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- [Voiceover] Coyote gets pooped on, take one.

- We've had an amazing time making

this first season of Breaking Trail,

and I know you guys have loved all these amazing animals.

But it also seems that you guys

have really liked the times that I've been pooped on,

and I've been hit a lot.

- I think one just pooped in my eye.

- I got hit in my eye.

- Ah! It burns.

- My mouth, my legs, my hands.

- He just pooped all over my hand. Aw, it stinks.

- Getting pooped on isn't fun.

Some shows have blooper reels.

What we've decided to do is put together a pooper reel.

I hope you guys enjoy this a lot more than I did.

(Drum music)

- [Coyote] If there's one thing in life that's

for absolute certain, besides death and taxes,

it's that all things poop.

- He's giving you the nice butt shot.

- [Coyote] I think the only way to

tackle this is from the top down.

And as I recollect, it was filmng in Arizona

that I got my first dose of direct hits.

It was early one evening, working with

wildlife specialist Philip "Wild Man" Rakoci,

when we were on the search for

Mexican free-tailed bats.

- [Phil] Look at all those little eyeballs.

- [Coyote] Aw, that is creepy looking.

- These are Mexican free-tailed bats.

- So I know it's not nice to wish Ill upon somebody,

but Coyote is such a confident person

that sometimes I get a little bit on enjoyment out of

seeing him, you know, have a little bit of discomfort.

- And I see all these little tiny,

what look like chocolate sprinkles.

Those are not chocolate sprinkles, are they?

- No, that's bat guano.

- Bat guano is bat poop.

- Like, getting pooped in the eye by a bat.

- I think one just pooped in my eye.

- I think Coyote probably deserved it,

he got a little poop in his eye, he got

a little too close to the line of fire underneath the bats.

- I definitely just got pooped on in my eye.

It stings a little bit, I won't lie.

- Here's the thing, they've been sleeping in here

all day long hanging upside down,

you can't really go to the bathroom.

Once they wake up and they turn around,

guess what they want to do.

- You know, I get pooped on by

every single animal I come across.

This one got me right in the eye,

so that's a little different.

- [Coyote] Getting hit in the eye was,

well, an eye-opening experience.

Moral of the story: don't look up

into cracks full of bats, because you

will probably get pooped on.

Do you know what's worse than getting

a tiny bat steamer in your eye?

- Aw, you get that?

- [Coyote] Yup, that's right, getting

poop-sprayed in the face by a snake.

- There's one.

- [Coyote] While filming in North Bass Island,

the team and I caught our fair share

of beautiful Lake Erie water snakes,

and their favorite thing to do, other than bite...

- And the typical signs of aggression,

he's trying to bite me right from the start.

- [Coyote] to poop.

- Yeah, they are stinky, he's also

secreting musk right now, which is

another defense mechanism, and he's

pretty much figured out- ugh.

You get that? - [Mark] Yeah.

- Look at my face, I got poop splattered

all over my face. Is that in my eye?

You see it on my face?

- [Cameraman] It got all over me, too.

- Aw, he just did a twist move and poop-sprayed us.

Aw, it burns. Okay, I'm gonna go down to

the water and wash the snake poop out of my eye.

Come down with me, we'll let this guy go

down by the water there.

Careful, watch your footing coming through this.

Can you come and dump some water on my eye?

It burns pretty bad.

- [Coyote] I consider myself a relatively tough guy.

- Ack, geez.

Watch yourself, careful, the footing's-

Kinda dump it over my eye.

- [Coyote] But nothing stings the eyes like snake poop.

- Aw yeah, in my mouth, that's great.


- Things not to do: get poop slung

in your eye by a water snake.

All right, I'm gonna let this guy go.

- [Coyote] And in case you were wondering,

it tastes worse than it smells.

Getting bombed on by lizards, though,

might be worse than snakes and bats combined.

Let's take the Southern alligator lizard, for example.

He got me with a full load of digested fun.

- Oh, he's pooping on me. Great.

That's another defense mechanism,

to poop if you're handled.

- [Coyote] But it comes down to the

stinkiest poop of Season 1, there's no question about it.

The Gila monster wins the prize for clearing the desert.

- Well, one thing you you might not

have known, at least I didn't know,

about the Gila monster before the scene was

was they have, like, slime green poop.

It literally looks like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ooze.

- One of my favorites, but I want to know

what your favorite lizards are.

Aw, He just pooped all over my hand.

- Ha ha, yeah, it was great.

When Coyote gets pooped on, thats...

- Aw, it stinks, hold on, let me put him down.

- Aw, geez. I got Gila monster slimed, big time.

I think he's had about enough of this scene.

- [Coyote] Note to self: Gila monsters have

venom like lava, and poop slime that

smells like the end of the world.

- I'm gonna go wash my hands now. Blech.

- [Coyote] Last but certainly not smallest

was the not-so-pleasant surprise

I got from Season 1's most adorable reptile,

the gopher tortoise.

- [Coyote] What are these tortoises feeding on out here?

- Um, just low, herbaceous vegetation,

they feed on different grasses.

- He certainly seems pretty healthy and strong.

What a beautiful tortoise- aw, I just, oh no.

- I was about to say-

- Oh no. Aw, look at that,

he just pooped all over my leg,

and I literally put my elbow right into it,

is it all on my elbow?

- Yup. - [Coyote} Aw, gross.

- [Chase] Yeah, you got that close-up, Mark?

- Look at that is- that is a mega tortoise dump right there.

- [Woman] You can actually see all the grass.

- [Chase] That tortoise dropped

quite a big log on Coyote huh?

- Yeah, well, he deserved it, didn't he?

I mean, after all the stuff he makes us walk through,

a little bit of tortoise poop on him

every now and then, I don't feel bad about it.

- [Coyote] Not only was this log the largest of the season,

I didn't even see it coming. and neither did my poor elbow.

The crew seems to love it when I get

the back end of these animal encounters.

- I really wanted to see him poop on Coyote.


- I'm glad that bear didn't poop on me.

You really want that bear to poop on me?

- [Chance] Yeah. - [Coyote] He spit on me.

- [Chance] I want every animal we work with to poop on you.

- [Coyote] That's terrible.

- [Coyote] And it has become a running

lighthearted thematic throughout

Season 1 of Breaking Trail.

I expect you guys to go on to enjoy

pooper reels more than blooper reels.

- It's bad, it smells like a dead fish

that's been sitting in the sun for a few days.

- [Coyote] So I have a feeling that

as Season 2 begins to take shape,

there will be plenty more poop to come.

- If you thought that was one wild adventure,

make sure to subscribe to the Brave Wilderness channel

and check out these other episodes

so you can stick with us on this season on Breaking Trail.

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