Difficulty: 0

I already feel sad I feel a lot


that they are going to talk to me about here that

I am suffering what I feel from

slavery of my country for you my

depression is that I do not understand why I


the students to the millions of pesos

It varied in my Cuban town liberation

a communist who was a kid will be the site

I was in which the sea and what the unemployment

who have been at the border for a long time

killed on the border where a

business where it is not a consortium where by

assumption very partners but no one will

I was interested in all the ladies from

Limited target to throw brother opium

I died fights you do not live endorsed that

there are palotal part to remove the

I put you whistle is that I want you

you a socialist communist dictator

antagonists seems so so murderous to me

like the fascists nor these sequels in

statistics come to my dad

this is suffering and you too

first there is a pressure in my alligator

extreme and the penalty system of

chain gave censorship to cancel that to me

They send mine if I stay here it is

with repressive mentions that weigh on me

reality is my system has been crowned

and if San Isidro is projected product

allows like everything to care for the mother

in which we go to flowers that one day I

captivates the girl who left this town

and what I feel

a dream is a happy sunrise and it is

for others we are connected


as it had done until today opened

the option to break position has been

proven not only can he not take it anymore


yes I piqu very

puppet with hit man combat from

a dec stiff copy communists

tinkers have is to try this

lying game is for the river is but

for the suffering of my people we

defame more entities than you die a

President you enter I send you from mariela

Castro with my granddaughter is a match

communist a lying government and a

Chain freedom and the painful system

I have a delinquent conscious thief

I'm going to the front, which is in Greek for Carlos

advance project in terms of history

with those who now my brothers by

the parties to find the doctors who

have suffered for oscar casa girls for the

imprint that the dictatorship has left on the

blood system with my sorrows days that

they were exploited under the dictatorship

gastro communist

hello just have a look at the flights and there

holding up to two days until when

what is needed is a change from us

mother are suffering for her children

winning because I had to speak is for

for movements to the vice but will buy

from 59 like the no name in

bribes Spain individual I do not exist on

socialist who is not fetishists

defend one more idea about this or

four old doctrine or and

Castro-communist I began to see how my

people suffer in misery towards the

displaced murderers by gangsters of

Wise State Council of Daz Canel Lo

that in force between when I am afraid that

a seer of sandro collapse septin

that my life comes to you with uncertainty

these of what assassinates me for what is not

never illuminate the impudence of your face

consolidate the harsh environment god

condition to see

so I wonder if the salary of a



yes in the story of the good pipe in the

bullet there's no water if they don't send an easy one

and for us here we continue doing

above by we detect the most and by the

rector and from the guts we get tired

what are you telling us the scars still hurt

we don't want what you say we are

waiting for the hand to warn so that

see how all the

are activated mambises and they treat us highlighted sanz se

We go with their verses inside they are a

little lame in so much Hellenic that when

The [__] ground because it cleared with the

eyes of the stand and if the de time I count

up fire him the heroes who don't

appear in the digital books of this

century are situations not the book like

the edge of the machete there was an abuse what

they want but the people are there holding on

up to two days when what is needed

here's a change

our mother are suffering has been

what is this person talking about

'They are not already talking about the least

another public week


tell me

Canadian brothers to exiles


blasco form forced to leave


or not

only heart I will not be all the brothers

in canada

that collided with reality and look

other active needs I loved it

we ate deep has reached those who

fewer baskets that collided with the

reality and looked vain need Janus

audience at the forefront friends of

I exile my people from Toronto in the

amount of havana cuba-get to clan

from the front in the guerrilla connects in the

world titled her care and I have

I don't have human springs

Canadian connected for the freedom of the

town and my people well it feels

sad that its rough ground causes you for

a fascist and prose dictator who

I smile today I am hurt because the people

mine is lost for the certainty of

fear and alligator take two caravans

long meal and nothing happened


It has been in my song I took deep waters

dedicated to the brothers in canada who

collided with reality and looked for

they looked with s

since faith has asked us today I look at the

horizon as whose and smile blessing

for mine who are in the

cold a warm greeting from cuba les

written submission nothing

your words are spent and they no longer

nothing left nothing nothing nothing

here is my song as the deepest

dedicated to the brothers in canada who

collided with reality and migrated with

need and so much with me deep

dedicated to those under the age of

collided with reality

but in need of a day dedicated to 16

how bad


beautiful white




with this time we pull from the net of

gas all you programs I don't know

come more I know that everyone prefers

We visit large centers in Cadaqus

between interaction I never have anything for

of interest that this curious interest that


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen Sean

welcome once again to our

platform darwin's world is

platform that leaves on Monday Wednesdays

and Friday always at 1 pm with this one

program called super connected

because we believe that all

Cubans are super connected

around the world we are fine

connected and this disconnection has

made the Cuban dictatorship with all its

Tricks around the world that I know

He was testing here in East Ottawa

It was past which I will be speaking a

a little later but sooner I would like

give you what you can find at

our program was watching march

that there are many people who arrive new

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We try to tell you who is seeing me

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own opinion that your opinion is based on

