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From the Puppet Master, to Childs Play, to the more recently popular Annabelledolls

have made quite a creepy name for themselves.

In fact, it has come to the point where we really dont need any scary stories or videos

to make dolls frightening.

Many people can simply walk into a room with a doll and suddenly feel uneasy.

Just in case you didnt already fear dolls enough, though, here are 15 haunted dolls

caught on tape.


The Angry Doll This video has been on YouTube since as early

as 2009, and has been shared and talked about countless times.

Its just such a convincing and scary video, that no doll list would be complete without


This young girl is holding a large doll, which appears to be a Quinceanera doll.

Which is the doll given to girls at their 15th birthday celebration.

The dolls are dressed to look similar to the teenager receiving them, and are meant to

symbolize the final toy the teenage girl will receive before becoming a woman.

The doll is wearing a very extravagant dress, as well as a tiara.

The girl holding the doll is speaking Spanish but she seems to say something about the doll

being ugly.

The doll quickly moves its head toward the girl and the person holding the camera

alerts her.

Once the young girl notices that the dolls head has moved she throws the doll down and


Unlike in some other videos, the girl doesnt laugh at all and there isnt even a clear

smile on her face.

Real or not, something clearly happened here that genuinely terrified her.

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Possessed Barbie When you think of haunted dolls you probably

picture a cracked porcelain doll with dead eyes, or a rotting away baby doll with an

eerie laughlike some of the previous entries in this list.

Its hard to take the beloved and beautiful Barbie and see it as creepy.

This video will make you think twice about that mentality.

Really any object can be haunted by a strong enough spirit or entity, so leaving Barbie

out is just wrong.

This little girl is having a great time playing with her two dolls, talking in different voices

for each of them.

A male voice calls from another room and the child responds, as she turns back to her Barbie,

not a second passes before the doll sharply turns its head toward the child.

The little girl immediately throws the dolls down, screams and nearly falls backwards.

The video ends there and theres no information on what became of this haunted doll or child.


Composition Doll A composition doll is a baby doll made with

the old technique of using saw dust, glue, cornstarch, resin, and wood flour.

They were popular during the 19th century but production ceased when plastic became

the popular material for toys and dolls.

Therefore, its clear that the composition doll featured in this video is at least 70

years old, and possibly even older.

According to the description for this April 2016 upload, the owners purchased the doll

at a flea market and were given little information about the antique.

The doll allegedly did not begin to move until the couple placed it on their chaise.

In addition, the owners do not believe in ghosts so they are astonished by this evidence.

With how old and damaged this doll is, the slow and convincing movement is truly horrific.


Old Doll This short and simple video shows something

quite unsettling.

The owner of the doll decided to leave a camera rolling on two separate occasions when they

left the house.

While they were gone, over several hoursthe doll moved its hands constantly.

While the movements are slight, they are very visible and very disturbing once the footage

is sped up slightly.

The broken and old appearance of the doll only adds to the creepy aura.

Apparently this doll is over 100 years old, meaning that its had quite a long life,

and likely countless owners or spirits that could likely be haunting and manipulating



A New Gift Some children often believe their toys to

be alive or have feelings.

In fact itsquite common for kids to believe that their toys get jealous of one another.

If you believe in these haunted dolls, this video could be proof that toys really do become

envy of other play things.

This video was uploaded sometime in 2009 and features a mother recording her daughter receive

a new toy.

Before the video begins a short explanation reads that the mother didnt notice anything

at the time, but upon reviewing the clip later he noticed a candle rolling on the desk behind

her daughter.

She apparently showed the clip to her son, who pointed out that the doll moved its

right hand.

The little girl is excited about her toy and tells her mom she wants to name himloveable”,

the mother questions this name choice and at that exact moment the dolls hand moves

slightly but clearly.

The candle, in response, rolls away from the doll despite the doll having not made contact

with the candle at all.

For the remainder of the short video the doll doesnt move an inch, and since this video

has been reuploaded to several channels it isnt known if there was ever an update.


