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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Enakkul Oruvan

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We've reached

Bro, is any new party coming here today?

Get down

Get everything out of the vehicle

Why bro?

Do what I said, unload them

Why bro?

Hey, everything is over!

If you are leaving this, then I'll take care bro!

Do you want to get behind bars?

I'll finish you off if you tell others about our works!

Have it

Make a living out of something else

Is there any improvement?

His brain activities are getting registered every now and then, that's it

For how long will it be the same?

Don't know, it's left to god

I need complete medical report of the patient...

...right from the day he was admitted


This is Mr Ranjith

Special officer on duty, Crime branch

He is appointed to handle Vignesh's case

Sir, we've worked on this case in-detail

We'll wrap it up if we're given some more time

Paranjothi, do you want this case to get over?

Or, under your leadership in specific?

We're already under pressure

Hope you know

Don't be adamant, please co-operate

Okay Ranjith, you two carry on

Thank you, sir

Hello, it's me My phone got switched off

Come soon to the tea shop which I told

I need to leave only after selling pills to you

Come soon

Got it?

Hey, come here

Yes sir, this guy looks odd

- Where are you going? - My native, sir

Who are they?

I don't know, Sir

Why do you laugh when I ask? Call them

Call them, come here

Hey, stop! Stop!

Don't run away, stop

Get up, why are you running away from us?

Sir, he was running away from us!

What's this?

I saw her for the first time that day

She was on a scooter with her dad

I've never seen such a girl! She looked like an angel!

Her dad was driving

The bag she carried fell down

I rushed and got it back to her

Some cinema story!

This one?

Tell me

Where are they?

I'll come, wait

Sir, sir, sir!

You asked what this capsule is, isn't it? Come on

Is it ready Michael?

He is all yours, sir!

If you don't want to be hit like him

Give proper answers to what I ask


What's this?


'A man within me'

My name is Vicky

My father scolded that I'll be ruined if I don't study well

I left my home wanting to move on to Madras

We're four friends sharing a room here

- One of us is working at the bar - 2 beer, 1 corn chips pack

Another at fast food restaurant

This guy takes care of the room

I'm working in Durai bro's theatre

Durai bro belongs to my native, he is affectionate on me

We'll work hard and be very happy

Everything went on well

Only thing is I don't get sleep at night

Go now!

Don't know how this day will be!

He told to wait here, don't know when he'll come

Look, there's someone standing over there

He has come, Okay, I'll be back, bye

Hey, shall we go?

Come on!

Why are you hesitating?


Why are you scared?

I came here to have tea

Boss, how much is it?

Why are you asking me?

Oh Sorry, you were talking to her and I thought that you are a pimp!

Am I a pimp if I talk to her?

Get away!

Sorry, don't get angry!

"Gorgeous beauty at night..."

- What's this, bro? - It happens every day!

Darling, shall we go?

Waiting for customer, you go!

Don't I look like a customer?

You'll take me, finish off and say you don't have money

I've seen many like you! Get lost!

What do you think of me? Do you think I don't have money?

Look at this...see how much I've got All bigger denominations!

Is it okay now? Shall we move?


Why don't you get that money to me?

Is it okay now?

See the smell of fresh notes!

Thank you, boss

Oh god, these guys have come here too!

Its all ruined!!

How many times should I warn you?

Get into the vehicle

Tonight is with these people yet again!

Get them both inside

Hey, get into the vehicle

I didn't do anything

Sir, pay for tea

- Boss, let's hide here - Stop, guys

Let's hide here

Boss, don't panic

They would have got someone else by now

I would have got caught because of you!

Did you think of taking her?

Did you assume me of your kind?

I couldn't sleep, and came here to have tea

You can't sleep if you have tea

I'm not at all getting sleep!

Aren't you able to sleep?

Is it? What work you do?

In theatre

For how long have you been suffering with this?

Why do you question me like a doctor?

Just tell me

For a long time now

So, it's then sleepless nights everyday!

Okay, come with me boss

Why? Is it to put me in trouble again?

Come with me, I'll get you enough sleep


Come on



Where have you been till now?

Went to watch second show movie, bro


Who's this?

He's my friend!

He's working at the theatre

Why did you bring him here?

He is sleep deprived That's why I brought him here

Come here Did you tell him everything?

Yes, I told everything

Boss, wait for a while I'll be back

Is he the one who'll get me sleep?

It's not him The person is inside

- Who's he then? - He's just the priest

Where's the lord?

We're in front of the shrine, be patient

- Boss, come in - Come in man

Come boss


Is he the lord?

Nowadays it's like this boss

Be seated

For how long have you been suffering with this problem?


What problem?

You said you're sleep deprived, isn't it?

Oh you all are referring to that as a problem?

It's there for quite some time

Very good!

I need people like you

What's it? You talk like as though you are recruiting!

I'm not able to sleep That's why he brought me here


A normal human sleeps for 2 lakh hours in his lifetime

Half of our life goes off in sleep!

Aren't you able to get such sleep?

You live a life when you are awake

How about having a life when you're asleep?

- I don't get you? - Can't you understand?

Let me tell you clearly

I'll give you a medicine to sleep

If you consume it...'ll sleep and get beautiful dreams as well


You'll get dreams about what you like very much

It'll be the same dream all the time

It will always be the continuity of the same dream whenever you sleep

Whatever you wish to be... can live the same life in your dreams!

First do something to get me some sleep

Consume this capsule when you want to sleep

Think of the dream you want

Once you start consuming this, you should not stop in between

If you do so, the dream you thought of will start torturing you

Take it

It's all for you

I'll sleep if I consume this capsule, isn't it?

What's the name of this capsule?


Are you not feeling well? Shall we cancel?

No bro, I just came here to get my costume changed

I fell asleep here

The cops have arrived shall I ask them to come here?

Yes, ask them to come

Hello, Mr Vignesh...!

Don't worry, it's very common for VIPs like you to receive such threat calls

We've tightened security

Everything will be okay Good luck...!