only in the information that you

possess if your information is wrong by

look at your opinion is also going to be wrong

that's why we always say find out by

please find anothers information forms

and is not guided only by what I say

me or by what a series of

says influences that make

I work on social networks too

we try that you schedule your

social circles you take away the

indoctrination to their social circle and not

only to their circles josias but

also to the people around him in

your environment family friends even that

they are not Cuban-Canadians so that they

unite in this fight against one

dictatorship that has been in the country for more than 62 years

to be able to another objective of our program

is trying to cut off its tentacles

financiers and tentacles

propaganda of the dictatorships that

found in these democracies

taking advantage of these

democracies three fundamental factors

what we do here a number one is to educate

number two is to inform and number three

inspire for you to join in this

fight that we carry against one

dictatorship with him and fierce that is

find in Havana right now if

you think this is what you will

like us we'll be around

of two hours here around three o'clock with

news debates and other sarcasm series

against the Cuban dictatorship so

if you think you will like this

I think you are in the right place at

correct program on correct channel and

at the right time like this

studying once again welcome to

our channel darwin's world a

our super connected program my

name is darwin santander

and see you in just 40 seconds no

you're tired of queuing the queue of

pan la cola de la bodega la cola del

chicken cuba is all a queue let's make one

single tail the freedom zone and now

you will see how you will never have to do again

so many lines of so many hours the rope

and great color

well they feed me

to demand

all Cubans on the island

let's join together

the last ball the balls of freedom

for the gola


I eat no plug

I want to tell you that we are commenting

look at the week and there we are very

happy from here for everything

is happening around the world if

you feel this same contentment as



Well thank you very much to all

people who are connected here with

us directly from our channel

of the world of darwing or this program that

it's called super connected and people

They will ask me, Darwin is very happy

despite what is happening inside

from her from Cova and we can't

skip and overshadow big wins

that we've had throughout a

week, imagine that this never

what happened had been achieved

inside Cuba despite the fact that there has been

deaths repression I will be putting several

things that have come to us new

recently and I think none

no channel has done it because not

I wanted to repeat information in addition to

certain and certain things and analysis

that we are going to be seeing chips that

we are seeing the Cuban dictatorship according to

the spectrum that I analyze myself and the

people who support me on this channel that

are collaborators of this channel so that

you see how the dictatorship right away

start moving chips with what happened

in Ottawa what was that was very big

applause and for all the people who

they were here from different parts

from the geography of canada joined

this manifestation and it was big fire

it was it was magnificent I loved all that

but before jumping for all that

because also the channels of the

left sorry left channels

not the cuban communists of ottawa

they also came out to protest

an order came straight from the

Kuwait embassy can not be that the

worms from there from canada are

you have to go out and show your face


josefina vidal that we are we are three o

four it does not matter what there is

do something we send the press

that we have bought

and you will see everything that happened and there is

people who are asking me

and they ask me quite a question

interesting it doesn't tell me darwin because

you always put the laugh and why always

you play with this sarcasm of truths

burlesque against the dictatorship

Cuban and he was talking to one of

my collaborators whose name I do not go

to say for security reasons and yes

we were talking about how the

started French revolution how it started and how

a town took to the streets when

I was afraid that I would behead not everything

it started with gossip it all started with run

it all started because everyone started

to laugh at the hidden king of the world

He laughed at the king and that's what we try

here all these news from cuba all

there is this whole circus that loved the

Cuban dictatorship I try to laugh at

That's because if I laugh at them

it means I don't respect him and I don't respect him

respect because they don't deserve respect for

those for their actions

so I try to do that for

inspire you that neither do you

have respect for these people

because they are put there in a way


and obligatorily and when I laugh

maybe you can laugh and everyone

laughing at them we lose him

respect and then when we go here to

Ottawa we can see a demonstration

never seen before here in ottawa with more

of three thousand Cubans there protesting and

ending all that and this would be

speaking a little later like this a

and then that's what we try to do

here a little push this and hit

that kind of check to the Cuban dictatorship

laughing at the nonsense they speak and

of the crap that they publish in the

social networks but I always like it

acknowledge receipt at all

people today let me put it here look

look at this message that I just got

describe how they wrote yesterday and

I always put it here for you

see that I'm not afraid says here

cheeky liar we have your face

recorded later don't cry you're a

ram of imperialism vendepatria

a ram because you are a ram this

if it is a ram, it must be a

ram a ram calling him ram

again it's a donkey saying the big ear

a maja saying dragged to another and

I stay cold with all this when the

true homeland vendor is this type of

people who dedicate himself is called Calixto

Rodrguez Daz with o Sexy is Cuban

because you know you can't

check the profiles but tell me that

to my ram that I sell homeland that

I am and I was commenting on this in the middle of

the direct ones and told the mind

mother gentleman people who

came from montreal the people who

all those came from toronto


spending money spending time spend

filling the tanks several times because

To come from Toronto is four hours and

road socks that is quite and

spending money and spending parking

spending a series of things and when

had to know someone is coming tells you the cia pays you


is shitting shitting on the mother of

another and


and you have to have a good face thanks

calixto rodrguez thanks for that

comment I like to do that

because I am no longer interested in me

personally I am open I do it

better than i can and things better than

I'm doing they are hidden, mart said

that things to happen have to

go hidden and I decisively everything

when I show you all that we are

doing you are going to say wow why

we are moving certokens

politics around the hidden world without

a lot of scandals and a lot of blah blah blah

so that later calixto garca will tell me

winter a homeland vendor tell me about


because I was doing a program

again the places for all


all the people who came

gentleman we are already we are more than 1000

connected applause and thank you

thank you thank you thank you for connecting

with us and it is the first time that I

connect for us please

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grow a little more that we are heading to

