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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Our iNSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS Control OUR LiVES for a day!

Difficulty: 0

- You got slime on my dress!


- Splashed ya!

- Oh yeah!

(upbeat guitar)

- In today's vlog, we let our Instagram followers

control our day!

But before I get started, subscribe to our channel,

and give us a big thumbs up!

And make sure to stick to the end

for a special announcement...

- Five!





- [Jamie] Wooo! Two million!

(cheering and screaming)

- Two million subscribers!

- [Jamie] Take it away girls!

- Ha!

- Thanks to you guys, for helping us

get to two million subscribers.

So to celebrate, we have decided

to let our Instagram followers control what we do today.

- Which they rock!

- We had asked you guys if you wanted to control our day,

and 95 percent of you guys said, yes!

- So we're going to let you do it.

- Alright guys, so we have started our Instagram polls,

and we have two up right now.

We have asked you guys, who should Jordan prank?

Uncle Derek, or grandma?

- Grandma, grandma, grandma, grandma, grandma, grandma!

- Well, we know who Jordan wants to prank,

but it's not up to Jordan guys, it's up to you.

Or, I should say, our Instagram followers.

If you aren't following us on Instagram, go do it!

We have also asked when we should eat dessert,

before dinner, or after dinner?

- Please guys! Vote before dinner!

- 61 percent voted for Uncle Derek,

and 39 percent voted for grandma.

- Here I come Uncle Derek.

- Uncle Derek is actually just in the other room,

he's editing for us and he has his headphones on,

so he can't hear what we're saying,

and Jordan came up with the best prank ever.

- This is Derek's hoverboard,

and I think it's gonna get broken.


Oh, that scared me.


(white noise)

Oops, I think I broke it.

(bell dings)

- Derek, Derek, Derek, Derek, Derek, Derek, Derek, Derek,

Derek, Derek! I accidentally broke your hoverboard!

- What?

- I accidentally broke your hoverboard!

- You what?

- I broke your hoverboard.

- Sissy did. She will get you another one.

- Derek come look!

(mischievous music)

- He doesn't seem too happy.

- Sorry Derek, I'll try to buy you a new one.

- [Jamie] Hahaha!

- Fooled ya!

- Fooled ya!



- They call me 'The Prankster.'

- There's still 39 percent of you

that want grandma to be pranked.

I don't want to disapoint.

- Peyton's getting ready to make her first prank call ever.

Grandma won't know what hit her.

You ready?

- Yeah.


- [Grandma] Hello?

- Is there... - [Grandma] Hello?

- Is there a Mr. Wall there?

- [Grandma] Is there what?

- Mr. Wall there?

- [Grandma] A mister who?

- Mr. Wall there?

- [Grandma] Mr. Wall?

- Is there?

- [Grandma] Nope.

- Is there a Mrs. Wall there?

- [Grandma] Nope.

- Is there...

- [Grandma] There's a grandma here.

- But is there any Walls there?

- [Grandma] Any walls? Nope.

- Then how is your house standing?!

- [Grandma] I'm not at a house, I'm at a store, goober.

(laughing) You're so funny!

You're silly!

- You just got a prank call!

- One poll down, a lot more to go!

- It's time to see if we can eat dessert

before dinner, or after dinner.

Thank you guys so much!

60 percent of you guys say we can eat dessert before dinner.

- You guys are the best!

- Dessert!

- [Stephen] Ah! Where am I going?


- Creamies! Creamies! Creamies!

Creamies! Creamies! Creamies!

- Ice cream before dinner?

Thank you Instagram.

- [Jamie] Are you gonna stay clean?

- Mhm.

- She's totally not.

- You guys sure know how to make

a bunch of kids happy, and two adults.

I love ice cream.

- [Jamie] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

- This next Instagram poll I'm really excited about.

We asked you if you want us to make spaghetti, or slime.

I'm hoping for spaghetti.

I'm starving!

70 percent slime, 28 percent spaghetti.

Looks like I'm not eating yet.

- We're making slime!