Thank you!

- See you - Okay, sir

Have they given security?

Nothing Vicky, they've just stationed two constables

Sir, should I bring something for him to eat?

Would you like to have something Vicky?

- No, nothing - Nothing!

Shall we go?

Are they waiting for me?

If the shot is ready, we shall move

Ya, it's ready We shall move


Dude, I'm in a shoot, I'll talk to you in an hour

I'll call you during lunch break

- Hi Sir, had good rest? - Hmmm...!

Where's Master?


It's such a pleasure working with you

Okay, you carry on...!


- Hi Master - Hello, Sir!

- The short is ready - Ya, we shall move

- Sir, is it okay? - Hi Sir...!

Good Morning, sir!

Hey, give me the mirror

Water spray

Hey, aren't you going for job?

You've never slept like this What happened?

"My heartfelt desires have come true"

"I'm growing on and on, and it's cool!"

"Stepping into the entrance of heaven"

"Things all around keep my life haven!"

"I keep myself wandering"

"Just as the deep water fishes want themselves swimming!"

"The red carpet keeps me invited"

"With bunch of flowers welcoming me excited!"

"Green signals keep me surrounded Making the note of triumph reminded"

"I'm born to be famous"

"Opening up new ways in life!"

"I've evolved on the stage of this world"

"Marking my presence on the moon!"

"The old trends and the new ones"

"I bring about an art out of both!"

"Let the entire path turn delighted"

"With huge crowd of fans thronging in"

"I keep myself wandering"

"Just as the deep water fishes want themselves swimming!"

"The red carpet keeps me invited"

"With bunch of flowers welcoming me excited!"

"Green signals keep me surrounded"

"Making the note of triumph reminded"

"I am born to be famous"

"Opening up new ways in life!"

"I admire myself, and fall in love with me!"

"Inviting ego with the twist of fist!"

"Bringing out art from the glory of fluorescence"

"Deriving rules from ancient Tamil!"

What is this Durai bro?

There is no much crowd even for the morning show!

There are hardly ten people in the counter bro

No one comes to theatre for watching movie!

Everyone watch using pirated CD

Don't talk like that bro

Raghava talkies modernized every old stuff

Now, they have people thronging in

Nobody will come here if you don't renovate!

I'm not financially sound to get it done

The theatre has to be revamped, and we need more crowd coming in too!

Bro, shall I tell you an idea?

What's it?

Hit the screens with porn movies You'll make good money!

- Get lost - What bro?

- It was for your good that - I said just get lost!

- What happened? - How dare you?

- You don't know to survive! - What happened?

What's he saying?

Don't shout! You may lose even these people!

Get lost first!

In the end, only you two will be left

Shut her mouth!

Go, go, fast! Fast!

Get down

Take this

Come here...!

Bring it and tie it up

Tie it tight

Don't shout

At last, we're done

Keep quiet! Don't shout

Vishwa will never leave you if he comes to know about it!

Won't you give the money that I demanded?

You may have to face many unexpected happenings!

You cannot escape from us Give what we asked!

Don't call me again

There seems to be some problem in the Engine

I'm not sure of what the problem is!

You better come directly

Sir is waiting

It' ll be great if you can make it soon

- What happened? - Car breakdown issue

Okay, shall we go to my house?

It's okay, we'll get it solved soon We've arranged for another vehicle

My home is nearby

You can be there till this is solved

Please, come on

Please, come

Okay, let's go

Finish it off and come I'll be there

- Call me - Okay sir

Welcome to my home

Be comfortable

I'll freshen up and come back

Sorry, I made you wait alone for long time!

It's okay

Okay, what would you like to have?

Nothing, I'm leaving

No, don't tell that Have anything


Tell me, bro

If your car broke down, you could have informed me immediately

Why did you go to her house?

Okay, I'm waiting outside

Ya, I'm coming bro

Car arrived I'm leaving

Please stay, what's the hurry?

Next time

One minute

I feel bad that you are leaving so early on your first visit to my house!

I'll give you whatever you ask!


I'll never let anyone trouble you until I'm with you!

I can't

If you can't, when will you then repay your debts?

I'll somehow give back all debts

But, I can't give away this theatre to you

Durai, what's the use of having a huge theatre in city's hotspot...

...without making any profit?

Shall I suggest an idea?

I'll construct a shopping complex here I'll get you a security job in it

You can remain relaxed throughout your life


This theatre was built by my father

It will remain the same

Hmm, is it a sentiment?

These sentiments will never workout in our life

We need money

How long will you keep me waiting for the money?


- Hey, leave him - He is watching us

He is working here in theatre

Give me some time I'll somehow repay your money

How long?

Give me two months I'll somehow repay the money

I'm leaving you now just because you own this place

If not...

Hey, come on!

Who are they bro?

I got debts from him and shot a film

I'm unable to release the movie, or repay the debt either!

He is asking me for this theatre instead of the money!

This theatre will be in existence until I'm alive

Wait for few minutes

I would have spent fifty bucks and come by auto

Why are you troubling me like this?

Are you going to get me married to a prince saving that fifty bucks?

- Stop it, dad! - What happened?

Wait, I'll take it and give

You we going at a very high speed, that's why it fell down!

- Shall we start? - Hmm, ya

I've given pain killer for the pain to subside

Get the dressing done for once in two days, take care

Did you receive any threat call?

I received a call this morning

Sir, we've been telling about threat calls all the time

Sir, it's common for top film stars to receive threat calls demanding money

What's it? We're panicking, but you point it to be very easy!


Mr Vignesh, will you be able to recognize the man who shot you?


Okay, I'll prepare the suspect list

We'll meet, take care

Sir, manage the media persons outside

We'll leave through the back door

You carry on, we'll take care

Sir, I request not to disclose that the incident took place at the heroine's house

It may give rise to unwanted issues

We can't say anything about the case now

The case is under investigation

- Sir, what about the heroine? - The heroine is not involved in the case

Any other questions?

