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Hey Laura, hey

Welcome. Thank you. It's very exciting to have you in the shop. You want to build a specific thing

What is it you want to yes, so after the tape dispenser that we built last time

I thought this time we should build an over engineered bottle opener

okay, so there's this trick that you can open one bottle with another bottle and then if you whoop

Hold on and then if you kick the lower bottle it should pop the other the other one up yeah

and it makes this great sound and the cap shoots up like right into the air and

I thought it would be nice to have a fixture for a party where you can have your bottle and then

Recreate that movement and have this explosion does that make sense? That totally makes sense that totally makes sense

Um, is this a ... are we going for efficiency or novelty novelty? Novelty. Okay, great

That changes our engineering


So when you said you wanted to pop a bottle cap off I first thought of a hammer and I broke out this hammer

But when I look at these bottles what I notice is that they're at different heights and they all have different lips. That's true

I actually think I'm not sure what I think in Germany. They're all the same. They're all like this

Yeah, but I could be wrong. Oh, so if we're going to do that, we kind of want to make it able to accommodate any

bottle, yeah

So, well, the bottle cap is always the same size bottle cap, yes. Oh that's the consistent thing

So first first, I think we need some sort of

Yeah, exactly. We need a registration for the back of the bottle. Yes, right

Yeah, so what that could be would be like from the top. So from the top it would be like that, right? Mm-hmm

and oh, yeah, and then from the side, I think it would be

Like that right with that with a hole cut out there so it's a very you know, it's like oh it holds it

Okay, so it holds it under the yeah holds it under the bottle cap. Yeah, like cradles it right there

So it's a really positive lock and that way, you know ya know

I was trying to think about a way that a hammer could literally go folk and top it off

But when I look at these lips, I think that's a recipe for broken glass flying everywhere. Probably. Yes, however

What if we had ... what if the bottle?

Okay, um wait a second, wait a second, wait right here oh

You see what I'm thinking yeah what I'm toying around with the idea of is wait

What I'm toying around with is something that sits here, mm-hmm, right so that we make a thing that is exactly the right shape

So maybe it's like a thing that comes in so you bring the bottle into the device and it sits there

Yeah, and then there's this part that comes in and goes. Mm-hmm and the hammer hits it

Yeah that yeah, that is a good idea. I think but the trick with that is

Whatever the hammer hits

Has to be on a linear track

Mm-hmm, right?

See here, I mean I have some leaf I have some linear actuators

You know so you could

Literally bring this, you know, you put a this can handle a lot of here feel how how solid that is. Yeah, it's wow. I

Mean it's got the the holes in it so we could bring it up like this, you know

Make a little lip for it to grab the bottle cap

Mmm maybe

You know

So what if what if it had what if this had a lip on it and a little spring so that shoots up, right?

So it it brings it right in it's almost like a pinball machine like the kick of from a pinball machine. She yes. Yes

Yes, wait, we don't need that. We don't need this. What we need is something that holds the bottle down here. Yeah, right

Yes, and then this just could this is spring-loaded. Yeah, right

So we bring this in and you bring it in so it goes like this and now it's set and then the hammer goes

And knocks it off. So it's a two two part. It's a two-stage operation. That's it. You've got it. This is a spring

yeah, get in point like this and it's you know, we have a

Making a thing that holds the bottle is not that's not that difficult now I can I can use a little piece of like neoprene

Rubber. Mm-hmm, you know like a cup holder. So it just like holds it nicely. Mhm

That's great


let me I have a lot of linear actuators because

They're really useful

Is this a bigger one? This one might be better because it's bigger


So it's gonna be a little more robust. This is so nice. I know aren't these great you can get these on eBay

Yeah. Oh, no, I see how it works. Yeah, a little reciprocating ball bear. Oh

Isn't that nice? Yeah, that looks like a like a caterpillar or something

Yeah that moves and you have to be careful because if you take it all the way off the balls all fall out. Mm-hmm

that's why you have that that's

That's really bad when they don't fall out. That's why they yeah. Yeah

Great so it's this longer even no and you can chop that down careful. Don't let it get them up. Mm-hmm

Okay, so uh, I think I think

There's three parts to this. There's a bottle holder. Mm-hmm

There's this part and then there's the hammer. Yeah pop. Mm-hmm. I

Think that we got to do the bottle holder on this part first, yes, that's it

That's nice cuz we can literally pivot it right off of it a little clevis that we make out of aluminum