the 14,000 incredibly people are

ask why you put that and not why

the keys are saying that I am

buying subscribers

to the left channels

good mothers as I was telling you

we made a historical demonstration

we made history here in canada

especially in eighth in the capital

never ever in the history of canada was

they had gathered so many Cubans

at the same time claiming the same

message taking the streets of the artery

of the main arteries closing the

traffic people watching

that was incredible a serious applause

for all those people

friend, the audience mostly mine is

Majority is from the United States according to

the stays that I have many people

They approached me asking for a photo

incredible I'm going to ask you please me

thanking you less are those who

I have to thank you all

people who took a picture

please let me publish it on

Facebook tag me

so that I can download it and be able to

show it here so they threw me

many photos at the same time and good at

order to send it to me because

I would like to have all those photos of a

nice memory thanks to all

people who went there thanks to all

the people who thanked me on

work they did they gave me no stop

follow that you are doing tremendous

avalanche and then I'll explain

because canada in a strategic point and

because canada we have to be second

look at the second country with the most

Cuban dissidents must be canada

and I'll explain it to you later on

why what how can we move this

political board that we are moving in

Canada and that the dictatorship is scared

and I'm going to show you that in the little more

ahead because ahead of why

She is scared and how they do things a

little to counteract what we

we were doing good

the Cuban sent a quick message to

all the followers of her but the few

followers you have here

manifestation worm vendepatria y todo

what the Cubans are doing in

Ottawa the dictatorship and where to go

come on yes ya toronto everything to take it

What do they say or not if everyone then go

to show good they told me that

make a not so big demonstration

like the one we did according to me

production I have not seen the videos like this

who used to speak south of the afternoon

quiet speed is good that

make a demonstration they did

two let's see one first with less

people and a second with a little more

of people so that you can see that I know

I'm going to put it on if I put it on for

that you see what we are talking about

now this manifestation they made

in front of the us embassy

calling for the blockade to be lifted

we say nevertheless but they tell him

they say blocking look at the amount of

people who were there



or not


how many people could there be some


come up and well these people

that the Cuban dictatorship sent him hey

go it seems somewhere do

noise these days they tell me production

here that those were they were-there

but they did another one at the same time

the same do not see if these are stupid

people instead of meeting I don't know


they made a worldwide protest many more

people were a little more in the

swamp there is a central street let's go to

see why they say no that we

prescribed let's see how many people

they managed to gather

look with a flag of July 26

like this




how many people do you calculate there

fifty fifty-five more people

or less good that was what more or less

what the Cuban embassy could do here and

the different consulates meet for

try to counter the demonstration

what we had done in ottawa

that has been historical never so many

Cubans had gathered under the same

motto under the same union over one

same strength and you will understand the

Importance of all this well look at

we who would be more than 3000

Cubans according to calculation I can have

less or there may be more but that was

incredible because the media

he was a little cold with us well

so that you can see the power it has

the Cuban dictatorship on the media of

press look at this image I'm going to

share now about a newspaper from

here from montreal look look at this this

it was here I'm going to put the date here for

that you see that I am not lying

ie July 18 let me put this on

a little bigger for you to see 18

July 2021 say this was on the 17th and

they 18 started putting this dice in

montreal protest lifted

attachment of the embargo against

vats and the 60 o'clock

gazette seems to be much more important

60 than 3000 for that they are bought or you

the type of messages is much more interested

who was giving this this kind of

people say there are several Cubans here

gathered from different cities good

above protest but the most interesting

This is why they could not use one

photos of the protest

if you put some photos of the protests

Nobody is going to believe him because montreal

gazette gasset or as you want

name this used a photo of some

Cubans seem to be in Miami, look at it with

an American flag here leave me

get a little bigger with a

American flag that is to say to be

talking about Cuban citizens

Canadians who are protesting on

against the embargo and use nothing else and

nothing less than a photo of the usa

I say montreal gazette but I know

your credibility went hand in hand

it goes on the floor where it is placed and these

are the types of newspaper that must be

start putting your finger on all of them

so that they begin to tell the truth on

power that we had in the

streets that day we gave the police yes

The press does not call us, we are not going to leave

from the streets good five minutes

the press was there because the police

called because they were trying to

avoid a problem and you will see

the power we have and what we can

do and what you are doing

dictatorship that began to make a move

I will show showing in just about

seconds if you want is not required

from a turn around this page that is

call montreal gazette and drop some

loving comments there

some loving comments on this one

type of articles and why they did not report

the other one who was much bigger a lot

more colorful and much more mediatic than

What were these two videos that I showed you

previously said this we are going to

present our social networks that

It has been a while since he has presented it to everyone

you so go partner

but I'm here with the audios like crazy

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thank you very much

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surprise over there as well as clap from

thank you people

colors thanks bro yesterday was free

saying the paparazzi incited

violence in killings now yes this one him

2,220 connected degrees rise 100


I would free even the evil that goes to love

It was him so everyone knows who

is he, thank you dear from that for that one

field for that the perch of him today we have a

hot show a show outside of

league we'll be talking to the new ones

strategies the

is taking Cuban dictatorship especially with the

Canadians Canadian Cubans eye

with this because I always bring him

look at the dictatorship is doing this

but we can do this too so

I highly recommend it to be

miss this program because it will be

well lit we will also be

talking about the different things that

occurred in news within the island

of Cuban repressions unpublished videos that

it just came out right now on the networks

social and also as if that were not enough

we are going to show different things of a

possible coup that was taking place

driving from behind we will show

some evidences remember that this

program we always try to read from

analyze them between the lines of the actions

that the Cuban dictatorship takes and almost

we always give a forecast and always

we did well in our forecast we are

quite conservative but quite

aggressive when giving a prognosis

we always get wet

we always give and we also have

ourPanelists today, how do you know?

Let's say hello and let's say hello

We threw production starts to

put me there the chat of all the


paper steels thank you

bella 69 rancel hard with the communes

sure thank you very much if you

want me to greet you please start

to get healthy right now darwin

I had to take pictures of him so that

publish who are the ones at

in favor of that dictatorship almost all are

Canadians what was there already to us

they won they did not beat us remotely

what is this going on was a not gone 1 ko 1 ko

says the most powerful weapons of the people

played can have is internet we ask

all internet to bailn please

exactly we are going to be talking about

that too a little later but

We have to move the board

politician says william you're so crazy

exactly they are crazy asking for this

which is a total steel paper all those

magazines write in favor of the one who

pay exactly law are many

thank you

darwin inside that that was screaming there to me

seemed to see beautiful

the one with the largest poster

almera 69 dice montero newspaper ni to

be reports

thank you exactly needs to be

reported reported as you

want down down says it is in miami

It's okay if they don't know English, you won't open

lock thank you thank you all

you who more than more than more has

produced a link and greetings blessings

homeland life homeland and life I believe that the

two comments go a lot

holding the bill presents the

services from all who support

dictatorships thank you jacqueline very much

thanks for that comment william was

of hyper salute 20 patriot of homeland and

life brother and mother over there for a

applause for all the people I think

comments are going too fast

thank you all thank you blessings to

all good said all this is for

We will be ready in a while

the panelists will be with us here

so let's start our


so thank you all we are going to

immediately our production sponsor

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Hernndez let's go to the other expose

