Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MODEL BODY WORKOUT SERIES - LEG DAY - Pt 3

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welcome to leg day part 3 of our model body series here to help you build a

great physique like the guys you see on social media

check out pull day for back and biceps and push day chest and triceps by

clicking the link but today it's quads there's no point in having a model upper

body with skinny legs so for a fully balanced physique we're going to take

you through an intense workout to build thickness in your legs using super sets

and even a tri-set to keep the blood pumping through the muscles

so starting off with the heavy compound movement barbell squats two sets of just

five reps heavy as possible to get the whole body fired up

firing up the muscles blood pumping into the quads take a good rest between the

two sets two to three minutes after two heavy sets take another good rest then

reduce the weight and go again now it's lower weight more reps six yes

six sets of twelve full range of motion and shorter rest periods in between next

a superset starting with the narrow stance machine press

go as deep as you can

foot placement is about hip-width apart for that outer quad sweep then straight

into the dumbbell lunge going from fixed movement on the machine to free movement

with the dumbbells torso upright front leg to 90 degrees don't let the knee hit

the floor next over to the Smith machine for three different exercises keeping

the momentum it's a tri-set starting with front squat

using a front grip to keep the emphasis on the quads

this machine gives you added stability so you can go deeper on the movement

after 10 reps straight into a sissy squat you may have tried these on a

machine that locks your feet but here the stability comes from the smith


and holding on gives you more control

then straight into the third element of the triset, this is a cossack lunge again

using a machine to stabilize this movement activates different parts of

the leg that haven't been used so far

now leg extensions which we're combining with the stretch

so it's four sets of 15 reps on the machine again high reps fast pace to

keep the blood in the muscle

then straight into a kneeling stretch

this is working on the fascia the tissue that sits just above the muscle

it's an intense stretch but it'll help the muscle grow during recovery

so that's your quads workout in our model body series follow the link for

the upper body push and pull workouts

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email thanks for watching