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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The 300 Most Common Verbs in English

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your calm website today we will learn

360 common English verbs now let's start

a set a set acute acute achieve a chip

acquired acquired act act adjust


at mine admire a bit admit

advice advice

1/4 1/4 agree agree aim and allowed

allowed announced

announced apologize apologize appear

appear offline offline

appreciate appreciate

approve approve argue argue arrange


arrive arrive ask ask

attach attach attempt attempt attend


attract attract avoid

avoid awake awake bathe bathe


be bear-bear

beat beat become become back back begin

begin behave behave belief belief below

the long band band but that bind bind

bite bite plow plow

boy boy borrow borrow vows vows

bow bow break break break break

broadcast broadcast build build burn



calculate calculate can could can could

care care Carrie Carrie Cat Cat

celebrate celebrate change change choose

choose chop chop claim claim


Quan clan cling cling come come commit

commit communicate communicate compare

compare compete compete complain

complain complete complete

concern concern confirm confirm consider


consist consist contain contain continue

continue convinced


coke coke

past cast count count


create create grip quick great designs

pretty sign cry cry

pet cat dance dance

dill dill beside decide delay delay

deliver deliver deny deny

depend depend describe describe design

design destroy destroy develop develop

differ differ disagree disagree discover

discover discuss discuss dislike dislike

dive dive do do doubt doubt drag drag



dream drill drill drink drink

drive drive drop drop

DRI DRI earn earn eat it enable enable

encourage encourage enjoying enjoy

ensure ensure enter enter establish

establish exist exist expect expect

experiment experiment explain explain

explore explore fill fill for four feet

feet Phil Phil fight fight

find find finish finish

fit fit

flying flying follow follow

forget forget freeze freeze fry fry get

get give give whoa whoa hang ten

happen happen hate hate

have half here here hide hide

hit hit hold hold hold hold

Huck Huck hurry hurry

hurt hurt identifying identifying


imagine imagine


impress impress improve improve include

good indicate indicate inform inform

insist insist install install intend

intend introduce introduce invest invest

ayran ayran jack job jump jump

keep keep kick kick

cliff case

deal deal

no no black black rocks glass


fleet fleet ling-ling sleep sleep

learn learn leave leave land land line


lift lift light light line line

like like listen listen look look Louis


laughs laughs maintain maintain Mac Mac

managed managed matter matter may May

mene mene measure measure

mate mate

melt melt mention mention might might

might might


miss miss Mase makes mo mo must must

need need attain attain offer offer open

open operate operate order order

organize organize or to our to

over come over come over take over tech

oh oh oh oh


paint paint participate participate pay

pay pill pill perform perform paint

paint land plan play play point poit

possessed possessed postponed postponed

poor poor practice practice briefer

briefer prepare prepare pretend pretend

prevent prevent promise promise propose


protect protect poor poor push push

put put qualifying qualifying quit quit

rate R it relies reliance recall recall

receive receive recollect recollect

recommend recommend reduce reduce refuse

refills regret regret relate relate

relax relax

relief relief we may remain remember

remember remind remind repair repair

replace replace represent represent


require recent recent visit visit retain


with time with time Rick Rick right


ring ring rise rise

Rick Rick raust raust running run

satisfy satisfy say say swap swap see


sing-sing sell sell send send set set so

so Shake Shack she'll she'll shine shine

shoot shoot

should should show show

shut shut sing

sink sink sink

sit sit ski ski

sleep sleep slides slides slide slide

smell smell snore snore so so speak

speak specifying specifying spell spell

spend spend

--spill --spill SPECT spread

stand stand start start

still still sick stick stained Singh

stop stop

struggle struggle study study

submit submit suffer suffer suggest


sublime supplying suppose suppose

surprise surprise

survived survived swear swear sweep


swim swim

swing swing

take take torque torque test test

take take tear tear tell tell think

think tract in drachten troll troll

just late just let try try understand

understand value value volunteer

volunteer wait wait wait work work work

want want one1 rush rush what what wave


we're we're way way we'll we'll win win

wish wish would would right right the

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The Description of The 300 Most Common Verbs in English