Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English Addict - LIVE Lesson 009 - Learn Information Words/Phrases - SUNDAY 24th November 2019

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hello Internet it's nice to see you again Internet how is the World Wide Web

doing well as you can see outside the window it is very misty at the moment

very misty outside things are looking a little murky outside the window right

now here in England yes we are all together again

it's another English Addict live.

oh hi everybody

there you are I wasn't sure if you were there to be honest with you I was very

busy doing some maintenance because one of my lightbulbs there it is there is

the culprit the thing responsible for my panic about 10 minutes ago one of my

light bulbs decided to stop working so I had to change it but the problem is

these bulbs get very hot so I had to wait for it to cool down before I could

change it so 10 minutes ago I was doing this I was changing this bulb so a lot

of maintenance emergency maintenance taking place in the studio today oh my

goodness it's never a dull moment around here I

must be honest with you there are always things happening here in the studio

outside the studio and quite likely around the world which takes me to

today's subject we are talking about one important thing today

in fact it's so important I've made the piece of paper really big so there it is

information we are talking about information and it's something that many

people are interested in especially at the moment some people believe that

information is often misleading or incorrect so today we are talking about

information how do you get your information how do you receive your

information is it from people other people when you are having conversations

and talking about things generally or do you receive your information about the

world around you from newspapers or maybe the television or perhaps the

radio or maybe as many people do nowadays they get their information from

the internet so that's what we're talking about later on and all

so do you think there is too much information around at the moment do you

think we are given too much information are we now suffering from information

overload so when you have overload it means you are trying to handle or absorb

too much in one go or at one time so when we say information overload we are

saying that too much information is going into your brain during a certain

period of time and even the human brain has its limits it does seem like an

amazing thing that little piece of clay in your head but even your brain with

its amazing abilities as its limits so do you ever suffer from information

overload do you ever get too much information do you feel as if we have

too much information given to us at the moment

we may be we are fed too much information I love that idea I love the

concept of information being like food so when you eat food you can eat too

much food and then afterwards you feel unwell and I think the same thing

applies to your brain if too much information goes into your brain at once

or maybe over a certain period of time you might feel as if your brain is going

to explode with all the information so what do you think we'll be talking about

that later on also have yes we have the mystery idiom today now I know I made a

big mistake last week which I cleared up by the way I did clear up the mistake

that I made so we have the mystery idiom we have lots of things to talk about and

of course we have you I hope you are enjoying the second half of your weekend

yes it's Sunday

it is Sunday and we are having a good day I hope you are having a good weekend

I went to see my mum yesterday I had a lovely time with my

mummy I had my bottle filled and lots of lovely hugs so today I'm back here

feeling very loved I had lots of lovely hugs for my mum yesterday and I'm

feeling quite happy about that I hope you are feeling well - I really do here

is an interesting word in fact it is a phrase that you might hear used

especially when we are talking about human behaviour the way people behave

towards each other do you know someone who is two-faced so - as in the number 2

and faced as in their appearance so when we say two-faced we are talking about a

person who literally behaves in different ways depending on who they are

talking to so a person who is two-faced is a person who might have more than one

way of communicating or dealing with people or having a different attitude

with different people so depending on who they are talking to their attitude

and character might be different we'll be talking about that a little bit later

on also we'll be looking at one of my lessons where I talk all about news so

lots of things to talk about if you love the beautiful language that is English

then you are in the right place you can catch me every Sunday Wednesday and

Friday from 2 p.m. UK time I am here on YouTube live it is interesting how lots

of people who follow my lessons have a certain view of my work and the

things I do however in real life and this is something I'm going to share

with you now in real life not many people really understand what it is I do

so when I explain that I do something on the internet they normally become very

confused by it they don't really understand what it is

I do even people in my own family still don't really understand what it is I do

when I'm standing here in front of the camera doing this so I'm often asked by

people I know in my life in my real life not this internet life do you still do

that thing that's it do you still do that thing and I always

wonder what it is they mean so I say oh oh which thing you know the thing with

the English do you still do the videos with the English that's it really so

that's how people who I know in my real life

view my my work however when you watch me you understand what I'm doing you

know what what it is I'm doing exactly I don't have to explain it to you I love

it that's why I love being here with you because I don't have to explain myself I

