not even states.

So, a food really tells a lot about the place

and its traditions, history,

and, in general, about the people of the place.

-Never thought about it like that --

[ Laughs ] -- but it's true.


Is this the star dish?

-So, the natu kodi pulusu simply means "country chicken pulusu."

It's a gravy, basically.

The pulusu is a gravy, or a curry.

The spices, actually, would be pretty basic

for a natu kodi pulusu.

The basic ingredients that you need is basically ginger,

garlic, and chili.

-Sir, may I please have the big green chili?

-This one? -Yeah.

I'm just really anticipating this is going to...

-It's definitely going to be a burst of flavors.

-Oh, my God.

-Do you find it hot?

-It's a little bit spicy, but it's delicious.

Oh, now I'm getting some heat.

There's, like, an incredible amount

of crushed chili in the gravy.

-Correct. -And plus, with the ginger,

it's just boosting that heat.

Ah, this is so good.

-It is definitely spicy.

-Oh, my God.

It's actually a really good balance of flavors, here.

I'm getting some heat around my lips and in my mouth.

I love this.



-After trying the deliciously spicy

Telugu cuisine in Hyderabad,

I'm now here in Jaipur, a really historically rich city.

All the buildings are painted this

very therapeutic color scheme of a terracotta blush.

Something I've really, really been looking

forward to throughout this trip

is trying some of the local street food.

You can literally smell the aroma of cooking,

and the spiciness is in the air.


[ Chatter ]


[ Chatter ]


Never cross the road.



Can I try?

-[ Foreign ] -One. Yeah, order.

-You need spicy? -Very spicy.

-Very spicy? -Yeah. Yeah.


-This is basically sooji dough,

like, semolina dough.

-Oh, semolina. -They make all the semolina.

-Yep. -Then, they roll it into

small balls, and then, they deep-fry it.

-Ah. -After deep-frying, it pops up,

and then, they serve it as a snack.

-Perfect. I just eat it with my hands?

-Yeah, yeah.

-Okay. Oh, it's cold.


-You like it? -That's awesome.

Very spicy.

-So, yeah, I've been coming here since 4 years,

and this is really amazing place.

I'm studying in Delhi,

but I specially come over here to eat all the time.

-Wow. -Yeah.

-The cold tamarind water --

I've never had anything like that before anywhere.

-You have spices in there.

-Yeah. -Then, you have that coolness.

So, like, it gives you the perfect balance.

It neutralizes everything, and gives you exactly [Indistinct].

-One of the best street foods/snacks ever.

-Yeah. And do you like standing here on the street

and having your food with everybody else?

-That actually brings more to the experience you're having,

because this is a community place.

People come here. People eat a lot of stuff.

And one, this is filling.

Two, this is the local cuisine,

so you get to try the ethnicity of the area.

And third, you get a sense of community.

-Yeah. -So, you eat here,

and you see a lot of people interacting with you.

You strike a conversation, you make friends.

You make a delicious experience out of all this.

So, that is one of the key features

why street food is important in a culture like India.


-So, it's a giant green chili covered in this delicious vada,

deep-fried, chopped up and served with tons of chutney.


Oh, my God. It's spicy.


I'm a little bit embarrassed.

Everyone's looking at me.

[ Laughs ]

This is like back in Jakarta.

They have the food on the street,

and everyone is just hanging out,

having a little bite. And then, you move on.

Really good.


Oh, it's a crazy flavor.

This chili paste is not so friendly on the stomach.


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