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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hamster BOX FORT Boat On WATER! ??

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captain marshmallow this year I will sail across the ocean and hit down the

maestro and we set sail all right listen up everyone hold your positions the boat

is incoming

all right listen up everyone I came as quickly as I could welcome to

the rebel base today we'll be having one of the most important meetings of our

entire life yes sir damaged goods for good sir oh he's down

to help thank you all for coming to the new rebel hideout as you know the

maestro has been after papa Jake's hamster marshmallow for the past week

luckily marshmallow escaped his prison and fought off the invading army from

his house but the maestro will stop at nothing to capture marshmallow that's

why today we're changing the tides of war we're fighting back against him

taking this fight directly to the maestro's lair yes sir run in a fight

sir Hulk smash now marshmallows already

inside the rebel base and has been hiding out from the maestro in there

let's all get inside and we'll discuss the plans in today's mission hello

everyone and thank you for coming to my secret lair as you know the maestro has

been trying to capture me I'm a baby then every cos wait you just want to be

out carrots you up carrots no sir no carrots sir okay anyway you see the

maestro's Lair is across the biggest ocean and it's defended by a series ship

that roams the waters so let me get this straight you're gonna pay me to go

capture this hamster for you yes that's exactly what I'm saying

that's why I hired you to capture me that hamster why why do you want this

hamster you could literally have anything else you can have a guinea pig

a dog why not a horse the horse is a fuzzy too cute what's so special about

this little hamster shouldn't matter why I want him wanting because it's the most

popular and cutest hamster on all of YouTube and should be mine but my stroke

not Papa Jake's now go out there and do your job I'll find someone else who will

oh you don't know we're sorry I'm looking for my carrots okay now in order

for us to go and take our attack to the maestro we must cross the biggest ocean

I've ever seen in my higher length that's where we'll find

his lair with an evil skeleton Lamia that works for him

sir your attack to take the fight directly to the maestro is courageous I

commend you for it once I can get the maestro to stop trying to kill me

I'll be free to eat carrots crazy ideas sir but how will we cross the water I've

come up with an idea I will build the very first hipster boat it'll be big

okay huge sir where are you going metal pole I have never seen before all right

but sir how are we gonna build a boat of that size for that I'm gonna hire Pappa

Jake I'll ask him to build us a boat so we can sail across the ocean and take

down the maestro once and for all it's not this evil toy army from

attacking me sir yes sir we're ready sir say the word we're ready to go we'll be

dangerous but I know we have it in us to take me down who's with me I'm with you

sir always down for a fight Oh smart I need you time for us to move out

what's going on everyone it's popped but Jake and we are back with a brand new

video and today I got my broker marshmallows everyone hello world guys

marshmallow has let me know that he needs us to build him the world's first

floating hamster box for it we've obviously built a lot of box stores for

ourselves but for the first time ever we're building the hamster sized one and

everybody takes a walking all around as you guys know the maestro has been

attacking marshmallow for the last couple videos that's not okay now it

seems like marshmallow needs to take the fight back to the maestro which is why

he's gonna need his very own boat but obviously we don't do anything for

marshmallow normal no no no this is gonna be a billionaire boat marshmallow

I'm talking about a yacht I'm talking about glorious billion-dollar box fort

hamster yeah guys check out all the tape we got

that's a lot of teeth now obviously it would be extremely risky to put

marshmallow in a boat and put pusher across back to a pool because it's a big

pool of marshmallows very tiny so we decided we would do a small test run

inside the house so we got a kiddy pool it's a little pool for marshmallow a

little pool for little marshmallows just a little bit of water to simulate what

the real ocean is like so we're gonna go ahead and blow this up and then we can

start building offs for it but of course guys if you happen to be brand-new to

the channel and you love our videos especially with little marshmallows here

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and if you guys don't want to miss another video make sure to hit the

notification button to enter our shadow contest which we'll be announcing our

first winner at the end of the video and I totally didn't knock over Logan's

favorite tree but guys we need to start building this thing because marshmallow

needs to cross the ocean which means wait Jake you forgot so remember to

comment hashtag down below and let me know how big your squad is I bet I can

scream it louder than you but Logan we need to build this thing which means we

need this Kitty pool to inflate good thing I've got my handy dandy for

tonight smack the cool thing here and remember Logan

this ain't no toy there we go we got the K pool check it out don't dive in the K

pool that really hurt I don't think you can dive there's no water kind of like a

little like a little fun place to sleep you know what turtleman give me take

your non-eternal hurtle all right before we fill this up we need to start working

