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- Welcome home, you're here on the Carl and Jinger family channel.

Today we're going to film a video outside where, oh my gosh, I can't believe this.

It's not supposed to do that here.

It actually snowed outside you guys, brr.


Nooooooo Nooooooo Noooooooo actually I think that's actually going to make my video idea

much better, check it out.

Oh it's so freezing cold out here you guys.

It's the coldest day of the year so far.

The heater on the swimming pool is off, it's been flooded and everything overnight.

But that's okay because we're going to hang over the edge, everybody's going to hang onto

a rope, and it's going to be the last to leave wins.

I don't know, I honestly for the lack of me cannot think of what the prize could be, because

I don't want to do like $10,000.00 cash and then have Kyle win it.

What would Kyle do with $10,000.00 cash?

Well I bet I can think of a few things but that's for another video.

Jinger always has a good idea in situations like this so let's just go ask her for her

advice because every day's a new day, let's make it an awesome one, come on let's go.

Everybody's got their ropes.

You have them all lined up Jinger?

- [Jinger] Ya, ya.

Gage you're right here.

- [Gage] Okay.

- [Jinger] And then Luke right there.

And then this one's mine.

- [Family] Three, two, one, go.

- [Carl] Here we go.

- [Family]

- [Carl] Jinger, Jinger, Jinger.

- What?

- [Carl] I have a fun game that I've come up with.

- Okay.

- [Carl] We're going to do, actually I didn't come up with it.

So Cassie, our friend in California.

- Who I love.

- [Carl] Yup.

She came up with the last to let go challenge,

- I totally saw that over the deep end of the swimming pool.

- But I don't want to do like

- It's cold, Carl.

- It is really cold

- It's cold.

- I don't want to do like $10,000.00 cash prize for the kids, or even like a hundred

dollars, or anything like that.

Do you have any ideas of candy or a prize?

- Yes, okay, follow me, follow me.

- [Carl] Wait, what?

- Come here, come here.

- [Carl] Okay, okay, you already have an idea?

- Yes, look at this, okay so one of the weird things that I do is I save all of my change

in jars.

- [Carl] Ya, ya, ya, ya.

- Okay but wait, wait, look.

- [Carl] Oh ya, this is a great idea.

You're willing to do this?

-How much money do you think is in these jars, I mean there's some cash in there too.

Like there's dollar bills in there.

But then this one has a lot more dollar bills.

- [Carl] Anytime Jinger gets any change at all she sticks the cash in these jars and

just stuffs it up in the cupboard so.

- I mean you could say this is my rainy day fund, and it's snowing, so maybe it's a snowy

day fund.

- [Carl] It's a snowy day fund.

Okay so guess down in the comments below what is Jinger's snowy day fund total?

- I mean I wish we could count it right now.

Look there's like dollars in there, like dollar coins, there's actual paper dollars.

Okay if I had to guess, I would say there's about there's at least [Carl] Wait, shh, shh,

shh, they have to guess down in the comments below, and then at the end of this video what

we'll do is we'll go to the coin star machine or whatever, and we'll run all the cash through,

and we'll see who got closest, right?

- So I'm giving this to the winner?

Is this the loot?

- [Carl] Whoever is the last to let go is going to win that cash.

Are you willing to do that, Jing?

- Ya because I'm going to win.

- [Carl] You're awesome, okay let's go get the kids and we'll get ready, let's do it.

Woohoo, that's a lot of cash.

- In order to start this game, me and Kyle get to do something really awesome, right


- Wait, what game, what game?

- We're going to play a game called last to leave.

I'll explain it later, but right now we need to get the side by side over there, ya, and

move it by the pool.

But first I think we should go for a little ride.

- [Kyle] Ya.

- Okay let's do it.

Kyle has already been out here riding the side by side everywhere in the snow 'cause

he's obsessed with snow and we don't get it very often, so this is really, really fun.

Kyle, I'm ready to go, are you?

- [Kyle] Ya.

Buckle up, let's do this.

- [Kyle] Mom's getting in.

- [Jinger] Here I come.

Kyle is actually an excellent driver.

Okay and this thing has seat belts, which is pretty nice.

- Ya you want to go in the snow first?

Don't we have to go that way?

- [Jinger] Ya we do.

- Let's do it.

- [Jinger] Okay, oh ya getting buckled up, can't even see the buckle.

- [Kyle] Here let me help ya.

There you go.

- Alright we're all buckled up, we're ready to go.

- [Kyle] Let's start this thing.

- [Jinger] I'll brace myself with this.

- [Kyle] Oh ya.

- [Jinger] Let's do this.

- [Kyle] Onward and here we go.

- [Jinger] Woo, going in my four wheeler.

- [Kyle] Hi, mom.

- [Jinger] This is going to be awesome, going through the snow, hey that's cool.

Kyle you're a pretty good driver already.

- I am, I've had this for like two months now, I'm just like

- Okay let's go for a ride.

- [Passengers]

- [Jinger] Come on, ya.

- [Kyle] Okay let's slow down.

- We're riding through the puddles, we've got a lot of mud out here.

- Ya.

- Woo hoo

- Woo hoo

- Ya, oh ya, don't get too muddy.

- Oh.