can just do this and be myself I love it oh we have the live chat by the way I

can't forget the live chat sometimes I almost forget the live chat but I can't

really forget you can i hello - grace grace chin guess what grace you are

first on today's live chat

as you can see I'm very excited really excited because I'm here today with you

again hello - also - Jimmy hello Jimmy from Hong Kong who says hello hello to

you as well also Tanya now on Friday I asked Tanya if she could draw a

picture of me because I thought Tanya was doing art but apparently it turns

out that art is part of her name so Tanya art doesn't do art well Faye hello

FA also flower Espoir they love your name by the way

flower Espoir it sounds French it probably is Julie hello everyone

Hiroko tani hello to you as well watching in Japan do you like that I

actually remembered something for once in my life

Kathi Ani Souza says hello mr. Duncan Isabella also Martha hello Martha in

Poland nice to see you here today it is a very gloomy day outside very gloomy

you can see that many of the leaves have fallen from the trees in the garden and

in the distance look at that it's looking really misty and murky today so

there it is now the view out of the window right now so there it is as you

can see everything is looking rather or terminal and misty so it's a very

strange day today incredibly damp very humid that's the word humid

so today it's a humid day here in the UK hello Nora hello Chris hello Ralphy

hello also to Amin hello to you Isabel Isabel is watching in a very sunny but

cold Spain it is strange sometimes that you can have sunshine but it can also be

cold at the same time so quite often during the autumn here in the UK and

even sometimes during the winter you can have very bright sunny days however it's

still really cold because the Sun is low in the sky and during the winter months

the Sun is much further away the angle of the Sun is lower so unfortunately we

don't get so much of the heat from the Sun but I do like winter days I like

winter days when the Sun is out and everything is crisp and bright I really

love it did mr. Steve contract autumn madness

like last year Jimmy can I just say you have an incredible memory yes I remember

that mr. Steve last year went crazy he suffered from something called autumn

madness he was rolling around in the leaves and doing some very strange

things I must try and find that video clip of Steve losing his mind at autumn

yes I must try and find that well done Jimmy once again for your amazing memory

it would appear that you can remember everything that I've ever done here on

YouTube which is also kind of incredible and slightly worrying to be honest

Vinh Raj says hello from Pakistan nice to see you

Lena or Lena is here is here today also Pedro hi Pedro nice to see you back also

we have Luis Luis Mendez yes it is a very dull misty day here in the

countryside and of course one of the things that happens around here

because there are so many trees and plants in the countryside so we often

get a lot of mist that comes off the actual plants and the trees as they

breathe out sue GA is here as well also

ziad hello zyyd zyyd has retracted the comment I wonder what he said how are

you doing dear mr. Duncan thanks again for this wonderful lives tream Thank You

sweetness you are welcome thank you also to Belarus er can I say a big thank you

to Belarusea you sent some lovely photographs I haven't had time to

transfer them in into this unfortunately but I will show them on Wednesday so on

Wednesday when I'm back with you I will show the photos that Belarusian sent and

also once again congratulations on your award for your anniversary of graduating

from dentist college or is it dentist University of which I really must make

an appointment to go to the dentist I really should I keep putting it off

I really do hello Cristina snowstorms are on the mountains and pouring rain is

occurring in Italy we have had a lot of serious damage here it would appear that

Italy has received or has had a lot of bad weather over the past few weeks

certainly in certain parts of Italy the weather has been awful accent hello

accent I haven't seen you for a while hello mr. Duncan I hope you are okay

bye-bye oh okay that was a very short visit palmyra sometimes i have a mess in

my head because of the overload of information yes so this is a certain

situation that you might find yourself in from time to

I'm where you have too much information going into your brain especially these

days because it would appear that there there is always something new that we

have to learn something new that we have to remember even in our jobs so maybe

things are always changing in fact I've noticed over the past few years how

things do change more often when we talk about technology things are always

changing when we talk about world events things also seem to be constantly

changing so sometimes it is possible to suffer from something we call

information overload it's when your brain cannot take anymore

information inside so that is what we are talking about today information what

about youth where do you get your information from so we all have to get

information at some point in our lives whether you are at school whether you

are in your job maybe things change maybe there is some update or some news

concerning your work and your job so information where do you get your

information from a lot of people these days get it from the internet however

there are people who don't trust it they say beware of news on the Internet

so some people don't believe always Anna what about fake news well this is one of

