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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: UGC-NET/JRF English, Important Questions, Practice Tests, 2018, ENGLISH LITERATURE

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hello and welcome to miracle English

language and literature Institute

I'm professor Arbour Sharma and today

we'll discuss some questions which might

help you for the forthcoming UGC net

exam in English literature question

number one this is the way the world

ends this is the way the world ends this

is the way the world ends not with a

bang but a whimper who is the poet of

these most quoted lines of any 20th

century poet writing in English these

four lines by Thomas turns alert writing

as the conclusion to the hollow man in

1925 question number two who delivered

his well-known statement against the

slave trade on June 16th 1795 in an

atmosphere decidedly unfriendly to



yes samuel taylor coleridge question

method in his classic essay the art of

fiction which is written in 1884 he

argued against rigid prescriptions on

the novelist choice of subject and

method of treatment he maintained that

the widest possible freedom in content

an approach would help ensure narrative

fictions continued vitality


Henry James quiz number fault

his best-known works include type II

1846 a romantic account of his

experience in Polynesian life and his

veiling novel Moby Dick 1851 his work

was almost forgotten during his last 30

years who is he


Herman Melville II the novel's title is

a reference to the flow of arguments in

debate and a series of these exchanges

tell the story instead of a single

central plot there are a number of

interlinked storylines and recurring

theme themes published in 1928 it is

Hustlas longest novel and was notably

more complex and serious than his

earlier fiction point counter point the

style of Shakespeare was in itself

ungrammatical perplexed and obscure his

works were transcribed for the players

by those who may be supposed to have

seldom understood them they were

transmitted by copiers equally

unskillful who still multiplied errors

they were perhaps sometimes mutilated by

the actors for the sake of shortening

the speeches and were at last printed

without correction of the press this is

an excerpt from


a preface to Shakespeare by Samuel

Johnson - is a remote signing device

conceived by a writer Margaret Atwood in

2004 and debuted in 2006 it allows a

person to remotely write in ink

anywhere in the world why a tablet PC

and the internet and a robotic hand it

also allows for an audio and video

conversation between the entry points

but who such as a fan and author while a

book is being signed this is an excerpt

from what it is called


long ten eight Riven or over the range

is a novel by which writer which was

first published anonymously in 1872 the

title is also the name of a country

supposedly discovered by the protagonist

etcetera tsa's various aspects of

Victorian society including criminal

punishment religion and anthropocentrism


Samuel Butler Shaw expounded his

philosophy that humanity is the latest

stage in a purposeful and eternal

evolutionary moment of the life force

toward ever hired life forms the plays

he wrote Jack Tanner is bent on pursuing

his own spiritual development in

accordance with the philosophy as he

flees the determined Marshall pursuit of

the harrowing and white field in the end

Jack ruefully allows himself to be

captured in marriage by an upon

recognizing that she herself is a

powerful instrument of the life force

since the continuation and thus the

destiny of the human race lies

ultimately in her and other women's

reproductive capacity the plays

non-realistic third act the donjon

inhale dream scene is spoken theatre at

its most operatic and is often performed

independently as a separate piece


in man and superman the plot centers on

two characters namely Leon and Cynthia

who initiate a revolution against the

despotic ruler of the fictional state of


modeled on the Sultan of the Ottoman

Empire despite its title the poem is not

focused on Islam as a specific religion

though the general subject of religion

is addressed and the work draws on

orientalist archetypes and themes the

work is a symbolic parable on liberation

and revolutionary idealism following the

business illusion meant of the French

Revolution named the work and the author


PB chalets the revolt of the Islam


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