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hello guys welcome back to my channel gypsy shiva

and today guys I'm making another daily vlog

there was one video in between also but I couldn't manage time to shoot it

it's because i removed my molar teeth the back one it was growing like this

it was growing like this rather than this so it was pushing other teeth so i had so much pain in mouth

there was so much pain here and headache also

so i removed it it's been 4 days still my face looks a little swollen from right hand side

so guys in today's vlog what i'm gonna do is today is a very important thing modular kitchen

so guys i got my house renovated i will show you after few videos when the renovation will be completed


renovation is completed but modular kitchen and wooden work is still left because of lockdown, whole house has to be done

so guys this modular kitchen and wooden work how it's done i'll show you

so right now I'm going to buy the PVC board the wood fire resistant water resistant

and follow me on the whole day today it's going to be quite interesting the modular kitchen which i'm going to do and you can also do the same for your house too

so I'm gonna tell you in next two weeks videos what all you need and how to make it from scratch to finish modular kitchen

modular bedroom and storage so keep watching

so guys i purchased PVC board from here this market is old Gurgaon market

so i have purchased PVC board how it looks I will show you when I'll reach home in half an hour this gaurav timber merchant

this is in sadar bazar basai road this is where i purchased it from

the rate which i got is almost 42% off on century plywood in wholesale rate

I purchased it for almost Rs 60,000

'cause i have to fix it in the whole house all the house is need to you know done with the wooden work

so guys this is basai road market sadar bazar Gurgaon and now we are going home from here

so people are saying the fitting of the modular can be purchased from here

and apart from fitting and board the laminate which is going to use can be purchased from here

we'll bring slowly today only wood board is required let's see what happens next let's go

so go we are filling CNG gas than we'll go home and do rest of the work which is left

today is going to be a long day

so guys board are all here

they are in the truck now will put here in office

it should come in this much space and that's it

just keep wearing mask when you are around people

It's my work I'm shooting that's why i remove but I also keep the mask always

so guys this is century ply and this is recyclable

bacteria fungus proof

fire proof water proof termite proof

so these are its quality that's why we bought this

this will be put in whole house

so guys if you want to check it than there is sticker here at the back side

there is a scanner at the back you can scan it and get to know its batch number manufacturing date and everything

that's why it's of century it is company there is local one also so you always make sure you are using company one rather than local

so brother told me there is a sticker you can scan it and know manufacturing date batch number and all you can know its of company or not

so guys right now I'm at my shop and there is some electricity work going on.. t-shirts are here already

so guys if you want to order you know where to go and..

just little work is going on in shop electricity and lightning

and nothing else chilling here and after some while I'll go home will take a shower than we'll go to doctor

so pretty busy today doing a lot of things

and that t-shirt I showed you was looking very good and I want to take a picture but it was for the customer

I didn't feel right taking pictures in front of them that's why I didn't show you and keep following

so guys full ready now we are going to dentist my wife molars also have to be removed

guys teeth.. very bad very bad

sometimes for teeth you need to bear so much pain

so these are all the boards here

It's almost 500 sq. ft for almost $1000

and now it will take $2000 more Rs 1,20,000 more

this thing and there will be many more accessories that I will keep showing you in other videos so keep following all the vlogs

so I hope I'm making them interesting for you guys.. I'm putting lot of efforts not a lot of efforts but

It's a little private that you show your life but okay being a professional in this profession i need to show

so guys before going to the doctor my wife wanted to eat chicken roll because after that she won't be able to eat till night i think till morning

and that was her last wish to have chicken roll because chicken she's gonna miss for 2-3 days

so chicken roll is making here we are at quality galleria

and chicken roll is being prepared and packed.. chicken roll here is for Rs160 but I recommend its very tasty

so you can come and enjoy it

and as you can see lockdown effects still going on

but today is little normal you can see people on the streets

so the lockdown which was before it is normal now you can see

so everything is full close till now this is it

so we are gonna take the chicken roll she's gonna eat in the car and after that we are going for the dentist lets go

so guys my wife's tooth is treated

in one tooth root canal is also done now I'm at my parents house

I'm bringing her medicine than we are going to park and that's all

that will be all for today

so after a very long time I'm having juice because of corona all the shops were closed so no juice

there the shops are open back again things are getting normal behind me is the pharmacy I came to take medicines.. drinking juice

and this is all going on in life

so guys we are at park and chilling with the kids here so this is what we are doing today for evening so I came to park

that's all for today thanks for watching my video keep watching keep subscribing

and I hope you like this video more coming

you want to touch this

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