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now everyone calling me by

phone at this time please do not call me

phone now so said

this thanks to all the people

thank you very much

let's continue a bit with our

good program what I wanted to tell you

is that all this has had a

total repercussion within us

thanks toall the people I know

You are subscribing so much thank you from

yes yes

to tell you things as you have to

tell these dictators well said

I'm going to tell you something about support

international with what happened in Cuba is

Total support is incredible

international people that one neither

He even knows well look they start a

little to attack the Cuban dictatorship and

Directly look at this fighter at you

I'm going to put this fighter that nobody does

knew I did not know him personally and

They sent me the video watch this by


look at what was a fight from ago

this weekend was created around


and he

so give it up for that fighter and

as of course I dedicated myself to looking for him

because we can't all the people who

they join our cause they deserve our

support here is the fighter is called

let me make it big so you guys

see this fighter is called the new world

landry world here we can see it leads

a record of 400 a new fighter like

You can see it there too please

supporting him, the nickname is long stark

and it's because this is from texas it's a

person representing texas so

I recommend you here you can see his

instagram of long be kit mma by

Please come over there health of what

thank you because this person

It seems that he is going to be fundamental in all of them

the fights of him here we can see the photo leaves

see if I can put the photo here look

here the photo with free that there was a

applause and with all the television

looking at him

everyone watching her and everyone

in expectation the player as the pullover

and he won and we are going to win this one

fight here so thanks thanks to

this character thank you that it may be that

be one next with norm added

images and you with colom added and

knowing freely for cuba and

seeing the whole world that gave me her

now and this is thanks to what we are

doing all the Cubans and the momentum

the protests all that we are

doing has brought us to this point

Ufc mma fighters coming out

with pullovers saying freedom to

Cuba so thank you very much to all of you

the people who are still on the streets on

which I think is wonderful that they continue

encouraging them to keep hitting hard and

continue to draw international attention

I'm going to ask you please and I'll take it to you

asking their name is darby world if not

has a twitter do you are doing

twitter in English

I'm shooting all the

Canadian politicians and I'm going to explain

later the importance of why

we have to continue this type of work

and see if you do what we are

doing it is important that I will


and let me see I don't have the item here

that ricky martin also expressed

how can we help Cubans and this

It has been incredible I think I had the one of

leftover here is good I don't have it anymore

good in front of ricky's invu yo

Martin also supporting how we can

do to support the freedom of cuba ha

been completely go she has been a

Total madness and I love what it is

going on I love what's going on

happening right now also the father

Francisco spoke lightly I didn't like it

since I speak sincerely, he said something for

up when he could have said something

many of the world know that the father

Francisco lefts or moves in this

good left trend

I'm going to tell you now when we see two

thousand 193 people thank you


thanks to all the people who have

concentrated here to listen to me for

see what we have to do then already

they saw the demonstrations they already saw the

demonstrations of the new communists

remember that the image two videos

great the one that fights for the freedom of

Cuba the one that fights for the Cuban family

like Carlos Lasso who fought for the

Cuban family that has a family in the

the United States that fights for the Cuban family

who has a family outside and who does not have

who does not receive remittances look at this what

pretty please

but if ambulances arrive to leave

military and ambulant for

arrive in my fight

red eyes and foul anger

faced with the world

institute I'll know if it instituted is

free and clean because yesterday an ax of

military loja and light and pageantry

but still good

no to taiwan

streets incredibly there are still

people live this

had been fixed a thousand cables that

they kept a name without notice there is no

mentioned town



I still see that and it bristled with the

number of people of the synergy that

there was there sharing screaming with a

feeling of a grudge so to speak

against the Cuban dictatorship for more

of 62 years we have already

identified the enemy we have

lost fear and we have the

political power that we can exploit

greatly and that we are going to exploit it and

why do I tell them because we want to

we all Cubans want the

organizers of this event

make canada the second country

with more dissidents against the



Canada in the second country with the most

dissidents because when you create one

dissident mass you create a power

politician, look if this is the power

political that we have now

myself and I'm going to give you strategies from

which can we do to start a sentence

darwin where can you can be sent

information send me I saw them on my whatsapp

they put the first whatsapp there on the screen

so people can see it on

number that you are going to see on the screen is

my whatsapp from the program so

send less there is on the screen

You can also see it there 9 17 9 60 94

18 send me around the whole

information because we are going to do one

total rebellion here in canada when

I say this you saw the amount of

people we see there in that place

walking more than three thousand more who are

They were left unable to come because of

team for me for z for us

we have to start learning what it's like

that political chess is handled here

in canada we have to start

put politicians who respond to the

interests of Cubans as the same

there is

USA USA is the place where the most

there are dissidents for issues

geographical areas and I love it that way

but now canada we have to

to convert it into an equal we have that

convert it this way like

we do well look we have to do

negotiations with politicians for example

via twitter there with at world of

Darwin I'm always bombing

yostin raw I'm saying I'm

raw of something justin theroux ponte del

side of the town but the interesting thing is

that below I put the opposition of jobs

red that you see what I am

telling jobs tim trick that's why it's so

important that you follow me because

every time you retweet him it reaches him

to the opposition of jeaustin true and him

it reaches Josh and you too and very little

soon the opposition of

jeaustin truth is going to sit down to negotiate

with the Cubans go create a plan

will create an agenda to be able to fight

against the Castro dictatorship

and that Canadian politicians do not know

side with the embassy

'Cuba, which is a nest of spies and if not

to stand on the side of the Cuban people

that's why this was so important

demonstration punch on the

table and say we Cubans are in

against the Cuban dictatorship which of

These politicians here in Canada are going to

put on our side which of

you will benefit or will follow the

agenda of those who want freedom from

Cuba 'very soon that I promise you

they will start negotiating with us and

us what is the interest of all

Canadian Cubans is voting en bloc

the politician who takes the side of

Cuban people the politician who walks away and

detaches himself from the Cuban dictatorship will

have the support of the popular vote

Cuban and we have to vote en bloc

we have to be like a block we have

to be like the us we have to put

parliamentarians who respond to the

interests of Canadian Cubans and

therefore to the interests of the families

Cuban women who do not receive remittances and who

are being oppressed right now

we have to start doing that kind of

I work that guy

of alliances that type of voting because

the Cuban dictatorship does the dictatorship

Cuban has a politician like Nikki Ashton

there in parliament that every time

speaking is to offer the kindness because

look nikki ashton look what happened on

Ottawa and you have to scrub it annihilate

They are in the face and you will see how it goes to

change that speech because the

politicians unfortunately are like that

build and try that canada will

become the second point of

dissent worldwide and when I say

I do not say position said residence

people who disagree with the idea of

communism people who do not want

Communism or here but they don't want to

communism there people who love

freedom of expression people who

they want democracy is fundamental in

this fight we Americans

Cuban Americans are fighting

tremendous battle but the great battle

great battle the decisive battle for

drown the Cuban dictatorship for

leave them alone to isolate it goes to

develop here in canada that's why

we need you Cubans

Canadians who see me

surprised how many people

watch this program and for which I thank you

to everyone who asked me for photos at

everyone who greeted me at all

that they showed me their affection when

you are the most important

be careful with this because now is when

political strategies begin now

is when we start to have this this

this stood out in the press because it

