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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Johnny Gill Sets the Record Straight About His "Feud" with Bobby Brown | Where Are They Now | OWN

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At that time, New Edition was considered a bubble gum group.

They were just young and they had younger fans.

And I had this mature voice and they

felt that it was time to try to figure out how

to alter the sound a little.

Because at that time, they wanted to try to continue

to grow with the audience.

I came in to replace Ralph because Ralph

was working on a solo project.

And people thought that I actually

came in to replace Bobby.

For years, people kept trying to pin us against each other.

One thing I've learned is the reason why reality shows are so

huge - people love train wrecks.

People enjoy watching other people to realize that, wow.

I'm not the only one that's in bad shape.

And when you put things in perspective

to look at why people want to create, and try to create,

a distinction between myself and between Bobby, or between just even

other artists, I get it.

I understand that it sells.

People have an interest in those kind of things,

for whatever reason.

And little did people know that I was

very close to Bobby, as well.

That's my other little brother.

Bobby would come to LA and stay with me.

Bobby actually would come out on the road with me

when I was touring.

Bobby admitted to me when I first joined the group,

he was like, I was so jealous.

And then he said, but when you opened your mouth

and started singing, all I could do was like everybody else.

You look, and you just gotta go, damn.

We're like real siblings.

We go at each other.

Agree to disagree.

Argue, fuss and fight.

We do it all.

We all have issues.

But when something happens and one of us needs each other,

everybody's there.

You can't manufacture that.

That's just because it's real.

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