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- For me it was always my face.

- [Stranger] Louie!

- Like my makeup.

It was like what I was super into.

It's just like doing my makeup

and like clothes wasn't really such

a big part - Hey!

- of what I was doing.

(uplifting music)

Those guys were being so...

- [Louie] Do you need something?

- [Omid] What's up everyone?

My name is Omid Afshar

and welcome to the first episode of "This Is".

In today's episode I'll be hanging out with Louie Castro,

also known as Louie's Life.

Louie is a video content creator who makes comedy sketches,

beauty and fashion videos

and story time videos.

He's gained over 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube.

There's so much

that I wanna get to know about Louie

and I can't wait to take you on this journey with me.

This is Louie Castro.

(bright music)


(door opening)

- Hi. - Hey, what's up Louie!

- Nice to see you. - Nice to see you.

Come in (speaking foreign language).

- [Omid] Oh my God,

thank you for letting me in your house.

How's your morning been?

- Good, I just woke up.

I'm ready to get started

because obviously I'm not a (murmurs) potentially.

- [Omid] Oh my God,

you look amazing.

- Thank you.

- [Omid] So how long have you been in this house for?

- It's been a minute.

It's been a long minute.


- [Omid] Do you like the quietness of that,

I mean it's kinda far from everything, right?

- I know, I'm so used to always being like everywhere,

either partying or out with my friends

or like just always in the whole crazy world.

So when I come home and I get to chill,

it's like I love it,

it's like the perfect balance.

I come here and I get to relax,

I'm away from everything,

I make my own (speaking in foreign language)

and just like leave me alone.

Let me chill for a bit.

- [Omid] Can I get a little tour,

I wanna get a little tour.

(bright music)

- Right here we have my little kitchen,

so this is the side of the kitchen

that everybody sees where I film my little "Cocinan" videos,

my cheese make videos,

but this side is where nobody ever really sees

'cause there's nothing to see,

it's just a table.

- [Omid] This is where you're eating all the time, right?

- Yeah, this is where I eat with my family,

cheese (speaking in foreign language) ketchup, at the table.

These two are my two rooms.

- [Omid] Oh you have two rooms?

- I have two rooms.

This is "THE BADDEST PERRA" room.

And this is Louie's room.

- [Omid] Oh, so they're are two separate?

- Two completely separate people

like this is like the Perra

and this is like me right now.

We're just lazy, chillin.

I'll show you my room first.

- [Omid] Okay lets do it.

- I cleaned.


So this is my room.

(bright music)

This is my closet.

Well I have two closets 'cause I have lot of clothes.

- [Omid] You were a cheerleader?

- Yes, I did it one year in high school,

which was my senior year.

And then I did it one year in college, and that was it.

- [Omid] What was that like,

were there other guys on the team?

- No, I was the only guy on the team.

- [Omid] Are you serious?

- Yeah, I kind of wished there was more guys,

but nope, it was just me.

Are you ready to see the Perra room?

So obviously we have some hot Cheetos.

It would not be the Perra room

without the hot Cheetos.

And then this is where all the magic happen.

So this is the Perra room.

This is where I get to my full Perra potential.

I do my makeup in here.

I have like my extra clothes,

I have my filming area

and then I'll film some of my bombs

and this little area,

I don't think I've ever done like a full on

here's the whole room.

So this is the first time.

So you're lucky you're getting to see here first.

(bright music)

- [Omid] What do you have planned today?

What do you wanna do?

- I wanted to take some pictures,

I of course have to do my makeup.

I can't walk around like looking like this.

I wanted to show you my old high school,

show you around Watsonville,

which is where I live.

It's a tiny little place,

but there's definitely some really cool things

I want to show you.

- [Omid] When did you start wearing makeup?

- I started wearing makeup,

like the end,

like November, 2017.

I think who really inspired me

to start doing makeup was like

Bretman rock and James Charles.

