Practice English Speaking&Listening with: An Unsponsored Savage x Fenty Lingerie Review!

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- This isn't probably something that would

make me feel sexy in the bedroom.

It's something that would more so,

make me feel like fun, rave, party.

(upbeat music)

(loud exhale)

God be with me.

Okay, I don't know what I've gotten myself into you guys.

Oh God, oh God, I don't know where to begin.

You guys know I love doing fashion reviews.

I'm passionate about fashion.

Passionate about quality, construction and materials,

looking and feeling our best in what we wear.

And, you know, I'm bringing it to you today.

I'm bringing you Savage x Fenty lingerie review.

And, look, Savage x Fenty has never interested me.

I have never been intrigued to purchase from them.

I have just never been interested.

It came out and I was like, "cool, she did a thing."

But it never, was something that spoke to my soul,

that interested me in purchasing.

But, I've gotten so many requests,

and, so, a few weeks ago, I tweeted out

and I posted on my Patreon,

if you wanna be in the official Killer Bee Club,

asking you guys to vote on what store I do next,

and overwhelmingly, the winner was Savage x Fenty.

And, I was like, "ugh, I knew I shouldn't have

"put that on the list."

But, obviously like I wanna give you what you guys want,

and I felt like you guys wanted it,

which is why I put it on the list

and clearly you did 'cause it like really took the cake.

So, I went on the website and it was like a trap.

Like I don't know how to explain this.

Like, it's like all this pop-ups come up

and they want you to fill out like a form

that's not accessible.

Then they're like, "okay, you have one hour to shop,

"and you get this deal and you save this money,

"and we'll text you a code."

And it was like so intense.

And then they have this little clock,

it's like counting down.

It's like 59 minutes, 72, I guess (mumbles) what?

Oh my God, oh God.

And, it's like panic shopping.

And they do that to you on purpose.

It's a scanning tactic and I think it's gross.

I just think it's gross.

It's stressful, I don't like it.

And honestly, it surprises me that somebody like Rihanna

is running her business like this.

She's an incredibly successful, wealthy woman.

She doesn't need to do stuff like this to sell product.

She has a very successful music career.

She has a very successful line with Puma.

She has a very successful makeup line.

I'm gonna be honest, I super respect her.

She's built an empire for herself.

And I think that's amazing.

I just don't respect how she's choosing to run

Savage X Fenty, it like locked me into the VIP program

where I have to pay now $50 a month

without properly like telling me.

I didn't realize that I was signing up for that.

And I went online afterwards,

and have since found other articles

of people saying how scammy it is.

And they've actually gotten in trouble.

I'll link all the articles below.

Like some of these are really recent from 2020

about Savage x Fenty like getting in legal trouble

for the way they run their business, like being a scam.

So this is like a really, it's a real thing.

And I immediately called and I was like,

"hey, can I cancel?"

And they were like, "okay, but we'll cancel your order."

And I was like, "no, I still want my order.

"I just don't wanna have to pay $50 a month.

"I just wanted make a one time order."

And they were like, "no, we'll cancel your order.

"Or you're locked into the membership."

And I was like, well, I wanna do this review.

And I spent an hour on this website,

pulling my hair out,

trying to find product.

I guess I'll stick it out.

And they're like, yeah, you can cancel

after you've paid next month's membership.

So, I had to pay this month's membership $50.

And then I could finally call to cancel

after my product got here.

And they made sure that my product got delivered

after May 5th because May 5th is the date

you have to either skip or pay the money.

So, I don't know, all around I don't stand by it.

Same reason I'm really hesitant to review Fabletics,

which I know you guys really want,

but Fabletics also has this like membership tactic

where they tell you like two leggings for $24.

But actually they're like $60 each, unless you're a member.

And if you become a member to get that deal,

you're then locked into paying a certain amount every month.

I just don't think that's the way businesses should be run.

I don't, am I wrong Niamh?

- [Niamh] It's awful.

- I think it's really gross.

I don't like it.

I just think if you stand by your product

and you believe in what you're doing

and you can afford to make it that price for the members,

then you can afford to make it that price.

You know, I don't know.

So, just know that I'm coming into this review,

like not feeling good about this.

The only reviews I've honestly seen have been sponsored.

So, and I'm not, obviously I'm not being sponsored.

So, this is just me coming at you with my real thoughts

and my real opinions, unsponsored, unfiltered Molly,

like you always get in these fashion reviews.

And, the other thing that I will say,

is not only did I have like an hour on this site

to like get this extra deal or whatever,

but also like everything was sold out.