Will you increase the security at least from now?

Oh yes, we're taking care You don't have to worry


Sir, he's doing well sir!

We shall talk about the dates later, sir

I'll come home, sir

Vicky, media people are standing outside We shall leave through the back door

Vicky, we shall move on

Hi, sir...!

Sir, welcome to Hero Moto Corp

This model?

Sir, this is Hero Pleasure 102 cc light and zippy scooter

This has tubeless tires, integrated break system, mobile socket,

...boot light and luggage box, side stand indicator, superb mileage

This comes in nine different colors sir We provide five years warranty

I'm sorry brother

I asked you about this model

Sorry sir, she is our brand model I don't know any other detail

You got any other photos?

- Photos? - One second, sir

Sir, there is no other photo A catalogue is here

Thank you

Sir, is she the heroine for your next movie?

Come in

Hi Divya, take your seat

Has it been long since the film started?

Why are you late?

There is a girl in 'B' row and seat No 6

Give her pop corn, puffs and cool drinks Give it under my account

It seems like your sister has come!

It's your sister!

Silly question

Bro, come soon That girl has come

- Which girl? - The girl whom I love

- Are you in love? - Hmmm

Does she know that?

I'll tell her later You first come

Okay wait, where are you calling me now?

Come bro...!

Hey wait...!

See bro...!

Where is she?

Which girl?

Hey, that may be her brother!

Hey, what is this?

I'll finish you off if I find you going behind her yet again!

- Is the focus okay? - Ya, okay sir

- I'll call you once it's ready - Ya okay, I'll wait

No way...!

Where is he?

I've sent for him He'll come now

Hi Sir!

Bring a chair

- That's ok - Get it!

Please hold this

Bring the umbrella closer

Bring the juice

What's your name?

What were you doing before this?


Modelling? Good money isn't it?

Not much!

You have good looking girlfriends?

No one sir!

Really? Or are you bluffing?

Really I don't have any girlfriends

Go now Go fight properly

Okay, sir

Give it


I've read it, there is nothing in that related to this case

Do you have this girl's statement?

Yes, but she doesn't know anything clearly

She was there when the incident happened, that's all

A person named Aruna in Mumbai has been in Coma for 40years

Even if she comes back, she can't function normally

Because all her relatives have left her

The supreme court prevents Euthanasia

Because there is no rule in our law for Euthanasia

No one has that right

Even he himself does not have the right to take away his life

But no one knows whether it is an accident or murder or suicide attempt

The medical report says that the content in the tablet... the same in the patient's blood

I wonder what the relation is between the tablet and this case!

Let's try to find out what that Lucia is

Bro! This is Murugan

Tell me Where is Sundaram?


Sundaram has gone to his native


Tell me what's the matter

Bro! A new party...

They are well off...

They want to do some business Shall I bring them?

How is the party?

They are very well off

Shall I bring them?

Ok bring them Now hang up!

Let's go

Tomorrow morning song shooting at AVM, I've confirmed

I said that we have song shooting at AVM tomorrow

Ok bro!


Did you enquire about this girl?

Yes, enquiring I'll let you know soon

So are you the groom?

The women in this file want a fair groom!

What is your qualification?

- He has studied till 10th grade - But he has failed

The women in this file want an educated groom!

These will not match you Where are you working?

He works in my theatre

- What is his salary? - Rs 3000



Bad! The women in this file wants a groom with good salary

This too won't work out

Sir, search for a girl that match our status

For your status, Check this out

This list contains the details of women with some problem in their horoscope

Problems means!

When I say problem, please don't worry

I have arranged marriage for many people with problem in their horoscope

So far nothing has happened to anyone

I like this one!

- Liked it? - Is it?

Then we'll finalise this girl

She looks good We'll finalise this

Give it

Oh this one The girl's name is Divya

She doesn't have mom

Her dad is a retired government employee

The girl works in a Pizza shop

Her sun sign is Taurus Good looking one

Have you made all arrangements for the birthday party this evening?

Many rich customers will be coming

Treat them well Only then we'll get future orders

Then check if everything on the menu card is fine

- Is Ms Divya here? - Oh! Is that you?

- Yeah it's me - Why are you late?

That...On the way...

- Does Divya know that I am coming? - It's ok come, It's getting late

Divya will come You get ready first

- Hey! Get him ready - Okay, sir

Did you tell them that I will do an item song?


Don't you know that I don't like it?

I'll not dance

You can! Now choose one of these girls to dance along with you

You know that I don't like all these...

So what's the point looking at these pics

I ll not dance Ask them to pack up

You can dance Vicky First take a look at the pics

How is it? Can we pack up now? Or are you going to dance?

Tell them that I'll be there in 10 minutes

He'll come...wait

"I was myself"

"You intervened like a drop of honey for a bee and stayed away"


"You were the apple, that turned in to the serpent"

"You were the deer, that turned me in to the devil"


"Why am I crazy about you?"

"Why have I lost all my logical senses?"

"Why am I crazy about you?"

"Why have I lost all my logical senses?"

"The love that I searched for all my life is you"

"The cupid has already blessed our destiny together"

"I sense that the time for us to unite has begun"

"I want to spend every moment with you"

"And enjoy the sweetness that you are sugar candy"

"I am an honored man You are my queen"

"Why am I crazy about you?"

"Why have I lost all my logical senses?"


"I long and live for you I blossom every day I see you"


"I want you to live within my eyes for eternity"

"And cherish you for every blink of my eyes"

"I was myself"

"You intervened like a drop of honey for a bee and stayed away"

"Why is it?"

This costume suits you very well All the kids enjoyed very much

If you don't mind, Can we take a snap together?


Hey! One for me too

- Good girl - We can finalise

She has grown up without a mother So I've pampered her a lot

Thank God! If mom had grown her up she would have grown more in height

Let the boy and girl have a chat in private

- Err...! - Let them talk

Yeah, with pleasure

Coffee was awesome

Oops! That was not coffee That was tea!

