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Top 10 Terrible Female

Role Models


Rita Crundwell

This entrepreneur seemed for years to have it made.

She was breeding horses that were so highly valued that she made three quarters of a million

dollars from a single sale.

She was famous and connected enough that in 2008, NFL legend Terry Bradshaw gave her a

personally autographed t-shirt.

Certainly being the comptroller of the Illinois city of Dixon seemed pretty small potatoes

compared to that.

It suddenly made much more sense when, in 2015, she was convicted of embezzling $54

million from municipal funds.

This was unusual not so much because it was a woman embezzling, but because of the sheer

scope of it, as women usually embezzle smaller amounts than men do.

Despite being sent to prison, Crundwells horse breeding company continued to be one

of the ten most successful in the country.

Her royalties in prison amounted to roughly $14,000 a year in assets the government was

unable to seize.

Indeed, she was even able to continue to sell her merchandise from the old days for as much

as $205 a pop.

Sometimes even felony conviction cant even temporarily stop the right business person.


Jenny McCarthy

Its since been overshadowed by her actions in 2007, but this Playboy model and television

host was once popular enough that she hosted her own sketch comedy show.

It was because of this that she brought a lot of clout with her when, in 2007, she went

on television and told an audience of millions that Andrew Wakefield had found that there

were ingredients in vaccines that gave her son autism.

All of Wakefields findings had long been discredited, but still McCarthy persisted

with her beliefs enough to write multiple books on the subject and make the Anti-Vaccine

Movement a household phrase.

Its difficult to determine how many of the deaths caused by the anti-vaccination

movement can be attributed to her in a moral sense, if not a legal one.

The New Yorker, for one, attributed deaths to her campaign.

However true that may be, theres no denying that she did much to spread very harmful ideas

to millions of people.


Claudia Ochoa Felix

In this womans case it remains murky how much, if any, criminal activity she was directly

involved in.

This situation is due not only to some of her life choices, but how shes chosen to

present herself online.

She was reportedly the significant other for a Mexican drug lord named José Gamboa and

following his arrest in 2013, it was claimed that she took over his gang (it wouldnt

be the first time a woman did this under the circumstances: Sandra Beltran did so as well

until she was convicted in 2007).

Although she has denied involvement in criminal activity, she made Twitter and Instagram accounts

for herself, which included numerous photos of Felix or someone who looks suspiciously

like her with men who were armed with AK-47s.

There were also numerous photos that are very likely of her with such weapons partially

painted gold or pink.

By far the most dubious one was a photo of her child covered in bank notes, one which

she took down.

In Claudia Felixs defense, she held a press conference to state that she had no affiliation

with any drug dealers, and that many of the photos on her profile (which she claimed was

highjacked) were not of her.

She did not identify who the imitator was or speculate why she was being imitated, but

she claimed she was being harassed over her social media posts.

Whatever the case, setting up accounts which projected the glamour of the criminal lifestyle

to over one hundred thousand followers gained her the nickname theKim Kardashian of


Goes to show that despite regret or innocent intentions, actions like these can have consequences

far beyond what was intended.


Jodi Arias

While Claudia Felix was not convicted of any crimes, Jodi Arias was after something of

a circus of a trial.

In 2008, her boyfriend Travis Alexander was shot and beheaded, his body being discovered

and reported to the police five days later.

Eventually evidence would come out that Arias flirted with some of the attendants at his

memorial service.

Later, charges were pressed against her.

Her initial testimony was that masked intruders killed him, but she then changed it to say

it had been in self-defense.

During the three year trial, highlights included Arias portraying Alexander as a sex pervert.

Through a friend she maintained a Twitter account, which she used to attack the prosecution

and the deceased to tens of thousands of followers.

And yet despite all of this, or perhaps because of it, she had enough male admirers that she

reportedly received marriage proposals on a daily basis.

Hey, no one said that only other females would fall under the sway of these bad influences.


Lisa Frank

If you associate the idea of something being feminine with rainbows, unicorns, fields of

flowers, etc., then few people did more to shape that perspective in modern times than

Lisa Frank.

From her humble beginnings in New York during the 1970s she built a merchandise empire called

Lisa Frank Inc. that in the late90s was generating $60 million in revenue per year

from its headquarters in Tucson, Arizona.

However, despite the superficial pleasantness of the company, it was a notoriously badly

operated business where treatment of employees was awful.

In Tucson it was known as theRainbow Gulag.”

The management was abusive, often withheld severance payments, and stiffed contractors.

Sometimes as many as one third of the employees turned over in the course of a one year period.

