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Hello! Hello! Hello! Welcome to Peppy Pronunciation 4.

My name is Steve Ford and today we are going to work on different 'o' sounds.

'O' gives people a lot of difficulty and it's no wonder because

it can be pronounced in different ways.

My ONLY solution for this is to write it out the way that you say it.

It's done like that in so many other languages,

so we can try to devise, to invent, to come up with some way

of mimicking the way that we're actually pronouncing it.

So, let's go to those 'o' sounds now.

The song that we're going to sing today is to help your pronunciation.

One more time.

Bravo! Well done! You can give yourself a pat on the back for that one!

Now some of you who are more advanced can try another one. It's fast!

OK advanced students! One more time! Get ready!

Now we've got just one sound to go.

It's a sound you all most certainly know.

When you hit yourself you say.

Try to say these words with me then.

One more time

Very good! Very good! Let's try all three sounds together.

Are you ready? On the count of............

Very good! Well done! You can give yourself a pat on the back for that one!

Now last one is for advanced in..........

Congratulations! You are now finished your pronunciation workout!

Let's go back to the video!

My first 'o ' sound sounds like 'ah'.

You know when you go to the doctor and you stick out your tongue,

and you have to say 'ah'?

Well that's the same 'ah' sound you want to make for words like:

so you don't want to say:

you want to really accentuate the 'ah' sound in that 'o'.

So you can see here in the video that I am writing it as I would say it.

As a way to help me visualize the pronunciation of this 'o' sound.

So that's my first 'o' sound.

Another one that I get a lot of questions on is 'will not' in the negative contraction 'won't'.

There's some confusion between 'won't' and 'want'.

What did he just say?

In this case, this 'o' sound sounds like when someone

has an exclamation and they say 'oh' 'oh my god'.

That's the kind of 'oh' you want to say there.

Make a dance out of it! Whatever you want!

And I won't give up on you with your pronunciation until we get perfect.

Our next 'consonant cluster', 'dipthong', 'schwa' whatever

you want to call all those technical terms...

'ou', it's that 'ou' sound.

One that I've worked on being a Canadian so that I have a standard American accent.

That's like you know, if you're walking, down the hall and you hit your elbow, you know?

In what we call the 'funny bone'. You know like 'ow' that hurts.

'Ow', that's the ow that you want.

So, think about all of those. We had 'ah', we had 'oh' and we had 'ow'.

Wow that's difficult to say. Almost sounds like music........I don't know.

Make like a rap out of it. I don't know.

Something for you to think about when you're speaking 'cause

it's been my experience, especially when I'm teaching one-to-one.

A lot of speakers from different parts of the world, they will confuse these sounds

because the sounds in their language when they're reading it with the same alphabet are different.

Anyway, that's our Peppy Pronunciation for today, Peppy Pronunciation 4.

I had a great time and I look forward to our next lesson. Bye! Bye!

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