I have a really specific idea of how to make the

Little horn knock off the bottle cap good

I could make that and that and the thing the hammer hits if you want to start on

how to hold on to the bottle

Yes, and I don't know if you prefer to work in wood or steel

But I have a welder and I have a ton of plywood. Let's see what we find. Okay, take a look and then

I need calipers to start with so we're calipers from I have for you. Oh, you'll love this

This is awesome. I recently bought this this calipers are both English and metric

So the red is metric and the two dials move at the same time Wow, isn't that crazy? So

That's metric and that's good English. Cool. Thank you. Go great, so we can roughly estimate


Diameter range. Yeah, I guess I guess

It's gonna go

I mean it has to be

How you know, but maybe it doesn't maybe it doesn't need

Maybe it doesn't need a

Super hard hold that's what I'm trying to think like how maybe it's a hole with just like with three

with like three almost rubber fins

mm-hmm, but because I figure if this if this is if this sits there and the hammer hits it that's gonna go off and it's

Not gonna tip me the weight will hold it. Yeah, I think so, too

Yeah, um anyway if all sorts of different densities of foam I have lots of different neoprene rubbers, yeah

I have come over here and take a look I've got

Rubber stuff here right thicker and I have some thinner stuff here I have

Some aluminum honeycomb

I've got Delrin tons of plywood. That's all sorts of foam


Yeah, we I'm sure I'll find something okay and then

What this thing sits on top like what its base is

You know anything here you want to utilize okay, however, you want that to look

Great. I have some junk. I have some bigger chunks of it. Ash here. Oh nice

Uh, I have some nicer hardwoods that I've been collecting and down here, too. There's some

Nicer pieces of wood if you want to work with some great

Great yeah, yeah actually take this out. You might really like this. Oh

Is that like some kind of mahogany or I can't remember

I know it's a nice chunk. Yeah, that might be perfect actually

Cool so I will just make this nice and

I'm gonna start on the Nerney that hits the bottle cap. Great. Okay, cool. See

This is all making me really thirsty

We're gonna put a lot of strain on this device by hitting it with a hammer

So I'm giving it a little bit of a rubber bumper so it doesn't over strain as it were. There we go


Perfect. I

Love that tool

It's totally clear that's meant for a beer bottle. Yeah, isn't it? Oh, did you use my stop? Yes awesome

Did you make that yourself?

I did I did. I took the original stop and I milled the channel out of it and made this a little camlock

It's very handy. Yeah, very handy

Sweet, so I like the woodblock fit because I think this will look really nice at the end right great

We can have a little sign on it. Well, we're gonna have some structure sticking out from here

So yeah, if you oh, I also made a little bumper here at the top. Oh

So when it hits so obviously when it comes in, we'll set it like that. Uh-huh

And then when the hammer hits it, we don't want it to go


Sorry about some do go that's fine. So maybe it's even that we want to set it up about like there, you know. Mm-hmm

So maybe you want to think about a clevis that holds that yeah. Yeah -

great, I

We could have some angle I think once this comes in and sets

I don't know if we're really gonna need something that holds the bottle here, but I think so

I don't think I think you're right, especially with this one cuz the fit is so nice

Yeah, but then we I mean we end up trying it with these because this comes in and is adjustable

We're gonna end up with it. Yeah. Yeah, it's good

Two three four


Okay, so

Right, okay

Yes, three

Seven that should be 0.783 center-to-center

One, let's see if that works

One two

Oh, yeah, I get that wrong

Have you seen one of these an optical center punch? No, I only just found out about them. So

You put this

Light in

Here look look there. Oh

Jeez this is so precise. Isn't that nice and then once you got it to where you want it?

You pull that out put that in and give it a little

And now you've got a nice perfect set. Isn't that awesome?

It's genius. I know

Changing my life and I decided I should be more precise


Think I will

Wait a little bit until I see what you are working on because I wanted to have this made out of wood

but now this is obviously too long, but this will fit in here with this roof from both sides so you can

Tighten it. Yeah all the way through. Yeah

Yeah, and then for the placement, I will wait until yours is done so we know exactly where it should so this should fit

yeah, actually, so I think if you put this kind of maybe you know, but

15 millimetres in from the end, okay

About half an inch, uh-huh that that's like totally because what I'm gonna oh, oh, oh, yeah, right. I

Almost screwed up

Right, so if this guy sits like this, it's literally oh

Maybe I do that

Oh, right, but you've got this no, but I can like I can change this was this was quick, right

So, yeah, I think what I was thinking of what I was gonna do with this was to weld

To weld something out to I was I got my directions all wrong

so I was thinking this but I was wrong so I weld this to this and I do it like

Like this gets cut


You know like that. Mm-hm and then that's the part that

Slides and meets the bottle. Yep, right. So it's just a nice little that doesn't yeah