And I didn't make it It was my neighbour

I don't know to cook

- I cook nicely - Are you a cook?

No no!

What do you do?

I show way to the people in dark!


I am a torch bearer at the theatre



I'll show them the way to their seats

I work at Durai sir's theatre

Both of us can watch a movie for free there always!

You use too much of Ohs!

Looks like the girl liked you very much! You both were constantly giggling!

When did you see that?

You were so busy talking that you didn't even notice me!

Come on!

Oh! So is this blushing?

Is this marriage look?

Let's fix the marriage on an auspicious day

Let's get the information from the girl's side first

See the time is good The broker is calling us!


Tell me


What is the broker saying?

He says we'll go and see some other girls also

What does he say about this girl?

He says we'll see some other better girl

The girl didn't like him?


Leave it! Is she the only girl

I'll look for a better girl and get you married to her!

Let it go

Don't worry Don't get hurt

If not her, we'll get a better girl!

Hi Sir I Am Divya

Which Divya?

Last week we did a song together

Which song?

The item song

I thought you are a dancer Are you a singer too?

No, Sir I don't sing!

Tell me

Sir, can I meet you?


I came to know that you selected me for that song

I want to thank you for that

There is no need for formalities We can meet, today itself

Divya, someone has come in search of you

Why has he come here?

You take care of this I'll be back

Hi, what are you doing here?

I thought of meeting and talking to you

Tell me

We spoke nicely the other day at your house

- But that broker - Please can you sit here

If the customer keeps standing the manager will scold me

I know already that you liked me the moment you saw me

It's that broker! I think he did it for a better commission

Please order something Manager!

I've never eaten all these!

Oh, then shall I order?

Hot pepper passion Is this fine?

I'll place the order and come

The water is very chill

The pizza that I ordered is Rs 610+tax

Do you have cash?

Because, many people come here without knowing about this place...

...and suffer without having enough money

That's why I asked you beforehand

In today's situation, even small things in these kind of shops are costly

I earn Rs 8000 per month

I find it difficult to meet both ends towards the end of the month

Leave it! That's my problem

Didn't you go to the theatre today?

Which movie is running?

You watch films freely everyday, isn't it?

Your order is ready I'll get it

Hi, please sit down

Thanks for accepting to meet me

- Please don't call me SIR! - Why Sir?

My name is Vignesh Call me Vignesh

Sir! How can I call you by your name!

Vicky! Isn't that easy?

Sir! You are a very big star!

If you keep calling me SIR, I will just leave!

Sit down now Vicky! Is that fine?

Sir, your order please!

Isn't that place nice Can we go there and talk?



Can I ask you something?

I just want to know why you selected me for that song?

To be honest... I saw you first in an ad

I asked for your details and nobody got any information about you

It was a coincidence that I found your photo among others at the shooting spot

I liked and so I selected

Oh! Is it?

I did that ad just for fun!

- So you are not interested in acting? - No it's not like that!

My dream is to be an actor

Ads are my hobby

My aim is to become a cinema heroine

My debut movie itself is with you! I am very lucky!

Why are you so interested in acting?

Are you asking me this?

Look at the name and fame!

The thought that people will be talking about us everyday makes me happy

It's really boring!


Being a big star is boring?

Can I have a photo with you?

We are discussing Can we take it later?

My GF is a big fan of yours

She wants to take a photo with you!

- Please! - Ok, call her!

Stand closer! Just stand closer!

One more, sir!

Thank you, sir!


I cannot spend time anywhere!

I don't have privacy even for a second

That's why I said it's boring

So from now on I'll autograph on your behalf!

Really? Promise? That's a wonderful idea!

What else do you like?

For now its this! I want to become a big actress!

I want to be a star

We'll see everything else after that!

Can I take a picture with you?

Who with me? Do you recognise her?

That's Divya The next big star!

Take a picture with her! Come!

I'll take...come Stand properly



I came to apologise!

It was a mistake to have asked you to marry me!

I am sorry!

It was the mediator...

That's why I brought my parents!

I work in a theatre

I shouldn't even think of girls like you!

I am sorry!

I have something as your remembrance

I want to give it back

There is nothing that is wrong in this

I am sorry See you!

You both be somewhere near

I'll alert you if there is a problem and then you can come

Do what we say! Did you understand?

Shall we?

Hey! Smile nicely and pose!

Enough of caressing!

Go, sir

Come this side!

He is the one

Welcome! I am Vajravel MD of the company

Enough! Don't keep caressing her!

Smile, girl

Hey Nisha! You have a nice hip Show it liberally!

- Ok, sir! - See you at night!

Why are you so dull?

Before... After...

We can see it later

Before... After...

Come...come Welcome!

Get out

- Coffee? - No!

- Whiskey? Or Nisha? - No!

Don't worry that you are old We have something special for you!

No thanks!

Just joking!

Tell me what can I do for you, sir!

I run the business of supplying canned water!

When I wanted to do some other business

I came to know about you!

Suggest some business where we can make a lot of money!

You must have noticed just as you entered our company...

...we have lot of products

Weight loss, hair loss, color problem, skin problem

Sexual problem... we have products for all these

All these products are already available in the market

If we do the same how much can we sell!

Do you have anything new?

Did Murugan tell anything?


I have something that is not available anywhere...special!


The dream pill


What do you mean?

In your dreams, you can live the life that you always wanted

Why should I live in a dream?

Who is living their own lives here?

Everyone looks at someone and wants to live like them!

For example

The guy in this house ogles at the wife of the next door guy!

That guy ogles at this guy's wife

This is a blessing for all those who have dreams like that!

Lucia, the dream pill

It's a very addictive pill

'The girlfriend of Vignesh, was arrested when she attempted to murder him'

'In a state where we do not have an answer why Vignesh in this state...'

