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then ... Kasumi is not the culprit

if it's not the culprit ... that's not good at all

that's right! ... that's not right, right!

keep calm! we must act calmly!

the confusion only brings confusion If it's not the culprit, we must keep looking!

that's right ... we should calm down

huahua ... if I do not eat something, I can not calm down!

you're good? if you want you can eat the face of onee-san

stop acting like that, since we're not kidding

huhuhuhuuu this feeling

it is throbbing inside me!

hmp ... I start to hear loud noises

there's nothing to worry about ... just do not talk

I want to go home and go to bed ...

well ... that has been a warning thunder for all

but but ... I do not have anything else to say!

haaa ~ ... Osone chan is crying!

ufhh ... you can say what you think!

Honey ... you should prove everything if you do it naked

this to hear statements one by one makes this stretch longer

Hey? Do you want to change the way of the debate?

Fujimori san you have a great perception so I'm sure you'll find something

even when words flutter it will be like on the battlefield where bullets fly

I do not think this compares to the battlefield

hahaha I think that people are motivated more with a little pressure

but ... I have to do it to be able to advance

I will discover it ... shooting with the bullets of truth

that's right. In the boys' locker room there is a small window but you can not go through it.

Then it's impossible

you're wrong Himuro san ... it's not impossible

Why? ... If you can not set foot in the boys' locker room

is written in school regulations ... and if you do, your existence will be erased...

It's impossible for the girls to take Saiji Kun to the men's wardrobe ... because it is a violation of school regulations

So how can we get into the boys' locker room?

there is a possibility that I have been thinking about

finally you will talk about the car that was there

Hey? Mikoto cha you already noticed?

haaa ... even a monkey can realize it

hehehe ... you heard you're a monkey ... Kasumi knew ... because Kasumi is not

As Idzuki San said using that car the girls could also take Saiji kun to the boys' locker room...

and that way is ...

for example the rope tied to the car and when Saiji kun is close

the only thing left is to push the car hard so that only Saiji Kun remains in that place

in other words, that was the method they used to kill him !?

maybe that was the method, or it could have been different

and in this way some it is possible that the girls committed the crime

and if so, that day who walked in the school at night was Izumo Kasumi san


Izumo chan you say?

she certainly walked at night in school she said it herself

ah, she also said she saw Sameshima chan

wait a moment!!!

just because I went out at night ... they think I did it

they were blaming me for the same reason

If the girls are capable of committing the crime, you are quite suspicious

you tried to divert attention in Mr. Sameshima to divert your suspicion

Well ... since you've done something like that ... it's not great at all

ahhh? Have you already decided who is to blame?

Are you going to tell us everything at once?

Well, from the beginning, never doubt it!

stop talking! old dog rag!

Please stop. You can not talk like that about my friends, so stop

then you will stop talking or even not?

izumo san if you say you have not done it try to prove it to all of us

but first you must calm down so to start you should take a deep breath

this more than breathing deeply it seems a hyperventilation

going back to the rope I remember that one was included in the set of weapons

but ... Kasumi did not ......

that set of weapons ... I'm sure everyone has one

Well, the night you were out Izumo san Did you see someone besides Sameshima kun?

someone else besides Sameshima san?

After seeing it ... I went to my room

In other words ... after seeing Sameshima you went to your room and did not see anyone else?

that's right ... because if I do not sleep I can not get up early to go to the dining room

Izumo chan why did you do such a thing

and your Sameshima did not see anyone else?

Of course not and I do not think that izumo has seen anyone else

well I do not think someone says something to not be suspicious

in other words, Kazumi chan just wants to confuse us?

humm ... why ... because everyone thinks it was kasumi

Do not believe that just by saying that they will stay alive! all of you will be punished

if you want to clarify the suspicions we have about you defend yourself with your own words

whatever it is I do not care, but make an effort and fast

I do not know what to say in such an intimidating interrogation...

huuauau ... I will speak ...

I'll be fine ... just do not pressure me ...

Bullying without love is not bullying ...

that sounds pretty confusing! ... come on there may be another possibility

talking about possibilities that girls have to do it is the only thing I can imagine

but if the car is involved in the crime it can not be impossible

you're right

Well, I think we should discuss again, if it is possible to do that?

I'll just say that I agree

it seems that Idzuki san already knows

haha long since I realized that Idzuki san hate me?

it may be because he is the assistant of Fujimori san and although this evil I still support

It is true that I may be as bad as you say Yodogawa san...

no, Fujimori san, just continue and it will be all right

What is the purpose of this? Do you really trust me, to support me?

no ... right now what I need is to concentrate

the locker room of the boys have the same size of the rooms

if you take into account this you could commit the crime

in fact Kasumi went out at night though he did not go to the gym...

first of all I did not know anything about the car

even so I think that you are the guilty or maybe not

but I have already told you that you are wrong

The rope is also included in the weapon set

and that same rope was tied to the car

I did not do it!!!