they had to highlight who likes

do not like it and of course the dictatorship

Cuban has begun to move chips inside

of this political map has started to

move chips and I'll show you here

right now to all of you let me see

if I can put it here on the screen

Excuse me for you to see that I

I am in everything I am always analyzing

social networks which does it

quite interesting and I like it

analyze it because I bring you

news where no one goes where

no one shows look at this right on these

look at the manifestation is

say demonstration in ottawa saying

that in Cuba there is a dictatorship not travers

Cuba every time you go to Cuba

They are putting the money so that

repress Cuba what the dictatorship does

to move your piece look at this which

they are telling the people inside

the island of cuba they will do it please

go to all tourism workers

They are telling you to do this that

publish this template that you did

look at this I'm going to show you

now look at this there is this template

that you see there that sure right now

they begin to flood it in the networks

look at the message you have there

I'm going to read it to you, thank you people of

Canada for its solidarity with him

Cuban people thank you forever

come back and for helping us

Thank you for helping to improve our

personal and national economy thank you for

respect and friendship thanks for the

eternal smile and kindness thank you

for helping us fulfill our dreams

thank you on my behalf of my compaeros

work and I am sure that in the one of

every Cuban who is lucky

interact with you

thanks look at it there that's what it is

happening but it is a moment that now

something came to me here

panelists of mine to write to Carlos

ferrer to send link to carlos ferrero

if they can there is via facebook this is what

what are they doing they started with

Ministry of Tourism workers

because one day after the great la gran

demonstration and I knew they were coming by

there and I started to monitor everyone

those people I know from

Morn who are from tourism start at

publish this post right now for sure

I come maybe they don't see it because not

They discovered I don't do it, why do I

stay with me look at this a temple in

Spanish English you think a

Cuban is going to spend megabytes of

Internet for this they are forcing them

now locate yourself in this imagine in

that in Cuba there are already ten thousand workers from

tourism that all have telephones

They have a telephone, they all have internet and

I can force everyone to do

this and that each person on their facebook

meet five Canadians 10 thousand per

five more on that is reaching 50

a thousand Canadians is reaching you with

this message as forget about the

protest that they thanks to you

who are helping us

No lie, Cuban money does not go to

the dictatorship

they are lies of darwin you are us

helping us thanks a thousand thanks

a message of love for all of you

to read this super milleni chat

Darwin State Dollars Policy Act

it was very emotional in the white house we were

more than two thousand Cubans all united

manny garca boy los pichy boys

tell me the big bank and all others

supporting power the time has come

begins to pull the strings and the worst of

everything is that relatives of us are

lend for these antics lend themselves

for this to start saying ay

you thanks to you us

we are alive do not stop coming by

Please help or help is keep traveling

keep traveling with us help us and

I know that tourism workers

depend on this really but in a

cuba libre where there are doctors working

tourism writers doctors being

taxi drivers you will not have to

do this you will not have to

stoop to nothing and they will be

professionals what they studied what

They like, do not lend themselves to this, say

who do not have internet that do not

they recharged because they are the same

Canadians who recharge you so that

you come with these messages of love

trying to overshadow what we

we did in ottawa therefore we

we have to continue very hard we have to

is to vote en bloc as I said

above to delete remember

that canada is the main issuer of

tourism to cova they are doing this


They have friends in tourism so that

for each attract tourism so that no

be guided by the message that we

we're trying to give to try

free themselves us

we are trying to free them and

they trying no no no no no no him

I'm opening the doors, it doesn't close us

the door I want to stay here is there

people who are writing me darwin

does not declare do not send intervention

humanitarian we don't want war ok

do you want blocking I don't want to either

blockade they want dictatorship, well that's what it is

the only one I know about the dictatorship, leave me the


I am happy here in this corral at

which they do not give you or food you have to

find you the food in which you

they repress as if it were a ram that

you go to the slaughterhouse you come and post

this kind of thing is amazing

gentleman is amazing and we

we have to stop this the apparent

ask and darwin how do we stop this guy

of propaganda well I'm going to give you two

strategias of not achieving one I will

give two strategies strategy number 1

that he was talking to someone

you know that here in canada se

divided by neighborhoods and by area distribution

as you know

Well, look at these areas and these deals

there are always community groups

community groups such as me

Cuban not humans not in Ottawa but

ottawa community of ottawa and you will

gets into that group and belongs to the

Aw community and find out about the latest

news if there is traffic if there are these and

They lowered in I do not know where if there is something

special if there is an event for children

well this person who is a collaborator

from the program says let's do one

try a test to see what

people think if we

we started posting videos of what

is happening in Cuba and call

care of these people who are

out of cuba completely look what

wrote my collaborator look there

we can see say hello to my neighbors

If I post, you can post videos

about Cuba and see here the feedback from

people if it would be interesting for

know what happens there I miss

to Cuba or a person who travels to

Cuba says very sad what is happening

in Cuba I would like to spend time with

they you are very good says me

I was thinking the same thing and that's how they started

the comments well this person ends

to get involved in this group

would post bombard this group with

videos and repression inside the island

Cuba explaining that every time they go

Cuba and deposit a dollar 70% of

that finger at 70 kilos the safest thing is

to go to buy him suits for

buy him food to pay at

people who are repressing what

you are watching in that video

we have to do these Cubans

Canadians get us the groups first

ask why I once did it and myself

they voted from a group of that this group did not

is for that

They voted for me but well I think

interesting to ask first to arrive

ask today you can post asked of

Cuba so they know what is there

happening in Cuba since I am Cuban

people go yes yes yes yes and the

Baxiroca administrators and put you

saw videos that are not so violent

because Cubans are quite forgiving

Canadians are pretty

susceptible to this, what else can you do

do also well look at this this was

an initiative near toronto me

they gave the name as a bit more for

Over in Toronto near the border with

the united states look what they did

these people look at this

outside their house they began to nail

things no more castr patri vida freedom

for what grape can we see it there

Cuba no more just communism all this

they are initiatives that we can all follow

the people who pass in front of you

home and see this is going to stay here

see an applause etched in the mind to

those people with this initiative

thank you thank you and I hope you continue with

this and if you want to do the same

do it do what no nothing i know

do for the freedom of cuba is this in

vain it does not hurt put all that yes

they can put up a poster with all the

prisoners with violence or there was a

very interesting poster at the protest

that they put the man who was

officiating talk about the sea and the Cuban

to the repressor of the Cuban dictatorship

officiating a white black white like this

of the 16 because this is good and this is not

it's fine in short all this all that

you do please do it look

this is so nice outside your house with everything

what you can all the banners that

you go to the protests for why all

the people who pass apart that is you

private property here you can put it

that you want seems to me extremely

interesting if they are going to bomb

Korea every time a post is found

like the one I put before you are

in the comments and bthose bombshell

comments and if you can do this more

get into the groups in your community and

explain to people I think it would be

quite an interesting tactic as well

of the political movement that we are

doing with the politicians who call

to negotiate with us for the blow

that we gave him in ottawa that this was

incredible well look this is going to start

to have and begin to form everything

we have been keeping an eye on this

because many things are moving the

Cuban dictatorship does not know what it has done

they think we already put out the fire

within the island of Cuba as it turns out

be that fire in the Cuban diaspora

it is like an eternal flame and we

we have to keep hitting him hard

posing our problems

pressuring our politicians on

anywhere in the world especially

in canada main source of tourism a

