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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn How To Play This Lick / Sliding and String Skipping Melody / Simon Gotthelf

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Hey guys it's Simon here and maybe you guys want to learn this lick

So for me the inspiration for this type of lick comes from listening to early

Steve Vai records because he's always been really really great at incorporating

slides and different intervals into his melodic playing, and these days I listen

a lot to the great guitarist Guthrie Govan

and he's really a master of using these techniques too. So let me break down the

lick for you. It starts up with a little bit of a sweep from d to f to a right up

here and I'm starting on the 17th fret on the A-string like this. From d to f to

a. And then I'm hammering on to c on the g-string 17th fret. And then I'm playing a slide

from e to d. And then a little bit of a slide from b to c.

And then I'm skipping the D string and playing a little bit of a slide from a to g. So it says

Hammering on to a again and then playing the octave down here sliding down to g.

The octave again up to g and playing d. It´s g -d -f and e. Like that

So the last part of the sequence says: f, a, d and f and I'm sliding into the first f note.

Then I'm playing a and sliding up to c pulling off to the a again and hitting the f.

And then I'm playing over the G chord playing from b to d to e to

g again and then a slide from a up to b and in the same motion sliding back to g

again and pulling off to e like that. And then the sequence sort of repeats itself

but it starves on the a note sliding up to c and back again like this

pulling off to g

so I'm hitting that d note right at the seventh fret. A bit of wang bar and then

this. That lick is two notes I'm playing at the same time it's the d and a and then

I'm hammering on to b. And I'm sliding from b to a and pulling off to g.

Like that. And then everything repeats itself until we reach the final two bars, so it says

So when I play that last part of the lick I'm hammering on from g to a

Then comes the ending which is a sweep through the D minor 7 arpeggio.

I'm playing exactly like I did in the beginning d to f to a hammering on to

c now I'm sliding up to d and sweeping into the f and a note right here and

hammering on to c and now when the G chord comes I'm playing... hitting that b right here

And the last part of it, the bend says

and then we're done. Well folks there you have it. I really hope you dig this

lesson and if you do remember to subscribe to my channel and hit that

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would be really happy. Take care and come back and see me for more videos. See Ya

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