Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG) 무릎냥이와 함께 노토킹 홈카페 영상 모음, 개인 PT 갔다가 마트 장보기,별 거 없는..집콕 자취생의 일상 브이로그.

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Ttangcho suddenly stood up in a fit of surprise.

It's too heavy for Ttangcho to come up on my body.😂

Whenever I sit on the sofa, Ttangcho always comes up on my lap.

I ordered frozen rice cake to eat at home on the Internet.

I like rice cake more than cake, but I didn't know that rice cake was sold on the internet like this.

There are only five...😫

I'm going to grill the rice cake I ordered right away.

And I will grind the remaining strawberries to make strawberry milk.

I think it would be good to grill rice cakes in butter.

I hear the sound of calories rising.

Bake the rice cake in a frying pan for about 10 minutes.

It feels similar to the rice cake I ate at a teahouse when I went on a trip to Jeju Island.

I got a strawberry growing in my boyfriend's hometown, and it was really delicious.

There is cheese inside this rice cake. I recommend rice cake to people who like it.

But there isn't that much cheese in the rice cake.

It has only that much cheese in it to give off the flavor of cheese.

Before going to exercise, I read a book that my sister gave me as a present.

This book will sympathize with Korean students going to Europe to study.

I go to individual exercise in two weeks.

It's time to burn back the calories I ate.

Now that I've finished exercising, I'm going to the mart.

Since I worked out hard, I bought chocolate.😊

I bought curry powder to make tteokbokki at home.

I also bought soy sauce for making soup.

I also bought wine, which is the driving force behind my video editing.

That couch is Ttangcho's own seat.

Ttangcho loves the hollow part of the sofa.

Taking a bath after exercise is the happiest.

Since I worked out hard, I eat a delicious dinner. This is vegetable gopchang.

I cook the glass noodles myself and stir-fry them and eat them with vegetable gopchang.

But gopchang sold in this restaurant is not delicious so I won't order it next time.

After dinner, I want to drink coffee, so I will make latte using decaffeinated capsules.

I also edited a video clip while drinking coffee.

At night, I went for a walk in Gwangalli, but I ate ice cream.

At night, I went for a walk in Gwangalli, but I ate ice cream.

The music played through the speakers was very out of the blue.

It is a book about minimalism.

Recommended for those who want to try minimalism. I failed....

The subsequent video collected footage of me having tea time alone.

I will drink the tea that I bought in Jeju Island.

The fullmoon withside sea cafe is the best buttercake.

It was so warm that I made a sound without even realizing it..^^a

a book to read over tea today.

Tea that you drink has the advantage of being able to soak it many times.

Ttangcho came down after looking out the window.

This time Ttangcho sat on my lap. LoL

This tea-pot set is a gift from my boyfriend.

This is a product of Jeju Island.. The package was so pretty that I bought it.

It was a drink tea with a hint of green grapes. It would be good to eat with fruit.

Ttangcho is watching me drink tea.

Ttangcho's expression is so funny.

See you in the next vlog~.

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