The Doll on the Shelf This video was posted in October 2011, and

starts out innocently.

Three children are sitting around a table while playing around.

A young girl begins to time herself while she stacks cups in a quick paced game.

The other two children stand by and watch.

In the excitement of the energetic game no one seems to notice the little doll on the

shelf behind them.

The doll was laying down when the video began, but as soon as the young girl began to stack

cups, the doll slowly rises to a seated position, similar to the way you would imagine a corpse

rising from its coffin.

Once in its new position, the doll doesnt seem to move again and peers, motionless over

the room.

The description for this upload explains that whoever recorded the video did not notice

the doll while filming, but saw it later when reviewing the clip.

The uploader also statesI am very worried and cannot figure out how this happened.

If you have any suggestions on what to do.

Please message me.

I have put the doll away in an old barn I have.”

There are no updates, or even related videos on this channel and the problem likely resolved

itself, or the original uploader decided to keep any haunting information off the internet.


Sherries Collection Despite so many people having such a grave

fear of dolls, there are a few rare people in the world who love the life-like toys.

This video allegedly shows the collection Sherrie Schoona doll collector recording

a short video to show off her impressive, and slightly unsettling assortment of dolls.

The dolls range from baby dolls to porcelain dolls, with a sprinkle of purposely creepy


There has to be at least 100 dolls visible in this video, as childlike creepy music plays

in the background.

While Sherrie showcases several dolls standing to one side of the room, the camera pans over

a short babydoll in a red and black dress.

Though it happens quickly, the dolls right arm clearly switches from an outreached positon

to a downward point.

Sherrie doesnt seem to notice this as she goes about showing off her dolls, although

she must have noticed later as it is pointed out in the title and description of the video.

Again, while most of us would have set fire to the doll and ran for the hills, Sherrie

doesnt seem to have an issue with it.

In fact, in accordance to some of her other uploads she seems to have a particular interest

in creepy or haunted dolls.

Nothing wrong with having a unique hobby, but most of us can agree we arent brave

enough to fill our homes with haunted dolls!


SpunkFlunk In August 2015, Vlog YouTuber Spunk Flunk,

was challenged by a viewer to purchase a haunted doll on Ebay and keep it for as long as he

could, as well as feature in some upcoming videos.

Spunk agreed to the challenge and purchased the doll.

The took several photos and videos of the doll over the next couple of months but nothing

interesting seemed to happen until October 2015.

Spunk was posting a quick vlog asking viewers to follow him on Google Plus.

He had the doll in the background, and in shot, as part of the challenge.

As he talks about needing help from viewers, at about the 29 second mark, the dolls right

hand moves slightly.

Spunk claims he didnt even notice this until a viewer pointed it out in the comments.

After this video Spunk began experiencing more and more strange events, the doll would

move from the spots where the left, other objects would be moved allegedly by the doll,

he caught an EVP from the doll and in one video he even seems to be possessed while

holding the doll.

During the EVP sessionthe app he uses works as a gateway to apparently allow the

doll to communicate.

Spunk asks if shes a ghost and she saysNot a ghostand at one point, in an

agonizing voice even begsfree me”.

Well over a year later, after countless menacing events related to the doll; Spunk decided

he didnt need the negative energy anymore.

He sells the doll on eBay, but does one more EVP session in the car before shipping it


Although its unclear what the EVP app says, it sounds likesellandgoodbye”.


The Nutcracker The nutcracker dolls were first made in 17th

century Germany, where they were modeled after soldiers.

As the years went on the design changed, as did the attire of most soldiers.

The wooden dolls are said to be good luck totems, and their teeth allegedly keep away

bad spirits.

However, in this case we arent so sure if that defense is working, as an evil spirit

could possibly be attached to this nutcracker.

This video of a traditional nutcracker has over 100,000 views, and it isnt because

its adorable.

The original uploader claimed that this doll was in their family for over 400 years, and

it was always rumored to be haunted.

