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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: EP 4: Nichelle’s Rebirth - Loving Lyfe Season 2

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It's a beautiful day hey hey

Won't you come out to play

- [All] Hi.

- Welcome back to Loving Lyfe.

I'm Nichelle.

- I'm Ashleee.

- And I'm Bentley.

Wow this has been such a crazy week.

- For everyone who is asking, Chab is doing so well.

He's a real hero.

He inspires me every day.

Yesterday he grabbed a Gogurt all by himself.

- Wow.

- That's amazing.

- He did have me put the straw in it for him through.

- I had a super fun week too.

I got to give a Ted Talk, #goals.

- Oh my gosh, so jelly, I love Ted Talks.

So how did it go?

- It went really good.

Um, I'm trying to think of what else to say.

I said be yourself right?

Maybe I could sing something.

- [Audience Member] Do you have any Lume?

- Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

Do you guys want Lume?


Do you guys want Lume?


- So it's my son Porterton's birthday

sometime this week, and I'm gonna throw him

a mega birthday bash.

- Yeah, OMG.

All the other four year olds are gonna be jealous.

- I mean I think they're all ready pretty jealous.

- That's true.

- Green is not your color kids.

- Yeah.

- Shame on you.

- Have some dignity.

I'm also planning a very special surprise at the party

that everyone is going to love.

- A surprise for Porterton,

you're such a great mom Nichelle.

- Yes it is for Porterton, and I am a great mom.

- Oh my gosh, I can't wait.

- It's gonna be lit.

- What is it?

- I can't tell you, but I'll give you a hint.

(chamber music)

So right now we are busy busy busy, getting ready

for Porterton's birthday party.

It's obviously a ton of work and I'm super

stressed out, Bridgette!


- [Bridget] Yeah?

- Don't drop those.

- [Bridget] It's Bridget.

(chamber music)

- This party is just a great opportunity you know,

for me and my fans.

A clean slate.

- Clean.

- All those negative things being said about me,

it's really hard.

Like yes, I own a villa in North Korea,

but it's beautiful in the fall.

I didn't break up with Elon Musk, because he was too poor.

I broke up with him because he's a giant nerd.

- Nerd.

- Yeah, after this big reveal, I'm just excited

I can control my story, and everyone will just know

I'm a regular girl with a standard Lexus.

- It will be number one.

- Oh Ciad, don't ruin the surprise.

- Shh.

(upbeat music)

- Hey you kids aren't being inclusive.

You wanna come play with my son?

Hey Bentley, Bentley!

Bentley could you come help me?

- Does Lume work on neck folds?

- Yes, oh I'm coming Chad.

- Does it work on toe creases?

- Gross, but totally, yeah.

- Does it work on back lines?

- Can you help me out?

- You're so sweet, I love your enthusiasm.

It's just my husband, he's whining, okay.

- Chab, Chab, I need this to look real all right.

It looks fake right now.

- But I told you I don't even need 'em anymore.

- I know but we're still getting a lot of good

online traffic from the accident, okay.

So I just need to use them for just a little bit longer.

- All right, anything for my little hottie.

- Thank you #Chabstrong.

- #Chabstrong.

- Wait, where are the kids?

- Oh shoot, we locked them in the car!


- What?

- These keys don't work!

- That's not our car!

Chab, don't get in someone else's car Chab!

- Come on, whose kids are in here then?

- There are kids in there?

- Yeah!

- Okay I'm coming.

(upbeat music)

- Are you sure everything's ready for the party?

- Yes I triple checked everything.

- I swear Bridgette, if you mess this up.

- Also Porterton fell and skinned his knee.

- Give him a Band-Aid, what do I pay you for?

- The last time you paid me was just in your used Spanx.

- I don't wear Spanx, don't lie Bridgette.

Yeah I'm a little nervous.

You know there's gonna be a lot of influencers here

so I just need everything to go off without a hitch.

Everything will be fine.

Ciad, how many calories does that have?

- It's healthy.

- You can not have a dessert.

Your body is your instrument!

I need you beautiful.

- Is it poison?


- Okay I know but you need to get behind the rope.

Come here.

- He wanted to name our son Flippert, but it wasn't --

- Ashleee.

Wow I did not expect to see you out and about

with your little baby so early.

- Well Camilla, that's what a real female boss mom does.

You know I don't slow down no matter how many kids I have.

- How many kids do you have?

- How many kids do you have?

- One more than you.

- Which is?

- Seven.

- Okay so I have six then.

- Actually sorry, I have six so.

- I know I have five, I was just trying to be nice.

- Actually I have seven kids, I have two more kids than you.

Two more kids than you.

- No you don't.

I know I have six kids.

This is number six.

Aren't you, oh no.

- No no stay in there, stay in there.

- Which one is yours?

- That little boy there.

- Well mine's the handsome boy in the middle.

- You mean the dog?

- Yeah, my son Crispen.

Oh look at them they're friends.

I guess we'll just have to schedule a play date.

His mom's been workin' a lot lately,

so it's been a lot of one on one time with me and my boy.

I'm not gonna lie, it's been super tough,

but it's been super rewarding too ya know?

- Excuse me everyone, attention please.

Porterton put that down, mommy is talking!

- Okay.

- The sass on that one! - Stupid.

Welcome everyone to Porterton's fifth --

- Fourth. - Fourth birthday.


Yeah, yes yes congratulations Porterton.


- Porterton.

- As all of my close friends and Insta followers know,

I've had a really hard time lately,

with the lawsuit, boy sons, and my nanny Bridgette

always dropping the ball on everything.

- Yup, that's her. - There she is.

- She's over there.

- She's awful.

But #silverlining, I have been able to redefine myself,

really get back to basics.

- So brave.

- That's my favorite Christina album.

- My grandfather owned Montana, so I really am

a country girl at heart.

Which is why I am thrilled to announce.

(drum roll)

Ciad, my new single from my country album!


Yee haw everyone!

- Nichelle, you didn't tell us about this.

- Do I want this?

- No. - Oh my gosh.

- Please enjoy my new music video.

You are welcome.

Yeah yeah

Uh huh

Been working on the farm

Since I was a kid

Taught me about what hard work is

I'm just a country girl

Who loves the simple life

And the cows in the barn

And the horses are there too

And the chickens in our yard

And I own a gun bang bang

My man comes home from workin' so hard

He's sweaty and dirty and I'm fine with that

It's the Ciad on the mic

Horses tractors corn and such

These are the things I love so much

Working working day and night

If farm is wrong I am not right

Plantin' a seed and ride a bull

When I'm with my baby it never dull

Nichelle cowgirl

Realest farm chick in whole world

Ooh yeah

I'm a normal person

Super normale

Like you

Yee haw


- There we go.

- Okay Nichelle.

- Okay ladies, what did you think?

I don't know why you're not responding,

but I'm gonna take it as a good thing.

- Yee haw.

- Hey guys thanks for watching, and special thanks to Lume

for making this episode possible.

- Yes thank you.

Did you know that they were made by doctors?

- Did you know that it's baking soda free?

- Um did you know that if you get a vampire bite,

it will cure it.

- Sure, that's accurate.

Check out the link to get your own Lume

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