First of all the rope of the set of weapons was not so long

That's what's missing

you do not have enough I wonder if you want much more

well ... I will give you much more and let you rejoice

well that's not all

the length of the rope of the set of weapons even when not tied to the car it is impossible to reach the locker

that's true!?

that's right. when I checked the rope the set of weapons was not so long

but the distance from the entrance of the boys' locker to the locker is twice the size of the rope

that's why you can not do method no matter how you do it

Does not that mean I use another rope? there are ropes everywhere

As I said before, during the investigation I checked all the places and I saw some things

it is true that there are other cords ... but even so it is impossible that any of them is the ideal size

but after the incident ... all of them were still covered in dust, it makes me think that he could use another weapon

then ... the method itself is impossible

ooi ooi ooi ... the clouds are becoming suspicious

good ... I do not think this method is wrong

I want to say that this is just the beginning

certainly if there is no other way, it may be that way

It seems that we go back to the beginning ... it's a nuisance

well ... then if nobody killed Rokudou kun

that means there is no such person in this place...!?

the truth is in the dark ... it may be that way

if so ... we are in trouble !!!

we must find the culprit, if not all of us will die !?

You are right, we must find something else!

If not, this will become more complicated and we can not leave here !?

wait a moment we must stay calm!

hmmmp ... tell us Fujimori chan maybe something happens to you !?

Now ... I can only do this but it really is like that

but ... I think there's still a possibility

I guess Saiji Kun was thrown from the entrance of the locker room

Fujimori san ... do you know what you said?

you mean ... that Saiji Kun could be thrown from the entrance of the locker room

no ... I heard that clearly

no no no ... it's impossible. Who would do something so wild?

they disagree?

Rokudou kun had a strong trail

yes, on the back of Saiji kun there is a trace of bruises by which I bleed

this is not mentioned in the Monodora file ... but I think it was done after his death

because it is not related to the cause of death, it has no description

Although the possibility increases more, I can not completely deny what Fuji gave...

I see, the trace of bruises leads to a new method, you really noticed

Ka Kasumi ... could not throw Rokudo kun !!!

I do not even do as much exercise!

but you will see Izumo san, strength is the least ...

Rokudo kun is a strong person among the boys ... it could be difficult for a normal girl to be able to bring him down

So would it be ... if it were normal?

the way you say it ... maybe you know who it was?

the one that strangles and then I throw it ... is the culprit

ehhhh ..? Maybe you know who did it?

If so, please say it once

yes .. I think I know who could be

the one that threw Saiji kun!

Maiko chan ... maybe you were not the one who throws Saiji kun to the locker?

hua ... Mai Mai, was it you who threw him?

I always knew I would do something like that one day?

wait! Why do you think I did it?

or will it be that, you are not a woman either?

you're wrong! it can not be as deceptive as that

the reason must be for the talent that Kagura san has of shsl

the talent of Miss Kagura?

Yes, the talent of Maiko chan is Shsl Dancer

but hey, what does that have to do with it?

perhaps he can throw a person dancing?

you really are stupid, to dance you need strength and a reasonable strength

when I exercise, all that strength accumulates in my body and influences my movements as well in my confidence

If you have such strength, it may not have been difficult to throw someone

that's true, since I have my own dance training

although he will throw Saiji kun ... it's still impossible

but ... it's too strange that he's guilty just for that

certainly ... just because he is strong, does not mean that Kagura san is guilty

Or is there something else that worries you, Fujimori san?

so is

there's still more?

if it's something we should know ... let us hear it from your own voice

the other reason why he suspected Maiko chan...

Maiko chan ... you mentioned that you suffered a wound


Now that you say it ... seeing her delicate body of a woman has a bandage attached to it

That wound ... how did you do it?

that happened during my dance training .. as I told Ayumu kun

certainly that's what I heard from Maiko chan herself

right now you have to feel hurt for the simple fact of it could kill Rokudo, or is not it Fujimori?

that's so ... Ayumu kun, do you really doubt me?

I ...

do not feel compassion ... it's your weakness, and you could kill yourself

that's why it's better not to make good friends

you're wrong! I do not regret

besides being friends with Maiko chan and Saiji kun ... I have also become friends with you

I do not think of it's way that it is better not to make good friends

that's why ... I definitely must continue

including with the feelings of Saiji kun ... like the feelings of the guilty

and for all this, I will continue

hmp, I see, Ayumu kun ... you really are a strong guy

Even so ... I'm definitely going to show you that I'm not the culprit

If so, show us your wound

come on ... look closely this is the scar that I did last night

well ... it looks like a scratch ... or is it a scratch?

Now that I see the wound ... it could be done when it fell

but it can also be done by someone who put up resistance ... it could also be that way

What do you think your Ayumu kun?

I do not know

ahhh !? How you do not know

because I just do not know but could you tell us a little more

hmp, okay, what do you want to know?

Maiko chan can you tell us what happened before you wounded yourself

Okay, I'll tell you, I will tell you what I was doing last night

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