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When an adult meets the start

[Fork Your Boss 2] Ep. 4 My very own pork stew

Every beginning is weak

It is easily forgotten as time goes by

But there is not beginning that is not weak.

My boss, who seems to be born a boss,

Do you even know how to do this properly?

I am so sorry. I meant

My boss said

Lets do well.


I will do my best!!!

Is used to be fresh new employee just like me.

I said I was going to do that myself!!


Are you? How dare you hung up on me?

I am coming for you, right now.

As I come to you, you are very dead!

Angry man Mr. Ko,

who has anger management issue,

Yes, sir!

Here I am back from the business trip, boss.


Youve done well.

Was once

What are you looking at?

A man who needed to smile till it hurts his face

Excuse me~ I have brought some hot coffees!

Okay here I come!

With that beginning

What are you looking at?

Youve lost weight.


It sounds like your salary is going down. Work.


Already a lunch time

Lets eat.

Miss Yeo,

Anything you want to eat for lunch?

Whatever I say, it will be Beef soup with rice anyway.

Hey, not this time. For today,

Something special, something new menu

Cream pasta?


Something spicy

Spicy tomato sauce pasta?

Lets just eat.

Come, lets go

Mr. Boss, youve had a lot to drink last night huh?

So for hang over, pork stew is the best.

I have made a reservation.

Hey Mr. Nam,

You seem to know the side of me that I do not know.


Lets go sir.

Why did you even ask?

-Get the elevator. -Yes sir

Mr. Ko, what will you do for lunc

I see.

Lets go.

Who will have more delicious lunch time with me?

The one right beside the office

Everytime, we need to eat something smelly.

It looks so delicious.

It is really good.

Youve done well.




Would you like to order?

You seem to have a good day.

Yes, haha

Can I have dumpling soup?

Pork Bone Stew for all.

Mr. Boss,

Youve lost weight these days, huh?

I will serve you with lots of meat.

With full of love,

And this one

With another love

It looks so good eh?

Here you go. Please help yourself.

This is so good. Help yourself guys.

A glass of soju would be perfect match for this.

Dont you think? Hahaha

You eat so well, Miss Yeo?

Though you wanted to have some bread for brunch

This is delicious.

It is, huh?

Where should we have your farewell party?

We were going to have something special for the last intern guy,

But then we just had beep soup with rice.

Lets go somewhere special.

Strawberry desert buffet, how is this?

What about fondue buffet then?

When is your last day anyway?

Right before the holiday next month..


Then you will rest all the way through holiday?

I envy you.

You scared me.

What was that?

Get some water, Gun Joo

Can you bring me a extra dish for me too?

Yes I will.


Soup has run out.

I will bring it to you soon.

Its radish kimchi is so good.

Kimchi ran out too.

He is killing us with this kimchi, right?

Mr. Boss,

When will our new intern be coming?

A week after he leaves?

It would be best if she is pretty.



Do you cook well?

cook? Not so well.

I am good at eating.

What about you sunbae?

It is getting better.

Once I got here.

That pork bone stew,

Was really great. It was your fathers right?


-3 Months ago-



May I have 1 pork bone stew to-go?

Okay. Youve come from that building outside.


I will make it special for you.

Thank you.


By the way,

my son has just been

employed to the company.

It was so competitive, Ive heard. Like 300 vs 1?

It is so hard to become intern these days,

Isnt it?

My sons name is Jung Gun Joo

He is very nice and hard working

He will work for it too.

I am taking too much.


You are working so late.

Your parent will worry about you.

That this nice looking daughter is working late.

I will make it quick.


Youve come.

Lets eat.

How about soju

With me and you?

Here you go.

Have you done something wrong?

Why are you looking down?





After I graduate

I will get myself a great job

Then will make you happy.

That is my son.


How much will you pay me back per month?

About 200K won?


Only 200K won?

Try 2M won


For the first salary,

It will be all yours.


I am sorry.

Hey come on

What is there to sorry about?

Dont be down.

I thought I made it this time.

Ive done so hard.

It is alright Gun Joo

Dont worry.

It will get better.

Come on, son

I am really proud of you.


He has grown up so well.

When did he grew up so big?

I wanted to make

My dad happy

I wanted to be a son he can be proud of.


What a moon.

Beginning of all matters


I thought why it was start

Congratulate dear!

One two three

The one who made that word


Knew how hard beginning is for all.

Then swore it off so much

Then made a word, as Start

This is my place.

Hey sunbae


You are still here.

You two have something to do?



It seems like you guys have something going on.


Take me too!


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