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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SOTU, Iowa Fail, Acquitted - Your AMAC Weekly News

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Hi I'm Ben Ferguson and welcome to Your AMAC Weekly News. First up, the

President's State of the Union speech was one for the record books from

presenting the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh to honoring a hundred-year-old

Tuskegee Airmen. Every American should have walked away feeling very proud of

this country. Somehow the liberals tried to ruin the night and we have the video

to prove it in just a moment. Up next, it's not just impeachment that the

liberals cannot get right it appears they also don't know how to properly

count Iowa caucus votes, but they want to run your life and the government. Find

out how this went terribly wrong for them in just a moment. And finally, one

day after his historic State of the Union address the President also was

freed from the impeachment coup attempt. Now it doesn't matter how much evidence

has been presented because liberals say that this is well still not really an

acquittal for the President. All of that and more in just a moment. Quick reminder,

please make sure you share this video with your family and friends on social

media. Your AMAC Weekly News starts right now.

By all accounts the President's State of the Union address was a huge success. The

President focused on the incredible growth in our country and not once did

he even mention or hint at the i-word. What he did discuss were issues that

help the American people, something the Democrats should learn to do instead of

attempting a coup. Now Donald Trump focused on the blue-collar boom, supporting and

promoting working families, lowering the cost of health care for American

families, and a safe and legal immigration system, as well as protecting

America's national security. Now the speech started with a bang when the

President missed an attempted handshake from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

and then the media reacted take a look.

Now look whether the President meant to or not, it was absolutely warranted

considering the coup attempt on his presidency and delaying the acquittal

vote on purpose to come after the State of the Union speech. And for the liberal

media who have obsessed over this moment, please spare me the fake outrage.

President Trump didn't shake hands with Vice President Pence either, so we can

only assume that he just wasn't expecting it or didn't see it. Now

President Trump's guests proved to be even more powerful than his already

amazing record of accomplishments for the American people. We saw a war fighter

reunited with his family after his fourth deployment to Afghanistan, an

academic scholarship being awarded to a needy family, and the introduction of a

100 year old surviving member of the Tuskegee Airmen. But the part that

probably brought some of the most tears was when he also awarded Rush Limbaugh

the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Now Limbaugh just announced that he has

received a stage four advanced cancer diagnosis making this moment even more

emotional, take a look at this from C-SPAN.

And Rush, in recognition of all

that you have done for our nation, the millions of people a day that you speak

to and that you inspire and all of the incredible work that you have done for

charity, I am proud to announce tonight that you will be receiving our country's

highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


I will now ask the First Lady of the United States to present you with the

honor, please.

Now the entire State of the Union speech was concluded not with the excitement and

pride for our country that was warranted. Instead the focus is on the terrible and

completely childlike action by the Speaker of the House. Yes, she did take

that speech and rip it up and we have the video to prove it.

God bless America. Thank you very much.

Now I want you to think about what Nancy Pelosi just ripped up. In that speech the

President honored a hundred-year-old Tuskegee Airmen, honored parents whose

daughter was killed by terrorists, honored a mother who lost her military

spouse and reunited a military dad with his sobbing family. After all of that she

thought it was appropriate to rip up the speech in front of the entire nation.

When asked why she decided to act in such a horrific manner, this is what she

had to say, take a look at this from The Daily Wire.

[Interviewer] Why did you rip the speech up Madam Speaker?

It was the courteous thing to do, considering...

If there's any moment that shows the genuine hatred towards this president by

everyone on the left, well it's perfect that it came from the leader of the

Democratic Party. These are the same people that wouldn't clap for the

historic low minority unemployment numbers. They won't clap for a young

school girl receiving an actual scholarship. They won't clap for American

job creation. And they won't clap for American energy independence. What we saw

was a party that won't clap for major successes for our country that helped

the American people. They won't even stand and clap for the Tuskegee Airmen

Charles McGee. This is why we have to fight even harder to protect our country

and our Constitution and most importantly our President that they just

tried to overthrow.

