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So everybody knows that the 4850 is probably

one of the most popular video cards in the market.

It's at the right price point. It's got the right amount

of performance. It's perfect for most people's monitors

and it plays just about any single game

on the market that you want it to play.

But, now you have got a new one to consider.

Check this out. This is the XFX HD 4850

and XFX does makes ATI Video Cards. They just started doing that

just recently, like last week. So, don't be freaking out.

They didn't stop making Nvidia video cards.

But, they do now make ATI Radeon video cards as well

and for a very good reason they are doing

extremely well on the market.

Pretty much they are out performing some

of the SLI cards and in video cards

at the same price point. So, why would you pay for Nvidia,

when you can have ATI. So, check this card out.

The 4850. Now, the 4850 is in between

the 4830 and the 4870. So, when the 4850 first came out

we were kind of like, what is it?

Now, we know exactly what it is. Let me go

over the specs with you to give you a general idea

of the hardware that is inside this card

because it's a lot of good stuff. Now, first of all

this is the RV770 GP that's on there.

So, it's the same one that's in the 4870,

it's very fast, it's just clocked a little slower.

So, let's talk about that first. GPU core clock on this

is 625 megahertz. To give you an idea,

the 4870 is at 750 and the 4830 is at 575,

so you are right in the middle. 50, 50 and 50.

It increases by 50 each time. You also have 800 Steam Processors

which are also clocked at 625 MHz. You get 512 MB of GDDR3

which is extremely fast, it's on a 256-bit Memory Interface

and that's clocked at 1,986 MHz

which is about 1943 regular

and then since it's DDR3, it's double-pumped

so you multiply it by two you get 1,986.

You also get 16 ROPs, and you also get 40 texturing units.

So, it's a lot of good hardware on the 4850. It's very powerful.

And it's very good for pretty much anything

that you want to do. As far as games that are out there

that go if you want to play some Call of Duty 4,

some Unreal Tournament 3, World at war,

Brothers in Arms, even some Crysis and Crysis Warhead,

Far Cry 2, Fallout 3. All the newest, latest, greatest games

are all going to play on here with absolutely no problem.

Depending on your monitor size we will tell you

what settings you may have to go through.

But even on Crysis on a pretty good size,

a 22 inch monitor, you shouldn't have problems

on median settings as long as you turn o the filters,

and that's very, very good. It doesn't sound like it's that great

because the median mode...

It's really good. Crysis is really hard to play

on most computers and it's still going to look

really awesome no matter what. So, let me take you

for a quick, brief tour on the card. First thing you're going to notice,

It's a little bit different. It's not that typical round,

with a flat back, with a round over here.

It's all square. it does have XFX effects on it,

it's very simple, very plain. Another thing that's very plain

and simple about it is the power. You will enjoy that.

Take a look at the power. It's only one 6 pin

PCI Express Connector. You are not going to need

a 4 or a 8 or anything else or any ridiculous connections.

One 6 pin, you can run this stuff for 500 Watt power supply

if it's good quality, no problem. If you have one of those

cheesier generic Chinese made ones, you might want to get a 600

just in case, but you are definitely not going to have a problem.

I run one of these off a really good quality 4850,

no problem. Also, on the other hand

you can notice those red DVIs are very, very cool looking

and that back is a little bit black. It's definitely very cool.

It's like a shadow-chrome back. It's going to look really cool

if you have a nice case. You have that S-Video

in the middle, right there. That's for your break-away cable

which I will show you in a moment. That's a 7 pin S- video cable, it's digital.

These will do 2560X1600 maximum resolution.

So, you could even run two 30 inch monitors

off this one video card. Now, as far as interface goes,

you guessed it. PCI Express, 2.0, X16, length, and electrically running.

So, make sure you have the right slot.

If you don't have the PCI express 2.0 it will run on any PCI Express

as long as it's X16, and you won't lose any performance.

You have a dual link DVI on it also, you can do CrossFire,

which is also very important. So, if you want to run these

with any other 4800 series cards you can.

And you'll get multi GPS scaling, you get some very nice

improvements in performance. Also, what's really important

is you get HDCP.

HDCP is Highband with Digital Content Protection.

Some people just short it and say high definition content protection,

and that's exactly what it does.

It protects your high- def, your blue rays, your HD DVDs,

or any content you download off the web.

It protects it from being stolen or pirated.

So what happens is, if you have a nice HD TV

and you want to stream one of these high def movies to it,

you can't do it just by plugging the cable

from the computer to the television. It's not going to work,

you'll need HDPC. This has it, you will be able to do it.

It's also got another great technology called UVD 2.0,

which is Universal Video Decoder Version two,

and that's really incredible because that let's you get

a S/PDIF lead cable, plug it into your video card

and you instantly have 7.1 HD lossless audio

through the HDMI cable, and that can go

either to your television or it can go to your receiver, no problem.

And give you that amazing sound.

You actually don't have to even use a sound card

if it's going to receiver, because that's going to do

the processing for you, and it's sending

lossless digital audio through an HDMI cable.

So, that's very, very awesome. Now also, as far as games go

DirectX 10.1 is on here, utilizes Shader Model 4.1

and an OpenGL 2.1 as well. Which is very important,

it's got to use the support a VIVO as well as some of the stuff

that's going to be coming up with Parallel Graphics Processing Physics.

It's going to be ported eventually

around these ETI cards and that will allow you

to do stuff like that. So, the 4850 is a fantastic card

in CrossFire. it's one of the best bang for buck

for a large monitor performance setup.

You want to get a couple of these and run them on CrossFire,

your are going to get some incredible performance.

If you want to get more information, you can run

to Computer tv, go to the forums or look for other videos

on how to choose a video card, there is a lot of information

on our forums though which is great.

And if worse comes to worse, you really need to ask

me a question, email me here

and that's it, goodbye.

For more information on the XFX Redeon HD 4850 Graphics Card,

type in P450-4850 into the search engine of any

of these major retailers. For Computer tv, I'm Albert.

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