Much of this was the fault of Franks husband James Green, but she was the one who turned

over control of the company to him and let him continue his horrible behavior almost


No matter how much an artist wants to focus on comfortable fantasy worlds, they can cause

a lot of harm if they neglect the real world.


Park Geun-Hye

This 65-year-old former president was not the first South Korean president to resign

in disgrace, but the events surrounding her departure were unusually dramatic.

Elected in 2013, in 2016 thirteen charges of corruption were levelled against her.

So severe were they that it was put forward that the electronics giant Samsung alone was

going to give her a $37 million bribe.

Despite a unanimous ruling of guilt by South Koreas Constitutional Court, the president

refused to relinquish power.

What followed was one of the most determined nonviolent protests in modern history.

With the presidents approval rating at about five percent, hundreds of thousands

of average citizens marched and assembled in the city of Seoul for a demonstration that

began in November 2016 and lasted until the disgraced president finally gave in and stepped

down on March 10, 2017.

On March 30, 2017, the previously legally immune ex-president was belatedly arrested

to stand trial again.

Rarely do democratically elected officials so stubbornly resist the clearly expressed

will of the people.


Jasmin Rivera: Female Robin Hood

On December 28, 2011, this 30-year-old homeless Boston resident robbed a Citizens Bank near

the Boston Opera House, then took a cab to return to a homeless shelter.

When she cavalierly told her cab driver what shed done, he initially didnt believe

her until she saw the police outside the bank.

She ended up paying him about double his fare to be dropped off early, whereupon the very

honest driver went to tell the police.

When the police found her, Rivera had not attempted to stash the money or spent it on

a relative extravagance.

She was handing the money out to whichever children happened by at Ramsey Park.

Despite doing something that might seem at first like one of the most generous things

someone can do with stolen money, after Riveras arrest it was quickly determined that she

was not mentally well.

No doubt that was exacerbated by the fact shed been homeless for twelve years.

Her theft did so little good for anyone that even the cab driver shed generously tipped

ended up losing the fare because it was seized into evidence.


Carry Nation

Undoubtedly the most famous of the campaigners for alcohol prohibition, if only for her extreme

methods which combined motives that seem unbearably priggish with rebelliousness.

In 1900, at age 54 and after ten years as a peaceful member of the temperance movement,

this retired teacher felt compelled to literally attack the Carey Hotel bar with a hatchet

and, adjusting for inflation, she caused tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

After she was released from prison, she continued to wreak havoc on places where alcohol was


Although its not an age we associate with that sort of radicalism that would endorse

this, Carry Nation soon developed a following.

In a move that seems far ahead of its time, she sold souvenir hatchets to her fans.

Although she eventually went back to more peaceful activism for more socially beneficial

causes such as the Suffrage Movement, it was her work with a hatchet that definitely reached

and inspired the most people.

Considering the effects of the Prohibition era during the 1920s had on public health,

corruption, and mob violence, it also did untold harm far beyond those wrecked saloons.



While activists who fought for the right for women to vote, such as Susan B. Anthony, are

practically hallowed in American history for their work, on the other side of that particular

coin were a surprising number of women that were opposed to it.

They included Josephine Dodge and Kate Wiggin, which understandably are not household names.

The anti-suffragists overwhelmingly were women with wealth and connections through marriage

or birth who, naturally, didnt want much social upheaval under the circumstances.

Despite being dedicated to the principle that women should be denied basic rights of representation,

it was not necessarily a malicious movement.

Many of the women involved were community organizers who worked at hospitals and shelters.

Others worked in organizations devoted to providing women free medical education.

One prominent talking point was that women should stay out of politics not because they

werent capable of it, but because politics would be a corrupting influence.

While of course the movement ultimately was unsuccessful, its influence was felt long

after, as National Public Radio tells us that many women were disinclined to exercise their

right to vote for decades.


Leni Riefenstahl

Its unfortunate that Leni Riefenstahl is probably the only female film director from

the first half of the 20th Century that anyone with a passing interest in the subject could


Her 1935 propaganda film on the Nazi Party Congress, Triumph of the Will, was a massively

persuasive film at the time (though Roger Ebert, for one, called inparalyzingly


Beyond that, her work influenced countless high-profile films such as Star Wars.

Amazingly, from the 1970s on, some feminists, such as author Susan Sontag, were paying tribute

to her.

For her part, Riefenstahl was very unwilling to apologize or even admit complicity when

she was acquitted after the end of World War Two.

She denied that her documentary influenced anyone since Germany was allegedly pro-Nazi

anyway, and denied being a member of the Nazi party.

When propaganda minister Joseph Goebbelss private journal was used to debunk that second

claim in an interview, she threw a fit.

Some people just cant get away from the truth

of their influence.

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