It was a really interesting week when you saw what

happened in Iowa. The same people who want to control our health care and our

government have proven they cannot even run a basic caucus in Iowa. The 2020

Democratic Iowa caucus ended in a complete disaster as technical

breakdowns were reported to cause the massive delay in the reporting of basic

results of the people. Now let's just take a look at the montage of what

happened in Iowa and how this ended in the DNC Chairman Tom Perez being

declared the loser in all of this.

In less than a hundred days as you know

until the most transparent, successful, accessible caucus in the history of the

great state of Iowa.

Problems with the reporting process and last night's

caucuses means there are no official results from Iowa to report. Nothing.

You've seen some dumpster fires in your lifetime, where does this rank?

This is pretty high.

We're talking about a lot of embarrassing things that happened last night.

We have this morning so far is chaos.

I mean it's chaos.

If the impeachment trial is unfolding right around the same time the caucuses, the debates, what are

are you gonna do?

Democrats and our senators can walk and chew gum.

We can walk and chew gum at the DNC.

We must as Democrats walk and chew gum and that's exactly what we're doing.

The energy is off the charts, we'll have record turnout in Iowa.

We're organizing everywhere, we're investing everywhere.

And they're failing,

they're failing at literally the one job that they had, which is count the votes.

Well this is a disaster.

This is an unmitigated disaster.

A disaster.

The Biden campaign ripping the Iowa Democratic Party.

This is the death knell. If it's

not the death knell, somebody should get fired.

So we got to get Tom Perez in here

and beat him up a little bit. Because it was amateur, it was a little league

operation tonight.

It's staggeringly embarrassing and

really unacceptable for the Democratic party.

You can get an UberX in Des Moines

tonight in about six minutes, I can't give you the election results though.

Your response to that?

Well we can walk and chew gum.

As I've said walking and chewing gum.

Let me assure you, Democrats know how to walk and chew gum.

Not only do the head of the Democratic Party

Perez come out as a huge loser in all this, but really the entire Democratic

Party. They can't even run a basic caucus but they want to run your entire life and

the entire government on top of that. Now there's another side note that came out

of all this and that is that Joe Biden, well his campaign is in serious trouble.

Even without all the results and it was very clear that Joe Biden came up short

in fourth place behind Mayor Pete, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. That means

that Mayor Pete and Sanders will each get 10 delegates and Warren will receive the

other four. Biden is gonna be stuck with a big zero coming out of a state where

he spent a lot of money and a lot of time in. Now the results being delayed

didn't stop some of the candidates from coming forward and declaring victory. All

of the candidates were claiming to be victorious but apparently Mayor Pete's

claims bothered Bernie Sanders the most. Take a look at this very irritated

Bernie Sanders in an interview that aired on MSNBC.

What is your reaction, sir, to Mayor Buttigieg last night?

I don't know how anybody declares victory before you have an official

statement as to the election results, so we're not declaring victory. But what we

are saying is that at a time when the people of Iowa, the people of America

really want to know what the results is, when they want to see some transparency

and when the Iowa Democratic Party is not providing that in a timely matter we

thought is it appropriate just to give the results.

So you got to ask yourself

the question, why did this bother Bernie Sanders so much? I'll tell you why

because it appears that Mayor Pete is actually beating him in Iowa by one

percentage point and he didn't like that. Now with all of this mess that's giving

those who are against Iowa having the first caucus even more ammunition. One of

the main reasons given to move another state into the number one position is a

supposed, quote, "lack of diversity" in the state. At least that's what Democrats are

claiming. Now one aspect officials are also trying to avoid about all of this

is the fact that the Iowa Democratic Party actually declined the Department

of Homeland Security's offer to help them test their election app prior to

caucus day. Remember this is the party that is trying to take complete control

over everything, including your health care. If they can't handle a basic caucus

that has been happening for generations, what makes them think that they can

handle the important business of the country? Now it's our job to stop them

before they take America down with them and AMAC is here to make sure that

they do not gain control of the White House.