the things that is talked about quite a lot these days sometimes it's hard to

tell what is real and what is fake but what I always say and this is

something that I try to do in my own life I like to watch different news

channels on television and I like to look at different websites on the

internet so I tend to look around I look at different news sources so the source

is where that news comes from so I will often watch BBC news and

then maybe I will watch Russia today there is a TV channel a news channel

called Russia today so I will watch that there is also aljazeera which we get

here in the UK so I watch that sometimes so you get different angles different

views of the world different stories sometimes one channel will talk about

one particular issue that the other channels aren't talking about so I find

it interesting sometimes to get my news from different places different sources

so I don't just watch one news channel I don't just read one internet news site I

like to get my news from all over the place Christelle asks how is your mother

did you have a nice day yesterday we had a lovely day my mum was in good spirits

she was very happy to see me but then how can you blame her early also Chris

is here when attending lectures usually there is a lot of information to absorb

I know I said this a few days ago but I don't miss going to school I don't miss

it there is nothing at all that I miss about my school days nothing I used to

hate sitting in class and sometimes the lesson would go on for a long time it

would be it would be so boring especially if I had no interest in the

subject maths I couldn't stand maths I thought

mathematics was so boring I used to spend most of my time looking out the

window watching the birds hello Kathy Arne have a nice Sunday guys yes my

Sunday isn't too bad even though I'm very busy here at the moment talking to

you live Dorian hello Doron sorry door ran woo nice to

see you back again Guadeloupe says sometimes it is

difficult to choose the proper information to do something due to the

overlay overloading of information yes you can have too much information and

especially if you are a person like me who likes looking at the news on the

internet but quite often nowadays a lot of the news is just pointless or

frivolous or trivial it has no real meaning so sometimes I don't really like

watching too much news or getting too much information especially from

television I think television news sometimes is a bit of a waste of time to

be honest Pedro I get my information from a weekly magazine called Vasia the

the magazine speaks about politics economics cultural affairs and also the

arts and other subjects so Thank You Pedro yes

so magazines newspapers here in the UK have become very unpopular so not many

people now go to the news agent or the supermarket very few people go to buy a

newspaper so in this country the circulation of the newspaper has dropped

quite a lot over the past few years and I think it's because many people now go

on the internet to get their news hello Tania again there is so much information

around and I started to think that I don't know anything that is something

that I find very fascinating that's a very good point

because I sometimes think maybe the human race is becoming dumber because we

have so much information so because we can't absorb all of the information

maybe some of the things that we do absorb or remember is useless and

pointless and the things that are important

can't get into your head so yes I sometimes think that maybe too much

information can be just as bad as not enough information I think so

Noemi I've decided not to listen to the radio news every day because there is a

lot of wrong information here in Argentina we have to be careful about it

well in certain countries I'm not going to mention any country but in some

countries of course the news and that includes the newspapers the TV radio so

a lot of countries or some countries not everyone they have their news channels

controlled by the government or the newspapers are published by the

government I suppose a good example of that would be China and I can talk about

China because I lived there so yes China so most of the media in China is owned

and run and controlled by the government so yes here in the UK we have a fairly

not a hundred percent and I think this is fair to say even here in the UK our

media is not a hundred percent free if I was honest I would say it's about 70

maybe 80 percent free so even here I think sometimes the government will

interfere with how news is reported especially in recent weeks that's all

I'm saying I'm sure you know what I'm talking about I'm sure you know

Christelle as we say in France too much information kills the information well

this is one of the things that some commentators have talked about when it

comes to the subject of how we get our news so some people believe that the

information is thrown at us we we actually become overloaded in our brains

so we can't think of anything so yes I think sometimes too much information can

be as bad as not enough information I think so hello Theo hello Theo who talks

about two-faced people if a person is two-faced then we can often described

them as disingenuous so a person who is disingenuous is a person who isn't

particularly honest with you they might say something to your face

but they are only saying it to make you happy they are only saying that thing

because they want you to be happy or maybe they want to get some information

from you so they might pretend to agree with you because they want to find out