I would see like Bretman wearing a lot of makeup

in a lot of his videos

and he wasn't necessarily doing makeup videos.

He wasn't doing like tutorials

or anything like that.

But just seeing,

how good he felt about himself.

And he would wear makeup

and it was like a way of expressing himself, I felt.

- [Omid] What was the first time like when you wore makeup?

- Well, the first time I started doing makeup,

the first product I ever put on my face was

an eyebrow pencil.

I remember I would grab my mom's liner

and I would do my eyebrows.

So you can you imagine how dark my eyebrows were?

Sharp eyebrows and I felt like I looked so good.

Slowly I started like bringing a little more in

and more, but it was definitely like scary.

I do you remember the first time I wore makeup to school,

I was so nervous, but like at that point I was like,

"I have to do it.

"I'm just never going to do it.

"It's what I like to do."

Till this day I haven't seen another guy wearing makeup

in my little city.

- [Omid] What was your first YouTube video

that you ever made?

- My first YouTube video was me making fun

of my little sister.

She had her little video

that she posted on YouTube.

It was like me being an older brother

and making fun of her

which I feel so bad about.

(bright music)

- [Omid] At what point

did your YouTube channel started blowing up?

- It wasn't until I posted

my "How to Dance at Quinceaneras" video,

where I saw my channel,

my views, and like my subscribers.

Just literally blow up.

- [Omid] How would you say people described you as a kid?

- If you didn't know me,

like on a personal level,

then you probably thought it was really,

really quiet and very shy.

So when a lot

of these people started seeing my YouTube channel

and seeing how crazy I was,

there were like, you're not like that in person.

Some people thought

that it was like something I was trying to play,

like a personnel I was trying to play.

Like that wasn't me,

but it wasn't even that.

It's was just, I was always just so shy to show myself

because I was scared of what people were going to say.

Also, like when I started doing YouTube, I wasn't out.

So it was so hard for me to try to show my personality

when such a big part of me wasn't even out yet.

- [Omid] Yeah.

- So I think that's where a lot of that came from.

Like people be like, "Oh my God, you look so different.

"Blah blah blah."

As soon as I came out

and I was just like happy with what I was doing

and I accepted myself, then I didn't care.

I just started doing what I wanna do,


that's going to be my (speaking in foreign language).

(bright music)

Dude, dude, dude.

- We missed you.

- This is Travis

- [Omid] Hi Travis.

- Hi. - Hi.

How are you doing?

- [Mother] Did you say hi?

- [Omid] Hi Travis.

- [Mother] Your name's Travis.

- My names Travis.

- How are you?

- Oh, I'm good.

- I'm good.

- [Omid] You're good?

- We were very alike, like from the time that we're little,

we kinda like doing the same thing.

He liked playing with Barbies

so I would play with Barbies with him.

He was like, my best friend,

when I found out that he liked doing makeup,

I got super excited because I was like, Oh my God,

we can share tips and like whenever he gets recognized,

I think we still all get that, like Ooh,

like you know he's getting recognized

It's like that's super cool.

(bright music)

- Now my full Perra potential.

Just a casual outfit.

Go run some errands, go grab something to eat.

Are you ready?

- [Omid] Let's do it, let's go.

- This was my dream car and she's mine now.

- [Omid] Are you a good driver?

- No, we're going to crash so (laughing).

- [Omid] Seatbelt on and buckle down.

- I'm telling you I never drive,

so we'll see how this goes.

- [Omid] Do people around your neighborhood,

are they proud of you,

or like, what is that like for that?

- Pretty much everyone from my street knows what I do

and they all like are super supportive about it,

are super sweet about it.

It's a really small city.

So like, when I started doing all this it spread so fast.

- [Omid] When you were growing up,

what was your idea of what your future would look like?

- So when I was still in school,

I really thought I was gonna get

into the whole film industry,

not necessarily me being a YouTuber

and me doing all this

'cause I had none of this,

was planned and I never thought this was gonna happen

or be what it is now.

