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The Near Death Experience of Mr. Christian Werst

Mr. Werst, when you were 27 years old

you had a near-death experience

on the occasion of a serious traffic accident.

How did that happen?

I cycled to work at 7 a.m. in the morning

and on the way through the village

a tractor was approaching me,

and the tractor driver was blind on the right eye

and had to turn left to deliver his milk.

It was not a very big tractor,

but there were neverthelss quite a few litres of milk

in the loading area of it, and just before

the impact of my bicycle on this tractor

I had the strange impression

that the tractor would not turn left right now,

but it turned left,

I hit the motor block of the tractor with my bike,

the bike was hurled away

and I hit the ground

underneath the tractor,

and the tractor rolled over the left side along my spine

with its rear wheel,

so that I was simply run over,

it was a scary

crack, squeeze,

and all my breath, everything,

was just pressed out of my body.

The tractor driver himself drove against a house wall,

but then drove on,

probably having a shock himself,

whereas I was still lying on the street,

and thank God that was observed by someone,

the ambulance was called,

the paramedics were not sure

how serious the injuries on the backbone were,

so a helicopter had still to be used,

and the whole thing went on for a relatively long time,

I was lying on the street for about one hour,

and many people were standing around me by now,

the accident site was closed to traffic,

my wife came,

it was all

very painful,

I had ... I did not pass out,

I was conscious

and even tried to stand up,

but it was no longer possible,

it felt like a reflex.

I was then

taken to the hospital in Liestal

where I was told

that my lungs are bleeding very heavily

and that the spleen has been ruptured,

and that I have many fractures in my rib cage,

and that several dorsal parts

of the costal vertebral joints had broken,

but then the first attempt that was made was

to preserve the spleen.

I was in the intensive care unit

from morning until about 8:00 p.m.,

and the pain grew worse,

it was almost unbearable,

it just was not possible to bear it,

also breathing

and all the rest of it,

I was short before unconsciousness, I'd say,

and then came the moment when the spleen burst,

and that was when

I passed out for the first time,

and then the emergency operation

became immediately initiated.

You had a near-death experience during the operation,

how did you experience that?

Unlike other descriptions,

I did not find myself in the operating room

when my soul was awakened,

but I was suddenly in a desert

driving on an old moped.

I was driving through a very stony

scree desert and the road was

very bumpy, and I had a kind of all-round view

so that I could see everything very precisely,

myself, too, and I continued driving

and didn't really know in that moment where I am,

until I saw a mountain in the distance

where there were people,

and just in the moment when I noticed them,

I was already there with them.

I found people there

who were chiseling some kind of ark

out of the mountain,

and these were very friendly people

who were looking mediterranean to me

and they were covered in dust,

they were working, and I asked them

where I was and where I should go,

and they showed me the way leading to a hall,

and so I continued driving

and came to a large and very wide

marble staircase

with about 20 steps leading upwards.

I parked the moped, went up the stairs

and suddenly found myself

inside a hall flooded with light.

I was aware that this must be a hall,

but there were no walls to be seen,

there was only a glow perceptible,

everything was bathed in light,

and there I lingered for a moment,

but I didn't know exactly

what to do, and suddenly

a figure came up to me.

This figure came up to me

with a lectern,

the figure was wearing a black suit

and a black bowler hat on the head,

and was well-disposed towards me.

We did not communicate

by means of words through the mouth,

but on the basis of thoughts.

I asked the figure where I was

and what was going on here,

and the figure said to me that it would check it out.


we both stood in front of a large marble wall.

There were

innumerable names written on this wall

and it seemed to me

that the figure was reading these names,

because it turned to me saying:

"Your name is not written on this wall,

you have to go back."

In this very moment

I woke up

and found myself again in the intensive care unit.

It was a very difficult operation,

I had 3 litres of blood in the abdomen,

the spleen had to be removed completely

and the doctors had no hope that I would survive it.

The figure you met, was this rather a male person,

do you remember the figure more precisely?

It was a man.

He was a very kind

and loving person,

and he seemed to me

not to be of this world.

What do you mean by that?

The mere fact

that he did not communicate with words,

but was speaking to me inside my brain

was indicating that.

What impact did this experience have

for your future life?

First I had to relax for a very long time.