what you really think about something so a person can be disingenuous they can

talk about things to your face but when they go away when they go to

someone else and talk to them they will say the opposite thing so it is possible

to be two-faced two-faced it's almost as if you have two faces one agreeing with

you and one disagreeing with you so it really depends on who you are talking to

at the time we might describe a two-faced person as insincere so a

person who is insincere is someone who is not really honest they might say

something to your face but quite often they don't mean it

they are not being honest with you they are being insincere they are pretending

to agree with what you say they are being two-faced they have a

double-dealing so if a person is double-dealing we can describe this as

the action of saying one thing and doing another thing or the opposite

so if a person is double-dealing it means they are saying something positive

but when they go away they say something negative about the same subject and

sometimes double-dealing is done to give someone an advantage over other people

especially when it it comes to things like money or investments hmm

here's a word I love do duplicitous duplicitous a person who is duplicitous

is a person who has two ways of looking at things so maybe they say one thing to

a person but then they say something else to another you never really know

what they are really actually thinking you never find out what their real

opinion is because they have almost two ways of expressing their opinions so you

never really know what they really think you never find out what they actually

believe they have duplicitous duplicity is the action or the situation or the

way of appearing to have two minds almost it's almost as if you have two

brains in your head so duplicity is a person who appears one way and then

another way to someone else duplicitous 'its so if a person is honest with you

genuine and can be trusted we can say that they are sincere a sincere person

so if you are sincere it means you say what you think you are

being honest you are being truthful so the things you think are the things you

say you are being since EF I like that here's a word that

we don't hear very often but I love this word because it was actually my

granddad's name it's true I'm not joking so this is my granddad's name sadly no

longer around but I whenever I hear this word I always think of my lovely

granddad Ernest Ernest yes it's true my granddad's name was Ernest so Ernest

means a person who is honest can be trusted they have deep feelings and they

always express them so the things they feel are the things they express they

are Being Earnest and that also is my grandfather's name finally here is a

word that can be used in many ways straight you can be straight with

someone so if you are straight it means you are saying what you really think you

are giving your honest opinion you are saying what you think from your heart so

you are not just saying it you are not just using the words but really you

don't mean it you are being straight with someone

quite often it's very hard to be straight with another person because you

worry about hurting their feelings you worry about letting them down or making

them angry but to be honest with you I love people who are straight thinkers

and also straight talkers they say what they think and they think what they say

so I hope you enjoyed that hello to everyone else

Belarus er well someone told me I have two faces oh really oh dear yes I am

lovely but sometimes I can be severe as well but not always they say that cancer

people I think you mean the star sign so if your astrology sign is cancer

people have many phases I think we can all be two-faced I think we all have the

ability to be two-faced so we might say something to a person to make them feel

better or maybe we say something because we don't want to hurt their feelings

however I think when you are two-faced normally it's when the behavior causes

harm to other people so maybe you are two-faced maybe you are getting

information from one person and then you use that information to get back or to

hurt that person so yes being two-faced can be seen as something that is not

nice Sebastian hello Sebastian mr. Duncan it's my first time in the live

chat but I have seen you two years ago yes now I do live streams can you

believe it thanks to the wonderful world of technology we can do all sorts of

things so Sebastian well done congratulations and welcome to my live


look at that Wow I bet when you woke up this morning you

didn't think you were going to get a round of applause on the Internet I'm

pretty sure hello true HD just like me because I'm coming to you today in true

HD isn't that nice Christelle thank you for being yourself mr. Duncan

yes mr. Steeves mum always says do you know why I like talking to you Duncan

because you always say what you think you never hide your feelings sometimes

if you disagree with something or if you like something or don't like something

then you will say it and this is true so if for example Steve's mother is showing

me maybe a new item of clothing or maybe we are in a shop and she is buying

something and she might say Duncan what do you think does this look nice and if

I don't like it if I don't think it looks good I will say so I will say now

now that that doesn't suit you no I don't think so I know that's not a good

colour know that design it doesn't suit you so I will say it I won't just be

nice to make the other person feel happy sometimes you have to be straight with a