So I really thought I was going to be like,

making movies and I really wanted to be an editor

for like big movies and stuff.

Like that was my thing.

I loved editing.

- [Omid] Where do you see your channel

and you going in the next five years?

- I definitely see me getting a lot more into makeup.

Hopefully one day, be able to have my own products

and do my own things with makeup.

I would love to even have my own show at some point

or like, host stuff.

- [Omid] Was college ever like in your plans?

Did you wanna go to college?

- Since I was younger,

I always knew school wasn't for me

because I really believe that school isn't for everyone.

I did drop out of college.

- [Omid] You went to college?

- I did.

- [Omid] No way.

- I went to college but I didn't drop out

'cause like I was lazy and I was like,

"Oh my God,

"I don't wanna do this."

I dropped out, like I wasn't really put my all

into school like everything,

it just wasn't for me.

Like whenever I was there it was so sad.

But my parents had a talk with me at some point

'cause I think they saw how bad it was,

like affecting me as in like I guess my happiness,

it just wasn't there

and they gave me the option

that if I wanted to stay in school or drop out

and it was probably one of the hardest decisions ever.

And right there you are gonna see Kmart

and that's where I used to work.

- [Omid] No way.

- My first and only job,

I used to work there when I was in high school,

to make my money, to go out with my friends,

do things, be able to buy things myself.

But I worked there for one year and when I started seeing

that I was getting paid more on YouTube.

I was like, (swooping).

- [Omid] How did your parents take YouTube

being your career?

- At first like a funny story,

when I first got my paycheck from YouTube,

my parents were like, what?

Like "What do you mean YouTube is paying you?

"That's not real."

My parents thought it was a scam,

they didn't believe it.

But now they're super supportive about it.

- [Omid] Was there anyone out at your school going out?

- There were, but I feel like I was very different

and I would get bullied a lot in school for even,

coming out and for,

especially if you're doing YouTube and stuff,

I would get bullied like in public

in the quad during lunch,

like get things thrown at me and I don't know,

I don't think it was because of my sexuality.

I really think it's

because I was putting myself out there with makeup,

with YouTube, with like dressing the way I wanted to dress.

And I think everyone else was kind of

not really putting themselves out there the way I was.

We are here picking up my best friend Jasmine.


- Hi. - Hi.

Thanks for hanging out with us.

- Of course.

- [Omid] Louie was just telling me that you're like his--

- Just talking about you.

- [Omid] You're his only.

- [Louie] Right?

- Yeah, honestly.

- It's just like me and her and it's been like

that since like kinder,

like we have pictures together

from our little kinder graduation,

fifth-grade graduation.

Like we've been like this since the beginning,

which is why she's so precious.

And so that's why she's my only friend

because everyone else just comes and goes.

Just things don't work out.

I'm really about this thing like, if you don't support me,

you don't like, you know you're not happy for me.

Then I just cut you off, bye!

Okay, so, I wanna show you my old high school.

(bright music)

This is my old high school.

- [Omid] Wow.

- [Louie] Watsonville Highschool as you can see.

- [Omid] Oh my goodness.

When was the last time you came here?

- Wow, we actually made a promise to each other

like when we graduated,

we literally promise each other

that we would never come back

to this high school ever again.

- Not even like to this--

- Not even to visit.

I was like, we're not gonna visit,

we're not gonna do anything like I don't care.

It reminds me of a place where like I wasn't being myself

'cause I felt like I couldn't.

So every time I come here I'm like, yeah.

Are you hungry Ami?

- Yeah.

(upbeat music)

- We're at two Pinto Lake Park.

I think we should take something soon for sure.

- [Omid] Do you mean get some content?

- I do.

I used to always come here,

put my earphones in just like,

especially when I had a lot of thinking to do

or even as soon as when I was sad,

I would come here, just walk around like free.

So this was my spa.

