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"Like a little refinement of the nose."

"What's wrong with my nose? Do I look like a Jew?" "No, ma'am. Not at all."

Borat Subsequent Movie Film Delivery of Prodigious Bride to American Regime For Make Benefit Once

Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is a superior film to its predecessor by basically every metric.

Every scene in the film drives the plot forward or builds character, and it also actually has an

emotional core with stakes. The same can't really be said about the first film, where Borat's mission

is just to, you know, hang out. And eventually he decides to kidnap Pamela Anderson.

"For the firsttime in my lives, I was in love."

The second film notonly centers on the relationship between Borat and his daughter,

it also actually has stakes. Ifhe fails in his mission, he will be execute.

"If you do not deliver bride to get me into strongman club you will beexecute."

It's no secret that Borat1 was cobbled together in the edit,

and the same holds true of the sequel, but the filmmakers actually set out with an emotional

core to the film and worked around that. Butthe remarkable thing to me isn't that the

film has a much more cohesive structure, but rather that the joke itself hasn't

aged poorly in the way that so much mid-2000s comedy has.

"And now, girls jumping on trampolines!"

Now, as to whether or not Borats 1 or 2 can be considered problematic...

"I could not concentrate on what this old man was saying."

is up for some debate.

I think it's a fair question to ask how much Borat, the lovable anti-semite, helped to normalize

ironicanti-semitism in the way that South Park did.

"Oh yeah? Well, you're a stupid Jew." "You're a Jew!" "Such agoddamn Jew!"

And ironic anti-semitism has been the biggest gateway for

actual anti-semitism inthis last decade, giving us a renaissance which weare presently living through.

"Kazakhstan a gloriouscountry. It have a problem, too. Economic, social, andJew."

And I'm not really in a position to say that he's, you know, Jewing wrong. Like Mel Brooks, he is

a polarizing figure within the Jewish community.

"At times, some critics have said my comedy risks reinforcing old stereotypes."

But anyway, my thoughtwhen I first saw ads for the second Borat movie

was to compare it to similar mid-2000s humor that I think, on the whole, has aged very poorly.

So, the method of coping with the state of the world back in 2006 was to kind of act

above it all, even when dealing with injustices.

"This guy does the best Ali G impersonation."

"Do it. Go on." "I don't."

Matt Stone andTrey Parker spent the whole 2000's explaining that

things were fine actually, both sides bad.

"Welcometo the cable access televised debate between a giant douche and a turd sandwich."

Avenue Qreassures us that things are only for now,

and then there's Borat.

"This is why ministry ofinformation have decided to send me to US and A, greatest country in the world." Borat Subsequentmovie Film is less comparable to Borat than it

is to fahrenheit 911 borat subsequent movie film is much more shrewd in its target much

more overt with its politics and the first one was still pretty overt

and it even ends with a call to action to vote leaving people who were apparently

oblivious to the political undertones that were always present in borat confused and upset

it seems obvious to state out loud but borat was always political

the film spends a lot of time exposing american jingoism tricking people into exposing their

bigotries or their indifference to bigotry come on and make my day jew

but Borat isn't meant to be political in the way that Sasha Baron Cohen's later

project who is america is if you want to win you show some skin okay okay show it to me

cohen's earlier characters were more cringe comedy that sometimes excel at being political

in terms of early borat what most people tend to think of is the scene from the ali g show in

which he sings a song called in my country there is problem which features the lyrics

and from Broat the movie you have memorable scenes like these frat guys yeah you ask

but that sort of thing actually doesn't take up that much run time of the first film

mostly it's this sort of thing

so cohen uses this lovable anti-semitic buffoon the people he's talking to think

he's at best a malleable naf and at worst barely human hello nice to meet you

they let their guards down enough to say some truly heinous things

are women your slaves in russia no do you have a slaves here we have no slaves no way

borat gets people to say the quiet part loud the muslims they look like you black

hair and black mustache shave that dangum mustache officer you're not so conspicuous

so you look like maybe an italian so the thing that struck me about borat subsequent movie film

was that the movie uses almost the exact same shtick as the now 14 year old first movie but

that shtick rang very different then than it does today and i think what kind of really struck me in a

horrible way was that it's not even that the bit didn't age poorly it's that it actually works

better in 2020 than it did in 2006 and i think that's because borat finally figured out his sense

of purpose we are part of the global community influencing elections around the world borat

falls within this sort of prank reality tv genre that was really huge in the late 90s and 2000s

i'm running i'm running i'm running you have shows like the tom green show boiling point

