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If Goo JunPyo ignores me,

I would think that maybe our time together was just a dream

Goo JunPyo

You are well, right?

Editor: CinePhillle Sub: Cinamoroll07

What are you talking about?

That can't be true!

Clearly, that kid was him

He is...alive

Boys Before Flowers: Resurrection Parody

I have to take you to somewhere

Right now in Autopsy Room at the Hospital, he...


Please tell me that's a lie

I found your twin older brother who supposedly died 20 years ago

I waited 20 years for you, Older Brother

Because of trauma from car accident, he couldn't even remember his name

and Recently, he was murdered in KangWonDo

No matter what happens tell me that you will never run away from me

Do you have any guesses?

I will destroy you

I knew who Goo JunPyo was

Do you want me to find out for you?

We transferred so much money to HongKong!

What are you talking about?

You still believe Goo JunPyo?

Goo JunPyo?...

Can you forgive that person?

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