Like I would always come here

like as soon as I needed an Instagram picture I was like,

let's go to Pinto Lake

So this is my spa, like where I took all my Instagram at.

So really pretty.

I used to come here, ride my bikes all the time,

walk my dogs, I used to do like track and field.

So I would come practice here a lot.

Just running around.

(upbeat music)

- [Omid] Who's your most recent?

Like fashion inspiration?

- Oh, I've recently gotten into fashion

'cause it wasn't something that I would do.

Like, I would just, for me it was always my face,

like my makeup.

It was like what I was super into.

It's just like doing my makeup

and like clothes wasn't really such a big part

- [Stranger] Hey!

of what I was doing until recently.

Now it's like something

that I really like gotten into

and I'm trying to get into it a bit more,

but I don't know.

I don't know if I have like an inspiration.

- [Stranger] F*gs!

I'm very like barely getting into fashion, I wanna say.

(somber music)

Do you need something?

- [Omid] Those guys we're being so.

- I know like I just don't put up with it.

Like don't (bleeping) with me.

I used to let myself get picked on all the time when I

was in high school,

but like now it's just like a ahh girl.

I'm a Leo, let me just tell you that, I'm very nice,

but if you mess with me in the wrong way girl,

let me just tie him up, put up a band.

Like I will not deal with it.

- [Omid] Being gay in such a small community.

- Yeah.

- [Omid] I feel like that's the type of bullying

that you would get, right there.

- Yeah, and I, Oh my God.

It's funny sometimes

because like, so many people will tell me something,

but then I'll go up to them

and there's like, not a single word,

which is why I like doing it.

'Cause now I know

that people are all talk up until you're up into their face.

I used to be so scared of my bullies.

I used to be so scared

of these people who would like,

say things to me or like yell things at me

or call me names,

but like, Oh my God,

you could probably ask Jasmine the amount of times

I've gone up to people

and be like, "Sorry, do you need something?"

Or like, "can I help you?"

Or is like, "Is there something you wanna tell me?"

And they'll just be like,

I'm like, you were literally just yelling things at me.

- [Omid] Yeah.

- Why don't you just say it now?

It's just people aren't used to being

confronted about things.

- [Omid] Yeah.

- So I mean, if they're gonna yell things at me,

they're gonna make me feel uncomfortable, then me too.

I'm right here.

- [Omid] Yeah.

- I just don't put up with it.

- [Stranger] Oh my God my daughter loves you!

- Thank you, tell her I said hi.

Tell her I said hi, thank you.

(bright music)

- [Omid] What are you up to?

- I am editing my new YouTube video.

- [Omid] Say, is this the setup for you editing a video.

- Literally, this is what I do.

- [Omid] And you edit all your videos by herself?

- I do, yes.

- [Omid] What does it look like?

What is this?

- I guess I really keep a base--

- [Omid] Wow this is how little he edits his videos.

Keeping it real.

Do you mind if we chat for a bit?

- Yeah, of course.

- [Omid] Yeah, let's do it.

Let's start talking relationships.


- Oh, relationships.

- [Omid] 'Cause I saw you posted a photo of a guy.

- [Louie] A guy.

- [Omid] But there's no tag.

- Yeah.

So no face.

- [Omid] There's no face,

- No face, no case.

- [Omid] There's a guy with no face.

So I mean like what is dating been like for you?

- Dating is something I don't talk about a lot anymore.

it definitely was a big part

of my channel before I was in this other relationship

that didn't really work out.

And I left a lot of my viewers with questions.

I ended this relationship

and I never talked about it, like when it ended.

And that relationship was a big part of my social media

and everyone was like, Oh my God, like what happened?

Like we never see him.

Like I don't know where I was in a relationship

but the next day everything was gone

and everyone was really like tripping out about it,

like questioning it and I just never talked about it

and I just felt like I wanted my privacy in that sense.

And believe it or not,

one of the hardest parts about being on social media is,

I wanna say dating.

It's very, very, very difficult.