the Cuban dictatorship I put on the other one

day to count how many thousands of dollars to him

He removed the dictatorship in one day and

I came to count 40 thousand

everyone who approached me explained

what I told you before

money goes to repress the town that you

money goes to violate rights

human of the Cubans your money is the

that prohibits me from going to my country for what

that I speak because I have no freedom to

expression you want to donate your money to

that they tell me not darwin I do not want that

you are going to travel to cuba like this with these

conditions as I am considering it

I don't Darwin, look, thank you very much

Thank you very much and you have joined our

cause good before starting since

I have my panelists waiting downstairs

because this is crazy to start with

honeycomb because I have several topics that

I would like to talk to them I will

talk about the concentration that there was

there and did a survey in my community

both on twitter and everyone is on

agreed that everyone was going to go by

fear for fear of what was

happening well this concentration I

I put it here let me see if I eat it

I put here here was a little more

big concentration havana in favor

government's leak of char

university in which teachers

pressure students to attend the

manifestation by in evidence that no


spontaneous I want you to see this because

what I tell him that you are is so

important miguel diaz canel you say that

the lie is the infamous infamy

sorry and hate cuba is deeply

allergic to hate and will never be the land of

hatred nothing good is built from hatred

hatred robs us of time to love and

even for and even love itself


people call me dawei because you laugh

although laugh

good in this post

it is not laughable

it is not to shit on the mother

It is not to say that the people of some

days that we are not going to tell them and

we are also going to call him murderer too

You have to tell him because when you put a

can this a president president me

I call him willing to see me dictator

as you want to call it because of the

people of the world personalities

of the world are seeing this but without

However they are not seeing this that I am going to

to put to you now these are videos

unpublished images of now in the morning

look at this please



It is not to shit on the mother of and of

everyone who supports the [__] that does not

say more words long and do not say

more words I don't know what there is to

say it and you have to speak energetically and

you have to get serious and you have to mock

of them and you have to tell them 40

truths not only to Daz Canel but

to everyone who supports Daz Canel on

enemy here is identified on

enemy are the communists the enemy is

carlos lazos that don't say anything with

about this and we are going to

keep quiet then say that

we are hate

He who causes suffering

causes us who are fighting

for them or carlos lazos who wants to go to

washington who will no longer go because it is

Baixen said that he was not going to go that he wants

go there and present something to follow

financing people who put up

suffer this poor Cuban mother who

it's the haters who are the bad guys

of these movies we they are the

love diaz canel is love who they are

love here is a war is a war

there will be collateral damage in one

war there will be suffering as I suffer

I daily because I can't go to the island

from cuba because of the unfortunate thing

this that is in power will be

suffering for as a base that mother there

that they are bleeding her daughter and in

Morn in my town they are bleeding him

and nobody says anything and the communists will

They keep quiet and go to the platform and

to try to do something nice there for

show the world that that mother who

she is crying because she is hers

dying because that's a lie is a


who is the bad guy here who is he

enemy here where they have to go

the shots here literally to where

where the attacks have to go

here to those people and everyone who

support the disgrace and the Cuban debacle at

all of them you have to start putting the

finger without compassion without anything there is

He really looked at me not without anything harsh with

they with all I do not understand with all the

that gives weight to the Cuban dictatorship

it is hard with them without fear you cannot

have plans already warm cloths here

you did not want the Cuban people

She went out on the streets and went out alone

blood now it's our turn from

the exile without putting the blood put the

sacrifice for pain spend time

so that we can free Cuba from this

Suffering from this agony tonight

Eternal that seems eternal but is not

it is so so weak we have to

leave the dictatorship alone and that the

Cuban people take care of me we have

to strategize but we have to

go as a block can't go one by one

side and one on the other as a block

we have to go and we'll be talking about

this this week because we have

news arrived that Cuba max there in

Miami and in different regions of the

The United States is giving him, takes him

he is giving him the support of the weapons and

the suits allegedly and allegedly

to the Cuban dictatorship this Wednesday

this Wednesday do not miss the program

because I'll be talking about Cuba max me

they just sent a mail with a lot

of information of cuba max and in

wednesday cuba max on friday we will be

against tampa pink candle which is another

return of the Cuban dictatorship jumps and yes

I read how everything is calm cuba then

let's start putting I see you all

these people who are in favor of the

Cuban dictatorship who have their lives

to become a millionaire get rich and

indirectly start supporting

to all these agencies within very

You will not do a little with protests with

the officials we are going to go in front of

these things these figureheads and we are going to

start putting your finger on these

figureheads one or two protests in each

agency that covers the face of the

Cuban dictatorship and sells or gifts them

to the Cuban dictatorship suits so that

repress so don't miss the

Wednesday Friday program

'Cause we'll be tough against this guy

I'm going to start the program

I had some things I wanted

show them I'll show them next

Wednesday very interesting things

so no program is lost on

wednesday cuba max if no other happens

thing and on Friday we will be with roses

travel from tampa so i don't know if the

Acade has an agency we are talking about

of all that of all that and much more like that

I'm going to take a little bit and I'll do it

I leave right now with the spot and we return

in just 40 seconds



well, back we are going to start

with our panelists because we have

various topics to talk about included

the main theme of the program is not

lose this because we will be a

analysis and today we have the full panel

with all of us so let's go

present it in order of arrival so

for me it is a great pleasure

introduce you to one of the more people

smart social media that

I want to consider and opponent with a

extraordinary strength nobody knows him

as nobody knows him before supporting

the 1940 quote a person who did not

has hairs on the tongue regarding

the freedom of cova so let's get

with a very loud applause


I am an organism


to all the friends that you make us one

smile when we come here despite

the circumstances

It is my duty I think the best way to

fight against the Cuban dictatorship is

in this way theirs laughing

making fun of theirs and a little bit of

sarcasm in times of anger I think

it helps a lot to lose the fear of

Cuban dictatorship please present from

yourself and your social networks and let's go

with all of you come social networks and

where people can meet

Libertad de Cuba 'what radiocuba libre

everything but how we are at the moment

history in which we are what

I want to say more to introduce myself at

first place that endorsed word because

the things they have said are times

decisive and each act counts but also

you have to go to the heart to the heart on

heart of the only one who cares in the


for you

for me one of the most people

smart social network writer

he has a fleeting with his pen but it is very

controversial also at the same time so

so much we have it here with us for

the approval of us so

let us welcome

with a very loud applause orlando luis pardo tie


greetings darwin

1 Carlos 2 and thank you very much for

be in this space as always like

Well Carlos says a smile but

also a whip and if possible now

a whip without bells on the tip

to give hard to the Cuban dictatorship

in its terminal phase

tree thank you very much because

You can follow Carlos Orlando Luis

Can you just follow him please

Monday to Sunday nights when Cuba does not

existed at two at night on his

podcast follow him there that always

brings extremely interesting topics and I am

sure that interests you all

so presenting our next one for

list of the man who was lost here

one of us was already upset with him

of the people plus the historian of

social media I love the way of him

in what tells the story so

Ladies and gentlemen, let's greet with a

Loud applause

good afternoon karlos good afternoon to my


darwin guys don't bother you from

discomfort that I already have enough with

cyber since where the networks threw from

everywhere with which the option neither nor


site where to present myself I am not in

nowhere except at my house and at

twitter that later we will talk about you

I will go, it seems to me that it is important is what

what you said about twitter and what

what the dictatorship is doing there

