Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Aaron & Robert 25th October 2019 (Aaron Only)

Difficulty: 0


I suppose we just need to make sure that someone's there every week to...

to keep his spirits up.

What about you?

What about me?

Well, it can't've been easy, to find out that that guy was Lee's brother.

Some people are just really good liars.

Anyway, moving on...


It moves.

Why are you not in college?

Like you've never skived off.

I thought we could have some brother-sister bonding time.

No, Liv, you need to go in.

Aaron, I know how devastated you are.

Liv, just go to college, please.

Maybe I should head off.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

No, Vic, don't.

Why are you being so horrible?

D'you really have to ask that?

Right, well, you don't have to take it out on us!

Right, if this is gonna be the ...

"Don't worry, you'll get over it" chat, then don't even bother.

No, actually, it's the "it's not all about you," chat.

Right, Vic's lost her brother,

Diane's lost the closest thing to a son she had.

We're all hurting.

I don't know what you want me to say.

That you're gonna be there for us,

all of us.

I know Robert's not here, but we all still need you.

I don't wanna do anything without him.

He's in prison, Aaron, he's not dead.

And if he saw the way you were carrying on, he'd go mental.

And I'm not saying this is gonna be easy,

but there's nothing any of us can do about it.

Oh, she's a little beauty.

I hope all this bad feeling between Cain and Moira hasn't cast a shadow.

Why would it?

Well, takes the shine off things, don't it?

But you're right, no point in dwelling, happy thoughts only.

How's Robert? settled in?

I really wish Eve would've projectile vomited right in her gob.


How you doing?

Alright, yeah.

It's me you're talking to.

No, seriously, I'm fine.

I've spoken to Robert on the phone already, and...

I get to visit him a couple times a month. So, I can cope with that.

You're sure?

Will you stop worrying about me?

Gabby's birth wasn't too bad,

but DeeDee's, oh!

Charlie said it was like watching his favourite pub burn down.


you forget about all that, don't you?

You obviously haven't.

No. But I've learned to live with it.

Your turn next! Cheers.

Any word from your mum?


But you don't think she'll actually go, do you?

I don't know.

Well, you can't banish her, can you?

She's got her whole family here.

Grandkids, Eve,

D'you really think this is what I want?

Sending my mother off now when I've just given birth.

I need her now more than I ever have, but what am I supposed to do, Paddy?

Cain needs me more.

All I'm is saying is don't do something you might regret later. That's all.

So, how is he?

He's alright, yeah.

Well, he's pretending to be.

Well, if you need a shoulder...

you know where I am.

I'm sorry for...

being snappy this morning.

It's alright.

I get it.

Well, if that Luke does give you any more trouble, you just let me know, okay?

Don't worry about him,

he's history.

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