Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Human vs Rat: The Maze Challenge

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Welcome back to Day 3 of this year's Humans versus Rats competition live and exclusive.

Time for the maze solving challenge now,

but first let's take a look at the scores so far.

Rats doing well this year in the plague carrying and incontinence rounds,

but humans dominating in yesterday's cheese eating contest.

And there she is - that's Michellie, human competitor for maze solving.

Let's go live to the rat version of the maze now,

an exact copy of the Trafalgar Square hedge maze

painstakingly reconstructed in miniature

- and that's Treacle, this year's rat competitor.

Let's see how these two contestants stack up.

Michellie the first human in a while to give the rat a run for its money in the squeaking stakes.

They're ready, start the race.

Both contestants off to a flying start there as they round the first corner,

Treacle getting a little distracted

but Michellie having to deal with slow tourists also in the maze.

Treacle - oh, that's a disaster! He's gone into a dead end.

No such problems for Michellie, she's able to understand the challenge in front of her

and actively solve the maze while Treacle is just a rat.

And he's having a bath, I can't believe this.

- oh, he's out! He's moving on now, sniffing his way around,

that's not going to be helpful, all he'll smell is duct tape.

Michellie rounding the maze's half way point now

as Treacle investigates yet another dead end.

But wait - hang on - that's the right path!

Treacle has stumbled upon the right path by sheer luck,

Michellie taking an incorrect route down the side of the maze,

that could come back to haunt her.

Retracing her steps now, against the flow of traffic,

more time problems there.

Treacle now speeding through the maze,

he seems to be able to smell the mealworms at the end,

Michellie at a flat run but I don't think it's going to save her

and there's Treacle!

With no time to spare Treacle has reached the end of the maze,

Michellie's only seconds away but that's not going to be a consolation,

the victor in this challenge is the rat.

Next up, time for the poetry contest, when our program returns.

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