Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Voice-O-Matic 3ds max Edition: ProSound

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Since the release of 3ds max 2010,

Autodesk decided to change the way we can manipulate audio files

inside of 3ds max, by introducing ProSound.

I will demonstrate some of the key benefits of ProSound

and how well it integrates with Voice-O-Matic in 3ds Max.

Lets open the curve editor, right click on the sound entry

and go to properties, we then access ProSounds interface.

ProSound gives you a variety of options to customize the way audio files behave in your scene.

The first thing you could do is to load an audio file,

and one of our favorite options when working on lipsync animations

is thepermit backwards scrubingfeature.

With this option checked we can of course play the sound file,

but we can also listen to it backwards as we scrub the time line back.

This is very useful when working on lipsync animations

to make sure you get an accurate phonetic timing.

Another cool advantage ProSound brings us is the ability to add multiple audio files,

and choose at which frame each of them starts.

So if we go back to the curve editor and choose the Dope Sheet mode,

we can see that each of the audio files are represented on the timeline.

When we have multiple audio files like this,

we can easily access Voice-O-Matic and choose which audio file we would like to create our lipsync with.

In Voice-O-Matics interface if we just click on use current wave files,

we can see that instead of just loading one file,

we have the ability to choose which wave file we want to work on.

We also have the ability to adjust at which frame this specific audio file should start from.

and as you can see here adjusting thestart atvalue directly affects the audio on the timeline.

Thank you for watching this video on the integration of Voice-O-Matic

and 3ds maxs new audio tool, ProSound.

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