Crank Yankers, Trigger Happy TV, and Ashton Kutcher's Punked ran for 11 seasons and most

of these shows are primarily run on the premise of annoying/scaring people to get a response whether

it's shows like Sci-fi Scare Tactics when people are unknowingly placed in premises that mimic

scenarios from horror films or stupid shit like this from crank yankers i got mail i got mail

i got mail i got mail and of course there was tom green so to show my parents how much i love them

i've turned my parents vehicle into more than just a vehicle dad can't take the bus to work

i'm gonna take the slut mobile to the bus stop wow there's a lot of people at the bus stop i

hope my dad's not embarrassed by his slut mobile but the difference between this stuff and what

sasha baron cohen was doing was cohen's material had a more political edge so which is the party

of the homosexuals they tend to go to the democratic party so let's look at a quick

history of borat earlier iterations manifested in characters like alexei crickler from moldova and

for a while cohen had a character named christo in the 90s she wear too many clothes but after 9 11

he evolved into borat and this eastern european goon got folded into the muslim world with

kazakhstan having elements of eastern europe that former soviet aesthetic and being a muslim

majority country yaksamash. In USA, they treat their horses like we in Kazakhstan treat our women

borat himself is not muslim he follows the way of the hawk oh i am Kazak. I follow the hawk

but he sometimes bears the brunt of islamophobia i see a lot of people and i think there's dagum

muslim wonder what kind of bomb he's got strapped to him but while early borat is

occasionally revealing people's bigotry it's more often it's just seeing how much people will put up

with because they think it's this backwards yokel. in this episode about horses he just

talks at this woman for five minutes we say in kazakhstan that the horse is like

man we say if a horse walk is like when a man walk if a horse is old it's like if a man

is old and that's the joke and that's most of Ali G era borat but there was more

obvious political stuff in one episode called democracy there are plenty of choice moments

if people choose the jews will they go heaven or hell? um i would have to say that they would go to

hell so the joke with borat being so obviously unrepresentative of kazakhstan is that people

americans in particular are so ignorant about foreign cultures that they just accept that this

weird stereotype of a foreigner is legit i think that the cultural differences are vast exactly and

i think he's a delightful man so 2006's borat cultural learnings of america for make benefit

glorious nation of kazakhstan aka simply borat grossed $262million worldwide it is the

top grossing mockumentary in history and arguably the top grossing documentary in history depending

on how you define documentary having earned twice as much as its nearest competitor fahrenheit 911.

the movie ended at least one marriage of a person involved and

i texted pamela anderson and i said how's it go what do you think and she takes her back

he's getting divorced i was like why she goes the movie and i thought it

was a joke but then a few weeks later they got divorced and they put his reason for divorce

"Borat." And several lawsuits from people in the film are women your slaves in russia no

do you have a slaves here we have nice slaves no way but let's examine throw the jew down the


what do we gather from this scene are these people revealing their raging anti-semitism

"Throw the Jew down the well! So my country can be free!"

