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- I want to start my summer off right.

I'm going to play a game that--

where you can win big prizes.

You can win huge, wonderful prizes,

or you could win nothing at all,

or something really, really, lousy...

[audience laughter]

It's time to play "What's in the Box?"

Look what's down there.

We have three boxes to choose from.

And-- [audience laughter]

We have, uh-- [audience laughter]

I'd like you to choose who-- Oh, my.

[audience laughter]

- Yes. - So--so we have Cha Cha,

who has box \#1.

[harp music]

We have Chachi, who has box \#2.

[harp music]

And, of course, Chi Chi,

[audience laughter] who has box \#3.

[harp music] [cheers and applause]

What are you feeling?

- I'm feeling box \#1. - Oh, really?

Okay! - Oh no.

- All right, all right. - Okay! Yeah.

- No, I don't know. Let's see what it is.

What's in box \#1, Cha Cha?

- Oh, it's a-- - [screams]

[cheers and applause] - It's a--

Look, it's one of those little dolls that--

It's--see? You put in on a dashboard,

or something like that. Yeah.

- Okay, but is there anything else back there, Cha Cha?

Just, sometimes there is.

Oh, it's a $1,000-- - [screams]

[screaming] [cheers and applause]

[game show music plays] [cheers and applause]

- Oh, there's only Chachi left down there, okay.

- Oh. - So there's a curtain.

So there's something behind Chachi, in that curtain.

That's a nice outfit, Chachi, by the way.

[audience laughter]

And then, I have something in my pocket, and, uh--

- Okay. - So you have a choice of

what's in my pants,

or-- [audience laughter]

[audience laughter]

Or what Chachi has behind the curtain.

[harp music] What do you feel?

It's--it's totally up to you. - I go with Chachi.

- All right, all right. (audience) Aw!

Let's see what Chachi has behind the curtain there.

[harp music]

Oh, it's a tanning bed.

You get a used, defective-- [audience laughter]

[loud sparking noises] [audience laughter]

Yeah, yeah. [audience laughter]

Well--and, as she pointed out,

she's black. She does not need that.

[laughter and applause]

It's not necessary. [laughter and applause]

[laughter and applause] See?

Oh, it's who? Andy's in there, too.

Andy, hi. You should get out of there.

It's defective.

Is there anything else back there?

Because sometimes there is.

It's a $2,500-- [loud cheers and applause]

[cheers and applause] [game show music]

Do you want to play this game right here?

- Of course! - There's three boxes,

once again.

- Oh, my goodness. - And here we have Frances,

as in the girl Frances, and number one.

And then Francis-- it's a boy's name, also,

at number two. [harp music]

And then, another Frances who's a girl, and--

[harp music] What are you feeling,

out of those boxes?

- I think Frances \#3.

- You think the Frances \#3? - Yes, yes.

- All right, Frances \#3, what is back there?

- Oh, it-- - [exclaims]

[audience laughter] [harp music]

- You get a Speedo. [harp music]

Isn't that great? - For my husband.

- Yes, for your husband. [harp music]

- Yes. [harp music]

- Stop doing that. [harp music]

[harp music] [audience laughter]

[audience laughter]

[harp music] [audience laughter]

[audience laughter]

Stop waving your hand in front of that thing.

All right, so that's for your husband, and--

- That's wonderful. - You should be able to do

something with this gift card.

It's a $5,000-- - [exclaims]

[cheers and applause] [game show music]

Oh, my gosh! Thank you so much!

Thank you! - You're welcome!

Okay, so we have Frances, still, in front of--

[audience laughter] A curtain over there.

- Hi, Frances! - And so--

You know the game Three Card Monte,

where you see three things, and there's one good thing,

and you mix them up really fast,

and you have to keep your eye on it?

- Yes. - Okay, let me show you

what we have that we're going to mix around.

[harp music] So let's see what--

Let's see behind the first one what you would possibly--

It's a $500 Neiman Marcus gift card,

or number two would be... [harp music]

A stay at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa.

(audience) Ooh! - Ooh!

[harp music] Or what's behind the third card.

It's four tickets, American Airlines.

- Whoo! [cheers and applause]

- Okay. [cheers and applause]

I'm going to make it--

I can--I can change the rules here any time I want.

I'm going to add a fourth card in there,

and let's see what the fourth card is.

[harp music] And it would be,

you'd play for all of them.

- [screams] [cheers and applause]

- So--I know. [cheers and applause]

Okay, so here's what's going to happen.

You have to keep your eye on whatever--

You probably want to win the third--the fourth one--

- I do. - Yeah, okay.

Keep your eye on that so you win all of them.

Either way, you're a winner,

but keep your eye on it, and mix 'em around.

- Help me out, guys. [harp music]

- Oh, where's it-- oh, what happened?

Oh,--oh no. Oh no!

[audience laughter] Well, that seems impossible!


Whoever--whoever yelled out "in my pants"--

[audience all talking at once]

- All right, all right.

I think that--number three.

- Number three.

[all talking at once]

- Whoo! - All right.

All right, let's see what's behind the third one.

It is-- [harp music]

- [screams] [cheers and applause]

[game show music] [cheers and applause]

- That's how you play "What's in the Box."

- Whoo! - Hey, we dance now!

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