person you really do I receive a lot of my information from the internet and

from special channels or newspapers that aren't manipulated by politicians that

is from Christina thank you very much for that

Hiroko is of course Hiroko is in Malaysia that's the mistake I knew I was

making a mistake when I said that I knew it was a mistake shall we have a look at

today's mystery idiom here it is today's mystery idiom something for you to think

about during today's live stream and here it is right now

so there it is today's mystery idiom what do you think the mystery idiom is

if you think you know what it is let me know and I will if I remember if I

remember I will give you the answer to today's mystery idiom so there it is a

well-known phrase or expression that we use in English but what is it

do you know find out later what the answer is it is time now to take a look

at one of my English lessons of course I love teaching you English I make video

lessons and also I do my live streams for many years I've been making my

English lessons and just to prove how long I've been doing this for here is an

excerpt from a lesson that I made in 2008 all about the subject of news in

today's news famous actress gives birth after sneezing Manning leaves misses his

bus and is 20 minutes late for work online English teacher mr. Duncan buys

himself a new pair of socks we have exclusive pictures all those

stories plus board with trevor has done much much more right here on dear the

news don't go away

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I

hope so are you happy I hope so

in this lesson we will look at words and situations related to the world of news

this news is news the word news relates to any event or information that is

reported within a short time of it happening or information that was

previously unknown the word itself originates from Middle English and is

the plural of the word new there are many words related to news such as

announcement bulletin communique dispatch notice report ratash and

statement that's interesting there are many ways of receiving or finding out

news we can read it in a newspaper we can hear it on the radio we can watch it

on the television we can search for it on the Internet we can receive it on our

mobile phones sometimes another person may tell us it when this happens we

describe it as word-of-mouth sometimes we hear news that may be inaccurate or

not true in this situation we call it gossip rumor speculation oh


coming up next on DNN entertainment news we have an exclusive interview without

incoming rap star t-bag

that's unbelievable when we read a newspaper the most important or newest

stories will appear on the front page when we watch the television news the

most important stories will be the first to be read out these are called the

headlines or the top stories when a television or radio news report is given

we normally call this a news bulletin the information about each story is

given in short and easy-to-follow sentences over a period of a few minutes

the average news bulletin takes around 15 minutes to be given a person who

reads the news on TV or radio is called a news anchor news caster news host or

news reader

needless to say news covers many subjects including economics politics

social issues technology entertainment and sport it would be true to say that

not all the new events that occur can be reported and because of this they are

usually chosen depending on their importance and overall effect come on

over here give us a smile for our readers okay one more yeah thanks a lot

the industry that collects and distributes all the news stories around

the world is called the media this word relates to the fact that the person

given the news is in the middle of the process it is also worth noting that the

word media can be used both as a singular and plural noun people who

collect newse are called journalists and if they

work for a newspaper they can also be called a Press reporter thanks to new

technology we can now get all the news we need 24 hours a day via satellite and

cable TV stations this type of service is called rolling news the current

events being reported our show is text moving along the bottom of the screen

like this hello mr. cameraman I need my cameraman where is he I need to make it

higher he's gone for a supper oh that's no good ok I'll do it myself

this new way of receiving news means that the different channels must compete

with each other for viewers some people believe that this has caused a change in

the way news is reported they accuse news channels of worrying more about

their ratings than the actual news they are reporting despite this feeling it

seems now more than ever before there is a real need to be kept up-to-date and

informed on what is happening in this ever-changing world vas really you don't

say really did she oh my goodness I can't believe that how many 6 at the

same time I don't believe really is that what she did is that what

they told you oh my goodness I can't believe it

and she always seems such a nice lady really every weekend it happens every

weekend six every time it's always six I wonder why it's always six very strange

but thanks for letting me know oh thank you yes I really need that

information I need that gossip thank you very much for letting me know if I find

out anything don't worry I will tell you okay bye bye and bye bye bye bye Wow I

can't believe what I've just heard my goodness so where do you get your

information from information is what we are talking about right now where do you

get your news from there are many ways of describing information many ways of

talking about it information you can have too much information you can get

too much information going into your brain in a certain period of time

especially if you often watch the news or read the newspapers or even go on the

internet there seems to be always something new to absorb and quite often

we can end up with information overload you have too much going into your brain

so when we have information we normally inform someone so we might have

information that we want to tell someone else about so we will inform that person

