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I have something for you, you might like

I'm sure most of the viewers love reading. I'm also sure its hard for you to find time to read

Of course you have tried many reading methods like half hour a day or few pages a day and still no use

I myself have tried few methods to read but none were successful

3 years ago, I found the best way to read in this busy time.

I watched a youtube video explaining this method

Think about it this way.

you are having a conversation with one of the greatest minds that ever existed,

that ever existed! and then someone's tells you, "that's not the right to learn."

We read to improve our brain. Just like working out to improve the body

The body will improve if you stress it with workouts.

Reading heightens brain connectivity and its strength

A strength capable of carrying the obstacles and difficulties of life

Just like weight lifting

Sometimes, we get inspired to read

We finish this book in one or 2 days. Then we stop reading for months or years.

Just like workout. you train once, then you stop for months

If you asked any coach, they will tell you:

If you want to achive your goal, you need to keep going.

My advice to you

Play and listen to your choosen audio book

The time you find while you driving, going to work.

Shower, cooking, eating and walking

You have a chance to improve yourself in during this period.


You going to work, lets say 30 minutes to work and 30 minutes back

You pick audio book thats about 10 hours lets say, so what you do is you put it at 2X the speed,

Which is pretty much double the tempo, so that gives you 5 hours of listing time.

Listen to it on the way to work and on the way back, and that would be an hour in one day.

so in 5 days, you would finish the entire book.

Theres always that one person thats going to be "well, I don't have a 30 minutes drive." Neither do I,but

Look at your daily activities where you do the mundane things and use those

I use it all the time, anywhere and anytime.

Here is a nice example you probably went through.

on your way to work and thinking about how your boss is going to be an a#!hole yet again,

you can be doing that, listing to your book.

Check your daily activities and use them

Of course everyone have their on way in reading. I just wanted to share my way with you.

If one of you got encouraged to read because of this video, That means I achieved my goal

My goal in Youtube is to create beneficial and helpful content for you and me

What's your thought on this method?

Do you have a better way than this?

Lets chat in the comment

How many books you planning to finish this year?

Did you got encouraged after this?

(What am I saying?)

Did you got encouraged to read after watching this video?

If you know anyone who love reading, share this video to them. They might like it.

I'm Saeed Almansoori. Don't forget to read.

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