I want first of all first of all

congratulate my two colleagues for the

work they are doing in their

respective social networks

speaking louis and carlitos carlitos

I was watching the direct you did on

another day in the world's voices

you were exacerbated but I liked that one

your way of directing earth

to the Cubans who are on the island

I was very upset but that's what

touch it is true no they are not worth when you get to

good manners nor is itthe claims that we

they are doing not saying no at

words and angering the public of all

those things

after I have seen this video of this

Madam has arrived and left me on

heart this is actually that with everything

as she says as adding with the cac

with the various in bells with great

abacus if necessary I'm here now

same in my twitter account carlos efe

Torres is the only thing they have left me

I live because when there are problems

right away they blow me and I was without

internet for a long time that's why

we couldn't get in touch if

He was looking everywhere for me

they just described see me a message

that we couldn't put it on the screen

because it happened very quickly the chat says

elvis m thanks for those 10 dollars

I urge everyone to post a message on

I support our brothers in Cuba in the

your car window if you can't get to the

demonstration pass the message and support

as possible seems like an idea to me

great this put a message of support on

your car window inside and where or

the back of somewhere put it

so that everything is me, the whole world unites

in this fight and make much more visible

our cause in favor of the Cuban people

applause for that thank you

elvis I apologize for not having put

this but is what is happening in the

chats very very fast thank you I will

start with the first topic with everyone

you because there are things that are

hot we have always suspected here

in Miami that is to say there in Miami always

we have suspected that the front men

they are there for 10% this despite the

United States economic embargo

towards Cuba a box of

has been opened pandora with the theme of cuba max que

They say she donated the riot suits

the new outfits he was putting on

here production is not here the

production I'm going to look for it now is

what you give me the criteria for

put it on screen and it also seemed

strange because I saw it very new

clean like never before

used they were not old as well

they bought it ten years ago it seemed

that they had brought it a little while ago that

they had opened it had just opened it from

the nylons and I found it extremely

interesting what they use to repress

to the people of Cuba

what opinion can you give me on this

start with you carlos ferrero please

that you, there was a max who says

allegedly supposedly you not those

riot suits worn by the

Cuban dictatorship to repress the

Cuban people Cuba more than is in

American territory that have several

agencies next Wednesday is

talking about this do not miss the

next Wednesday's program on

Cuba max and what opinion can you give it

this as the usa allows all this by

Please Carlos Herrera to see I think that

first this must be put in

quarantine and there is one thing that feels and

another one that is not known is that he feels

It is true that there is a conspiracy ago

long time of this man that he the

owner of this company with Cuba and the same

that many more have it today

watching all morning giving in

names of other companies in

Miami there is a very long list of

companies that have this type of

comadre or with the Cuban dictatorship and

really his name came to light ago

several months ago not only for that

but because he had relationships


with Cuban government institutions from

the Cuban dictatorship regarding this of

Darwin uniforms let me

put it in doubt we are living a

moment of many facebook of these that

we would like them to be true but that

in many many cases they are not for me

hard to believe that

that can be shipped from Miami

with impunity with violating all

customs regulations an amount of

uniforms to equip the

Cuban army is this thing so tan

tremendous and also not perez that either

they are underpants

and my underwear was two helmets

shields realized there is the

possibility that they are not from the us

that is bought in a third country and has

commanded but financed by the company

as a max when he should be can

be can be but there is none

convincing proof of this with which I

I want to insist on being very

right now very cautious with this and don't give him one

news a feline

true if so, they deserve that

It occurred that the bombs of right now

but if we are not going to give up by

been alive because you know that too

they are dropping a lot of news

false that they themselves stop for

then come and give us the dagger and from

signs that I am a liar

I want to insist, do you remember that we talked

once you and I of this man who had

what is this company called from


Cuba that was financed by the one who lives in

Miami do you remember that we talked about Jesus

Mari live in Spain, well this one

man is the one that more quantity of

He does business with Cuba and he's there divine

of death living in the heart of

load of 8 nobody has paid attention to him or

when trump nor now

that's the poison that is poisoning

us all everywhere before

put it I believe that the Cuban dictatorship

at that time the Cuban people are in

a kind of regaining strength

because it is not easy in protest it is not

easy to put the blood and I think it is

recovering strength now but now it is

the time for us to attack too and

is already taking hold of them is

making use of those who are his support in

the enemy camp then I believe that

we have to put the invention now in

that enemy we have in this truce

fertile as jos mart said here is

a small truce now because I am here

I know what that is, gentleman that you

torture that he and you know and say uabjo

until we make another May saved us and

well it's up to us to fight back

with politicians and like this kind of

agencies thank you amelia says please

open an account on twitter and support us

thank you what we are talking about

thanks to half of these types of these

guns I had never seen this in the

Cuban population in fact when I

I was in what is called in ribbed is

doing my military service once

there was a riot in the prison and nothing that

to do with nothing to do with ugly suits

from Russia

but this looks pretty modern and i think

that each suit of this is between 500 and

600 dollars almost 600 dollars

that is, each image is you

how many syringes can be bought

with 600 dollars according to the account that is

Carlos Tie ends up in his donations and

all this well look they prefer

buy because these are new suits

This is not bought from 20 years ago that

they had it just in case no no this is

now recent says darwin already that is

discovered with the purchase in Spain by

regimen worth a million

euros and I talked about that too that

They bought weapons but they were not specified

what not only is Spain is not

the only country that would fit him

I will also be talking about that

also in canada also sells to you

Also arms to Cuba Carlos Carlos and there

Carlos will say the area of everything

I have Carlos Carlos we have to

change our name

or something that carlos that there was that can me

say about this please

came out of the news to follow that of the

concrete information uninhabited or what

I've looked right, I have no idea about that

but it is a question to the current owner

march the owner of any kind of

commercial business entity

200 many the capitalist I believe that I

gauge but languages and the same question

of the world includes the artist include

whoever is from your commercial part of your

business there is moneyor that he is going to the dictatorship

if the answer is if you are going to stop it

right now immediately thing without sim

so no no not like that look is for himself

you are going to do it if then

welcome to the fight no problem

Victor pointed out the mistakes and someone yes

It's not like that, he doesn't believe in taro

years surpassing the self and would encourage the

very honest Cubans calling for hate ni

to violence do not be confused we are

at war this is not a game what

everything we have asked is happening to

the stars to the asteroids

what happens in cuba what is happening simple

and simply that we had it super

idealized sometimes knows even

fantasist and this is gay reality

this is the moment this is this what

There are massively Cuban youth

He threw into the street and they didn't even ask for food

nor uncle who said a moment but

They asked for freedom and down with the dictatorship if

that's not the war call that

supposedly we have all been waiting

we have all been asking and all alone

we are dreaming what the hell is going to be for

so much at this time is economy of

war political warfare approach

of war ok now I'm fantasizing

I know we can't [__] a whole rifle

the world knows nothing about me this is the

reality that we have that does not mean

that this ends the town of cuba no

is that he is calm he is repressed

brutally first and second

is expectant because among other things

we made a mistake promising things that

we couldn't guarantee as a supposed

invasion at 52 hours because there is

young people incubated in the street of Cuba that

They really stayed waiting for that

So let us Cubans take the reins

let's be pragmatic realists

organized and effective once and for

all therefore yes all

business account can not go even one [__]