I still had to undergo several follow-on operations

I was going through very difficult times

where I was suffering from psychical stress.

But when you were confronted

with a near-death experience

you just can't stop asking yourself:

"What sense does it all make",

and so I came to India

some day and there

I tried to find out

what the meaning of this life is

and in what way our earthly life

is connected to the transcendental worlds,

and I would say

the most valuable benefit

from this near-death experience

is to recognize the preciousness of life.

I also became very sensitive

towards the way people

deal with each other,

when you are faced with fear by them, for example.

Now that you had such an experience

there is almost nothing left that can scare you,

and formerly I have many a time noticed

that people when speaking with me

actually intended

to provoke

in me feelings of anxiety,

but then that no longer worked,

and when

I finished my studies in spirituality,

the main focus of my life was

above all to live a life

that makes me happy,

what I wanted was cultivating inner joy,

not great laughter and razzmatazz,

but cultivating this inner silent joy,

such as enjoying

the natural appearance of a blooming tree,

enjoying an encounter on the street, exchanging a smile,

all that became very important to me.

You also had an out-of-body experience later,

can you describe how you experienced it?

It was at night, I had gone to bed,

and suddenly I was in the bathroom

and I thought "what am I doing in the bathroom",

and then I was just thinking of

my good room, my living room,

and the moment

I had thought it

I was suddenly back in the living room.

Then I thought to myself,

"How can that be?"

I then noticed that people were talking

in front of the house,

and, hearing them talking, I was suddenly among them

listening to their chatting,

and suddenly it pulled me back

and I was lying in my bed again.

But I also still had some other experiences, for example,

experiences with very powerful spiritual lights,

one of them

when my wife was pregnant,

so I saw

spheres of bright blue lights flowing around my wife,

and as in similar situations

I then felt that the curtain to over there

had been opened a bit.

If you say "blue spheres",

how can one imagine that?

Well, maybe like a handball-sized

blue light, a ball of light, of blue light

that flew around my wife.

And you only saw that flying around her body

when she was pregnant.

Yes, I saw this only when she was pregnant.

I still had some other spiritual experiences:

Once I went to a peace festival

and I felt very comfortable.

There were a lot of like-minded people

with the desire for peace.

In the afternoon

I wanted to lie down and take a sleep,

so I went to my tent, but

I couldn't sleep, but what I found was a deep calmness,

and all of a sudden

everything became very bright around me

and I perceived myself

like a big bloom consisting of light.

The second experience

or one more of those experiences was

that I woke up one morning

feeling my whole body in a state of true inner bliss.

It was like a moment of not thinking of anything,

just waking up and feeling every single one of my cells

to be happy,

and unfortunately the moment I became aware of it,

it sadly all vanished.

Mr. Werst, would it be possible

from your point of view

that we are able to live here on earth

as in two dimensions,

on the one hand in the material body

and on the other hand somewhat more

on the spiritual levels?

I am convinced of that,

and I think

I once tried to put it this way:

Before being born

each of us is a being of light,

an enlightened being,

perfect and whole,

now facing the path to a new incarnation.

In view of the fact that it is always being said

that children are still so close to God

I always felt

that this being of light that is much more bigger

than the baby,

goes into the child only to a certain extent,

and the more the child grows,

the more a good basis is provided for the light being

to completely permeate the physical body

of a human being.

You have probably already realized

that children are much more open,

because they carry with them this part of light

that is still outside of them,

and when people mature

and the light being completely incarnates

we are living as a whole in this world

up to the point where we get older

and have to ask ourselves other questions

and the light being gradually takes itself out again,

until the body disintegrates

whereas the light being remains.

It is very clear to me

that we are multidimensional beings,


it is only with our brain that we perceive this world.

Did this near-death experience

and all these other spiritual experiences

bring about a certain change of your nature?

Yes, definitely.

I was very aggressive as a young person,

and since experiencing this

I have been looking for my inner peace

and I think I have found it indeed.

It's all basically a question of "cultivating",

of course, you don't get something like this overnight,

and actually

this experience was the beginning

of my search for the meaning of life,

and the answer that I was presented

was the peace that has found a home me .

Mr. Werst, thank you very much for the interview.

Big thanks also to you.

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