As more of a joke than an investigation, the current owner decided to record the doll when

no one was around.

In this minute long video, the figurine closes its mouth, shakes back and forth and even

completely turns around.

While this toy is moving, a dog seems unsettled by the actions of the doll.

The interesting fact here is that its a common belief that animals can see spirits

and realms that humans cannot.

Using this presumption, we can infer that the small dog is seeing the spirit manipulating

the figurine.

This clip has been sped up slightly to make the movements more visible.


Kaw Blam [ka blam] Here we see another lover of dolls, specifically

haunted or creepy dolls.

Kaw Blam is a vlog style YouTuber that collects dolls, most of which are allegedly haunted.

In several videos Kaw Blam introduces us to these haunted dolls, and tells us a bit about


In one of these videos, uploaded in August 2015, she takes introduces us to two of her


Meanwhile a blonde doll in the background can be seen moving slightly throughout the


At first it seems like they doll is just slowly moving, or slumping over due to gravity.

When paying close attention, however, the doll doesnt just slowly fall forward it

moves back and forth in position.

Furthermore, Kaw Blam addresses this movement in another video.

She explains that she noticed the dolls movement in the previous vlog, so she sets up her camera

to see if she can catch the doll moving without anyone in the room.

During this short clip the doll does visibly move.

It seems to bend at the waist and stays in that position for the remainder of the clip.

Kaw Blam updated that she later rehomed all of the dolls to viewers that were interested,

because she couldnt handle the negative energy she believed they carried with them.


Facial Changes Brian Lubecki is a YouTuber whose channel

revolves around the creepy, freaky, and unexplained.

Most of his content is based around his haunted doll collection.

Brian has yet to explain what encouraged him to purchase so many haunted dolls, but he

claims to have bought most of them from antique shops or online garage sales.

In this video uploaded in May 2015, Brian is testing out a new camera and giving a short

tour of his haunted doll collection.

As he goes through the dolls one by one, he continuously passes over a certain doll, who

seems to move her eyes.

In one camera shot shes looking to the right, in the next to the left, and so on.

After viewing the video and getting a few pointers from fans, he decided to make a video

focused on this doll.

Throughout the video, which is a close up of this haunted doll, her eyes move from side

to side, roll back, cross and even close.

In addition to these unsettling and almost hilarious eye movements, something even scarier


The dolls mouth moves as well.

It changes from a frowning position, to a smiling position, to more of a blank or resting


The dolls head also moves very slightly, only a few centimeters at most, but quite clearly

when sped up.

It isnt unlikely that these are mechanical features of the doll, and were meant to happen

when the doll was in use.

However, Brian has explained in several other videos that none of these dolls, especially

this one, have batteries in them.

From a supernatural standpoint, it seems likely that even those these actions were part of

the dolls design, its still a spirit manipulating the movements.

More importantly, not only are these movements creepy when you consider the presence of a

spirit, theyre fairly creepy on their own as well.


Walking Doll This video was uploaded sometime in the summer

of 2016, and features a tall, cutely dressed doll, that can apparently walk.

The owner, an older Hispanic woman, shows off the doll walking beside her as they hold


The dolls legs move in such a way that makes it appear alive, the movements are almost

natural and the woman doesnt seem to be coaxing the motion in any way.

Of course, it could be easily brushed off as a trick of the eyes, and the that woman

really is creating the action herself.

It can be assumed that the legs are in place loosely, which makes the walking illusion

easy to create.

When the owner picks the doll up, though, the dolls legs stay in one position.

If the legs were loosely in place they would dangle or swing as the woman picked it up.

More importantly, when others try to walk alongside the doll it doesnt seem to cooperate.

One man takes a try and as he steps forward the doll doesnt budge, he even tries to

sway the doll to the side in a similar motion but the legs do not move accordingly.

A second man steps up and makes another attempt.

He recreates the side to side motion discussed previously and the dolls legs do move slightly,

but they seem quite spread apart and the action is not as fluid as before.