well i don't think so i don't think that's the insidious thing about this scene

rather it reveals something much more casual

and there's something revelatory in that people are just willing to go with it

Botat was able to get an entire bar in arizona to sing "throw the jewel down the well"

it did reveal people's indifference to anti-semitism but at the same time i

feel like the 2006 film reveals that cohen while joking about these things he didn't take them that

seriously up until recently he rarely did interviews as himself but in an interview in 2012

he doesn't seem too worried about anti-semitism as a big problem do you worry about anti-semitism now

no i mean you know i don't think there's much anti-semitism in england i think relatively

compared to certain other european countries it's it's quite minor he doesn't really take

authoritarianism seriously i had always found colonel gaddafi hilarious but to me the most

remarkable scene is the one with these frat boys who pick up borat while hitchhiking borat usually

needs to get people to let their guards down but in this scene he doesn't need to goad them at all

he sits down and they just start going off our country the minorities actually have more power

it would be better country if they're yes we should have slaves and i think the read at

the time was more like isn't it surprising that some people are still like this like this is a

residual phenomenon man the jews if anybody that's against the mainstream so at the time

most people kind of read the things in the film as revealing an ugly underbelly but

one that's on the outs when in reality this was more of a canary in the coal mine it's pretty

obvious that the presidential election of 2016 had a pretty big effect on cohen by his own admission

the show that i just did here is america a guy called donald trump got elected

and i was upset by it i was so angry i felt i actually have to channel that into some characters

right aimed at who could sit with some of those people and who's america is kind of a lot of the

same shtick as the ali g show only this time it is pointedly very political it's a fucking

terrorist mosque okay let me address terrorism rest assured i share your concerns and we will do

everything we can to protect these muslims from it and most of it was him getting conservatives

to do ridiculous things that were sort of in line with their beliefs

oh do you speak a chinese but there were other notable influences on 2020 borat

outside of cohen's own body of work but i recently discovered that by wearing one of my signature

articles of clothing i may have unintentionally committed a hate crime against the jewish people

and that's not good a comedy central show called nathan for you which ran from 2013 to 2016. where

cohen's who is america genuinely does at times feel like entrapment is how to go undercover

as a 15 year old quinceanera girl and to disarm the illegal mexican nathan for you takes a much

more nuanced approach than the mean-spirited punk-style humors of the 2000s the premise

for the show is that host and creator nathan fielder who in his own words graduated from

one of canada's top business schools with really good grades presents himself as a sort of business

consultant to real people across los angeles to help pick up their dying business and the

proposals he gives to his unknowing subjects are almost always so ludicrous that you expect people

to immediately call his bluff have her specialize in a currently unrepresented group of homebuyer

the 50% of people who believe in ghosts the plan increase business by selling alcohol to minors the

plan turn the helio cafe into the world's first parody starbucks but they rarely do in fact his

targets usually embrace them often with hilarious and rarely successful results but the thing is

once they let their guard down around nathan they reveal themselves very easily overly intimate

details your grandma yeah i drink your grandson's pee if you get scared not grandsons any little kid

there have been times in my life when i was able to ejaculate in another position but especially

as i'm getting older and fatter it's pretty much the only position that works for me that makes

sense nathan for you is the rare prank show that is not rooted in pissing people off for a reaction

or annoying them but instead trying to help them out usually the mo is intentionally trying to get

a rise out of people by attacking basic impulses or often taking advantage of social norms that

people will keep going about their business when presented with something absurd this suit is black

okay um i i don't i don't i'm not but when the pranker presents themselves

as a friend or neutral ear like nathan with his monotone norm core canadian-ness

you know what i feel like oh yeah a mother effing beer people reveal themselves more

easily see for instance the frat guy scene from the first film the bitch is an old Russia

borat dropping into a cpac event he wasn't invited to and bursting into a crowded room of republicans

i mean it's funny but it still falls a little flat compared to the real strengths of the film

scenes like the dinner party in the first film or the q anon guys in the second one where borat is

being treated more like a simple foreigner or just a neutral entity tend to be the most illuminating

what is more dangerous this virus or the democrats democrats and also like borat nathan for you finds

ways to incorporate deeply heavy subjects for instance holocaust denial and anti-semitism

in ways that are both revelatory and funny like they work this is a retail store and you don't

learn about the darkest moments of history in a retail store i did beg to differ the gap had

a whole campaign to make people aware of breast cancer so i don't think there's a problem there's

actually aids aid sorry so in order to work in today's mediascape the intent of borat has to

change not just because the character is super recognizable stupid foreign reporter? yeah kind of looks

like you you get the dark hair in the mustache but because the first one came out when the internet