Ranjith, the case is over

Vignesh's girlfriend tried to kill him and got caught!

Now stop researching on this medicine and come here

I can't come now

What more do you want?

I am going to close the case! Come fast!

- Is everything ok, sir? - Nothing!

Hi Vicky! How come you've come this far!

Oh! I shouldn't have come, isn't it? Ok, bye!

Come on inside!

- You've come to my house... - Shouldn't I come to your house?

Compared to your house... sorry this a house?

It's good It's a beautiful house!

Why are you shooting all this?

I'll tell you Can I have some water first?

Sorry! Wait here!

Can you shut down the camera? It's embarrassing!

Feeling shy!

You wanted to act! That's why! It's a small audition!

Audition! I have not applied any make-up!

Hey! No need of any make-up Let it be as it is!

It's an experimental film!

Oh is it! What's the story?


A normal guy who works in an old theatre...

...falls in love with a beautiful girl who works at a Pizza shop

Why would a girl working in a Pizza shop fall for a guy who works at the theatre?

Why? Shouldn't they fall in love?

Girls generally fall in love with rich guys, isn't it?

Isn't the heart enough to fall in love?

You need a heart! But is that all?

What else do you need?

There are lots!

Super! This is what I expected!

The female perspective!

Can we write the story together?

That's interesting!


Writer madam!

Come and take a look at this

"A flower bloom"

"Gives a thousand dreams"

"In all those dreams"

"The same moon traverses through"

"With her bright smile She showers light"

"I feel like a cloud"

"A cloud that showers flowers"

"In the passage of my breath Traverses your song"

"And the music that comes out Fills my heart with ecstasy"

"In the passage of my breath Traverses your song"

"And the music that comes out Fills my heart in ecstasy"

Shall I talk to your girl alone?

I show them the way to their seats!

"The moon comes over the clouds"

"She comes over my heart"

"With her white wings She holds my hands"

"Covering my eyes She takes me on a dream"

"I am filled with ecstasy"

"I am being showered with flowers"

"A flower bloom"

"Gives a thousand dreams"

"In all those dreams"

"The same moon traverses through"

Get me that tube light!

Which tube light?

Are you showing off just because she is here?

Ok, you guys have a chat I'll be back

I've applied some medicine It'll be alright


Why are you apologising?

It's not your fault that I fell off the ladder

Not for that, the other day when you came to the Pizza shop, I hurt you by my words

Am sorry for that!

Oh that one!

- I was thinking of... - Do you love me?

- I never said that - So you don't love me?

Ok then I am leaving!


Yes! I love you!

Then answer my questions properly!

Shall I say something before that?

What is it?

On seeing you today

I was as happy as seeing the crowd on Rajinikanth's movie release!

Now you may ask

Other than this job what else do you know?

Two quarters... Chickpeas...

Enough! Enough!

I don't like you working in this theatre

Don't say that! This theatre was built by Durai sir's father!

That's not theatrey... That's THEATRE!

- Theatrey... - THEATRE!

Do you have some good clothes?

I have two checked shirts like these I have a pink colored one you have one in yellow?

You need to be changed!


I cannot introduce you to my friends the way you are now!


They would think that I am insane!

Sir, come fast The reel needs to be changed

Coming coming!

When will you learn all these I have to keep doing all these!

Each one has to do their job!

You make me do the job!

I thank you all for coming to this press meet regarding the movie 'Pattinam'

You may ask your questions now

Vignesh sir, you say that this is a different movie? How different is it?

It's not good to speak about the role in this press meet

The suspense element would be lost if I talk about the role

It's a suspense thriller

You can watch the movie in theatres to know more about it

Will you dub for yourself at least in this movie?

I am not fluent in Tamil yet!

But surely I will try in the future

There is a talk in the industry that some of your previous films...

...didn't do well commercially What's your opinion?

Do you know that last released movie of mine?

'Kadhal solla neram illai'

Do you know the budget of that movie?

Do you know how much the film collected returns?

Do you know how much we sold the satellite rights for?

Don't speculate without knowing the facts

- It's not like that- - Let it be

You've come for the press meet of PATTINAM

Let's talk about that

Director sir! Won't you work on village subjects?

I am making films on the subjects that I know and am familiar with

That doesn't mean that I will not do any village subject

I will do when the time comes

There is a talk that you are in love with the upcoming actress Divya

It is also said that you are helping her find roles for movies

What's your opinion about this?

What's your problem? Why do you ask unwanted questions?

We have all come here for the press meet of PATTINAM

It's a good movie Let's talk about that

If we ask about the movie you say that the suspense would be lost

You get angry if we ask about you What else should we ask?

- Are you married? - Yes

Is it a love marriage or arranged marriage?

Arranged marriage

With how many girls have you roamed before marriage?

Why are you poking your nose into my personal life?

So it's personal only for you? Don't we have our own personal?

You are a celebrity!

Being a celebrity does that mean that you can ask anything?

Why do all the journalists in all the press meets...

...keep pestering me with unwanted questions?

What do you all want?

Am I speaking unwanted things? Now what's the problem?

What's the problem? What do you all want to know now?

Yes! I am in love with that girl and she too loves me

Is that enough?

Write whatever you want Nonsense!

Move aside

He does not show respect to Journalists!

How long have you been working in that theatre?

3 years

Do you speak English?

Ah... English...

Why do you want to join here?

I hold the torch at Durai sir's theatre

Speak in English


Durai talkies


Durai sir talkies...torch...see

Mother... I...


I asked why you left that theatre and come here?

- Divya said and so I came? - How do you know Divya?

- I love you - What?

Divya, I love you!

I will let you know

Come, let's go

What? Won't I get the job for sure?

How much is the salary?

Who asked you to talk in English?

That man told me to

First you need to be sent for English coaching


Do what I say! If you know English, you can work anywhere!


What did you tell him about me?

I said 'I love you Divya'

Isn't that how we say about the girl whom we are gonna marry?

Did I ever tell you that I'll marry you?