- Slime Blaster!

- [Parker] Slime Blaster!

- It's time to slime blast our sisters.

Alright, first, open up the thing, the that.

Second, open up your pack of this slime stuff.

The weird looking slime stuff.

- It's a slime tutorial.

- Second, pour it all in.

It's really easy.

Third, add five teacups, I'm kidding,

just fill the whole thing with water.

- Stephen, you don't bake do you?

There's no such things as teacups.

(water running)

- Then put your Blaster back together.

Shake it real good!

Boom boom boom, bop bop bop bop

Boom boom boom boom, bop bop bop yeah!

- Then, ATTACK!


- Charge! Attack!


(girls screaming)

- [Peyton] You got me!

- [Stephen] Ba la la la la la la la

- You got slime on my dress!


- Payback time!

(Stephen groaning)

- Slime.

Now on mommy!

- Battle roll! Ah! She still got me!

- [Jamie] No! Not me!

You got slimed on your head!

- I made a mistake.

- Alright, so our next poll was,

should we do something silly, or should we do something fun,

and how many people said that we should do something silly?

- 52 percent said fun, and 48 percent said silly.

- So, we're going swimming!

Alright, we're on the road guys,

and there was another poll we asked right after

we did the silly and fun, and it was,

what swimsuit should Steve wear?

So he has some American flag swimsuit,

and he has a lobster swimsuit, and guys,

guess what our Instagram followers picked.

Why guys?! Why did you pick the lobsters?

- That is the right pick.

- [Jamie] He is wearing his lobster swimsuit.

And he's gonna go out in public.

- And embarrass me!

(children chattering)

(water running)

- The older kids are doing the bigger slides,

and the little ones found these

cool little Tidal Wave slides.


- They got me wet!

- Ha!

- Splashed ya!

- Oh yeah!


- These girls are having such a good time.

This has been fun.

Thank you guys.



- Are you getting brave and doing the big one?


I love it!

Jordan, you're doing the big one.


- [Jamie] Woooo!

(upbeat music)

(water running)


- Woooo!


- I had a mat.

- I found his mat.

(screaming and giggling)

- High five!

- Wupie!

(upbeat music)

- I'm superman!

- I'm cold.

- I would say that the water park was a hit!

What would you say, Parker?

Did you like it?

- What?!

- So mom is inside the car right now,

and she is literally asking if you guys think we should get

the big confetti gun, or the little confetti gun.

- Duh, we're obviously gonna get the big one.

- Big one, little one, big one, little one,

big one, little one.

- The choice is easy.

You always go big, or go home.

- Obviously we need one of these too.


- [Steve] Yeah, you gotta get that.

- Okay.

- We had so much fun at the waterpark,

and we are ready to continue our video,

and celebrate two million subscribers.

So we had asked you guys in our Instagram poll,

if you wanted us to get the big confetti gun,

or the little confetti gun, and you guys picked,

- The big one, and I got this thingy too.

- And thank goodness because we got

the big confetti blaster.

- Let's celebrate!


(upbeat music)

- Thank you guys for celebrating

two million subscribers with us!

Before we end our video, we asked you guys

one more question on our Instagram poll, and that was,

who should we start a new channel for?

- The girls?

- Or Uncle Derek?

- Alright guys, that's the end of our video.

We are not gonna tell you guys who won the poll

for our last Instagram question.

You must go to our Instagram right now,

and comment on our most recent post

hashtag SOTY, and we will let you guys know, who won.

Are we gonna start a channel for Uncle Derek, or the girls?

- The question for the day is,

did you guys vote on our Instagram?

- Subscribe to our channel.

- Comment below.

- Give us a big thumbs up.

- And we'll see you guys tomorrow.

- Bye!

- Thanks to you guys for helping us get to two million,

Parker Ann Yeager...

Earlier we had asked if you pfft...

- Let's do 39 percent of you to be grown ups with me.

- [Jamie} Oh my God.

- You just gotta poop!

Ah, you just got a prank call!

(glasses chattering)

(upbeat music)

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