hence the word information so the information is the thing that you are

using to inform that person so inform as a verb is to tell someone something

about a situation an event something that's happened some news some gossip

that you've heard maybe on the telephone or

or from one of the neighbors that you've spoken to whilst in the street inform so

you might be informed about something you are informed now here is an

interesting word that has been used in many different ways over the years and

are going to show it to you I'm sure as soon as you see this word you will know

exactly what I'm on about so when you see this word you will look at it and

you will say oh yes mr. Duncan oh yes we know that word the word is propaganda

propaganda now here's an interesting word that has been used over the years

in different ways quite often we will think about propaganda when we are

talking about news that is supposed to make us think in a certain way or

sometimes the news might be misleading or untrue so propaganda is often

something that's published and it gives information as a way of telling you

something that other people want you to believe and it comes from the word

propagate which means to cultivate to encourage growth so something that you

plant and then it slowly grows in fact in its original term it used to be used

when people were trying to convert people were people to their religion so

to propagate was to grow faith among your followers so to give propaganda is

news that is given to create belief in something so that's why this word is

often used when we talk about during wartime

for example quite often you will hear propaganda used as a way of describing

the information that is passed around so quite often I suppose

a good example would be during the Second World War when propaganda was

published in many parts of the world to make people believe that the war or what

was happening was going in a certain way quite often we are winning the war we

are winning and quite often it would be published in the form of propaganda so

something that is trying to get people or a person to believe something quite

often something that is untrue or misleading yes so that is actually a

very strong word Satur Eno says in my life I have learned

oh this one is very interesting don't go away

Satur Eno says in my life I have learned never to be insincere never to be in

never to be sincere with the women about their look or their outfit do you like

my new shirt yes I love it you are perfect dolly but I lied

I suppose so I suppose it depends on what the situation is especially if it's

in a relationship maybe the husband might say that the wife looks amazing

but maybe he's not sure maybe he wants to say the opposite so instead he will

pretend he will say something that will make her feel good and happy about

herself so yes I do know what you mean though especially I suppose if you are

talking to a woman about certain things maybe her appearance or maybe the

clothes she is wearing or even her appearance as far as her shape is

concerned you have to be very careful and that isn't offensive before anyone

starts writing to me accusing me of being offensive I'm not

I'm just saying sometimes you have to be careful what you say men can be just as

frail we also have feelings don't forget don't forget men also have feelings

sometimes you could be so cruel to us men we have feelings we have emotions as

well so please be gentle with us sometimes how to express the act of

raising awareness for people about climate change or global warming mr.