I feel like people would think like, Oh my God,

like they probably have a bunch of people everywhere.

Like it's super easy for them to just get in a relationship

We have helped people in their dams.

It's just like you never know what people are really into.

You don't know if they're in it for you

or if they're in it for different reasons

and it's the most difficult thing ever

being in a relationship.

It's just something that always scares me.

But luckily, I am in a relationship right now

and I'm super duper, duper, duper happy

and the reason I choose not to talk about it

on social media,

it's just 'cause part of it is I'm scared

to put my relationship out there.

Like sometimes I want my privacy and sometimes there's a lot

of negativity that comes with that.

- [Omid] When did you first know that you were gay?

- Ever since I was little, like I kinda already know I was

different from every other guy.

I was into like playing Barbies,

being around girls all the time.

I wasn't doing what I should be doing

or what other guys like to do.

I didn't come to accept my sexuality up until high school.

Before that it was just something

that I myself was trying to figure out

and everyone was just always talking down on like gay people

and it's just like,

it would make me feel so bad about it.

But finding like in high school when I was just like,

this is me, I don't care whether you like it or not,

I'm gonna do me.

- [Omid] Coming from a Hispanic background,

being a part

of the LGBTQ isn't necessarily the most accepted thing.

Were you worried about how your dad would take it

and your mom?

- Well I was definitely very scared.

I feel like ever since I was little,

like there was a clear border line between things

that girls should,

and things that guys should do.

So growing up like it was very difficult

and I was always super scared to even come out to my parents

because I was like, what are they going to think about it?

Like am I going to like disappoint them

or they're not going to be happy?

And then again, I'm also the only son that they have.

So I felt a lot of pressure.

It was very scary, but I mean when I finally told them,

I definitely got a very different response

from what I thought

and I was really happy with the way they responded

and supported me even after I came out.

This one time I was on a brand trip,

I think I was in LA

and I was gone for like about a week

and when I came back my parents were like,

I have a surprise for you.

We're like, we wanna show you something bla bla.

And I was like, what are they so excited to show me?

Like did they buy a new veggies?

Like did I buy new furniture?

Like I really have no idea.

And they took me to what now is my filming room

and they showed that to me and I was like,

they gave up their room so that I can live my dream.

And when I saw that,

like I literally got so emotional,

it was crazy for them to do that.

It meant a lot to me.

- [Omid] Hey, you're lucky.

(bright music)

- I owe them a lot.

- [Omid] You're lucky to have supportive parents like that.

- I'm super thankful for it.

- [Omid] So if there's a little boy out there

and wants to be like you one day,

what kind of advice would you give him?

- Well you do what makes you happy,

it's just gonna help you so much more

because you're doing what you want

and not what everyone else wants you to do

and not what everyone thinks you should be doing.

If I didn't listen to myself,

I honestly have no idea where I woul be.

This is all because one, because of you guys

and two, because I did what I wanted to do

and at the time I felt like no one was there to support me.

I found people who supported me and they lifted me

and brought me to where I am now.

There's so many people trying to bring you down,

but if you don't listen to them

and you do what you want to do,

you're gonna go big, when at the end of the day

it's all going to be worth it

because you are happy

and let me tell you guys, I am so happy.

- [Omid] You're so special, you're so sweet.


No this is,

this has been really great.

Thank you.

So this is our first time hanging out.

You've been so kind and he's so down to earth.

Thank you.

I'm excited for people to see when I saw today.

(bright music)

- No, that was emotional, you ruined my makeup.

- [Omid] Did I really?

I'm sorry.

- Thank you so much for coming though.

- [Omid] Thanks for hanging out with me.

- Thank you for coming, looking at this house.

- [Omid] Seeing you house.

We'll hang out soon, okay?

- Yes, definitely, we'll see you soon.

Catch you up on all the cheese.

Thank you so much, bye.

- [Omid] Thanks for watching the first episode

of "This Is".

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