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I scream you scream we all scream for

ice cream deathmatch let's talk about

that good mythical summer the best part

of summertime is that our beloved ice

cream parlors can finally open their

dusty windows which have been boarded up

for the cold long sparse disease-ridden

winter and yell to the townspeople

gloriously ice cream is back the ice

cream is back winter didn't kill us and

the ice cream is back I love that

classic summertime tradition

everybody loves ice cream but what is

the best ice cream out there we could

debate our local favorites but today

we're finding out the best possible pint

of ice cream you can buy in almost any

grocery store it's time for what kind of

ice cream will make us say Yahweh okay

we're gonna be tasting vanilla from each

of the brands because we think it's the

best across-the-board indicator of

quality sorry we don't make the rules

actually we do and we're gonna be

raiding the ice cream on a scale of one

to ten and also guessing which brand we

each think it is Sen the highest rated

ice cream will be crowned the king of

ice cream and whoever I guess is the

most ice cream brands correctly between

the two of us will be the ice cream king

mm-hmm and here are the brands were

gonna be tasting haagen-dazs Ben and

Jerry's Tillamook Blue Bunny dryers and

Breyers let's do this round one as you

can see we can't all of the ice cream

will be served to us on the

patent-pending commune spoon let's bring

in the commune spoon okay where is it

where is it

where is it nope oh hey where's ice

cream in a communist boom uh-oh we're


be careful I do not want to touch

tongues with you man I don't work how

much I didn't put oh oh there's some

over here too oh well I got I got oh now

that is that's some good ice cream it

tastes good

I have nothing to compare it I think I

got a little bit on my beard I mean not

a lot

oh yeah just maybe just a tad you know I

think it's great I have nothing to

compare it to I will say it's more on

the icy side than the creamy side I

don't think I'm gonna have any insight

into this at all because I very rarely

get just straight vanilla ice cream I I

like a good vanilla ice cream and I

haven't had I've had many of these but

not all of them and the thing about

dryers and Breyers that I learned was

that they're totally unrelated named

after totally different people and I

kind of thought that dryers was just

some some guy who broke off and briars

and then one of the thumb is no so I'm

just gonna change one letter how about

dryers it's drier but they are totally

separate is what my research tells me

well yeah and by the way I I guess I'm

giving this a five just food since it's

the first one well you always do that so

I'm gonna do it as well no I I'm giving

it I'm gonna give this one a four

because low it's just it was there's

nothing really exciting about it I mean

I know it's vanilla ice cream but it

didn't have a real richness to it

it was no I agree but morning I'm great

you ready to guess yeah yeah

three two one dry layers oh and dryers

no I said Breyers oh no no it's not

definitely not Brian

round two bring it in mm-hmm I

understand how the commune spoon works

now there's ice cream um well maybe I


Oh cause i

I think I might have just swing shot it

into your face did you move this moon

don't touch this boom while I was

pushing down on the spoon I had to just

suck it out of this boom I'm gonna suck

a ball of ice cream out of the spoon you

okay hmm now I immediately noticed that

this ice got oh oh you okay I got a lot

of ice cream what what have you noticed

about it because I'm noticing something

immediately it's cold

okay what else it's better much better

than the previous ice cream so whatever

that one was this one is much better I'm


I wonder the five before hmm man I'm

gonna go with it

at least an eight for this one it's it's

got a hint of almost vanilla yeah it's

very nice it's much more vanilla yeah is

it do you do you have a hint of salt a

hint of salt yeah nope

it is very good though is we got a more

complex flavor

I got a huge ball of it mm-hmm it was a

little overwhelming what number you

giving it I'm gonna give it a seven okay

but what is it I have a guess hmm uh

okay I got a guess as well three two one

blue pony MOOC I almost went with

Tillamook but I haven't had that before

so there was no reason to me neither

round three they washing the spoon every

time huh I think it's a new communist

poon every time Oh probably not I just

got chind with some ice cream oh no

that's just the that's just the spoon

the spoon is just that cold dude this

spoon moves a lot that's and I don't

know if that's you or not most and

holding it that's the person holding it

there's a there's a sharp end over here

that keeps hitting me in the face so I

I'd rather not get a fat lip that's what

tell that to the guy holding the spoon


hmm huh creamier much creamier right I

was saying icier well the taste is

creamier but the consistency may very

well be icier it feels like it's got

more air in it

somebody took a shortcut and then and

now here I'm getting you know their

every ice cream has a certain amount of

