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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Good Shepherd of Israel

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The flocks of Israel are amazing because they

can travel from one place to the other.

In Ezekiel, it talks about leadership and

about the shepherd and how the shepherd

must take care of his flocks.

The thing is, the flock, they can take

care of themselves, they can take care

of themselves. They can live on the land,

but they really can't protect themselves very well.

But look, they travel together like this.

They don't have any problem going from one place

to the other, as long as there is someone to lead them.

But you know, not all leadership is good.

Sometimes leadership stops and

doesn't do what's right for themselves.

Sometimes leadership does things that's

good for themselves, but maybe not good for the flock.

That can happen.

So, what do you want?

You want good leadership.

You know, most of the people think that

a shepherd stands in the front like a warrior

and he tells the flock, "Come after me."

No. A shepherd stands always in the back.

So, who is standing in the front?

In the front stands the natural leader of the flock.

The shepherd is the Lord, and the Lord is always

in the back. He is the One that knows the way.

So what is the thing about the rod and staff?

Why both a rod and a staff? Why is that?

Yes, you know, this stick that you hold in your

hand, one way it lengthens your hand so

you can control them from the back

and not let them go to the sides.

But this is also something you can lean on.

If the leader is in the front, the flock follows

the leader. The shepherd comes behind to

make sure everything is okay.

So, it is one thing to be a leader and

another thing to be a shepherd. A leader

takes one forward. A shepherd makes sure

everything is okay.

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