Everything, everything.

It was so hard to find anything

that was in my size at all, of any kind.

And, the only other thing I'll say is they're very inclusive

with different sizes and shapes and skin tones,

but more so when you go to the plus size realm.

So they have like straight sizes and plus sizes,

but they don't cater to petite women.

And as a petite woman, that sucks.

In particular, lingerie is often very hard

to find as a petite woman.

My bra size is a 30 band.

Most standard sizes started at a 32 band.

And I'm also very short torso,

which means a lot of like lingerie pieces

don't fit my torso correctly.

So, I would have loved to have seen them

include short torso sizes,

short leg lengths on their lounge pants.

And they did say on the website

when I was like clicking my bra size,

that they are going to be adding new sizes soon.

So hopefully that means,

they're going to be going down to smaller sizes as well.

For bras, the only places I shop for bras and lingerie

is Aerie and Nordstrom, that's it.

So, that's what I'm used to buying.

Both of those brands do cater to my 30 broadband size.

So, yeah, also I was ordering this literally blindly

'cause hey, I'm blind.

And also everything was sold out.

So I was super limited with what I could order.

So, when the things got here,

three of them are completely see-through.

So, we're gonna have to be like a little spicy

with how we try to look creative,

we'll try to review and show and not show everything.

All the goodies.

This should be fun.

Also also two things, at least two things

in my order just didn't show up.

And in the receipt that came with my package,

I had my mom read it to me

and they're not even on the receipt,

but I know they were in my cart and I know I ordered them.

So I guess, maybe before they processed my order,

those things sold out or something.

So, they didn't charge me for it, it appears.

But also, it sucks that I like ordered those

and they didn't come.

One was like this really cute cropped lemon yellow T-shirt

and the other was a black lace bralette

to match a pair of black underwear I got,

but I don't have those to show, so, okay.

What am I gonna do first?

I'm gonna do this set here because it's something

that I don't have to fully cover my body with.

Now, I am an Aerie REAL role model.

So I'm used to being in photo shoots

and posting on the internet in my swimsuit and in a bra.

So this isn't really a huge deal for me,

but I understand that a lot of people wouldn't do this,

but I'm never somebody who tried,

like I don't fancy myself, a sexy girl.

I just don't, I don't think I'm sexy.

I think I'm cute.

I don't think of myself as being like a sexy woman.

So, the style of the lingerie they sell,

like, honestly, it was like a little bit too scandalous

and sexy, sexy out there for me.

It's just not my taste.

Even when I'm trying to be sexy, sexy,

that's just like, not really the vibe I go for.

Like all see-through.

So, this should be interesting.

Okay, so these are high waisted undies in a nude color.

They have lots of different nude skin tones.

I got like the one that was in stock

because honestly everything was out of stock.

Okay, it's fine.

These are really stretchy.

I like them.

Like, it feels like a nice slinky material,

but it seems like a pretty decent coverage on the booty.

I love high-waisted underwear, I just do.

I feel like high-waisted underwear

under a high-waisted jean is really comfortable,

but mainly I love high-waisted underwear

when I'm just like on my period

and feeling bloated and gross.

So I got those, and I'm gonna try them on

with the only like true, real bra that I picked up,

which is a new bra for them.

And it is their strapless bra.

Technically it's convertible, it does have straps,

but it's promoted as their new strapless bra.

So, I am gonna remove the straps and try it on without them

because I think that's the true test of a strapless bra.

And I don't know about you guys,

but when I buy strapless bras,

I truly buy them just for them to be strapless.

Like I remove the straps and I never put them back on.

So, straps be gone.

I got this in a 32B.

I typically wear a 30C if it's not padded.

And if it is padded, I wear a 30D, the sister sizes to that.

By the way, let me know if you ever want me

to do like a size guide for bras

and, like deep dive, real conversation about boob shapes

because they truly do come in all shapes.

And when I mentioned in my Princess Polly video,

that my breast tissue is only like

really far back out here and underneath,

and I have none on the top and middle,

the amount of girls, it like actually broke my heart.

So many of you were like, "oh my God,

"like I thought something was wrong with me

"because that's what my boobs look like.

"And like, thank you for saying that.

"It made me feel a lot better about my body."

And I was like, yeah, like, it's really sad

that you had to think that that wasn't normal or okay.

'Cause it is.

And there's lots of different shapes

and most of us don't have like natural cleavage.

