Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mrs. Carrington: 5. La tarjeta secreta

Difficulty: 0

The Mysterious Voice

The Secret Card

Woman, you need a man in your life.

Someone to cook, iron and have children for.

You need the dream.

But a resourceful girl like you will seduce every handsome young man

thanks to the fresh and healthy flavor of Cheesefield cigarettes!

Chessefield, your brand of cigarettes.

...Ah, there they are. My bad.

Lets see...

How much does your husband's fortune amount to? Why yadda yadda yadda...

...and the last one: Is it true that

you killed Mr Carrington?

Wow, what a blast!

This is going to be huge...

Someone else wants to take advantage.

If this comes to light, the letter wont do us any good.

There will be no blackmailing, no Leona... and no fortune!

Come on.

We have to stop this.

What are you waiting for?!

So tell us, Leona,

how much does your fortune amount to?


How can you ask me something like that?

Well, I bet its something

our viewers definitely want to know.

My husband, God bless his soul,

was the expert in numbers.

I always lose my head among SO many zeros.

Ah, it is your modesty that makes you special, Leona.

My assistant is in charge of that now.

He is very efficient

and I care a great deal about him.

Surrounded by the best professionals...!

Is that a hand?

Whats the stable boy doing here?!

Ill take care of this.

Few weeks ago there was talk about your season greeting, Leona.

What did you think about the publics reaction?

It was an honor

to send that peace message

to those who cannot spend Christmas surrounded by luxury.

As well, of course, as hushing those rumours about me.

Of course, Leona, we understand that...

Hey, what are you doing here?

Em, I just wanted to see the show...

Like you?

That was

the best line of the night, Leona!

The truth isWell...

We are having the most entertaining of evenings!

And now, heres the moment youve all been waiting for

Viewers' calls!

Do you have it?

What are you talking about?

Thats enough!

Chumina, get your little friend out of here!

As you know, one of your admirers will now

have the chance to ask you something. Are you ready?

Indeed. Of course.

It will be my pleasure.

So who do we have on the line? Good evening?


There is some kind of trouble with the line... Good evening?

Good evening, Mrs Carrington.

Hello, good evening.

What a sexy and mysterious voice!

Welcome to The Marvellous Show!

Thank you, Norma, the pleasure is all mine.

I cannot wait to ask my question to my dear Mrs Carrington.

Well shoot, then!

To be continued...

The Description of Mrs. Carrington: 5. La tarjeta secreta