dollar right now to recovery

of the dictatorship because the dictatorship

urgently need to calm down and what is it

calm give what give you buy you and from

where does that money come out that money doesn't come out

the military are not mistaken about that

and the military junta the fortunes continue

being in the same place there has not

after that, that money comes out of the other

economic flow and the other flow

economic comes for the dollar and comes for

tourism and it comes from outside because

Cuban produces dollars or everything

absolutely all two questions as of

Cuba, especially a dollar, and if I didn't

it will stop it if I don't feel it much and it

What am I going to say, maybe it will cost me

I don't know, but Cuba will be more hai la

I'm going to put it so we should bring it closer

with these agencies that hypocritically

They sell here and are in those two waters

there trying and selling and enduring the

Cuban dictatorship both direct and

indirectly so as not to do so how is


and what we should do with this afternoon

our favor

once in 63 years is the time of the

absolute definition and there are only two

ways freedom or dictatorship freedom or

continuity there is no more

anyone who had to provide a

apex of her pocket of her heart of his

effort of his soul for the beat for no

be in command to freedom really not

Cuba wants nothing wants Cuba without

tongue for canceling what happens to you

I'm so sorry I'm looking forward to it

violence to anyone talking to him

term with I think what we are

doing radical boycott if he recovers

tourism we are screwed but also

I send a message of hope to

Cubans on the island is difficult is going

to be very hard but the barrage of

tourists that we are going to have the day that

that falls to see the change se

will make up for all losses

so important in this main fight

main issuer of tourism to Cuba that

gives you dollars

the Cuban dictatorship leaves here from

Canada that's why your the post that

They are trying to bomb the networks

social with the Canaandienses trying

you stopped stacking everyone

Canadians and you have to have a lot

be careful with this speaking luis pardo

loop what opinion please

you all know that I always bring

here a little discordant voice because

because I like the best that he can

pass to the Cuban dictatorship today in Cuba

is to shift care to an agency

of travel and merchandise in Cuba that has

been burned by the fascists of miami

and the person the owner who is an accomplice of

the Cuban dictatorship dragged by the

Miami streets until practically

they left everything without life because he was

helping a supposed Cuban dictatorship

who has been doing it for 30 years also

so it is very important I coincide with

my colleagues Carlos is very important

verify calling by phone in person

at the agency I want to speak to him

representative ask what the press

go press boycott

close the block so they can't

enter or exit the agency cars

everything everything everything and also what there is

many probono lawyers working

in Miami Cuban Cuban American work

legally the finances of all these

agencies to insure though they

say what they say ensure that they are not

doing nothing illegal because friends I know

that there is tremendous despair

send a bullet send a casing of

Empty bullet to Cuba from Miami is a

Serious federal crime that could

involve a life sentence

prisoner then if there is a person

suspected of committing a crime in Miami

the first thing is that person is innocent no

we forget if that person

the head of cuba 'max sent weapons for

kill children in Cuba that person is

innocent and will only be guilty

of his crime when he is sentenced in a

North American court

Cubans cannot be communists

Cubans cannot be a Castroist

then all that is going to be done

do it I have here right now all

Cuba max phones can I call you

I can request a service I go to

request and I will send money and food

Cuba to know if it is being done

Let's be smart for three dollars 30

dollars that we send to Cuba

I can send something else I have some

military boots and some packages that

I want to send to Cuba and I talk to the

agency and I give 100 dollars to the

agency and the dictatorship to rule

some military boots for a relative

mine riot to a cousin of mine who works

a little clear today to me, excuse me

I also have a police cousin who uses

some military belts I know what weapons not

you can send but a few simple ones

military and some things that are for

they put on your fists is not there

wrong that they are asked and done

an investigative journalism that marks

boycott in the sense of breaking up

institutions what is not a problem

what is counterproductive is that that is what

who is going to be an agent of the

state security living in miami

years ago with a profile of anti

Castro and that is what the

needs state security do right now

that we do not remember the names of the

murdered in cuba of those tortured in

Cuba of the disappeared in Cuba and that

let's worry now that Carlos

Manuel Daz Canel Gonzlez Bermdez

just got shot dead on

head in miami and that's what

He wants the counterrevolution in Cuba

shots and murdered we cannot

allow a single act of violence and

be very aware because violence

is going to come is a war very well said

Carlos and they are going to impose the

violence in exile someone goes to

die violently in exile soon

announced it so they know why and

How do we displace this war?

we are inciting violence we are

seriously yes but we are peaceful

boycott there you sent this if we tried

that as hey send him was against me

they say yes well look there I have the

test I have this and let's go there

because you need to send him

they did with me you could have done it

with any frontman wind efe 499

thanks to this company they can support

sending massive batches of sms with the

homeland and life message would be extremely

well, I totally agree

but I repeat the concept we are in

war is not baby they have to do well

what to do according to what they have to

do the war economy

of war then we have the same

we are in the same

yes perfect this is interesting because

this ruins what is coming

then many Cubans are dating on

the streets and they are asking war is

military intervention or intervention

humanitarian or both at the same time

I want you to give me your opinion

because this is a bit divided a

little to clarify all this and I will

start with orlando luis pardo tie on

last that started to start with

this idea military intervention or

humanitarian intervention or none what

Can you give me your opinion on that?


darwin personally I have one

political opinion and an opinion on everything

guy with cuba but I don't think it's him

time to pour it here now I believe

that what contributes the most is the

Political pragmatism and I'm going to say it

as said in other spaces

whatever option you

defend or not defend is moral

be patriotic be liberation


what is happening now and I am

talking about names and people who

They are now while I speak to you here at

washington I was working some

speeches to be read tomorrow at

us congress the state of opinion in

washington dc and political pragmatism

in washington it says I'm going to say it with

pain in my heart will not be a

military intervention and it will not be a

humanitarian intervention I am

saying with pain in my heart and

It might seem that when I say this

I am dissuading us from advocating for

Do not ask for this, ask for it or what you

want but what I'm seeing

besides a long time ago also with

trump what I saw with trump is

military intervention is not going to be done

against the murderers in Venezuela and that

Trump ate it ok I'm a horn player se

ate it trump humanitarian intervention

how to do an intervention

humanitarian without having the marines

doing the humanitarian intervention or

whatever I want to tell wing is my

Personal opinion I reserve it can be

yes and if it could be state 51 but in the


because the political pragmatism that

implies this war is there is no way to

that the congress of the us of america and

a Democratic administration do one

humanitarian or military intervention and

to close my intervention imagine

3,000 adolescents murdered in the

Revolution Square has already happened on

murdered in Tiannamen Square and the

The U.S. response to this atrocity was

make china the best partner

US commercial so there would be no

more massacre in chinchin that is when the

Cuban government kills three thousand Cubans

probably we in Cubans go

to take up arms and we will burn it all

in Cuba but that's something else

the US most likely will not put a

foot and a military man in Cuba that's my

political analyst criterion is not my

I wish then when we spend time

asking for something that in washington we

they look over the man says oh god

mine get me these Cubans from above

Daz Canel Lincoln Daz Balart Take Me Out

these Cubans upstairs who come to


it won't happen at least not me

I imagine a stage the stage

It would be this with a migratory crisis with

a threat of a migratory avalanche

against the US I still can't imagine a

military scenario against the islandbut

well it is a scenario of militarization

from the strait of florida and from

deportation of these people to the

different military camps from

Panama from Guantanamo and an intervention

humanitarian I am in favor but who

the united nations will carry it out

Russia will approve Russia will approve

a humanitarian intervention cuba-china

will approve a humanitarian intervention

incubate side let's say so you don't know y

five factors of narcos yo is after

to be explaining this so that

you know why you have to explain it

and clarify this well because if not the

shots are going everywhere and no

we know who we are throwing the

shot but you have to try for example me

what I most see an intervention

humanitarian is what I see the most the helmets

united nations blues is what


I see good regarding the intervention

military military intervention I believe

that is not going to happen but hey what

more I see that and there are five factors of


be explaining and two is a two of

They are Chinese sorry and it is Russia and it has

to be unanimous in his and there it gets complicated

may be explaining later more

ahead all today not in other programs

so that you understand to know

where is he where he wants to shoot

and how to do this because this morning

I had a conversation on the phone with

someone very important who worked 30

years in the united nations with lawyers

I was talking explaining me they were

explaining how to do all this but

I think good let's see this a little

later a line nothing but darwin

for colleagues to talk

while there is a government in Havana I

I see very unlikely an intervention by

no guy the only way is that the

government disappears in havana

someone who killed diaz canel un

red guard of this and the guy is

one of these thugs appears from

Ministry of the Interior to say that he

is the president of cuba ral castro is

dragged by special troops

to put us to put a blow of

been in a cube that is while there is

government in cuba and that government

appears to be established in figures

villas daz canel and his council of state

and the council of ministers of him I do not see

no international body capable of

enter Cuba