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This video is powered by; Agradi, Horka and Penny

& please be aware: this video contains footage of neglected animals. This can be found shocking

Hey, how pleasant of you to look at this new video of Los Caballos Luna!

The foundation I am at where they save horses in need

& make them better,

Today I will be going with the team for feeding the hay & I will show you

A few days ago, when I got here,

Here food laid all over the place

That was also completely full, I thought there was a kind of straw

& this a kind of hay, i am calling it that way,

We also will be preparing the bowls for horses which stand in this big pasture

which need extra feeding, I think one is coming over already

The others are coming aswell

So a few horses are ready and

One person will stay here to make sure that all horses

or the specific horses which get out of the pasture,

can eat their bowl in calmness

& when they are ready they will be put back into the pasture

There comes Lieve with one of the other horses which needs to be fed extra

& we need to wait on the others,

I am standing at the gate to open and close it

& to not let this horses, which stand here, in

So, the horses are now eating

One has already finished

Then, in a few minutes, we will be going into the field with the pick-up to feed the horses hay

What now is being spread across the field is a kind of straw

Which enables the horses

to be nibbeling, later on they will get a kind of hay

I am calling it that way, it does have a special name here

I think they have Paja and Heno, but o well

I'm here to see if the girls leave strings behind, because it does happen sometimes

that a string which has been bound around a package of straw

it does happen that this string,which is made of plastic

leaves behind, because it is possible that the string

falls of the car or that they forget to remove it by accident

So I'm just looking around,

Are there any strings on the ground? This can be dangerous.

But actually, it really looks great

I haven't seen a string yet, I'm helping with

getting the strings out of the packages but I haven't seen a string on the ground or something like that

So that realy is fantastic!

And the car is almost empty.

& we will be getting some more later on!

Girls, you really are doing a good job, I haven't found a single string yet!

The next load

is on the truck, this is Heno

That is the hay and we will be dividing this in smaller pieces

Yes, the horses are already walking with us, they ofcourse find this a bit more delicious

Heno is a bit more tastier and more nutritious

The horses are seeing us the umpteenth time but now they see that we have something lot more delicious with us!


Shall I help with dividing it?

See, we divide this in small pieces

all around, that way every horse has its own piece

This one can be here!

And then you have this!

All horses do kind of have their own piece

That way there is more calmness, every horse just walks towards its own piece, as you can see

That way they don't have to fight over who can eat or not at one big piece

They all have their own place

Lindy, does this all go here?

Yes, what is in here, goes into this field. Fenna- WOW!

& we're now finished at this pasture! These are all strings

Of the hay etcetra, so imagine if we hadn't been careful this would have been in the field

But we did our best!

So we will be throwing this away on the heap over there

I was pointing at that one, but they throwed it on that one,

There is a heap with only strings


The car has been filled again

Or filled, packed!

Packed with new forage

This also is the Heno right? - Yes

This is Heno, they hay-like, and we will be spreading this now

We have now arrived at the next pasture

I think it is toddlerland

Right? Lindy, is this called toddlerland? - Foalland - Is this foalland?

Oh ok, so this is Foalsland.

This is on the opposite site of Konik Horses land or Koonik, Jesus, all those pronunciations.

& we have to spread 6 pastes of Heno, they hay-like, around here.

Also in small pieces, so we will do our best again.

To again take all the elastics, no, no elastics but, plastic strings, with us

And I will be helping to spread this, because that way it will go quite a lot faster

We have done this part and as you can see

Each one has its own heap and can eat in calmness.

When one horse sends the other away,

The horse which is send away can just go to another heap

That way there isn't a horse which can not get any food

But i really have to go, the car almost has left

So i have to go after it very quickely.

This is how we go through the fields, opening and closing the gates everytime

We have arrived at misfitland

Here the horses need to get hay aswell,

This is Andrea, a horse

Which is still quite new here, she has just arrived

But she really is doing well..

