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Hello and welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel in the first place. Today we

have a Denki x Listener. Its kiss me or we'll get caught by kikikittykis on AO3. The link will be

in the description. Go check them out and lets go ahead and get into it

If we do this, we are going to get into some serious shit Denki said as the two

of you waited I know you said

Lets do this Denki said Anything for you bestie you said

You ready Oh yeah The two of you set your plan

to action. Denki had a wide smile as the plan worked. The teacher looked your way and the

two of you booked it. You were being chased by the teacher through the halls and into

another hallway. You lost the teacher in a crowd only to see the teacher come down the

hallway where the two of you were standing at the wall. Kiss me

What Denki asked surprised Push me against the wall and kiss me

Why? Dammit, Kaminari just do it you said

and Kaminari pushed you against the wall kissing you with vigor. You kissed back and put your

hands into his hair. You saw the teacher walk past and say Damn teenagers, they really

have no self control You broke apart from Denki and said

It worked we didnt get caught you smiled at Denki who was still flushed from

kissing you I have to go, Denki said suddenly and

then started walking away quickly.

Damn you really just screwed everything up with your best friend. Denki wait you

yelled after him as he disappeared from sight. Denki was your best friend and he was your

crush ever since your first year together at UA. You were friends with him before the

two of you went to UA. He had always lived down the block from you until you drifted

apart and then back together after he found you crying and sitting on the bed of your

parents truck over your friend whom youd had a fight with. He comforted that night

and you two became friends again. Ever since then the two of you were back to being best

friends. When the two of you got into UA together both of you had gone through a growth spurt

and he had gotten very handsome and you had also gotten much prettier. Though because

of his quirk he would randomly shock you and he would launch into a bunch of apologies

with a slight dusting of pink on his cheeks. You thought for a moment about where he could

have gone. You decided that he was probably in your guys spot, A secluded place on campus

that you and Denki had found one day after class. The two you always seemed to gravitate

towards your spot, whenever you had a fight or a disagreement you always made up at your

spot. You ran to your spot where Denki was already sitting on the bench that sat there.

He was looking at the ground Hey you said and Denki looked up over his shoulder

at Can we talk, If I can go You asked Denki

No please dont go he said quickly and you took that as an opportunity to sit

next to Denki on the bench. Denki was tracing the carving the two of you had made a month

prior. So what is it that you wanted to talk about?

Denki said his voice colder to you than he usually was.

I wanted to say that I am sorry, I shouldn't have asked you to kiss me, I shouldve thought

of something else instead Kissing you wasnt the problem because

Ive wanted to kiss you ever since the day that I comforted you but when we kissed and

after you said that we didnt get caught it dawned on me that you didnt actually

think of me like that, you only kissed me because we were in danger Denki wouldnt

meet your eyes as he spoke Denki look at me I have always liked you-

Yea as a friend and I was in love with you Denki interrupted you

No you didnt let me finish, I do like you romantically

Than why didnt you say anything I didnt want to lose my best friend

Do you really like me Denki asked you Yes I do you said and put your hand

on his cheek and your other hand on the opposite cheek. You pulled Denkis face into yours,

and kissed him, Denki kissed you back. The two of you broke apart for a breath

Does that show you? you asked Denki Yeah Denki said and pulled you into

another kiss.

Alright so thats the end of this one, I hope you enjoyed. Sorry its a little bit

shorter, that wasn't- uh anyway..Music link, fanfic link, discord link, and thumbnail art

link will all be in the description as well as content // trigger warnings. If I need

to add any let me know in the comments. I hope you have a great rest of your day, night,

whatever. And I hope to see you in the next one, goodbye!!

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