The doll steps forward slightly but for the most part does not walk.

The owner steps up again and the doll immediately begins to walk with her.

The second man takes another try and the doll wont move, but her arm clearly moves on

its own as he tries to coax her into walking.

Later in the video the owner even lifts the dolls dress to prove theres no rigged system

or robotics causing the doll to walk.

Many explain that the doll is either haunted by deceased child or friend of the woman,

or by a random spirit that has just taken a liking to the woman.


Ouija Bear This video features so such a strong possession

that it is easily discarded as fake.

The motion of this stuffed teddy bear is perhaps the creepiest and most lively on the list.

The most recent upload of the video is from a year ago, but its been all over YouTube

and Facebook for several years now, and the original source has been lost in the array

of reuploads.

The video is about 2 minutes long and features 3 men sitting beside each other with a Ouija

board in their laps.

A webcam or low quality phone camera is set up in front of the men to record anything

interesting that may come of the Ouija session.

Most uploads of the video do not have audio so its hard to make out what the board

is saying, if its saying anything at all.

The men become stressed as they play with the board, one man wipes sweat from his forehead,

while another adjusts himself in the chair nervously.

While this is happening no one notices that the white bear on the dresser behind them

has been making clear, disturbing movements.

It began at around 42 seconds in, when the bear moved its head back.

It continues to move and look down at the men with lifelike motion.

The man sitting to the far left seems to notice the bear and looks up at it several times,

but the bear stops.

He tells the other men about it and they put down the board to investigate.

They see nothing wrong with the bear, and when they pick it up this gives us evidence

that no strings or puppeteering is occurring.

Frustrated and in disbelief they all sit back down.

But the bear immediately starts to make rapid movements that resemble a possession.

This time all three of the men witness it and run out of the room.


The Island of Dolls If youre a fan of horror and all things

creepy, then you know about the island of dolls.

Allegedly the story entails that Don Julian Santana Barrera, the caretaker of the island,

found a young girl that had drowned mysteriously in a shallow stream.

He attempted to save her but he was far beyond too late.

He later found a doll nearby in a wooded area and assumed it to be hers.

He hung the doll in a tree to honor the young girl.

At night, he would hear screams, cries, and laughs of the spirit of the dead child.

He began to hang more dolls in her honor, which he claims were also haunted by young


Eventually the island was overrun by rotten, old, broken dolls and Don Julian was driven

to madness.

Many believe he never found the body of a girl and it was just a story he created in

solitude, and many claim that he did find the body which was what drove him to such

a drastic point of mental illness.

No matter the truth behind Don Julians story, the island is a sad, creepy, twisted

reminder of this poor mans declining mental health.

While its a bit too much to discuss bit by bit, the Ghost Adventures episode based

around the island of the dolls is quite riddled with evidence.

Dolls begin to laugh or move on their own, EVPs and temperature spots are discovered

and theres a deeper history on the origins of the island and its alleged curse.


Puppet in the Glass A very old and creepy puppet allegedly choked

a man.

The former owner of this puppet contacted paranormal investigator Jayne Harris, claiming

that they were too scared to keep the puppet any longer.

According to the owners story, the puppet would move positions when no one was looking,

turn its head, objects around the house would become lost or misplaced, and one night

the owner woke up to the puppets arms wrapped tightly around their neck.

Jayne took on the puppet thinking the previous owner had been exaggerating.

However, when she set up a camera to see if any activity was visible, she was left speechless.

The locked the puppet in a glass case to prevent it from moving locations, just in case the

claims were true.

This video shows the puppetsoperating cross lifting up and falling against the glass

several times.

The fact that the puppet itself isnt moving, but the operating cross ismakes many

believe that the creator of the puppet is the one haunting and manipulating the doll.

Jayne assures the glass case has no doors and must be lifted from four sides, so theres

no chance of the puppet getting out.

Furthermore, the case is blessed so that the spirit is also trapped inside, since it has

shown violent behavior before.

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