That attaches to that so I'm gonna give a rough cut to this and then weld these two things together good

All right. Okay cool. Cool

and but I think you could I think right about there as a pivot is totally reasonable and

Like I'll make this a little too long and we can shorten it quite okay

I'm sorry. I didn't make that easier to see on camera. I just had a thing I needed to do that's great

That's gonna be hot


Look at you you beautiful thing. Yes, perfect

This is gonna be really fun

Right. How's that one going? I think it's going. Well. Yeah dowel it in or screw it? I have got a wood screws, too

Perfect. I thought I'd cover it with this piece of brass to make it look nice. Yeah, yeah

I have thicker pieces of brass too if you want

over here and then

Yeah, whatever you need. Yeah lots

I mean, this is more just basically just for aesthetics to hide this and also it will look nice

do you have like these old brass screws - I -

Wood screws is box number 20 there. All right, perfect. Okay, so then there's all right

I'm aware that you should not machine

when an

Mills chucked into Chuck's I know but a milling Delrin it's fine

So cool, all right



10 1024 1032 so that one

Okay, so that goes there this one goes here

Sure, oh

It's not gonna mount right there it's gonna mount off to the side. Okay, that's right, so it's not gonna be centered

All right, that's good. Ah

Man, it was such a nice traction fit and then her files and files and files

It's not anymore. Yeah, but it will be fine always like that. Yeah. All right, Laura

Here's where we're at

Okay, so and this is this is to be adjusted yeah that distance but so this comes in

Oh my god, and the hammer hits that yes

And maybe the hammer hits that just I mean we can shape this to meet the face of the hammer exactly

Yeah, but suffice to say


Yeah, let's see that goes in there and that comes in yeah see that yeah, I think that's actually not

okay, I have to well what we can write this up at the L K and


Right, I got to put a spring in here. Mm-hmm. That's an easy thing to do. Oh

My god, hey, we're making good progress. Yeah, all right

okay, so but I think I have to because this is -

The angle is wrong. Right? Well, I can adjust the angle I can um, it's actually

It's actually not bad try different what there will be at the same. Yeah, go ahead

Yeah, that should be fine cool and it's perfect good cool

So the general thing is gonna be about their back, but about the second hole, okay?


Put two little steel pins in there also to hold it. Oh

Yeah, that's better than a washer. It looks nice guy. And you know, it's it's just enough to hold it there

Good oh you're gonna love this. Oh




Good that's good and could use a little oil, you know? Yeah. I don't want to do its thing but

so we may want to

Have the adjustment screw or maybe just a little like a stick that sticks up with a little thing that just holds there. Mm-hmm

Ya know that just like keeps the any bottle any bottles gonna still have cylindric syndrich cola

Let's enjoy bullets in

Cylindrical it's gonna be syndrome. I was gonna say syndra qaulity

Ii make a little slot and have a tinier piece that goes in there

and then we have a screw that just yeah where I don't even know if you need a screw just mean it could just be

That it's like it sits like that. And so then this comes in okay, yeah

Yeah. Okay, good. Hold on

Can I try a test? Yes, please. All right. So if this is gonna come in like this, right? Yeah. Oh

Hold on. Here we go. Yeah

Almost yeah

So and the what is finished and the wood is half, right we come can finish your wood with colorful one

What's gonna need a hell of a head it's gonna be a yeah, I

Mean I will cover it all now, so it's even yeah

That looks like it's really it looks like it's really centered there. Yeah

Yes, yeah I think so too right

Yeah, shall we?

Jonathan I think we should yes commit commit we're gonna commit

Yeah, this used to be the right range. Yep. Go for it. Okay, that's

Good oh, you know what we can do here we can make life a little easier


Think it's mostly the clam. But um, maybe I just draw the position then drill the position then put it on the drill, press. Yeah

And then yeah ready yeah, whoo

So our first test we actually broke a bottle and that's

Not really

good for drinking


Now we realized that we can't just have the hammer smack this into the bottle. It needs to be going up

So we need to secure once we get the the bottle opener in place

It needs to be able to be locked in that position. That's what I'm working on next and we are

Starting to attach this we still have yet to build the hammer mechanism

That's nice frigid

This guy sits in here like this, yeah, and you'd adjust it and tighten it down. Yeah. Oh

This okay this a lot of things right, right

What I'll do is I'll make the slot the top inch of this mm-hmm and

Then do you want to make a block of wood but that block of woods got to be a certain height, right?

