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(magical unicorn hooves clomp)

- Hello and welcome back to my YouTube channel.

Wait, why are there no Christmas lights in the background?


I'm making a lifestyle video,

what kind of trash lifestyle do I have without lights?

And it's August, which means back to school videos, yay!

And I know there is a huge lack of these

on YouTube right now, so I decided to help you out

with some super cute, super fun,

super adjective adjective DIYs.

But before we get into it, please enjoy this

super saturated montage of me smiling with school supplies.

Forget about the rules and whether

Pause, more saturation!

Thing that matters

When it's time to move out

Feel the rain in every battle

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Now let's get into the video by queuing to another

super cute montage where I somehow use copyright music.

(upbeat music)

We're stronger together than we ever could be apart

(upbeat music)

Normal highlighters are so boring.

They're literally just neon, bright and colorful.

So, here's a fun DIY that you can do

instead of paying attention in class.

Bleed ink from one highlighter into another highlighter

and then get a multicolored highlighter

that will last literally for nine seconds.

It doesn't really matter what you're highlighting,

as long as it looks cute.

To make your new highlighters even prettier,

place them on a desk next to a bunch of other random

school supplies, like a roll of tape,

single hole punch and stapler,

all the things you use every time you're in English class.

I definitely use my single hole punch

every time I need to hole punch a Post-It note

because it's useless for a normal size piece of paper.

Another fun DIY is Post-It note earrings.

You can even write your to do list on them.

It's super cute.

(upbeat music)

Normal notebooks are so boring and plain,

and cute ones are so expensive,

like this glitter one is $19.99.

But don't worry, you can DIY it.

I bought this glue gun, notebook, and glitter

off Amazon for only $30.

So go ahead and make a cute design with the glue gun

on your notebook and then sprinkle glitter on top

as you make a huge mess.

Three hours later you'll have this super cute

glitter notebook that will 100% ruin everything else

in your backpack.

(tearing noises)

Now if you don't have a credit card to order things

off Amazon because you're too young,

chances are your parents won't let you use theirs either

because they're scared of the internet.

So just go ahead and steal their credit card

to make a purchase, it's super cute.

If that doesn't work, don't worry,

an easy life hack is to just check your priorities,

because this doesn't matter at all.

(upbeat music)

Agendas can be really overwhelming

with all the numbers and dates and similar squares.

Oh, so make your agenda more fun by cutting squares

of decorative paper and pasting them in every other square.

Then use colorful gel pens that will instantly

smudge to write in it.

All your friends will think it's really cute.

- Your agenda makes me feel really happy,

like a cake baked of rainbows.

- She doesn't even go here.

- Wait, do you even go to this school?

- No, but I just have a lot of feelings.

- Okay, go home.

(upbeat music)

- You don't wanna be the only person in your school

with a lame backpack, so get super creative

and put a whole bunch of pins on it.

This lets people know that you have an important

point of view.

To make your backpack even cuter,

candidly laugh and smile at no one.

People will definitely notice.


- The new girl is so weird.


(upbeat music)

- Normally pens are really basic

and all they do is write, but if you want your pens

to be super adorable, shoot them on a really expensive lens

like I'm doing right now.

I mean, afterall, we want everyone to swipe right

for your pens on Tinder.

It's also important to have a full face of makeup

and wear a super extra outfit when holding your pens.

I mean, you wanna bring out the best in your stationery.

(upbeat music)

Locker organization is something

that is just as important to me on the first day of school

as it is on the last.

So here's a fun DIY locker to do list.

Buy a piece of decorative paper

and place Post-It notes on it.

Make sure you write to do at the top to avoid confusion

and don't worry about running about of Post-its,

because you'll only use this about two times.

That's because your to do list will never be

where you need it, it'll be in your locker,

looking super cute.

(upbeat music)

Wait, what was the assignment?

(upbeat music)

My last DIY is Washi Tape, and you can literally

just put it on everything.

I mean, you can make a DIY watch,

DIY eraser, and even a DIY PopSocket.

It's super cheap and super cute,

and everyone will love it.

I mean, that's literally how the real world works.

What is the Capital of Canada?

The capital of Canada is the letter C.

Well I mean she did cover this with Washi Tape, so...

Alright, that's all I have for you guys today,

thank you so much for watching this video

I shot in front of a really intense ring light.

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Okay fine, one more montage.

You and me

(upbeat music)

(magical sounds)

Just kidding, this is horrible,

and a shout out to all the DIYers

who I'm actually friends with.

No shade, I think you're so creative and innovative

and I'm just jealous.

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