was less widely used and everybody's racist aunt was on facebook the first one came out at a time

when the bedrock of american horribleness was easier to ignore by most people you are bigger

than a woman you are better than a woman do not let a woman will always be before ever

make you who you are also unlike earlier borat this new one is really heavy on issues of gender

which is arguably the theme at the most forefront of the film most of the scenes revolve around

borat treating his daughter horribly all i had left was my livestocks two pigs one cow and a

daughter and people just kind of going along with it because well he's her dad so that's fine or

he'll say something deeply inappropriate how much you think my daughter is worth

"$500." "Oh, thank you!" "That's fucking gross." and people just laugh

along because it doesn't really bother them where is the no means yes section

the scenes with Borat getting services for Tutar, going into the crisis pregnancy center

i have a baby inside me and i want to take it out of me now that you know that i am her

father can we take it out now please god is the one who creates life the plastic surgeon

i want a man who wants to make a sex attack on me i think that would be most men the makeover what

color is best for racist family i would stay right here i wouldn't go any darker than a six or seven

or some of the strongest stuff he's ever done not just because of what they get on film but

because these scenes further the plot so much more than anything in the first borat movie also

while we're here maria bakalova's improv skills are amazing especially considering english is

like her third language and the whole film she's speaking bulgarian and cohen is speaking hebrew

so in a lot of ways not just with gender subsequent movie film just has a much

worse situation to work with a culture feeling emboldened to say some really horrifying things

knowing that this is normalized now

it isn't just borat being a straw man for comedic purposes as much as it is revealing

what people are willing to go along with it's worth remarking that Jeanise a babysitter who

is tasked with looking after Tutar in the middle of the film is one of the only people who shows

genuine concern for Tutar's well-being. "I willhave the biggest titties in the whole world"

okay so you're getting plastic surgery at 15. do you want that although the ethics of this whole

thing are a little iffy apparently they told this poor woman that they were filming like a

documentary on child brides so for months she thinks that there's this poor girl out there

being married off to this old man and then turns out it's for borat you're giving a little girl

to a old man i mean yeah cohen did give her church a bunch of money and fans did raise

money for her after she lost her job due to COVID. But you know yeah "Your vagina cannot bite

it cannot suck your arms to evolve but Jeanise despite being positioned as sort of the emotional

heart of the film stands in stark contrast to basically everyone else subsequent movie film

levels up from indifference to anti-semitism to active participation in the first movie

you get some light jokes and of course from the Ali G era, we got "Throw the Jew Down the Well,"

but by the time of subsequent movie film they got a guy doing a heil Hitler salute on camera

they got a plastic surgeon to say this "Do I looklike a jew?" "No, ma'am. Jew would be like this." And a baker

to do this jews will not replace us they got a random store owner to high five mexicans in cages

donald trump he uh cage mexican yes in borat he says some wild things about his weird beliefs

and the joke is that people just kind of roll with it uncomfortably

no i don't you do this this is a very simple thing the host click but in subsequent movie film

in one scene you have borat worried about jew venom use your venom on me and finish me i have

i am very depressed and in the very next scene you have q anon guys talking about democrats torturing

children in order to drink their blood to extract their adrenochrome because of their satan worship

then they take that out of their adrenal glands and then they drink their blood or that

that out the things real americans believe now are wilder than anything borat has ever

fictionally believed but at the same time the film also kind of reveals their humanity these

guys believe such toxic things but at the same time they allow this guy who they think is just a

wacky foreigner to live with them for five days so i lived with them under cover for five days yeah

they thought that i was a foreign guy who didn't really understand much about coronavirus and also

they're patient with him they're supportive of his relationship with his daughter they correct

him when they think he's wrong well looking at this and thinking what yeah it's a lie that's

it's a conspiracy theory all this is true while they still believe the things that they do

they state with zero irony that democrats should have fewer rights they should have a bit less

rights than you i'm not saying they should so i don't think the film offers up really

any solutions as to what to do about this but unlike the first borat where we're just kind of

laughing at the dark underbelly of american culture what is the best gun to defend from a jew

i would uh recommend either a nine millimeter or a 45 subsequent movie film shows that this

dark underbelly can no longer be ignored wow cnn projects joseph r biden jr is elected the

46th president of the united states joe biden has won the american presidential

election the third time is the charm for former vice president joe biden so we started working

on this before the election but after that lost week of doom scrolling doom scrolling

it means scrolling through doom we decided to wait until after the election to finish it i

don't think anyone expected that this ugliness would go away when trump did but even braced

for the worst case scenario it really is genuinely shocking to see the abject denial of reality play out.