Duncan in Vietnam it is popular to use this word well if you raise awareness I

think that's a good word actually so raise and awareness you are allowing

people to find out about that particular thing so there is always something that

we are talking about that is important or crucial something that we feel other

people should know about and also understand so yes I suppose climate

awareness or raising awareness of a certain thing or a certain subject I

think that is very true yes so quite often activism so if you are an activist

quite often you are a person who is involved in raising awareness so we

often describe a person as an activist if they belong to a certain group that

is trying to raise awareness of a certain situation or something that is

happening climate change a very good example because a lot of people are

talking about that so there are many activists you will often hear about

political activists so people involved in raising awareness of a certain

political situation or something that is happening in their society I really

don't like people who have two faces I always try

to be straight with a person but at the same time I don't want to hurt people's

feelings this is it so sometimes we do mislead people but quite often because

we want to protect them or to save their emotion or distress we don't want them

to become too unhappy about the thing we've said however sometimes being

two-faced can be used to gain advantage or to get something from another person

so I think when you are doing it for a bad reason I think it's harmful so yes I

think it would be certainly it's very fair to say that I think Guadeloupe I

ignore two-faced people and their goal is to annoy other people I always try to

say kind words bad opinions only if the person is asking me greetings to you

Thank You Guadeloupe yes sometimes I think it's fair to give an honest answer

to a question and I will say that it has got me into trouble over the years I

have got into a lot of trouble from being honest with other people even

though we often say that honesty is the best policy guidance so information can

also be guidance maybe you are asking a person for advice so advice is a sort of

information so guidance you might look for information to help you to achieve

something or to do something or maybe you want to become a better person you

get some guidance so guidance is often a form of information that is there to

help you learn something maybe you want to change the way you live your life so

guidance so maybe a person who is having trouble with their relationship

might get guidance they will get help and quite often they will get

information on how they can make their relationship work better guidance if you

give someone notice then it means that you are giving them some information you

are telling them about something you inform them you give them notice so you

are telling them something that is very useful to them so quite often you will

see a notice hanging on the wall so maybe a piece of paper that has useful

information on it is a notice they are giving you infamy information something

that is useful to you it is giving you notice it is telling you about it it is

a notice here's another one especially if you use a computer you might have to

install an update so in this sense it isn't necessarily information that you

are getting it might be something that can just make your life easier for

instance if you have a computer you might have an update in your software so

it is making your computer work better and of course if you update someone you

give them the latest information so if you install an update on your computer

you are getting the latest program or the latest fix however an update can

also be just new information we will update you on the news as soon as we get

it so you give new information you pass on something you've just learned about

you update a person leader is going see you later Lena don't forget you can

watch this again so don't worry don't worry about it

quite a few people have been guessing on the mystery idiom here it is again I

will give you the answer shortly please remind me if I forget please shout open

your window and shout mr. Duncan you haven't given us the answer to the

mystery idiom you stupid man that's not very nice hello also to Tomic speaking

of being straight do you play for the other team if it's too personal just

ignore it I don't know which team I play for sometimes sometimes I think I'm

Manchester United and sometimes I'm think I'm Luton sometimes I like to play

it both ends of the field so sometimes I will kick the ball into their goal and

sometimes I will hold the ball in my hand and I will balance it on my head

and then I will run around the field naked so it really depends depends on

what mood I mean really Alexander mr. Duncan you are the best of

the English teachers on the Internet thank you very much Alexandra its kind

of you to say so I wish someone would tell YouTube can someone please tell

YouTube that I'm here Vitas makes a guess on the mystery idiom I will give

you the answer soon so for those who are wondering what it is don't worry all

will be revealed hello to Belarus year about clothes or taste we are all

different and we choose different things I think we should be polite and accept

that we don't think the same I agree unless the person asks you to be honest

so if someone says what do you think of this shirt be honest so they will often

ask you they will encourage you to give your honest opinion

so if someone says that to me I will give my honest opinion I will tell you

what I think and I think that is always the right thing to do hello to get a

loop again is that Lena who is going oh yes Lena is going that's a shame

okay I will see you later Lena don't worry I will see you a little bit later

on I will be going soon but we do have some more words and phrases to talk

about when we are giving information you might put them in the picture now this

is a very interesting phrase if you put them in the picture it means you give

them all the information that they want or need maybe you give them an update on

the latest news or something that is just happened you keep them in the

picture or you put them in the picture so if you tell someone about what is

happening if you update them with new information you you keep informing them

every time something changes you tell them you put them in the picture or also

we can say you keep them in the picture you keep a person in the picture you

keep them up to date you don't leave them out of the picture so if you leave

someone out of the picture it means you don't tell them it is the opposite we

can also say be kept in the loop if you are kept in the loop it means again you