And even though, you know, I wear a 30D or 30C,

it doesn't mean I have big boobs or that they'll ever

like have good cleavage, so that's fine.

But I got a 32B because that is the sister size to a 30C

and because it's not push-up.

If it was push-up, I would've gotten a 32C,

which is the sister size to a 30D.

So, what I do like about it,

is it has a really wide strap at the back,

which especially for a strapless bra,

I think that's really important.

Typically with strapless bras, I prefer push-up

because for some reason, maybe I'm crazy,

but I feel like strapless bras stay up better

when they're a push-up.

I don't know why.

I just feel like that's always been the thing for me,

but it does have like the boning at the side.

I don't know what this thing's about in here.

Like there's just this random, right?

Does anybody know what this is for?

They're just these random,

isn't that weird?

And they're not elasticated, it's just, it's weird.

(Niamh speaking off mic)

Maybe, I don't know.

Comment below if you know what that's for,

but, it does have the grippy rubber.

So, and I tried to order them in the same skin tone.

Do they look like they match?

- [Niamh] Yeah, they're good.

- All right, when I come out and then I'll look naked,

- [Niamh] I'm not saying they're perfect,

but they're very good.

- Okay, so this is the bra.

It fits.

It's interesting 'cause I don't wear push-up bras ever,

unless it's a strapless bra,

but they didn't have a strapless push-up.

So it fits, but I'm not like comfortable

if that makes sense.

It fits nicely in the back.

Like I'm not getting any bulging or anything.

- [Niamh] No, that's good.

Yep, no, you're not.

- Which is really nice. - Yeah

- And I think it's that wider band,

- [Niamh] Yeah, which gives you more

- Which gives you more coverage

- [Niamh] Yes

- You know, the underwear are very comfortable.

I'll definitely be wearing these.

I'll have everything I ordered linked below.

It'll probably all be sold out,

but I'll have it linked below.

And I don't know the name of these undies, but I like them.

They are very comfortable.

They're very smooth.

- Yeah, they look nice. - Yeah.

- [Niamh] I thought they looked nice

before you even put them on.

Like, they look comfortable.

- Yeah, they're very comfortable.

They're very comfortable underwear.

They're a very seamless feel.

Yeah, I mean the bra fits,

like in that way, I can't complain.

I don't have any like gaping.

- [Niamh] Oh yeah, that's good.

- So it fits well, it fits correctly.

- [Niamh] Yeah, good.

- That's all I have to say.

- [Niamh] Do you wanna do a twirl?


- Next.

Okay, this is from their lounge section.

I love tops like this.

Like I love turtlenecks that are sleeveless and cropped.

I just, or even just sleeveless turtlenecks,

body suits, whatever.

It's a look, you probably see me wear a lot.

It's interesting.

It has like a textured imprint on it.

You probably can't see that.

- [Niamh] Yeah, I can see it

- And I think, is this sparkly?

Feels like it is.

- [Niamh] Yes

- This is nice.

I don't have a problem with it.

I just have it.

It's like a very, it's very soft.

Like this is nice quality.

I like this, I'll wear this.

You'll definitely see this on me.

And then I paired it with these leggings.

- [Niamh] And it would be lovely with your boots,

the Gucci boots.

- Yeah.

- [Niamh] Really cute with that.

- So I paired it with these leggings,

I feel like,

- [Niamh] They're nice on the side, the other side?

Cute little design there.

- I mean, I'm too short.

So you can't fully,

- [Niamh] I guess you could cut them, couldn't you?

- Yeah, I'd have to chop them.

I feel like I could have maybe sized down in these.

Like if you look back here,

it's like, kind of like

- [Niamh] Yes, in the back,

the back of the leg as well, yeah.

- Yeah, it's not like even a waistband

that you can see it's gaping.

Can you tell that is gaping right there?

- [Niamh] Yeah

- So

- [Niamh] Yeah, so you could definitely have gone down.

What size did you get?

- I got a size small in these.

I could have definitely gone to an extra small,

but they're still wearable.

Like, they still fit me

- [Niamh] Yeah, but they're definitely a bit loose.

- Yeah, they're just looser than I would typically

- [Niamh] Yeah

- Wear a legging.

They're just like a cotton, you know, there's nothing,

- [Niamh] Yeah, the fabric seem nice attached to the fabric.

- They're very soft.

I like the waistband.

Like I think that's a cute detail.

Sparkling kind of reminds me of like a boys,

like a - Undies?

- Boxers? - Oh, boxers


- Yeah, like I kinda like that.