First learn English and find a good job

Then we'll see

Don't comb your hair like this

It's horrible

Vicky, you discuss with them I feel nervous

You ask everything like the days of shoot, story and everything

Vicky, they have come

Hi Divya, this is our producer

Come in

Technicians and other artists are ready We are waiting for you

When are you planning to start?

- Vicky, this is Aravind - Hi sir

- This is Kodhandaraman, my producer - Please sit down

Vicky, Aravind has done modelling with me

Divya, I know sir before

I have acted with him in a movie

Aravind wants me to be the heroine in his movie

I've known Divya from our modelling days, that's why

Mr Aravind

Divya will not act in your movie

All you need is a heroine right?

You do one thing

Contact my manager

He is very resourceful

He will find the apt heroine for your project

I will come as the chief guest for your audio release

It will be a big hit

Why are you standing here Divya? Get ready...we'll go out

Why did you do like this Vicky?

Don't you know how much I yearn to act as a heroine?

Isn't my career important for you?

Be patient Divya

Are you going to act with that guy?

I'll get you involved in a good project

You always keep saying this

Why are you doing this to me?

You will understand later why I am saying all this

Go get ready

Then this film?

Don't keep talking the same stuff Divya

Go get ready, go

- How will he know English? - Shut up

I can talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English you bloody fellow

Vaiyyapuri in Tamil becomes Vaypuri in English and bhel puri in Hindi

Why do you sleep during class hours?

Don't hit Divya!

What's this dear! Why do you hit him!

I struggled a lot to save money and send him for coaching classes...

...and he sleeps there!

Why man? You can learn English and talk to our customers in English!

She wants me learn English not to talk to our customers!

It is to work in that multiplex

Tell him!

You always hitting me


If I go, who will take care of all the works here?

Canteen Kumar will blink if you ask for the number of puffs and cool drinks sold!

What will you do if I leave?

Leave it Go get some juice for her


Brother, what has happened to you?

She hits me like anything and you ask me to get juice for her!

- Go now! - It's not right!

You tell me

What can he do with just Rs 3000 salary?

If he earns well only we can be happy know?

You also wish for the same isn't it?

What you are saying is right!

Since I've been like this, I never thought of him

Do what you feel is right!

My life has become like this!

At least let him be happy!

Divya, wait

I'll learn English, I'll go and work at the place you tell me

What the F**k man! Wait Divya! Don't go

Come inside

What do you say?

I told you to come inside

Before that... What the...

What the f***, idiot, A****, fool... there are lots like this... You come inside...

Where did you learn this?

The school kids near my room talk like this

Hi, why did you ask me to come here Divya?

Let's go

Who is this?

Aravind this is Vicky Vicky this is Aravind

Hi Vicky, how are you?

Let's go

You said you'll never come near this theatre

If the movie is good, one can come know!

Leave that, how are you? It's been a long time since we met!

Yeah, I am good

Keep in touch with your old friends!

Do you want me to come along with you or not?

Cool, I have a small work We'll finish that and we'll go

- Divya, just 5 minutes - Okay

Hey... Hi Cathy! How are you?

Am fine! And you? How have you been?

I am doing good

Enjoying eh? Guitar... singing... drawing

Just sitting and chilling out!

You've kept us waiting

Sorry for that So tomorrow morning sharp at 8

Don't keep us waiting too long We'll be ready by 8

Vicky, I am going to Delhi to meet my grandpa

I'll be back in 10 days

Shall I go and come?

What is this?

Why are you asking me for meeting your grandpa?


I think you've mistaken me

It was for our good that I said that you must not act in that movie

That doesn't mean that you have to ask permission for everything


Ok, Vicky I'll see you!

Tell me Vicky

I love you

Don't worry, Divya He will understand you

I've never hidden anything from Vicky

Everything will be alright when we are back from the shoot

Divya, thanks a lot

Come, let's go

I am not coming

Go now Isn't she calling you?

You will be the only guy who doesn't go when a girl calls

You will ask me to go

She will join me in some classes like the English coaching!

Then I have to take the knockings!

I am not going

I'll not hit you any more

You need not go to English classes any more

I will not ask you to do things that you do not like

Come Let's go

- Sir... - Go now!

Where are we going?

- Sir, I'll stay here - Go with her

- What should I do now? - Nothing Vicky, they are all artists

They want to go around the villages

Can you take them to your village and bring them back?

Yes boss, everything has been arranged You just have to go with them

If I had not met with this accident I would've gone myself

Okay, I'll go

Didn't I tell you that Vicky will help us

Thanks boss Just a moment please

Thanks for helping him Vicky

I didn't help him I am helping you

You be careful with him Don't go with him on his bike!

I couldn't make it because of this accident

Have a good trip

As you said, If he learns English in a week, I'll tonsure my head!

Didn't you learn English by getting along with foreigners?

He will surely learn English Be ready to tonsure your head!

What's your name?

Your name?

Name... Vicky...

- Vicky... - Hi Vicky...

Is that girl your girlfriend?

Not my friend She is my lover

What is she doing?

I don't understand what you are saying

"She as a tiny insect crawls through my heart"

"Wanting me to feel the lip-smacking flavours of candy bars!"

"Pulling out words of love and romance,"

"She kills me with the charm of smile!"

"I go as unstable as a pendulum does"

"And it keeps me blabbering all time uncertain, unclear!"

"Struggling to get out of it as if I'm tied up to something"

"I play tunes to what my darling says"

"She as a tiny insect crawls through my heart"

"Wanting me to feel the lip-smacking flavours of candy bars!"

"Pulling out words of love and romance,"

"She kills me with the charm of smile!"

Why are you so dull?

She has started acting without telling you

She asked you, but you didn't allow

So she left!

She has got talent!

She has a good future Wait and see

"The bull had itself refrained for her sizzling words,"

"Signing yes for everything she says!"

"Wandering all around the town,"

"It got itself halted to eat the bunch of grass!"