- We got, guys we're stuck, are we stuck in the mud here?

- [Kyle] No we're not.

- Oh my goodness.

Look how muddy this mud is.

Okay we'd better get out of this mud hole.

- [Kyle] Let's go.

- Woo that's so fun riding in the side by side with Kyle, but we are ready to play the

game, this is going to be epic.

- [Kyle] Okay.

- [Jinger]This is going to be cool.

There's the pool, don't drive in the pool, Kyle.

- I won't.

- [Jinger] That would be bad news.

- Ya.

- [Jinger] We've got the side by side all set up, Kyle, that's in the perfect spot so

that we can tie the ropes up and be standing on the edge of the pool, for the last to let



- [Jinger] And fall in the pool, wins a really cool prize.

Are you excited to see what the prize is?

- Ya.

- [Jinger] Oh oh.

- [Carl] We have the pool cover open and look this set up has gotten more and more elaborate,

hasn't it Luke?

- Ya definitely, it looks so awesome.

We even duct taped these hooks right here, so no one can cheat and hold onto them with

their fingers or anything.

So everyone has a fair chance of winning.

[Carl] That's right, and also it's much safer, right, 'cause if you slip loose and you fall

in, you don't want to get hooked by that.

So what we did was we've got these tie downs, we have one for every member of the family

right here, tied up to the back of Kyle's side by side, and then we're just basically

going to lean back over the pool, and last to let go is the winner.

It's time to gather everybody up and start the challenge.

Real quick, big shout-out to the channel SoCassie.

I'll put a link up in the high card, go check it out.

She's the first place that I saw this challenge, where she hung over daily bump swimming pool

up at the top where they have a big cliff jump, it was awesome, go check it out, they're

good friends of ours.

- [Jinger] See how the ropes come out.

So everybody's going to be lined up.

Okay, alright come over on this side.

- [Carl] We're all set up and ready.

Please don't bump the tripod, I've got the cameras all set up, we've got the ropes and

everything, there's a GoPro right here, and like everybody's got their ropes.

Do you have them all line up, Jinger?

- [Jinger] Ya, ya.

Gage you're right here.

- [Gage] Okay.

- [Jinger] And then Luke right there.

And then this one's mine.

- But in the meantime you guys, there's going to be a poll up in the high card, you need

to vote right now who you think is going to win the last to let go challenge.

Who should they vote for?

- [Family]

- Okay it looks like we're all set and ready to go.

We're going to switch over to the GoPro's, you guys ready?

- [Family] Ya.

Three, two, one, go.


- Alright we're all switched over to GoPro now.

And everybody's on their rope.

Okay here's the deal, if you pull up and go vertical then you're out.

So once you lean back, you either stay back or go in.

Okay last one hanging on, last one to let go, wins all of mom's change.

Ready, okay here we go, ready.

- [Family] Three, two one, go.

- [Carl] Here we go.

- [Family]

- [Carl] Oh my God.

- [Family]

- Okay, okay, the whole side by side rolled down

- [Carl] Did you guys put the parking break on?

- Yes we did.

It just slid back.

- [Carl] The whole thing rolled.

- [Family]

- So now it comes down to me and Luke Jacks.

- [Carl] Okay, let's see who wins.

Ready, set, go.

- [Jinger] You have to lean back.

- [Luke] Get ready to let go.

- [Carl] That was hilarious.

- [Carl] Oh gosh.

- [Jinger] Alright you guys, hashtag team blue down in the comments below to vote for

me and hashtag red

- [Carl] You guys are not even leaning back hardly at all.

- [Jinger] Okay, team red if you're going to vote for Luke.

Luke, you've got to go down the rope further.

- [Luke]It's so sketchy.

- [Carl] You guys both look like you're not hardly leaning back at all.

- [Jinger] I'm leaning back.

- [Luke] I'm leaning.

- [Carl] Now you are.

There you go.

- [Jinger] Say goodbye

- [Luke] Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle.

- [Carl] That whole thing totally rolled backwards.

I just let go and jumped in, I was like oh my gosh.

- [Boy] I did too.

- [Carl] That was a bad idea, we should have parked sideways and tied it on

- [Boy] Ya definitely.

- [Carl] So it couldn't roll backwards.

- [Jinger] Okay you guys, hashtag team Jinger.

- [Luke] Oh it's so hard.

- [Jinger] Jinger, Jinger.

- [Carl] Are your arms burning?

- [Luke] Yes.

- [Carl] Oh if you go vertical you're out.

I better get up here and be the judge.

You look like you're standing straight up.

- [Jinger] What?

Do I really?

- [Carl] You don't.

Luke is totally almost vertical.

You have to lean back andthat's it.

- [Jinger] Woo hoo

- [Carl] Ya I can't believe that you actually hung on the

longest, I don't know if there was cheating or not involved there you guys let us know

down in the comments below.

- [Jinger] You guys be the judge, okay?

- [Carl] Little bit of controversy.

Maybe we'll have to do this one again.

- [Jinger] Thank you you guys so much for watching Carl and Jinger, we love it.

We pick these videos right here just for you guys.

If you like this video, you're definitely going to like these others.

And we'll see you guys next time.

- [Family] Bye

- [Jinger]

- [Boys]