on the boat so we need to grab our cardboard our building materials and

everything we wanted in a billionaire hamster boat hey Jake well I'll just

wait here it's actually pretty comfy I guess well Jake's building the boat I'll

fill up the kiddie pool and we're just gonna fill it with a little tiny bit of

water little tiny bit of water so marshmallow doesn't get we need water

bro disgusting no shit we don't simulate it when they

get out there they're not gonna know how to sail a real ship now come on start

filling this up I'm gonna work on the boat this should be enough water for

this test simulation of marshmallows new boat the boat is complete we have the

world's first box fort hampster boat you just built this whole thing like that

quick oh yeah check it out dude this thing is equipped with dual siding

floaters at the bottom let's look at others there's two of them for

stabilization it also has a little lookout area plus a captain's quarters

under yeah yeah this little bed down there and we got all the stuff the

hamster needs we got his hamster wheel his hamster water his snack holder of

course which is really important and back here I added this little wooden

piece so you can look through but obviously you can't jump off the back

because we don't want him jumping in the water over here on this side we have an

emergency submarine drone you can watch this into

the water scout out the area make sure there's no enemy ships coming his way

and then bring the submarine back to the ship and hoist it up with the rope dude

this dude is a reconnaissance drone so instead of going under the ocean like

the submarine you can take him off from the helipad here or we can actually put

marshmallows thing we need to test it out if it even flows I mean I'm hoping

all my engineering skills came in handy and it will work but ashtag flow like a

boat let me know in the comments do you think this is gonna float like a boat

here we go in three two one

check out the world's first box fort hamster boat we also got the dude on the

helipad here so while it's floating in the water

like so we can take our dude off

oh I don't think marshmallow is gonna have the air support he used to today

all right well at least we know the boat floats so why don't we go get Marcelo

and show him his brand-new luxurious yacht it's time to check out your brand

new boat bro here it is well yeah and and and your

friends marshmallow because you're gonna go across the ocean but here buddy we

got it already it's safety secure test it and ready to go so why don't we let

you in brand-new floating hamster bow

blue water it looks so beautiful I can just find this forever and over here all

my toys hello world so marshmallow what do you think of your brand-new boat bro

it's got everything you want implemented submarine system we we had an aerial

reconnaissance system but they died it didn't work out other than that though

everything you asked for marshmallow is in this boat wow you look at Boy

so many baby guys I think this is pretty sweet I mean I have never heard of a

floating hamster box port before if you guys think this is awesome be sure to

destroy that like button down below I think marshmallow is ready to take on

the big ocean and take down the maestro hey did you go I went to my new

captain's lair alright let's go everybody we're ready

since they only take down the maestro yes sir

already move it out you know there's a boat on beds is that us just talking

around for another attack and we fail alright listen up everyone

hold your positions the boat is incoming it's coming around everyone brace for

impact you can do this work together we're

gonna hold on everyone he's coming for a second attack hold on

you pull in will make it across oh gosh it's okay halt

wait he's proud of our backside he's pushing the phone

all right we need you to deploy the submarine it might be our only option to

stop this boat play marine alright good job

now let's let the sub take care of him sir it looks like the sub is not sinking

oh wow he took him out smash looks like we did it everyone now

time to get across this water big job team I knew we could get worse well you

did it bro you made it across the water Congrats I didn't date

we failed across and took down the evil boat man seeing as how marshmallow has

successfully completed the world's first floating hamster box for I think this is

where we're gonna wrap up the video for today but of course if you like

marshmallow and you want to see more hamster videos on the channel be sure to

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and guys we want to give a huge shout out to Logan Stuckey in the comments for

being part of the squad hey that's my name it is your name so if you see Logan

in the comments be sure to give him a big congrats and thanks so much dude for

hitting the subscribe button as well as the belt button but guys this of course

has been Papa Jake marshmallow and Logan and we'll see you guys next time for

another awesome video

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