"Pulling out words of love and romance, She kills me with the charm of smile!"

God, save me!

Be ready to tonsure!

The vehicle has arrived

Hi Vicky, How was your trip?

Nice... Very nice...

Thank you so much Vicky


Hey Cathy! This is my lover Divya

Hi Divya

You look very pretty

That was a nice trip!

I've had enough of teaching Tamil to you all

- Go take rest - See you Vicky!

Good girls

Why is he laughing like a crackpot?

You ask him!

Are you angry?

Did he do anything?

Only if you tell me I'll know isn't it?

What happened?

What happened?


Sign a movie soon Vicky...

Without any work I am not active

I don't know about you

I've been in cinema for 30 years

And I didn't learn anything...

Last week my daughter gave birth...

She didn't tell me...

May be it is because I would go and meet...

Leave it Vicky You are with me, that's enough

We'll do 2 or 3 films this year and we'll build a multiplex theatre in dad's name

Call and talk to them Vicky

Hello, who is it?

Having shot your hand don't I know to shoot your head?

Give the money I asked for

Hey! Who are you? Why should I give you money?

Hang up!

This is your last chance and anything can happen to you after this!

Do what you can! What can you do, idiot?

Ok, I am leaving

If you want to go out somewhere don't go out alone

Call me too I'll come along

I've got the foreign liquor that the foreign girls got me!

Sir, get up

We have to change the reel Get up, sir!!

I've changed the reel sir!

Get up, sir

I've arrived at the place I said

Is the cash ready?

- Where is Durai? - Do you have the cash?

It's all there? Where is Durai?

Look there, first give me the cash

I'll give it there

You've finally reached native!

Looks like I've slept nicely


Just 5 minutes We'll meet and go

What happened Vicky?

What if something had happened to you?

Nothing happened isn't it?

When you are with me nothing will happen

Come let's go

No, that's enough You stay in your house hereafter

Don't blabber like a lunatic!

Come let's meet them and go

It's enough!

Enough of you working hard for me!

After my parents passed away you have been living for me

You've forgotten your family

You be with them hereafter Live for yourself

Don't talk like an idiot No need to meet them

Let's go to Chennai

We'll go to Chennai and sign a movie

If we don't go for shooting only then we tend to think all these things

Vicky, don't leave me and go

I'll not talk of cinema anymore

Vicky, don't leave me

At least come to my house and go

Why do you want this trouble?

He has a lot of political power You can't do anything against him!

That guy who died has left the theatre in your name

Can you run this theatre?

I'll negotiate and get you some money

Give the theatre to them and go to your village to make a living

Why do you want to struggle like him with this theatre?

I've said what I have to


It's your wish now! Let's go!

Nobody is in the house?

I've sent them all away

I am sorry Vicky

It's my mistake to go and act without telling you

You like it and so you went

Don't you like me acting?

Why are we talking all this Divya?

I need to know Vicky

Isn't that why you are leaving me?

No Divya

Tell me Vicky!

Don't you like me acting?

What wrong did I do?

I don't understand

If we have to tell reasons to understand and live... then...

...that life is not required

Are you going to leave me because of this small thing?

I am leaving you?

Where did I leave you?

What did I do for you to lie to me and go?

Is this called love?

When you want to do whatever you want then why do you want me?

You don't need all this

It's enough, Divya

That's why I asked why we are talking all this now!

You are important for me Vicky!

You already told a similar lie...

Don't lie to me again now...

Please leave now...

What are you doing Vicky?

The morning show is at 11 The show must go on

I am getting ready for that

Didn't you understand what the inspector said?

They are horrible people

Don't talk like you are stupid

Yes, I am stupid

I left sir listening to you!

I am stupid


Do you mean to say that I am the reason for Durai uncle's death?


I am responsible

I will not be responsible for this theatre to crumble

Vicky, understand what I am trying to say

Even if you save this theatre from them you can't run this all by yourself

Look at how you've become

Who will watch a movie here?

We'll sell this theatre and start a new living

Durai uncle also will be wishing for the same

What do you know of him?

This theatre is our sir's life!

He will be with me as long as this theatre is!

Instead of starting a living selling this...

I'll live by running this

This is my life...

Be with me if you like...

- Or else...? - Or else get lost from here!

You don't need me, isn't it?

Marry someone who speaks good English and earns good money

You want that!


The girl herself has given a statement that she had come to kill him...

Then why are we having this unwanted discussion

What they are doing is illegal

Just give me one chance

We'll get the facts of this case only if we raid the factory

Then we can close the case easily

How do you say that Ranjith?

If we need to know about Lucia, then we have to arrest Vajravelu

Only he is talking of Lucia and Vajravelu

Is the statement given by that girl a lie?

She has confessed!

I want to talk to that girl

Is this the statement that you gave?

I don't believe

Tell me why you have given a wrong statement?

Tell me!

That's not a lie

Ok, that's not a lie

Then why did you come to kill him?

Do you really love him?

Or are you acting as though you love him?

Tell me What happened?

Tell me

Don't know

I don't know!

I don't know what happened in our life

I can't see him in a vegetative state!

I can't bear the pain that he suffers everyday, so I did it!

Because I love him

I love him

Do you trust now?

Now I need your permission to raid the factory

Cathy! I don't know what to tell

I have to somehow ensure that this theatre is prosperous

It's okay, don't cry We'll find a solution

Hey Jil, it's me

I need you to come and help me

"Is that my own heart?"

"Is my tear that you want?"

"Is tears enough for flowers to grow?"

"Don't you require water to grow?"

Our theatre...

Your theatre brother

It's all set now brother!

Take a look brother! It's ready brother!

"Here and there, leaves everywhere!"

"Here and there, leaves everywhere!"

"When the water is all dry,"

"The poor seeks it from the sky!"

Thanks a lot I never forget this help

"When you open up the soul,"

"Put down the lyrics of love out of Kajal!"