are being informed every time something happens so in this situation you might

find this happening at work maybe there is some new information that is going

around amongst the managers in a company but maybe one of the managers doesn't

know what is happening he hasn't heard about the latest information so he might

ask the other managers if he can be kept in the loop please can I be kept in the

loop please inform me about what is happening so when we say loop it just

means the circle of information so as the information goes around quite often

we call it a loop or circle so please can you allow me to be kept in the loop

please let me know when things change the opposite is to be out of the loop if

you are out of the loop it means that people are not telling you about what is

happening you are out of the loop you are not being informed no one is telling

you about what is happening they are keeping you out of the loop they are not

telling you you might ask a person to keep you posted or if you are asking it

you might say keep me posted can you please keep me posted on what is

happening so if you ask a person keep me posted

you are saying please keep me in the loop please give me the information

please keep me posted maybe you can send someone an email to

give them the latest information so you might say oh can you please send me an

email can you please keep me posted on any new information anything you learn

so keep me posted that means you need the new information

when it comes around we might ask people for advice again advice is a kind of

information so when you give information quite often it is in the form of advice

or maybe something that is there to help you so you consult with someone if you

consult it means you talk to someone quite often you need

advice or maybe you need information about a specialist subject or maybe

something you are about to do maybe you are about to buy a house maybe you have

to consult with someone who will tell you how to do it

consult and the action is a consultation so you can go along to an office maybe a

lawyer or a solicitor you might have to get some consultation you might have to

get some advice or information on how to do something you get consultation you

consult with someone hello Helena Helena nice to see you here today I spend a lot

of my time on my own to face all the information we get constantly it gives

me the balance that I need yes I think it is human nature for everyone to want

information so that's why I think the news is always very popular however

sometimes the news that is reported is not news that is useful so I think

that's where the problem arises but yes I think it is normal it is human nature

to be kept up to date with what is happening in the world even if many of

those things don't involve you so maybe politics in another country

they might not affect you personally but you might still be interested in finding

out about it so I always like to find out information about what is happening

in China even though these days it's not easy to do to be honest with you we are

coming towards the end of today's live stream it's gone so fast however I will

be back with you on Sunday Sunday Wednesday and Friday I'm with you so on

Sunday I am here that's now by the way and the next time and with you is on

Wednesday so I will see you next time Wednesday 2:00 p.m. UK time that's when

I will be here and if you want to get in touch with me or maybe you want to

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they often say that all good things must come to an end yes very very soon I will

be going hello - can I say hello to chlo-chlo okay

hello Clos or Chloe can I call you Chloe is it okay mr. Duncan I've just come

across your video and I searched your channel on YouTube I love your work

thank you very much I've been doing this for a very long time I I sometimes say

that I am the best kept secret on YouTube really so people are always

pleasantly surprised when they find me they say oh I didn't know you were on

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you might not want to do that so we have the mystery idiom we have the answer

coming up right now here is the question that I posed the mystery idiom it is a

well-known phrase from the English language all you have to do is tell me

what it is and the answer is about to appear on your screens so hold your

breath pull up your pants sit there cross your legs

cross your fingers whatever else you want to do because here it is right now

the answer to today's mystery idiom is

put the cart before the horse congratulations to all those who got it

right because lots of people did get it right

congratulations to you I suppose I should give you a round of applause so

the answer to today's mystery idiom is put the cart before the horse the

meaning is to get your priorities wrong to address the wrong thing first if you

put things in the wrong order we can say that you have put the cart before the

horse maybe you have the wrong priorities you think that one thing is

more important than the other but in fact it's the other way around

you are literally putting the cart before the horse so there it is today's

mystery idiom yes I gave it to you today I didn't forget isn't that lovely Olga

Olga says I got it right because I googled the answer

hello Palmyra by two an by two Belarus year by two everyone sorry to those who

I didn't mention oh that's nice so Palmyra is already getting ready to

go and I will be going very soon thank you very much for your company we've had

a very busy one today one or two people are already late I'm sorry I'm going

soon but don't worry you could watch this again later it will be replayed on

YouTube and there will be captions as well later on so you can watch this live

stream when it is recorded later on this is mr. Duncan saying thank you very

much for watching today it is lovely to see you here

Christelle thank you also highly kwang TS

oh hello TS nice to see you as well today watching in Indonesia

hello also to Rosa Thank You mr. Duncan have a wonderful weekend

yes enjoy the rest of your weekend for some people Monday is just around the

corner for me I still have the rest of Sunday to enjoy in a moment I will be

having a cup of tea and a tea cake with mr. Steve thank you so much thank you

yes in thank you la Moreno Irene sweetness Olga thank you very much for

your company today it's time for me to go away

this is mr. Duncan in England saying thanks for watching see you on Wednesday

2:00 p.m. UK time and of course until next time when we all meet together here on the internet...

ta ta for now 8-)

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