It's finally over, for now. The President has officially

been acquitted in the attempted coup that has wasted countless hours and

millions of taxpayers dollars that we're never going to get back. Now the Liberals

tried to use any last-ditch efforts to try and make a case that would never

stick. Lying Adam Schiff even went so far as to make up even more lies and claim

the President would actually offer up Alaska to the Russians if he wasn't

convicted. I'm not kidding take a look at this from Fox News.

If abuse of power is not impeachable even though it is clear the founders

considered the highest of all high crimes and misdemeanors. But if it were

not impeachable then a whole range of utterly unacceptable conduct in a

president would now be beyond reach. Trump could offer Alaska to the Russians

in exchange for support in the next election or decide to move to Mar-a-Lago

permanently and let Jared Kushner run the country.

I have no idea where in the

world that Adam Schiff came up with this load of "Schiff," and yes I said Schiff as

in his last name. The reason this even happened in the first place is because

liberals are terrified that the president will again win in 2020. That's

right, liberals like Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer don't believe the American

people should have a choice in the next election. Instead they want to literally

take away your vote and take away the president so that you can't even vote

for him in the next race. Now liberals have now decided the new talking point

is even after Trump is acquitted that it's not a real acquittal because the

Senate did not call new witnesses. Well if the Democrats wanted to call more

witnesses then they should have had a fair process in the House. This has been

a rigged process from the very beginning and this coup attempt just blew up in

their faces. Now remember the President did not get a single witness in the

entire sham process nor did he get his constitutional right to face his accuser.

Regardless, this is what liberals and the mainstream media are saying, take a look

at this montage.

If my Republican colleagues refuse to consider

witnesses and documents in this trial, the President's acquittal will be meaningless.

Well he will not be acquitted, you cannot be acquitted if you

don't have a trial. And you don't have a trial if you don't have witnesses.

So we're gonna have a trial with no witnesses? And I think Speaker Pelosi is

right then this can't be a real acquittal.

They cannot walk out of this

building and allege and assert that there has been a true acquittal.

There will be no true acquittal if there is not a fair trial.

In fact this trial

is no vindication because it was really no trial, no witnesses.

But if we acquit

this President, a sham trial with no witnesses it sets a

precedent. You can abuse your office and Congress will simply look the other way.

It will be illegitimate, it will have been a rush to judgment. In fact it's a

rush to a cover-up.

There will be a permanent asterisk next to the acquittal

of President Trump written in permanent ink.

And Russia if you're listening, 2020

is open for investigations.

He will be more likely to try to steal the 2020 election.

The elections may not have a fair result, the very charge goes to the

fairness of our elections.

People around the world are watching us going, this is

what you want for the rest of the world? I mean what a sad, sad moment after you

know 300 plus years or democracy.

I think it's a sad day for the was a so-called

Republican Party. You know they gonna need to find their souls. Good luck to that.

He's saying

essentially, let's just say this was a court case, "yeah, yeah he'd beat his wife. So?"

This is going to be an enormous stain on the United States Senate.

And I fear very much that the President will see himself as

one who can emulate that kind of monarchical power.

It's actually quite scary.

I think we're a very scary moment.

Did you notice what their sole

focus was? They are only focused on destroying your vote in the 2020

election. They have made it known that they believe the President needs to be

removed from office only to keep him from being reelected. Now this coup has

finally come to an end but we can be sure it's never going to really be over.

The Democrats have made it clear that even if Donald Trump gets reelected,

they're gonna try to impeach him yet again and that is exactly why we need to

stand by our President even more as the 2020 election approaches. It's also the

reason why if you haven't renewed or joined AMAC we need you to do it so that

we can fight for you and your voice and for your vote to be counted. That's it

for this edition of Your AMAC Weekly News. As I said a quick reminder, if you

haven't joined AMAC or renewed your AMAC membership, do it now so you have a

voice in Washington that is fighting for you. We now have over two million members

and we are having great success in defending our freedoms

from the left. I'm Ben Ferguson and I'll see you back next week for our next


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