"I can announce to right now in high confidence that Donald J. Trump has been re-elected the United States President."

So how do you laugh at exposing reality when half of the country doesn't even agree on what

the other half considers reality to be cohen has said that he doesn't blame the q anon guys

they are looking for a sense of security in an insecure world and they've been fed this stream

of lies by grifters like Alex Jones and a social media-scape that profits off of outrage and he

says he can't even dislike them he just pities them but again looking at borat's relationship

to the Qanon guys, I don't think it's the worst thing in the world that the movie humanizes them

but they're clearly not evil people after all they help a stranger who they think is

in need but at the same time they're kind of fine with this abstract idea of harming their

political enemies we can't do to them what we would like to do because they

they unfortunately they have the same rights we do and while yes you do have some fringe assholes

calling for you know like genocide i think that most people like these don't want actual

bloodshed but they are kind of fine if someone else comes along and suggests it

"What should we do with scientists? Let's hear it for gas 'em up like the Germans!"

and that's the danger that's where it's really easy for people to gaslight you these people

were only joking or trying to get a rise out of people they said oh he said something when they

show me i'm laughing they're laughing everybody's laughing now when you said you wished americans

would sit up at attention when you--" "I'm kiddingyou don't understand sarcasm." "It sounds interesting to me."

i was asking a question sarcastically to reporters like you just to see what would happen

it's not shown in the film but this rally actually ended really badly when the people

in the audience figured out what was going on eventually they booed cohen off the stage

and the organizers got up on stage and said that he said these racist things and we

don't condone that and now they're going to try to trick everybody into thinking that we're the bad guys

"...don't support anything that was up there being said. I just want to let you all know

that this is a conservative event we believe in the second amendment

and we believe in equal rights for all we do not discriminate for any reason and that man is not welcome with us!"

They say this and yet the film crew got so many of these people singing along and cheering

on and going along with it until they realized what was going on so with subsequent movie

film the giuliani thing is funny but it doesn't really tell us anything we didn't already know

she's 15 she's too old for you the really poignant and honestly scary thing is instead of trying to

provoke a certain reaction as borat did in earlier days it's more revealing people who might be you

know nice and regular people being okay with horrible things as long as they exist in the

abstract and someone else is doing them they should have a bit less rights than you. "High five!"

"They should." there's an episode of who is america where cohen disguises himself as an

israeli operative and convinces this random trump supporter that he's going to help him

infiltrate an antifa rally so he gets this guy to go along with it and once at the rally they place

little chips on some random protesters then cohen tells this guy that if he pushes the button it

will take out these random antifa terrorists there is a small explosive device okay small enough do

to create a fatal heart attack and he does it believing that he has actually taken the life

of three people i've never uh participated in someone's death and he's fine with it because it

happened off screen and someone else arranged it i wanted to see would he actually do it the answer

was yes he pushed the button and thought he had actually killed three human beings you know it's

been a wonderful experience for me look at the people here they are the lowest of the low i agree

i've never seen so much sickness so i kind of had this half serious thought after i saw the new film

that borat is going to come back in another 15 years to an even worse america and he's gonna

have an even easier time getting normal people to say and do horrible things let's say i wanted to

finish lives of 20 g*psy would this be enough? maybe the bigger one and the way

things are headed i don't know nobody can tell the future and honestly i'm not going

to try to but all i can really take from this is borat is good because the world

is bad so maybe he's the hero we need right now but he is certainly not the hero we should want

voltaire was right when he said those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit


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