"Is that my own heart?"

"Is my tear that you want?"

"Is tears enough for flowers to grow?"

"Don't you require water to grow?"

This theatre which was not bothered by anyone has become modern now...

4 foreigners are the reason for this

Come... let's hear what they have to say

You've done a fabulous work

Thank you so much

What made you to do this?

We did this for our friend Vicky

Is he here?

He is not here right now He has gone to a special place

There is a customer for your table

Hi Divya

Thanks for coming to meet me

Isn't that place nice Can we go and talk there?

I never thought that you would call me

It was my mistake to have lied to you about my acting

Leave it Divya

I've forgotten that


I am not able to forget anything

I miss you...

...and I still love you...

1 hot pepper passion pizza

Red pepper... Green pepper... Jalapenos... Cheese...

One more...

Will you marry me?


I said it right... Will you marry me?

I don't know English


You know how much I struggled to memorise these in English!

You don't have to talk in English

Tamil is more than enough

I like that...


Will you marry me and become my wife?

I can't believe

I don't understand whether all this real or a dream

If it's a dream, then it has been a bad dream!

If it was a good dream then will we be talking like this?

Let today be the last day of that bad dream, that's why I called you

I don't understand Vicky!

How happy were we in reality!

This dream is all my fault

I don't know Vicky

I am not able to bear it!

I love you Divya!

- Let's not part anymore Vicky! - Forgive me Divya!

I've hurt you very much in this game of dream and reality

I've also hurt you!

Close your eyes

I'll tell you Close your eyes!

What are you thinking now?

A lonely beach...

Evening time...

...with only me and you...


I lie down on your shoulder...

No No... Customer's dreams are our dreams

How do you know him?

I don't know anything about him

It's Murugan and Sundaram who bring him


It not only gives you a good sleep but also a beautiful dream

A dream that you always wanted

Why did he come to meet you?

He lacks sleep!

He is insomniac!

We met him to get sleeping pills

Take that

Sir, new ones!

How will he get the dream?

He writes a story in his diary That's his dream

Is this your dream?

'A man within me'

This is the story which both of us wrote together, that's all

Sir, just a minute Look at the TV

We had kept this interview under wraps for long

This is the right time to telecast that

You will know why when you watch this

He should get what he desired

That is our desire

My desire too Thanks!

Hello Vignesh

We thank you on behalf of our television for this interview...

...despite your hectic schedule

We have a lot to ask you!

- Why do you wear glasses? - I had an accident when I was a kid

If I am not wrong... was the same accident in which you parents expired, isn't it?

It's not only my parents that I lost, but also the colors of my life!

I am color blind

I can't see any colors

Everything is black and white

Too much of light is also harmful, I wear these glasses always

Ok... I am sorry...

Does anyone know this fact?


I've never felt like telling anyone

I just said this just because you asked me

Durai bro knows it No one else

You are a great movie star How do feel about this?

It's nice

My father is a big star

My stardom is a result of that

Your dad may be a big star, but...

Isn't your hard work a reason for this?

Sure... I've worked hard

But all those who work hard don't end up being a star

I am very lucky

I think you are being very modest

There are many facts like these which no one knows...

I am sure you would've shared all this with someone...

Say, close friends or best friends or people like that

I don't have any best or close friends...

I've seen only this world of cinema right from my childhood

I don't even know how the outside world is!

So everyone sees me as a star

I don't know who really cares for me or who uses me

So I am alone always I don't let anyone near me

That's interesting

Everyone has a dream from their childhood

I have always dreamt of being a cinema star

What dreams does Vignesh have?

I dream of living the life of an ordinary person


Ordinary means?

A simple ordinary life without all this stardom

I want to eat at the roadside outlets

I want to roam the city on a bicycle

I want to live like an ordinary person like any other

That's my dream

That's my wish

What ever you get in cinema you will not get it in an ordinary life, is that fine?

That's fine!

Who is Vignesh in that dream?

In my dream... I...

I see myself as a torchbearer in a theatre

Have you ever seen a torchbearer in a theatre?

Do you remember their face?

They see everyone...

But nobody sees them!

Invisible in a crowd

That's really true

Anything else from that dream?

A love...

Struggle for that love...

I've never been through that struggle in reality

I like that struggle very much...

Do you have a love in reality that is similar to your dream?

Isn't heart enough to fall in love?

Yes! I love that girl!

She too loves me! Is that enough?

If we have to live by explaining the reasons...

Then I don't need such a life...

He has ended his real life and he is living the life he wanted in his dreams

It's a common mentality... live life like someone else, instead of living their own life

The poor wants to live the life of a rich!

The rich want to live the life of an ordinary simple man

It's human tendency to desire for what is not available

He must have also thought the same

He was psychologically prepared for it!

So if we have to bring him back from his dreams...

I bring what is going on in his subconscious mind to the conscious mind

We have to have a holistic approach

Why Vicky?

Have I not been close enough to understand you without explanations?

Had you told me that you wanted to leave cinema and live a normal life...

I wouldn't have become an actress Vicky!

Wake up Vicky!

Get up Vicky!

It's getting late Aren't you going to the theatre?

We have a new movie releasing today and you sleep like this!

Get up and get ready fast

It's been 4 years since marriage and he hasn't changed a bit

Come for breakfast soon!


Got up!

What were you dreaming today?

I was lying on a bed in a hospital

Hospital? Was I with you?

How can it be without you!

I don't know why you were crying holding my hands!

Is it? Ok

Go feed her It's getting late for school

Chinnu... Chinnu darling...


Chinnu darling... look at me...

See what dad has brought for you...

You can live the life that you desire

Wake up Vicky!

Keep talking something...

"A flower bloom"

"Gives a thousand dreams"

"In all those dreams"

"The same moon traverses through"

"With her bright smile She showers light"

"In the passage of my breath Traverses your song"

"And the music that comes out Fills my heart with ecstasy"

The Description of Enakkul Oruvan