- Yeah, they're cute together - And then underneath

- Oh yeah, and you put the other underwear,

- I have these underwear which were supposed

to go with the bra, but the bra didn't come.

And the yellow crop top was supposed to go with these,

but it didn't come, whatever.

So these, they are a high-waisted thong,

which I've never worn before.

I don't like the material nearly as much.

Like if you were gonna get a pair of underwear,

get the other ones.

I don't, it's like a,

- [Niamh] It's hard, isn't it?

- It's hard.

It's just a weird,

- [Niamh] Not much give to it, it's weird.

- Yeah, like this part is like very rigid.

- [Niamh] I don't know why you would buy them,

like if you can buy soft,

- Yeah

- [Niamh] Especially, if the other ones

we're loving are soft.

- Yeah, loved the other ones.

These ones are a no, but you know,

- [Niamh] That's an outfit, it's super cute.

- Yeah, I'm very comfortable.

The top, this top is definitely my favorite thing.

This top and the first pair of underwear

are my favorite things I've tried.

Okay, here's where things get dicey.

You can just fully

- [Niamh] Right through.

Yes, I can see your eye.

- Fully see me, which means you would fully see me

and I don't have nip covers.

So, I'm gonna put it on and put a robe over it

and just tell you what I think.

But this is a set.

They come sold separately.

So you just kind of have to like hope

they have both of your sizes

in the color that matches each other.

This is a high-waisted underwear,

but it's again, it's like not very, like,

there's not much give to it.

The mesh part is stretchy,

but the like elastic around the waist, isn't.

This isn't the underwear you throw on to be comfortable.

This is what you throw on to be sexy.

I just, this isn't my version of sexy.

So take that for what you will.

I'm gonna try it on.

Cozy on top, sexy underneath,

trying to cover myself.

So, lovely color.

Let's start with pros.

Love the lavender, it's my favorite color.

So it's like a scoopy neckline and there, you know,

there's just not much to it.

She's just see-through.

So I got my typical, extra small on top,

small on the bottom.

It's really interesting because the waistband

just like the black ones I tried on,

don't have stretch to it.

It's like loose around my waist,

but fits everywhere else.

It's very interesting, let me just,

it's like just a little loose.

There's really not much I can show you about this.

I'm comfortable.

I feel like in a way I could have maybe sized down

in the underwear and up in the bra.

I don't know, the sizing is interesting.

It's not fitting me horribly.

It's just not fitting me like clothes

would usually fit me when I buy them in size.

Now we have another see-through purple thing.

This is a Teddy.

So it's like a one, like one body suit,

with like a cut-out on tummy

and a little cinching in the middle.

To me, there's just like, not much to this.

Like, I like lace and like, I don't know.

This is just like, hey, I might as well be naked,

'cause it's see-through.

I don't know, there's just, it kind of feels cheap to me.

The other stuff didn't feel cheap.

These to me feel cheap.

Feel it mom, what do you think?

- [Niamh] Yeah, like it's pretty.

Again, I'm not sure the purpose of them.

- I mean, it's, you're putting it on for it to be taken off,

but this just isn't my version of what I would wear,

but that's fine, it was what was available.

What is this video you guys?

Why am I doing this?

So, I like the Teddy version of this lingerie a lot better

than I liked the two-piece.

It makes me feel way more confident in my body.

Like honestly, that first piece

made me feel the opposite of sexy,

the opposite of confident.

And I think when you're putting that true, like lingerie on

to feel like really hot and good about yourself

and confident and like own your body,

that's how it should make you feel.

And that other piece like made me feel the opposite.

It made me wanna shrink.

It made me feel really insecure.

This makes me feel much more confident than that did,

even though it's the exact same color

and the exact same material,

just the cut of it makes me feel better about my body.

It fits really nicely.

It's very comfortable.

And if this is your thing,

like if you like the all see-through thing,

you should get this it's a nice piece.

I would rather it be like lace,

that's what would just make me feel good.

But if this is your vibe,

so it has like this little ruching in the middle

and the cut-out on the tummy.

And then it has like, you know, the nice

- [Niamh] Yeah, it's cute.

- Over like, like this is cute.

This is cute, I like this.

It's like cheeky.

It's not a thong, but it's not really full coverage.

It's like cheeky cut on the back.

I don't know, like this makes me feel cute.

If this was a swimsuit, I would rock it.

Like if this was a one-piece swimsuit

and it wasn't entirely see-through,

I would love this.

This cut just makes me feel good.

This is as much of the back as I can show you.