And maybe

You see some with spots on her, which means she has just been treated with sudocream

She had really bad bedsores.

See, but she really is looking better

Compared to how she came in here

I think she could not even stand on her own at the beginning, so this really is amazing.

What's really nice is that all the horses have trees under which they can hide when it is too hot.

So sometimes there is a heap here but we try to lay it under the trees as well.

In the shadow, that way the horses do not have to stand in the sun all the time.

It now is - i do not know if you can see it - but is now is

24 degrees, so it is ok for now

But we did get it quite hot already

this also is going very good

On the top the most dominant horses came to see

if they could eat first, that was quite a mess, but

Lieve gave me some extra pieces which i could trow away quite on a large extent,

that way the horses did not get too close

& as you can see, they now are all eating

& we are spreading the rest of the heno in here.

We're spreading it so that the horses do have to look for it a bit

- and aren't able to eat at one big place-

but really have to go across the pasture.

They have to climb and decline the mountain.

We have to do that as well unfortunately!

I think we can sleep very nice during the Siesta this afternoon

Wow! look what I have found! I think it is a piece of a spine of an animal. See!

- It is not from a horse-

-Not from a horse? maybe a cow?-

Cool isn't it?!

Yes, it does look like a spine...

Yes- i think it needs to be this way. Well let's take it home

You have a souvenir!

Yes, so we need to grab some bowls for the

Konik horses

Right? bowls?

& also feed the Konik horses.

We now have a 10-minute break,

it is hard work and like the whole day under the sun!

But the farrier has arrived and i thought it would be fun to film that as well

Laura will be telling us something about the farrier

ofcourse a lot of noise! Laura- This farrier is a dad with his son and they come here once a week

This morning they have done 3 horses!

Because the girls do have a trailride sometimes

They pay 15 euros

15 euros for 2 hours

That is for the people who work here voluntary

, with discount, but yes, these horses need horseshoes

So from this money we let the farrier make them horseshoes

We have another farrier who also is orthopedist

, this one don't do that, so we also have an orthopedist farrier

so for the horses which are hoofed or in need of special made horseshoes

, silicone, doesn't matter

Or when a horse has an injury in the buttmuscles they get a special horseshoe

For those cases we have an orthopedist ferrier

These do the trimming of the hooves

and give them horseshoes

Ok so tell us! Laura - it is usual in spain

to give back the things nature gives us.

So when - all animals here live in freedom

& the finkas are huge!

- a finka is a big piece of pasture -

So when a cow dies, it is allowed to leave it there

Because we do have a lot of preditors, for example

buzzards, birds of prey and foxes.

And those animals live from that

So that really is beautiful but for a Dutch person it is

quite shocking if you see a cow or a cows head

, or skeleton or a full cadaver which has been eaten from.

But it actually is beautiful, we also bury our horses

they come here,

with a truck to get them, no they are buried under the ground.

But you do not chose to let the horse lay there in open space

, for the animals.

No - there are ofcourse other horses

I find it emotional myself aswell.

They are our family, our familiemembers

And ....

You need to bury them with respect

I'm not there when they're being burried

They will be dragged

, to a place.

I don't find that pleasant to look at, we say goodbye before,

while they're being put down.

The last bales our going with us and a few days ago,

there were a lot of bales, this was completely full. Tomorrow at 8 o'clock fresh and new

Heno and Paja will arrive.

Paja? Paja. I'm have been saying the word the whole morning but i still forget it!

Hay and Straw

We will keep it that way.

We are now going to feed the konikhorses

So just like the other horses they get a bit

Divided over the pasture.

So this is Heno, the hay-like

I think they still have paja laying around

Enough to eat!

And as you can see, they stay there, there are no fights

- about who can eat or not, there is enough

Every horse has its own heap.

And we will go on this way, I don't know how well you can see it on camera

- but the pasture really is going all the way through to there

Last time when Laura showed us around we drove to the very end

there hasn't even been a bit of manure, they haven't been there yet

& everyone is working very hard over here

so i am going to help as well.