Ares oh the spoon wasn't even there and

I'm having a lot of spoon issues

traditionally the thicker the ice cream

the less air that's in it the more the

nicer it is it also has a slight almost

fake vanilla flavor it is as an

aftertaste you notice that no I but I do

think it's definitely not as good as the

last round it's somewhere in between the

two so between five and and eight is a

what six and a half I'm gonna go I'm

gonna go with a six for this I'm going

back down to a four my rating this one

is as bad as the first one for me what

is it when I guess anyway yeah I think

we should guess anyway three two one

blue line hmm round four

I've never bringing the scooper never

felt more lost I just feel like I'm just

throwing out random ice cream bring

guesses with no indication as to what

there's no logic to it

wow this ice cream is totally different

than any of the others it's so much

smoother oh that's almost soft-serve I

think I know what this is I'm all over

this one mm-hmm

I've got the phone number I'm dialing it

up let me get some more that that's good

you think it's the best where is it I

actually don't think it I still think

the second one I still haven't figured

out my technique I feel like a baby

who's learning how to eat I put my lips

on it and just suck like on a cow eat

there was an audible uh

just gross or something this is a gross

it's just two guys eating ice cream out

of a big spoon this one is so seen that


since it's a smoothest one the

consistency is top-notch but the taste

is still not as good as my number eight

so I'm giving this one a seven I am

giving this one it doesn't have as much

of a rich vanillin s nest right right

but I think I gave the other one a seven

I give this one a six cuz I do but no

you know I'm gonna give it a seven as

well because the consistency is better

yeah and I'm I'm I'm pretty much betting

my farm on knowing this one really yep

okay okay three two one ha Gary's not

that smooth oh well it is because that's

Ben and Jerry's okay round five bring it

in bring it in

okay oh that makes me want to go in

making pig noises that's the way to get

your commune spoon buddy to get in there

hey that's a good ice cream

dang it is exactly like the second ice

cream I can't what it tastes no

different like that one I feel like

they're giving they're making yours

higher or something mmm like a handle

ball gosh the noise is that year it's

like an alien dissection oh man oh

that's good isn't it me you're right

though it's a lot like the second one

I'm which I gave an 8 to this is not

better than that it's exactly exactly

the same as according to my recollection

so I'm also giving it an 8 which i think

is gonna become my new 10 i think the

consistency of that is better so I'm

giving this an 8 which i think is my

highest so far 3 2 1 Blue Book and oz I

think blue Bunny's not a good ice cream

really yeah that's my hunch but I can't

say for sure

alright I never had it what no round six

all right last one

I'm gonna try to pin I'm gonna try to

have manners for this one I've learned a

lot of lessons throughout this process

we're gonna try to do this in the most

refine way possible this my friends is

the crappiest ice cream of all of them

that we have tasted this morning it's

not bad unless you've had all the other

ones that we've had this morning do you


it's definitely not a contender for the

best it's definitely the worst in my

mind I mean the taste is just bland

I'm giving it a 4 hmm it has a little

bit of that artificial quality that I

was talking about with the previous one

it's very mild

it's not a bad consistency yeah it's

it's creamy

um I'll give this one a 4 as well again

I'm not saying it's bad I'm just saying

it's the worst do you know what it is

yeah definitely

3 2 1 dryers that guy who says it he

didn't rip off Breyers but we know he

did I've read the Wikipedia and I still

don't believe it okay you take your

blindfolds off ah okay we're right about

dryers cuz we were certainly mean to

them at the end especially me maybe yeah

don't bring me into that oh if I was

that wrong I will apologize who do you

feel won this game

I honestly was it was a complete shot in

the dark

every single time link seemed to have

some confidence with his guesses but you

should know that for and he's then he's

been bad yeah so I think rat won but I

don't think he deserves it link you got

three correct what that's incredible

yeah three correct yet but Rhett yeah

you got one yeah yeah yeah yeah hey the

last one

background so that makes me the

ice-cream king and your favorite ice ice

cream for everyone with a total of 16

points is Ben and Jerry

Ben and Jerry was linked right about

that one no no it wasn't right about

that one and your second favorite was

haagen-dazs and your least favorite was

dryer dryers yeah okay we did it

hey there was there was some logic there

it's amazing what one letter change will

do make your ice cream suck all right

now you know what you should be eating

mmm wouldn't be your welcome

we're gonna eat some more stuff and good

mythical more I believe but thank you

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