But yeah, I'm very comfortable and I feel good in this.

Okay, so here's our wild card.

This is another Teddy, like another one-piece.

Open back, criss-cross, stars and mesh and rainbow

and lace and bows, like this has it all.

And I was thinking, this would be really cute

to wear to a festival if you were that body confident,

if you had like, somewhere like Dolls Kill

got some like really cool,

like heart shaped nipple covers,

and you put this on

with like some high-waisted shorts or something.

I think that would be a really cute festival look.

I wish it had like built-in

nipple covers to it or something.

Again, this isn't probably something

that would make me feel sexy in the bedroom.

It's something that would more so

make me feel like fun, rave, party.

Okay, so, I love that it has adjustable straps.

I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys the back right now.

- [Niamh] Pretty

- This is as low as I can go - Okay

- Has adjustable straps, so I was able to tighten it

to fit my shorter torso, which was good.

The back, let me feel what you guy's are seeing.

The back's super cute.

You know, it has that little bow detailing.

It is a thong.

So this is going into the thong right there.

- [Niamh] It goes nicely with your tattoo.

- Pull all the covers.

And then here's the kind of,

- [Niamh] It's really a cute pattern and everything.

- It is

- [Niamh] The colors are lovely.

I like the lace and everything.

- And the stars are velvety.

And then the lace, it's doing the most.

So, if this is what makes you love your body,

do the most girl, like, do you.

Like I said, I feel like this to me is more like

wear with some denim shorts and you know,

a, like nipple cover or something

versus like something I'd actually wear in the bedroom.

But, you do you.

Whatever makes you feel good.

It's comfortable.

I like these.

I like the body suits much better than the two-piece.

So, that's that.

It's a new dawn, it's a new day

it's a new life and I'm feeling good.

So, it's the next day after filming

and the yellow crop top arrived,

they did have a matching legging to this,

which I think would have been such a cute outfit,

but they were sold out.

And there was a different version of this top.

I didn't know this had buttons 'cause hey, I'm blind

and I'm trying to do this on my own.

And they didn't have good product description

that I could find.

So, I didn't know it had buttons.

That's just not really my personal style.

I feel like it makes me feel like I'm like four,

but they had a different one.

And I wonder if that didn't have buttons.

'Cause if it didn't have buttons

on the other one that was in this color,

then I probably would've liked it better.

- [Niamh] It's really cute.

That color's lovely.

- I was gonna say, I love the color.

It's just a personal thing.

Like if you love the button vibe with (mumbles)

then like you do you.

It's just, I feel like, here's the thing,

I feel like a lot of the stuff

that I bought in this video, just isn't my style,

but I had to buy something

and anything that was my style was sold out.

So, it's so hard for me to review something,

when most of what I'm trying,

like doesn't really feel like me.

That said, like the quality of this is super nice.

It's comfortable.

It fits nice.

I also received the black bra that I was missing,

that I got to go with the high-waisted black thong

and it's all laced.

So I can't show you because we'd have a full nip slip,

but it's cute.

Like I like the thin straps, they're adjustable.

In the middle, it has like a nice mesh paneling.

Like this is my sexy, you know,

for some reason, lace feels way more sexy to me than mesh.

Again, we all feel hot in something different.

And that's what lingerie is designed to do.

It's supposed to make you feel

like honestly to me, lingerie is for me,

like it makes me feel confident.

It makes me feel sexy.

It makes me feel like a hot woman.

And that's why it's fun to put on.

So for me, it was really hard reviewing these stuff

because a lot of it just, wasn't the type of stuff

that makes me feel sexy or makes me feel confident.

So, I think that really affected me and you'll see

at the end of this video, like I felt like so low

because it just didn't make me feel

the way lingerie is meant to,

but that's just 'cause it's not me.

And I also wanna mention if your favorite creator

has reviewed and loved this brand, they're not wrong.

You know, like here's the thing, I've seen

some of my best friends on YouTube love Savage x Fenty,

but also they've often been,

or actually all of them have been sponsored.

From what I've seen, like they've all been sponsored.

So I'm not saying they're lying because they're sponsored.

So they're like getting the coin and lying to you.

I am saying it changes the experience.

So the reason that I choose not to do

paid fashion reviews because fashion companies

have reached out to pay me to review them.

And I choose not to.

I choose to buy the clothes myself like Princess Polly,

I'm like, hey, call me, pay me.

Let's do this, let's work together

because I already reviewed it on my own and loved it.

Aerie, I work for them.