I will wait with the block until you're finished with this and then we can see exactly what it needs

I should be finished with this in a couple of minutes cool

Do we have a name for this a name for it? Huh?


Right on

It's done enough otherwise we can turn it up like

JA I can go. Yeah, I think let's go higher. Mm-hmm. Let's go to about there and here oh


Yeah, and that mark looks that looks exactly right like where it is you want to mark it yes

Is that right? Yep here I'll get this corner here

Nice got a Delrin bushing in there. Oh, yeah. Oh

My god

I think that's it. All right. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna Bend this. Mm-hmm

We could also cut a slot so it sits inside the wood snugly and can't go anywhere this is


Yeah, I could machinist

Just on that you have to yeah, let me let me slice that off

Yeah, and then we'll see working get that's a great idea Laura

Yes, I have band saws at every station sue me

Kind of cool this

It's trying to make me laugh

Actually, but who's us

You know what I don't I think this is better than that

Mm-hmm, because it has to travel farther to get to that arc. Yeah that arc. Oh

And we can still angle it here. Right and we don't even need to if it's hitting Center. Oh, that's true, right

It's kind of popping straight up

So I mean what we can do is we can clamp we could try clamping them in and just give it a shot

Okay, once once this is in yes, this is security. Oh, look at that. That's awesome

So I need a small 632

This this speed feels very much like working in commercials, yes. Yep. This is exactly what it's like I

Have some bullseye shellac, but that's it. I don't have any good wood oil look shag. It's good. Okay, it dries fast

So that's okay. Good, okay

Cool so we can put this bad boy in here

Oh, I'm so excited!

Maybe the I didn't always a deep enough the whole. Mmm. Good. Good good

Okay, so...

I get the bottle in here. You set this right to their

Clampett tell me you want to try you tell each other give it a test fuller. I'm gonna use a

Similar weighted hammer I hold on to this. You ready? Yeah do it

Okay, we need to drink oh yeah have a separate worship them

Mm-hmm face better, doesn't it? It does taste like effort. Okay, so

That was like it was literally 15 minutes ago we knew we needed this. Yeah. That was well done. That was great. Okay

So now good. Let's see here. It's this is the next stage. Oh, right, and it's win another bottle

Put this in here right here and right so it's a different bottle and it's got a different persuasion

So we bring it in a little closer

I'll clamp it in

There it is

It's not pushing the bottle cuz it's locked. Yeah, so now the hammer

The hammer needs to go right? Okay. So yeah, go ahead

Okay, now how they could be more then we cut that hole out on your Jake ah

Okay, I didn't change anything hey this should be the same that's just right

Good so, that's the first one

Okay, so it's very adjustable, it's a nice amount of adjustment. Okay, so let's get a bottle in place

This one seems pretty classic


Blocked okay, so then

We might need to hammer this hammer this yeah hmm Oh, oops, I was like wait a minute

But we also might need to cut some off

So you mean from this do that from the wall? Huh? Oh, no, it looks like actually that's fine. Isn't it?

Yeah, you want me to grab a chisel and get some of the wood or you think we can hammer it?

I think we should hammer it in I think a tight fit is exactly right

But let's make a mark know where we're hammering it in. So we'll mark the ceiling mark the wood

Yeah, so I think that is actually exactly where it should go

Okay like that. Mm-hmm

Okay, so now what we want to do is we want to screw that in

so we need a a

Wood. Screw. Yeah. All right. Yeah

Technically, we only really need one of these

All right now it's time for a real test fire now we also may need

In order to transfer the that that was nice in order to transfer the energy

We may need to actually put this on a board that you can hold that. Yeah, but but but

Yeah, we can do this

So good. It looks so good

All right

Let's do it. Okay the maiden voyage

The tough bottle opener popping in three two one go

All the sound that you know is out of a sign it isn't better than I imagined it to be and it looks so nice

Oh counted it

Okay, here we go three two one

It's perfect

I love that you can see like what we started with, you know with like superfine and that's like

We get a name for yourself, oh, yeah dad jokes there they are. You're welcome everybody

Oh, oh

It doesn't support itself well do you want to cut a piece of plywood to put underneath it? Yeah


That this so that was for real about six hours. Yeah, I that is a very very good use of six hours

That is a beautiful machine. I'm really glad you came here to make you oh, man

I'm so thankful that I could do this and I like I mean it looks

Awesome, right, right. Yeah. No, it's purpose-built for something absurd. Yeah. I never not enjoyable to look at I'm blown away

This is so nice. Shall we shall we fire it up one last time? This is the end



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