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Good morning! Today I am gonna make cold-brewed coffee which is a really great way to make

coffee and especially if you like iced coffee which I do, especially when I am really hungover

for some reason it's, I don't know, it's easier to drink, but his is a really great way because

you can actually make this and then you could heat it up, or you could ice it, and then

you'd have fancy coffee drinks galore, and you could pretend like you're at Central Park

with your friends Rachel and Chandler, even if your friend Chandler is a d-bag.

[MUSIC] Here's what you need. One half cup of cold

water. One coffee grinder. Some coffee, and a one-third cup measuring cup. That's it,

four things. Anyway they can do it. Let's go. Okay, so whoa! Coffee overboard! Okay,

plink, plink, waste not, want not, and maybe like four pulses and then we'll check it because

you want it pretty coarse. That sounds about perfect. Let's check it out! That's gorgeous.

All right. Now measure one third of a cup of coarsely ground coffee. Then you put it

in your water, and then you're practically done. Plink!

Give it a little stir just to sort of get all the coffee wet. It will kind of float

on top for a while, but that's fine. It will all get soaked eventually, and that's basically

it. So then cover it with something so you don't get bugs all in it, and just set it

on your counter for 8-12 hours and then strain it later and then I'll show you that part

later. You'll have to wait and see. Aww, hell. [laughs] God damn it! [laughs] I just spilt

the coffee. All right, it's fine. Oooh, it's a big chunk. I am gonna save it. Okay, so

I will see you guys in a minute. Okay, so now here we have our coffee and water

that's been sitting for, it's been like 14 hours at this point, probably doesn't really

matter if it's longer than 12, and I have got a big strainer, and a coffee filter dealy

bobber, and just pour it through. Sounds like it's peeing. Okay, pour some more in, and

if it gets a little like cloggy, just gently sort of do one of these numbers to unclog

it. So it's about all the way through, whoa! Disaster. I am gonna try not to spill this

all over myself. I sort of bundled it up and give it a little squeeze, kwwwich, so just

really gently you don't want to tear the paper, obviously. Then save that for the worms, baby.

Done, coffee, save that for later. Now, I have a great coffee to make, eeeeeeek!

Put some in my cup of ice, and I am gonna throw a little, I am gonna rinse that off

in there, so that it's clean, and then I am gonna put a little sugar, give it a stir.

It's a good sound. It's refreshing sounding. I am gonna put a little crazy straw in it.

Ahhhhh! It's really good. It's really very low acid and if you have some crap coffee

that you bought because it was on sale, and then you're really sorry later because it

tastes like shit when you get in your hot water thing, then this is a good way to do

it because it's a lot milder, but it still has a lot of caffeine in it. Whooooo! All

right, that's it. See you guys later!

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