They sponsor me, but I've been wearing

and buying Aerie for years.

So, I'm willing to be sponsored by a fashion company

that I've already reviewed and liked,

but I'm not willing to only do

my initial fashion review when it's being sponsored

because the experience is different.

My complaints about Savage x Fenty

have nothing really to do about quality,

not much to do about fit.

My complaints are a, the style wasn't really my thing.

Mainly because they were sold out of all the products,

which is kind of annoying.

And the buyer experience in terms of things

that I feel are kind of slightly shady or scammy practices

in terms of like having like one hour to shop

and get the deal and stuff like that.

Like I just don't like that experience.

It's not a nice experience.

I don't think brands have to do that to sell product,

especially when it's run by somebody like Rihanna.

So if you've seen your favorite creator,

be sponsored by Savage x Fenty and love the product

and say good things, they're not lying.

The product is nice.

The product is good.

I like the product.

It's nice quality.

It's just the user-buyer experience.

And when you're sponsored,

for those who've never been sponsored by a brand before,

they send you the product.

You don't have to go on the website and try to buy stuff

and have the interface experience of using the website.

They send you the product and they can even send you

product at times that is sold out.

They can send you sample products.

They can send you stuff that nobody else can get.

So, that's all I have to say, in retrospect

is like none of my complaints

really about the brand come from the product.

They come from the experience.

And creators who are sponsored, don't have the experience.

They just have the product.

And yeah, that's why I personally choose

not to do sponsorships for the first time

by fashion brands I've never tried.

Will you ever see me be sponsored by,

you know, fashion brands in the future?

Like yeah, I would love to be sponsored by Gymshark

by Revolve, by Princess Polly,

by brands that I've reviewed and loved.

One more thing before I finish out this video,

I also wanted to mention that I did call

and have a good return experience so far.

I called, told them which products I wanted to return.

And they were able to like process that and they said,

I'll be able to get a full refund to my credit card.

So, I was really happy about that

because some online websites only do store credit.

And that to me again,

is like a very scammy business practice.

So, I was really happy that Savage x Fenty doesn't do that

and they are fully willing to refund to your credit card.

So, thumbs up for that.

So, I've changed back into the strapless bra

and then I have the black and the leggings on

just to wrap this up.

It's really interesting.

This turtleneck is like quite tight

and it's giving me a double chin vibe

See that?

- [Niamh] Yes.

- And I've never, I wear turtlenecks all the time.

I've never had this.

Do you see this?

- [Niamh] Yeah, double it down for the end

- Like, it's, it's, it's just really weird.

I've just, I've never had this happen to me.


Like it's fine, it's just

- [Niamh] No

- It's just that's not what my chin usually looks like.


Okay, weird.

Overall, I say don't buy from them.

Mainly because I don't think anybody should support

anything that's like kind of scammy.

But I just feel like,

I just don't like their business practices.

The bra is good.

Like I like this bra,

I have no complaints about quality.

I feel like the quality of this is nice.

The quality of these is decent.

Like the quality of this bra

is the quality of any other bra, you know.

I just, I had zero interest

in ordering from them to begin with.

And I still continue to have zero interest

in ordering from them again.

I would much rather continue to get like

my cute lace bralettes and undies from Aerie

and my everyday bras from Nordstrom.

That's how I feel.

So, that's that?

I don't know if this video was interesting or helpful.

I kind of feel like it wasn't.

- [Niamh] I think it was.

Like, I think it was good information.

- We'll see, I don't know.

Let me know if you enjoyed the video.

I don't know.

I feel like very discouraged at the end of this.

I just, I feel like sizing was weird a little bit too.

Like, I don't know.

You know, it's interesting I feel like for some reason,

these clothes have made me feel worse about my body.

I don't know why.

I just feel like, it like really didn't make me feel good.

And usually like I put on clothes and especially bras

and underwear and lingerie to feel good.

And, I don't know, I just don't.

But you might love it.

So, comment below.

Would you ever order from Savage x Fenty?

Have you, and what was your experience?

Do you like the stuff?

What did you think of what I ordered?

What do you think of websites you know,

like Fabletics and Savage x Fenty,

who do these like memberships and VIP things?

'Cause there's a lot that do it.

And I don't know.

I don't know.

I hope this was helpful.

I hope you guys enjoyed this.

I'm feeling really down at the end of this,

but hopefully you took something away from this

and let me know who else you wanna see me

review in the future.

Okay, I love you guys.


The Description of An Unsponsored Savage x Fenty Lingerie Review!