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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Verification 1

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You've been selected for verification!

My name is Holley and I'm here to make sure

you know what to do so nothing stands between you and your aid.

The federal government, state government, Texas Tech, and even some external scholarships all

use the FAFSA to award aid in the form of grants, scholarships, borrowed assistance, and earned assistance.

To make sure information reported on the FAFSA is accurate, the federal government requires colleges and universities to spot-check

about 30% of our student's information.

So that means we need additional documents to confirm, or verify, the information on your FAFSA.

Keep in mind that if you've been selected for verification, you haven't done anything wrong!

There's no FAFSA police and you're not going to FAFSA jail.

However, it's important that you take care of your verification requirements as soon as possible.

Your financial aid cannot be dispersed until verification is complete.

So grab your favorite device, and let's go through this together!

Head to

Click on Double T Dashboard.

You will click the link for student dashboard, or family dashboard.

You as the student will log in using

your eraider username and password.

Some forms you will need to complete, while

others will need to be done by your parent or spouse. Before you can see

those requirements, you need to give your parent or spouse access.

If you're on your phone, tap the menu button.

Then, select give access.

Enter your parent or spouse's email address

and type it in again to confirm it is correct

Then, create a four digit PIN number. Be sure to write it down so that you can give it

to your parent, or spouse.

Now, any requirements you need to complete are

listed on your screen. The forms you need to complete are listed first, followed by

the forms your parent or spouse need to fill out.

Tap each requirement for

detailed instructions about what you need to do and how to upload any documents.

Thank you for listening to this message! As a second reminder your

financial aid cannot be dispersed until every requirement for your verification

is complete. Stay tuned in for any further updates regarding the progress

of your financial aid.

The Description of Verification 1