Laura- Why do we give it in so many portions?

A horse is a herbivor, they eat 18 hours a day

But never on the same spot, you might see that as well at home,

In the field they eat a bit here and a bit there

but because there is no grass here now

we kind of simulate this, so that their natural behaviour

That they ..... yes.... do it!

You see it here

they go from one heap to another

that way there won't be any fights, it is all over the field.

everyone can eat on its own

And they stay moved,

The waterbuckets are over there, at the mare who is a bit more weak

playing around! super happy,

That is what we are simulating, the grazing

so that they keep grazing

soon the grass will be growing - yes soon it will get green

when the weather is with us, it will be raining in october

and then the grass will grow

& the horses will be grazing again, they still need some forage though

it is a little too less, in november/december there will be enough

When you take a good look at their hooves

you can see the hooves are scuffing naturally

Can you see it?

The corners, the hooks that are still on it

is still left and has to scuff away

but they all have great hooves

& you can also see them being oily.

but the have not been to the farrier! no - they did not go to the farrier

But why are the oily? we have some plants here

these really low bushes they walk through,

and these give an oily layer on the hooves

that way we do not take away all of those plants, they need to

walk through it to get them oily hooves automatically

we don't have to oil them in

also because of the spreading of the forage they have to

walk by which the hooves scuff

and this way this is provided! - this way we better the quality of the hooves.

They're here now for a month & see how great it already is looking!

you just see some of the last hooks

can you see it?

but it will be scuffed off by the stones, gravel and rough structure

they will get nice, thight hooves

Is this ground not a bit too much? so that they scuff off too much?

- no

exactly right, it is a rough ground

but also a soft ground, it varies

& horses do need a variety of ground

for their hooves and legs

that way the legs keep strong

they have to climb and decline,

also to prevent colics,

if horses are on a flat ground you have a lot more danger of colic than horses which need to go up and down

it is better for the digestion

What also is very beautiful of the konik horses, they are wild horses

between angled brackets!

we have a mare standing alone, we have weaned her foal, she was very weak

but her foal is being raised by all aunts

the foal is saying hello to his mom sometimes, there is no

panic for milk or something

the aunts care for the foal

it goes to "kindergarten", you see it once in a while,

all the foals together and a few aunts who

, who bring them into line

they get a bit raised, educated. it is so beautiful

you really can see how a family works here

also the two stallions who bring the mares in line

beautiful isn't it? that are the konik horses!

So hey! hey goodlooking man!

Laura where are we now?

We now are at

the field of the young stallions, somewhere else - yes somewhere else

They stand together

4 young stallions together- 4 together

super nice!

They ofcourse need to be fed as well - they need their food as well indeed!

We can let them stand here from the owner, but we need to feed them ourselves

but the place is for free, that's really sweet.

And as you can see they also are calm here together!

And all stallions

How nice that they can go together. HEEEY

Does he have a light coloured eye? Yes!

He came from a really though report

He was a foal

, we also took a dog from there,

laid there like it was garbage

I thought it was a baggage of forage but it was a dog!

I had to catch him together with a donkey and i fell over the dog

I thought, that is not possible a baggage of forage is not....

that is soft

He almost died- put it in the car- told the owner that

he could go away and that the dog was going with me

He went with us in the care to the vet and lived with us for half a year!

Do you get some food?!

We will let this kind of racks been made

we have 10 of these

also for on the finka

Don't you think it is a pity that it won't be spreaded anymore?

yes, but this will only be for the paja.

Oh yes, the straw-ish,

& for the small groups there will be 2 of these

But the paja needs to be - especially

when it is raining, it gets soacked -

So in winter, in raining saison, they still will be able to eat this.

Do you want to help Los Caballos Luna as well?

Well that is possible!

take a look at their website or in the discription

and see what you can do

& the foundation and I really want to thank you!

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